sorry i’m probably about 50 thousand years late but is that a tear is he crying while Cas is telling him this? Because that brings a whole new level to this entire scene that my emotions are not prepared for\

this changes everything


This fight also stands out for Ackles, who says, “Misha takes me and throws me up against a wall, throws me up against another wall, another wall, and another wall, then hits me, and then kicks me into a giant fence. I really go flying into that fence. They had my stunt double there, but I was like, ‘I’ll do it. Just lay a pad down on the ground.’ I ran as fast as I could, jumped, and went boom off the fence and landed on the ground. I got up and was like, ‘Please tell me we got that, because I don’t know if I’ve got any more in me.” [Supernatural: The Season 5 Official Companion]


SATURDAY: Favourite Episode // 5x18 “Point of No Return”

You gulp the liquor down. Like it’s a lifeboat on a stormy sea. The one thing left to save you. It’s almost ironic how it’s kind of the other way around. The alcohol burns in your throat, pools hot in your stomach. You try not to think about how this might exactly be how it feels when he’ll be you. Or you’ll be him. It doesn’t matter, because either way nothing of you will be left. It sends a shiver down your spine and you feel cold. From head to toe. Frozen. You turn the keys over in your hands. It feels strange when you let them drop next to the gun and your father’s old jacket. Where you are going, none of it will be of import for you. Not anymore. You take another swig from the bottle, close your eyes, wait for the world to disappear, pray that you’ll be too drunk to care or even just think about the moment when you’ll say yes.