5x17: kindred spirits

Farya, the Faun Huntress, and Wolyo, her dragon companion, otherwise known in Runeterra as Dragon Trainer Kindred.
(because why not)

Thank Goodness my laptop tortured me into finally finishing this piece;
it’s kinda old and cannot support Photoshop anymore ( yet I have no money to build a proper desktop. SOON. )

Dragon Trainer Kindred | Tier: Ultimate Skin | Concept Artist: KwnBlack

@meganegz said:

oh my god, he probably DOES have some kind of psychiatrist trauma, thanks to Spectra… these poor children; someone save them- from their environments, and from themselves. at least Danny has Jazz to talk to, and Sam and Tucker, who by extension, all have each other… who does Dani have to talk to? And I suppose that was kind of what I meant with that prime clone; limited awareness… but yeah, he probably was at least afraid, possibly in pain… great googly moogly

I really like the idea of Jazz getting her degree and then sitting down and seriously talking to Danny about all that he’s been through. She’d probably be the only psychiatrist he’d trust, because he knows she’d never hurt him like that. Aside from that, though, he’d probably be very averse to them.

I really really want Dani to be adopted by the Fentons. Yes, it’s very important for her to develop her own identity separate from Danny, but he’s literally the only family she has in the entire world. Once Danny’s secret is out to his parents, I can imagine he’d be right on top of helping her, because she’s just a little girl and she deserves some normalcy finally. And they’d be good for her. There’s Jazz, of course, and you know that especially Maddie would be so doting. It would take a long time for Dani to really adjust because wtf is this thing called love and security and she’d probably hide behind Danny or even run away a lot. In the long run, though, I think it’d be the best possible situation for her. Any other family wouldn’t really be able to comprehend everything she’s been through and what she needs.

Plus, on a lighter note, protective big brother Danny would be Very Cute.

Ah, alright. I get what you mean. I guess I was just pointing out why I think the fandom should pay more attention to him. That poor kid it wasn’t his fault that he was created.

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Wow, nearly a year ago, I had never even heard of Tumblr!

But, after a major restructure robbed me of my place in an organization to which I had sacrificed 8 years of sweat, blood and tears, I found myself adrift and seriously questioning my confidence, skills, etc. Especially after experiencing the soul-gutting cycle of countless job applications, interviews with no feedback, and just plain more rejection.

That was when my good friend, who is a very englightened young man, and my former colleague and employee, recommended that I finish watching MFMM to help boost my spirits. I had started a few eps, but never had the chance to return to it in the midst of my former workaholic life.

So…I binged-watched them on Netflix…and found a new purpose and meaning to my existence that had been seriously wanting. After Phryne flew away in the rusty plane, I couldn’t bear it! I had to find more ways to feed my renewed zest for life and brimming obsession somehow. So, I started to Google episode reviews for lack of any other ideas.

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casual reminder that it’s been a year since neal and emma reunited for the last time, on the edge of a fairground in an old yellow bug that they both stole, and i am not, nor ever will be, over it

casual reminder that neal finally found his someplace and it just so happens to be a twinkling carousel in the rain, because that just so happens to be where he feels like he’s home

@meganegz said:

all of the clones, including Dani but especially those that did not make it, deserve some attention, I should think. People used to talk about them a lot (tho not so much about perfect clone, probably bc he was very short lived and it’s hard to say what, if anything, he could feel and was aware of, beyond perhaps animalistic instincts and emotions)

I thought that way, too, for awhile, but even if Danny’s right and all the other clones aside from Dani were mindless, I seriously doubt that Vlad’s “perfect son” would be.

Vlad wanted everything that he felt Jack had stolen from him. Specifically, Maddie and her children (Danny in particular since he was the only other half-ghost in existence, as far as we know.)

Since Danny had made it clear time and time again that he would never join Vlad, this clone was supposed to be his replacement.

Is that messed up? Yes, it absolutely is. However, Vlad would want his perfect son to be able to make him feel loved. To act like a son. This wasn’t some tool. Some half-ghost bioweapon. This was supposed to be his child.

Vlad has a messed up idea of family, sure, but considering the fact that he wanted Maddie and Danny to join him by choice and didn’t want to like…blackmail them into it or something, I doubt he’d be satisfied with a “son” that was nothing but mindless instinct.

Dani was the only one who survived out of the clones, which is likely due to her own willpower. The other clones probably didn’t have that, and I’m betting that’s why Danny figured they were mindless.

But is it really possible that Dani was a more advanced clone than the one Vlad intended to raise as his son?

I seriously don’t think so.

And that means a completely aware child who’d done nothing wrong in his life (since I doubt he was let out of that containment chamber much if at all), died horribly. Onscreen. And this one was not undone.

This is every bit as horrifying as what Vlad did to Danielle, but at least she was able to survive in the end.

And the only people who will even remember that this child existed are Danny, Dani, and Vlad, and Vlad’s probably the only one who will ever think about him. I don’t think the kids would be able to cope if they did.