5x17: and then there was shawn


Throwback Thursday!

In honor of tonight’s Halloween themed episode of Girl Meets World, here is a short compilation of clips from the extraordinary Boy Meets World Halloween episode “And Then There Was Shawn”.

(For those of you especially fond of this episode, I recommend checking out this interview with the cast and crew of Boy.)


Episode #138: Boy Meets World (5x17): ‘And Then There Was Shawn’

Original Airdate: February 27, 1998

Summary: Locked inside the school during detention, the group is terrorized by a shrouded, skeleton-masked figure.

  • Eric: Hey, hey, hey! Now you’re overreacting. There’s only two people that are horribly dead. That’s an acceptable loss.
  • Shawn: It’s fake. It’s all fake. Feeny’s pulling some elaborate hoax.
    Kenny: Why?
    Cory: Well, why does Feeny do anything? To teach us something.
    Topanga: What’s he trying to teach us?
    Cory: To pay attention, or we die.
  • Eric: When did this school get a library?
    Jack: Every day’s a new adventure. Isn’t it?
  • Eric: I’ll do it. I’m the oldest
    Jack: Actually, I’m the oldest.
    Eric: Yeah, but I’ve lived the longest.