5x16: torn between two lovers (feeling like a fool)


Throwback Thursday!

Cory has to choose between Topanga and Lauren, and Shawn decides to use jellybeans to try to solve the problem.


well, i’ve made a root bear float, wrapped myself up in a comforter, and am prepared to watch the vastly superior ski lodge storyline over the next few days: heartbreak cory, first girlfriends’ club, torn between two lovers (feeling like a fool), and then there was shawn, if you can’t be with the one you love, eric hollywood, starry night, and honesty night.

you see the ot3 there, at the bottom? that’s just them (and also me) laughing at the fact that michael jacobs would allow two dreams sequences into such an important episode rather than tell an actually fun, character driven story. which apparently he doesn’t know how to do any longer.

i hate this spinoff. if anyone tells me ski lodge is better than heartbreak cory, 

first of all, how dare you? that is all. 

(the references were fun tho)