5x16 tested

Courage (Klaine 5x16 Reaction)

Kurt and Blaine have another discussion after Blaine’s insecurities come out into the open. (Takes place during the episode between the discussion and the klaine/artie/sam scene)

PG, mention of the events of bash, warnings for discussion of negative body image

It was a quiet night after the fencing incident had led to Blaine’s insecurities bursting out from the mounting pressure he’d been hiding behind, which had caused Kurt’s defenses to shoot out like a forcefield. There had been a discussion, but no passionate makeup sex, at least not yet. Instead Blaine stayed late at the loft, since Sam had asked for some time that night for something needing 100 candles (Blaine hadn’t questioned it), and Artie and Rachel were both out. Kurt and Blaine were leaning against Kurt’s headboard, a movie playing on the laptop that neither of them was really watching. Instead it was the soft, careful contact of their hands clasped between them that was the center of their focus.

About a third of the way through, Kurt squeezed Blaine’s hand to get his full attention.

“Look, I know things from earlier are still…fresh,” he began, “but just know that I did hear you and what you’re struggling with. And…I understand.” Kurt paused, unsure of whether to go through with the thought. As if reading his mind, Blaine reached forward to minimize the movie before turning to face Kurt.

“It’s just…I know what it’s like to hate the way you look,” Kurt continued. “To not like what you see in the mirror. To be ridiculed and mocked and physically punished by others for your appearance. And I – god, I should have said something when those guys in combat class were being mean to you.” He closed his eyes, shaking his head.

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You know why I’m excited about the new spoiIers? Because we’ve got this indication of mutuality. Kurt does better at some things, then Blaine does better at other things. They are looking at going into the same career and that means they have to deal how to deal with this, and with professional jealousy, now.

Kurt decides to bring Blaine into his amazing opportunity, because he wants them to build a life together, and he wants them to share the good things. Then he and they will have to deal with Blaine being preferred, which is tough, but when we’ve heard we’re seeing Kurt be the one doing better next week I’m not bothered. Ebbs and flows.

I am honestly more excited by what’s coming up in canon for Klaine than I have been in a long time. It sounds like it’ll be a great and very mutual story.