5x13: the eskimo

Boy Meets Men

The central relationship of Boy Meets World is Cory and Toganga’s love story.  …Right?

I grew up watching and loving Boy Meets World, but my wife had never seen it. So to share it with her, I recently bought all seven seasons and we watched them together.

As we followed Cory’s journey from sixth grade to college, I began to notice something I hadn’t before. Topanga might be the central relationship in Cory’s life, but she’s not necessarily the most influential.

Instead, many of the episodes focus on other relationships—Cory’s friendship with Shawn, Mr. Feeny’s mentorship of Eric, Cory’s relationship with his dad and even Shawn’s relationship with God.

It’s these masculine relationships in Cory’s life that prove to be most important as he grows up. And I think that’s what Boy Meets World is really about.

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