5x11 klaroline


“There’s just something great about watching Caroline call Klaus on his shit. Be like ‘boo hoo, you’re tortured like get over yourself.’ She actually does I think say to you at one point in the script–”
“Those are the exact lines from the script.”
“She’s like 'Enough with like oh my dad died and I’m wounded.’ Or 'My dad is mean to me and I’m wounded,’ like, get over yourself.”

#He’s been to great operas#seen fantastic films in black and white#read beautiful poetry#learned from historical art figures and made beautiful paintings himself#but you see how his eyes are closed when Caroline kisses him#he’s savoring this#as if she’s an opera or a black and white film#the color bleeding into the roll#like his dreams are coming from the night and entering reality#she is Caroline#more than any opera #painting or delicacy he’s sampled#And he knows that with every kiss it’s only getting better#no love story is ever better #than the one you are a part of