5x10 into the woods

It’s been Alison all along.

Alison is A.D. And she has been A since the beginning, above Mona and above Charlotte. This has been her game all along.

First we’re going all the way back to 2x13. While getting ready for Noel’s party, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna all notice someone in a baby burlap costume standing outside in the yard. By the time Ali goes over to the window to look, they’re gone.

But later in the episode, when she’s telling them about the person who “kidnapped” her, she says, “I’m telling you, it was that guy who was watching us at Spencer’s. He was wearing the same costume.” How would she know the costume of the person at Spencer’s if she never saw them? This is a clue that she was doing more than just testing their loyalty that night. She was already messing with them.

In 2x12, Alison pulls Emily out of the barn, saving her life. A nice gesture, but something she said during their conversation is alarming, according to her story that she dedicated herself to keeping the girls safe during that time. “Do you know who A is?” Emily asks, to which Ali replies, “Of course I do.”

If Alison knew that Mona was the one tormenting the girls, why wouldn’t she tell them and end it? Keeping that secret wasn’t going to help them end the game…unless she didn’t want the game to end.

Next, the masks. When the girls visit Hector the mask maker in early season four to ask about the Alison masks, he explains, “She asked me to make them. She said she wanted masks for all her friends so they could look like her.”

What? First of all, why would Ali want masks for her friends? What was the point of that? And as far as we know, the Liars never got any sort of mask from her. But who are the only people who have been seen with Alison masks that she was supposedly making for her “friends”?

Members of the A team.

The entirety of “Grave New World” implies that Ali is still playing games with the Liars. They spend the entire episode chasing her around Ravenswood, only to end up back in Spencer’s backyard. Why would she make them come to that party and follow her around the graveyard and creepy house, when she could have revealed herself to them anytime she wanted? At this point, she was clearly still playing games, and enjoying making the Liars do her bidding.

A pivotal example of this is when she appears to Hanna through the foggy phone booth window. Almost immediately, someone grabs her and yanks her away, and the man, possibly Ezra but possibly someone else, peers in through the window as well. Only moments later, Miranda opens the door, and no one else is around. If A had really gotten a hold of Ali so roughly, why would they immediately let her run away? I think this was a repeat of the set up in 2x13. Alison wanted it to look like she was being chased and attacked, so she orchestrated a scene for Hanna to see.

In 5x03, Alison goes to visit Ezra. She demands to know where the rest of the research from his book is, that she needs to see it so she can “stay alive.” At this point, the girls all thought that A was Shana, and Shana was dead. Why would Ali be so afraid of staying alive if they all believed that A was gone? And this was after she figured out the truth behind the “New York minute” text as well.

Did Ali really want all of Ezra’s research and information for her own safety? Or was she afraid that he had some kind of proof that she herself was behind it all?

Somewhere around this same time, Ali nearly sends Emily a very interesting text:

Several episodes later, in 5x07, Spencer spots Ali sneaking around in her yard on the security camera meant to spy on Melissa. What was Ali doing, running around at night dressed suspiciously similar to A? The girls never asked her, and we never got an answer.

Ali’s attitude toward Cyrus is also indicative that she’s lying about their time together. She spent much of 5A acting afraid of him, discussing her scar and the man who gave it to her with fear and intimidation. But when they have their meeting in the woods at the end of 5x10, she’s singing a very different tune: “I should have left you for dead when I found you.” Her attitude of condescension and power toward him implies that she’s still lying about the origins of that mysterious scar.

And in that same scene, why was she dressed as Vivian Darkbloom? He knew her as Ali when she was on the run, and even refers to her by that name: “The way you’ve used it, Ali?” There was no reason for her to be in disguise during that scene, unless perhaps she was on her way to do something more nefarious.

Finally, Alison has referred to herself as A.D. several times throughout the show. In season two, the girls discover newspaper correspondence between Alison and A, in which Ali signed her messages with “A.D.” Also, in season four, Emily sends money to her using an address to “A.D. Incorporated.”

Those are only some examples of Alison’s suspicious behavior throughout the show. I believe that she’s been orchestrated the A game since the beginning, and is going to be our final, Uber A.


Credit to my sissy, @missboudreau who thought of all of thid. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to use tumblr 😂😂😂😂 Before this convo, tanner takes Alison to the place where “Cyrus held her captive” and we see a flashback from Alison’s point of view. She has apparently been staying in that building. She walks in with Cyrus and says “let me introduce you to my friends”. Then it goes to her sleeping and she wakes up to a noise. It’s Cyrus leaving with her bag. She goes after him. They fight. He slices her leg open with a knife and then he and her friend leave after robbing her of everything.

Now here is their conversation at the end of 5x10. Cyrus is waiting in the woods when Alison walks up. Cyrus: I was beginning to think you might now show. There’s a warrant out for my arrest. I barely made it out in time, that wasn’t part of the deal we made. Alison: you’re lucky there was even a deal at all. I should have left you for des when I found you. No one would miss you, act, not for a second. **she then shows him a passport and a map of Philadelphia** Cyrus: you know I could have told them the truth about you - how we met - all the fun we had to together. Alison: so could I. But then we both lose. **hands him passport and map** now we both win. I found you once, and you can bet your life I can find you again. This is your one chance to start over, Cy. You better use it. Cyrus: the way you did, Ali?

Okay now here are my questions…. 1. Why does she have the dark wig on? 2. Why doesn’t he seem phased by the dark wig? In her flashback she had blonde hair. 3. How does she get a passport for him to leave town with? 4. How much does he know about her past? 5. How did they meet? 6.What does he know about her “starting over”?

Stiles & Lydia kidnapped in 5x10

Standing to the latest promos I have the feeling that Theo is going to kidnap Stiles and Lydia and take them to the woods :c

In the new sneak peek we see Theo knocking Lydia out in the library but in the first promo that got released after the EP #9 we see Lydia falling down in the woods at night and she doesn’t look like she was totally conscious you know
And always in the first promo we see Theo finally revealing his plan to Stiles. But then why didn’t Stiles go to Scott and tell him everything? Because Theo knock him out and took him to the woods. Also a teen wolf writer (can’t remember her name right now sorry, she’s the one who wrote the most wonderful stydia scenes) said on her twitter that she wrote stydia scenes for 5x10 so that’s probably Stiles and Lydia in the woods. I hope so lol
Probably Theo wants them out of the scenes so they can’t stop Liam and Scott’s fight bc he hopes Liam will kill Scott out of hanger. And Kira is away so he doesn’t need to kidnap her.

So whatcha think?