Am I the Only One Wondering This?

Remember the Cambion? The Antichrist? The crazy, lovely child who may or may not destroy the whole freaking world? A.K.A. Jesse Turner?

WHERE IS HE? WHY HAVE WE NOT HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN? I feel the character has earned at least an on screen death because of how powerful the freaking kid was. I mean, for real, he just whisked his parents away in super evil protective services and we never hear from him again? Really? AM I THE ONLY ONE STILL WORRIED ABOUT THIS KID?

Daily Dose of Sam

Remember when Sam looked a frightened eleven year old in the eye, admitted to having made poor choices and then told the boy that he had faith in him to make the right choices with the correct information?

Others were willing to kill Jesse Turner outright, called him a monster because of how he was born.  Sam saw through that, saw his innocence and trusted it.  Sam saw that Jesse was more than just “a good kid,” he was a Good Kid, capable of making the right choices.  

And despite the mud being slung at him by hateful people, he persisted in his faith in this innocent boy.  And he was proven right.  

(I Believe The Children Are Our Future, 5.06)

‘I Believe the Children Are Our Future’ was one of those episodes where we started with the kills and then came up with a reason,” Kripke reveals. “We started with how we wanted all the lies that parents tell children to come true. That was the notion that [Daniel Loflin and Andrew Dabb] pitched, that Pop Rocks and Coke would cause your stomach to explode, that joy buzzers could kill you, that the Tooth Fairy was real – all of those things. And we wanted to really tell a story about how the way that people lie to children isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and that the motivation behind it is to keep them safe and protected. That was where we started, and then we said, 'What would allow us to have that story within the apocalyptic pantheon [of season 5]?’ We started looking at the Antichrist. We thought it would be a really intriguing notion for us to have an Antichrist who is generally a likable kid that’s making all of these childish things come to life simply because he doesn’t know any better.
—  Knight, Nicholas, Eric Kripke, and Christopher Cerasi.  The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester.  San Rafael, CA: Insight Editions, 2012: 38-39.