5x06 the dark tower

ArMor & 5x06 The Dark Tower

You know, I can’t really take the scene in 5x06 The Dark Tower where Gwen says she doesn’t want anything from Morgana and Morgana replies only my crown as anything but ArMor. 

During this scene, Morgana makes it seem like Gwen is the reason why she is not Queen of Camelot and that is just ridiculous. It is Arthur who has kept Morgana from what she considers her rightful place on the throne since Uther chose him as his rightful heir while never recognizing Morgana as his daughter and hence, her own legitimate claim to the throne (which would only have been the case if Arthur died with no heirs). Moreover, the only reason Gwen became queen is because Arthur married her, which just goes to show that Gwen never stole Morgana’s claim to the throne since Gwen never actually had such a claim in the first place (she was a servant after all; the odds of her even marrying into royalty were slim at best). 

So what are we supposed to make of these comments? While I believe the writers intended this scene to show how Morgana envies Gwen her title as queen, it really comes off as if Morgana is jealous that Gwen is Arthur’s wife and not her. In this sense, if we are to interpret Morgana’s words “my crown” to mean being Arthur’s wife, this indicates that Morgana still believes that she is the only one meant for Arthur even after the series three revelation that he is indeed her half-brother.  

So yeah, I would say ArMor is real.