Legit sitting here like ...

… how the hell is SE fan service though? Like do people not understand that things are meant to continue from previous seasons?

In season 4 before the sire bond this was SE:

This is the episode she sleeps with Damon (4x07):

and then in 4x10:


4x12, when she finds out that he and Rebekah slept together:






So, what, in season 5 that connection, that love, that angst is supposed to disappear because of a sirebonded love in which the summation of the DE relationship is: a tawdry blood-sharing scene that Damon manipulated Elena into performing, a tawdry dance at a frat party while they’re high on blood, first sex then morning sex then talking about how things would be so much more fun if they were having sex plus a couple of hugs and Damon pushing her off Wickery bridge to save her, him turning off her humanity which then sets other destructive situations in motion? Like really? They actually don’t do much in season 4.

It makes sense that in 5x01-5x02 Stefan would dream of Elena when it’s been iterated and reiterated that she’s a direct link to his humanity:

And Elena’s frenzy about his whereabouts:

keeps in line with their relationship:

and the fact that she broke compulsion for Stefan

keeps in line with how entwined they’re supposed to be and that Stefan can calm her through an emotional storm:

Her being focused on Stefan and not on Damon:

(love that gif btw)

keeps in line:

Her relief at getting Stefan back:

keeps in line:

and Elena nearly kissing Stefan in 5x04:

with all of the history and intimacy and chemistry they have not to mention how that chemistry and intimacy is rushing to the forefront because they’re just being together:

because it never went away, like that vibing is still present.

And Elena being jealous

keeps in line with Elena being jealous over Caroline and Rebekah and Katherine in season 4:

and season 2:

and Elena wondering if she and Damon will ever be able to talk like her and Stefan:

keeps in line with the fact that Stefan knows who Elena is and she can’t talk to anyone the way she can talk to him especially not Damon:

So legit where is the fan service though?