5x05: the witches of pennbrook


Episode #88: Boy Meets World (5x5): ‘The Witches of Pennbrook’

Original Airdate: October 31, 1997

Summary: Jack is excited about his new girlfriend, but things take a bad turn when it’s revealed that she’s a witch, needing to sacrifice a Hunter to ensure her immortality.

  • Millie: It’s too bad. You’re cute, you’re sweet. You would have been the perfect sacrifice.
    Jack: I appreciate that.
  • Jack: You should go without me. I’m not real good in the clubs.
    Eric: Jack, one word. You’re with me.
  • Eric: She doesn’t belong to you, Jack. She belongs to El Diablo. 
  • Jack: What’s your problem? I’m happy.
    Eric: You’re not happy. You’re just some dumb farm kid that picked up with the first pretty girl that flashes him a smile.
    Jack: I’m from New York City!
    Eric: That town ain’t so tough!