I can’t tell you how much I love that Damon was he one that placed Bonnie’s grimoire on their make-shift grave marker in the woods. Considering everything he did to get it in season one, and the fact that he was the one to try to save the Bennet line…and he is the one to gently place the witches cookbook where it belongs, shows how much he has grown as a character. 

And if the universe really is against Delena that that Stelena kiss is really TRUE in the next episode?

Oh well. I’d probably be dead and frustrated and angry and everything. BUT, I’m NOT going to stop watching the show. Why? Cause there’s more to TVD than ships. Besides, I want to be mind-fucked anyway – with the plot twists and stuff.

But Delena is always going to be my ship. Especially now that they were basically fighting against the universe with their love since the beginning. No wonder they fought what they felt for a very long time. 4 seasons of fighting against the universe? 

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Stefan burns his diaries in 5x04, it's take off all the pov of Elena.

oh….i think i understand what you’re saying. yeah, stefan’s ability to pout and make everything about himself, took away from elena’s journey in season 5. elena’s had no growth since season 4. they took her character and used her as a plot device for lame ass storylines. it’s why i refuse to believe seasons 5 &6 exist, because elena is the show. her character is integral to the development of other characters, but that was put aside in seasons 5&6 for stefan, katherine and damon….but all these stories lacked heart…because they didn’t use elena’s character properly. it’s sad, because damon and elena are my favorite characters, but i didn’t really like either of them past season 4, nor any character for that matter. but that’s a direct result of shit writing, not who the character actually is. 

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In 5x04 with Elena telling Damon she has nothing to where to Bonnie's funeral she told him I burn down my house with all my clothes did she regret burning her house down explain scene and your opinion thanks

I think that she regretted burning down her house, she has mentioned it on a few occasions, and I think that she misses all the memories that went with it….but I also think she has come to accept what she did as apart of who she is now…she is a vampire with heightened emotions and doing that was a response to Jer’s death….

….also, i would like to add that this would have had such a greater impact in the long run if little gilbert just stayed dead.

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The song gravity that plays in 5x04 during Stefan Elena scene what is the song trying to say she trying not to go back to the person she was before or explain the song that goes with this scene thanks

It is a song about a toxic relationship, seriously you cannot make this shit up. So the song is pretty much saying that Elena doesn’t want to be in a toxic relationship with Stefan…that’s how I read the scene, because Stefan leans in for a kiss and Elena backs away.

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What do you think about "I wouldn't lead you on like that", when it was basically what Elena's been doing for entire 5x04 (and not only). There's even some gif set made by some anti guys. I'm DE fan, but I think they have the point with it. Elena's behvior was highly inappropriate and Stefan could think that Elena still want him.

I think that their argument is completely invalid because Elena was trying to jog Stefan’s memory. She was trying to help him, because they have a past. But in 5x14, Stefan’s memory is back completely, so he should have known that Elena would never ever ever ever act that way…because he supposedly knows her. Seriously, the things people come up with xD