The 100 Season 5 Spoilers

So @bellameblake​ and i have been gathering this list for a while. It’s not much and we have probably missed things out but this is all The 100 Season 5 Information we have so far! 

i’ve tried to include Interview names where possible but this was a list for private consumption so it’s missing a lot

There will be 13 Episodes. Titles will be:

5x01 Eden  
5x02 The Red Queen  
5x03 Sleeping Giants  
5x04 Pandora’s Box  
5x05 Shifting Sands  
5x06 Exit Wounds  
5x07 Acceptable Losses  
5x08 Secret Weapon  
5x09 Sic Semper Tyrannis  
5x10 The Last


  • Reunion will be on a significant date (Lindsey IGN live vid)
  • Bellamy is the heart of the season. 
  • The space kru has grown up.
  • Echo and Raven will be close. 
  • Flashbacks will be a major part of the series.
  • J.Roth called S5 The Battle for Eden
  • Bellamy has a new dynamic as Raven as his second
  • We are going to reunite but the timing will be a surprise (Eliza SDCC)
  • The Space Kru + Clarke will reunite quicker then you think (JRoth SDCC)
  • Octavia will be more decisive and punish people who can’t conform to her ways.
  • Isaiah Washington has been absent from set for a large amount of filming.
  • New scenery and sets. 
  • Continuation of the fairytale theme.
  • The people on the ship aren’t the same type of characters that were in the drop ship. 
  • Space Kru start season 5 in space
  • Bob said that “Bellamy/Clarke and the messages are kinda addressed in the first episode.
  • Bob hinted Bellamy knows about the messages in some way (SDCC press line)
  • The names of the ships mean something. 
  • The names of the ships are to do with mining, the people are miners. 
  • There’s a serial killer on the ship. He was cast. 
  • Some of the ship members are convicts in one way or another.
  • "You’ll have to wait for Season 5 to see who is in fact on that ship, but it is not Bellamy and Raven”(J Roth the wrap)
  • Delphi clan delegate was cast. 
  • The new big bad is from the miners former crime gang member
  • Filming EP 5/6 near or on the water
  • Space ship still up in EP 7

Fan expo Information

  • Octavia’s story line is pretty devastating.
  • Bellamy is more well rounded now
  • Bellamy doesn’t hear clarke on the radio
  • S5 will move fast
  • The struggle to leave Clarke and his sister will be touched upon in S5 for Bellamy
  • The characters have changed a lot and Bellamy has shifted from who he use to be

There’s probably things i’ve missed so don’t hesitate in messaging me so i can add them! Or reblog and add your own! There’s also all these spoiler pics so far which you can find on @the100-news​!

We still have the trailer, unity day con and a few more interviews till this season airs(whenever that will be) so i’ll try to update the list as info comes out! 

- Delena Playlist -

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List of some of the best stelena episodes


anonymous asked:

Hi, can you make a list of Criminal Minds episodes where Reid is injured/sick/tortured? And do you have any idea which episode of Merlin has whump scenes? Thanks a lot! :)

hi there! to be quite honest, the thought of compiling a list of Reid whump was a little overwhelming to me because 1) i don’t watch the show regularly, and 2) there are A LOT of pretty whumpy Reid moments. BUT! fortunately for you, some lovely person JUST created a list detailing every single whump Reid moment… you can find it here.

and i haven’t watched Merlin in years, so i’m sure i’m missing a bunch of little whumpy moments (the poor guy gets hurt a lot – lots of hurt, and very little comfort because he’s hiding his secret and the injuries that come along with it, etc) but i’ll list some of the ones that come to mind. :D {and if anyone remembers any more, feel free to tell me!} 

  • 1x04, The Poisoned Chalice - Merlin drinks from a poisoned goblet (thus the name) that is meant for Arthur, and collapses almost immediately afterwards. He spends pretty much the entire episode unconscious, sweaty and thrashing around while Arthur searches for the antidote. 
  • 3x01 & 3x02, The Tears of Uther Pendragon - Merlin is knocked unconscious by Morgause’s henchmen, chained up, and left to die as Serkets (basically, giant scorpions) surround him. He manages to fight them off with magic, but he’s eventually stung and before he collapses, he calls for Kilgharrah, who saves him, heals him and forces him to rest until he eventually recovers from the Serket’s poison. 
  • 4x01 & 4x02, The Darkest Hour - While on a mission to save Camelot, Merlin is badly injured protecting Arthur, and is sent back to Camelot to be healed by Gaius. (He is healed along the way, but there is some lovely Merlin whump, and worried!Arthur.) 
  • 4x06, A Servant of Two Masters - Merlin is injured in an unexpected bandit attack, and is dragged halfway across the countryside by Arthur before he is captured by Morgana, in the process of (once again) saving Arthur.
  • 4x10, A Herald of the New Age - Merlin is knocked out by Elyan. (Not super whumpy, and it’s very brief, but it’s decent.)  
  • 5x01 & 5x02, Arthur’s Bane - After being kidnapped by Mordred and forced to walk for miles across a frozen wasteland, Merlin is thrown across the room and into a rock wall by Morgana while attempting to protect Arthur (surprise, surprise), and he loses consciousness briefly before being healed by the Diamair. 
  • 5x04, Another’s Sorrow - After figuring out that Mithian’s maid is Morgana in disguise, Merlin is attacked by Morgana and choked (with magic) until he loses consciousness. He’s apparently badly injured, because Gaius is forced to use magic to heal / revive him. 
  • 5x08, The Hollow Queen - Morgana uses a “druid” boy to lure Merlin into the forest under the guise of “helping his sister”; once there, she knocks him out, poisons him, and pushes him off a cliff. This is probably one of the whumpiest episodes of the entire show; Merlin is left weak, nearly unconscious and dying until the “druid” boy, guilt ridden about what he had unknowingly done to Merlin, saves his life by making a potion – but he isn’t “safe” until after Merlin tries (and fails) to save himself with magic, seizes from the effects of the potion and “dies” (passes out). 
  • 5x09, With All My Heart - Merlin falls off a cliff and loses consciousness. (Very brief whump - it’s not mentioned again. As usual.)
  • 5x10, The Kindness of Strangers - While in the woods, Merlin meets a sorceress who Morgana is currently looking for, and when Morgana’s men find them and attack, Merlin is shot in the stomach an arrow. They eventually make it to a nearby abandoned castle, and after struggling up (and collapsing on) the stairs of the tower in an attempt to evade capture, Merlin is able to escape Morgana by calling Kilgharrah, who arrives just as he passes out. And, of course, Kilgharrah once again heals him.
  • 5x12, The Diamond of the Day - After having his magic removed by Morgana, Merlin must travel to the Crystal Cave to regain his powers, but on the way, he is apprehended by Morgana, and trapped in a cave, where he loses consciousness briefly and gets scraped up. Again, not super whumpy, but the last two episodes (5x12 & 5x13) are overflowing with angst and will absolutely rip your heart out and ruin your life, but yeah. Watch at your own risk. :)))))))

That’s the majority of the noteable Merlin whump, I think! Feel free to tell me if I missed any. :) 


*edit* oops, just realized that you asked for whump from Merlin, not necessarily “Merlin whump”. hahhh. if you wanted Arthur whump instead, let me know, and i’ll see what i can do. :) 


                                                      “What are you so afraid of, love?”

                                                                  “This. Our future.”

“Well, I guess it’s even worse than I thought. You can’t even see any future at all with me -” “That’s not it. Don’t you get it? I’m afraid BECAUSE I DO WANT A FUTURE WITH YOU.”  “You do?” “Yes. And the minute you take away the darkness, that future begins.”