5x and up

Little space foods/snacks

-hot dogs cut up into bites

-fruit (apple slices, strawberry, grape, peaches, pears, blueberries)

-animal crackers

-sandwiches (especially with cute cutters) (pb&j, grilled cheese, turkey)


-mac n cheese

-chicken nuggets/tenders

-apple sauce



-decorated pancakes

-gummy fruit snacks(especially disney ones)


-ice cream

-alphabet soup


-pretzel sticks

-chocolate milk




-Hershey’s kisses (limited supply)


Serving anything in kiddie plates/cups makes it 5x cuter
And cut up meats for them into bit size pieces(:

Feel free to add

Flat tummy tips!
1. drink a glass of water before eating
2. Eat five small meals a day
3. Eat with the opposite hand that you use (helps to eat slower)!
4. Cardio 20min 5x a week SWITCH IT UP
5. No soda or juices!!!
6. No fast food !
7. Color your plate
8. Wearing a Waist trimmer during my cardio helped me a lot
9. Never skip breakfast
10. Lower alcohol intake GO GREEN
11. Learn your muscles
12. LIFT!!!!!! Remember that you can’t make progress without consistency so when you start … Don’t stop even if you have a slip up … Keep going


I decided to make a small comparison post of various faces I’ve drawn. The old ones are about 11-12 months ago. 


Guide to Splatoon Brands:

The brands affect the chances of getting certain secondary abilities when you level your gear up. Most brand have one common ability (which is an ability that is five times more likely to appear), and an uncommon ability (which is an ability that has only half the chance to appear).

Amiibo, Cuttlegear, and KOG brands don’t affect secondary abilities in any way.

Firefin - 5x chance for Ink Saver (Sub), ½ chance for Ink Recovery Sub
Forge - 5x chance for Special Duration Up, ½ chance for Ink Saver (Sub)
Inkline - 5x Defense Up, ½ Damage Up
Krak-On - 5x Swim Speed Up, ½ Defense Up
Rockenberg - 5x Run Speed Up, ½ Swim Speed Up
Skalop - 5x Quick Respawn, ½ Special Saver
Splash Mob - 5x Ink Saver (Main), ½ Run Speed Up
Squidforce - 5x Damage Up, ½ Ink Saver Main
Takoroka - 5x Special Charge Up, ½ Special Duration Up
Tentatek - 5x Ink Recovery Up, ½ Quick Super Jump
Zekko - 5x Special Saver, ½ Special Charge Up
Zink - 5x Quick Super Jump, ½ Quick Respawn

dumb theory/headcanon but hear me out

lord english= caliborn+arquiussprite+bad half of gamzee

remember a while back, there was a plan to find the alternate timeline version of calliope, from the timeline where she won control of the body

what if she was formed in a similar way, but using all the counterparts

as in

calliope+good half of gamzee+fucking fefetasprite

imagine how cute that would be

imagine the final battle between both of them

LMT, 308, Aimpoint Micro, 3x-5x magnifier, Mgus flip up iron sights, Gemteh muzzle brake, and my personal favorite and newest addition, the custom and fully adjustable XLR Industries buttstock! My best friend is the head of PR over there ederos give him a call if you want one for yourself!