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what are the best websites that offer cute plus size clothes? clothes like what betty bones have not that boxyshaped, ill-fitting stuff that so many stores do.

  • Asos curve: Up to Size US 24, ships worldwide. 
  • Boohoo: Up to Size 20, ships worldwide.
  • City chic: Up to Size 22, ships worldwide.
  • Deb shops: Up to Size 24/3X,  ships worldwide.
  • Eloquii: Up to Size 24, ships worldwide.
  • Fashion to figure Up to Size 26, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Forever 21+: Up to Size 4X , ships worldwide.  
  • Gslovesme: Up to Size 22, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • H&M: Up to Size 4X   ships worldwide.
  • Modcloth: Up to Size 4X, retro and modern, ships worldwide.  
  • New look: Up to Size 24,  ships worldwide.
  • Pink clove: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.
  • Rainbowshops: Up to Size 22,  Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Sammydress: Up to Size 9Xl, Affordable, ships worldwide.  
  • Simply be: Up to Size US 28, ships to UK, europe, and US. 
  • Torrid: Up to Size 30/5X ships worldwide.
  • Spreepicky.: Up to Size 7X, kawaii clothes, ships worldwide.  
  • Yours clothing: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.  
  • A’gaci:  Up to Size 3X, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.  
  • Tunnelvision: Up to Size 4X, mostly vintage options, ships worldwide.
  • HipsAndCurves: Up to Size 6X, mostly lingerie, ships worldwide. 
  • UniqueVintage: Up to Size 5X, vintage and retro, ships worldwide.
  • Amiclubwear: Up to Size 6X, cheap sexy clothes, ships worldwide.

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i dont actually know if this is accurate, and i cant find a straight answer when i google it, but cant insurance companies not deny you based on preexisting conditions? i thought that was part of obamacare that trumpcare kept, so wouldnt adding all these conditions be good cause now insurance companies actually cant deny you insurance based on those? or did trumpcare not really keep the whole "insurance companies cant deny you based on preexisting conditions" thing?

Again, I have not said that insurance companies would be able to deny you over pre-existing conditions, instead I’ve stated that protections will be removed from people with them. 

States will be allowed to opt out of provisions that required insurance companies to cover “essential health benefits” and charge everyone the same regardless of their health history. 

Right now, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) protects those with pre-existing conditions. Insurers are not allowed to deny patients or treat them unequally for having a pre-existing condition. They are not allowed to charge more and essentially keep these patients from obtaining insurance. Trump’s American Health Care Act will end these PROTECTIONS, meaning that states can opt out and allow insurers to basically do whatever they want regarding pre-existing conditions. 

If it’s anything like it was before then those with pre-existing conditions will start seeing costs drive up 5x - 10x higher than those without. This doesn’t deny them necessarily but it squeezes them out through pricing. It’s pretty obvious what the intentions are of doing this and that’s exactly why protections are in place. It’s not saying “we are denying you because you have _____,” it’s saying “we are now charging you 10 times more than that person and if you can’t afford it then oh well, I guess no insurance for you.” It’s a not-so-sneaky way of doing the same thing. 

Little space foods/snacks

-hot dogs cut up into bites

-fruit (apple slices, strawberry, grape, peaches, pears, blueberries)

-animal crackers

-sandwiches (especially with cute cutters) (pb&j, grilled cheese, turkey)


-mac n cheese

-chicken nuggets/tenders

-apple sauce



-decorated pancakes

-gummy fruit snacks(especially disney ones)


-ice cream

-alphabet soup


-pretzel sticks

-chocolate milk




-Hershey’s kisses (limited supply)


Serving anything in kiddie plates/cups makes it 5x cuter
And cut up meats for them into bit size pieces(:

Feel free to add

Flat tummy tips!
1. drink a glass of water before eating
2. Eat five small meals a day
3. Eat with the opposite hand that you use (helps to eat slower)!
4. Cardio 20min 5x a week SWITCH IT UP
5. No soda or juices!!!
6. No fast food !
7. Color your plate
8. Wearing a Waist trimmer during my cardio helped me a lot
9. Never skip breakfast
10. Lower alcohol intake GO GREEN
11. Learn your muscles
12. LIFT!!!!!! Remember that you can’t make progress without consistency so when you start … Don’t stop even if you have a slip up … Keep going


Mickey was not what people would generally refer to as an avid reader, but he did pick up the odd paperback from time to time. He’d always liked sci-fi – at first it was an escapist sort of thing, but more recently it gave him a laugh for how inaccurate the books usually were. There were some exceptions, however.

This one just seemed a little too accurate. The travel through time and space didn’t strike him as odd at first – it was a common enough trope. Girls falling into parallel universes made him raise an eyebrow. Still, he could have tried to brush it off as coincidence if it weren’t for the title.

“The Oncoming Storm.”

He tried to justify his seeking out the author as work – his job was to investigate mysterious alien things, and this book definitely struck him as a mysterious alien thing. In all honesty, though, he was just plain curious.

Tracking down the author and straight-out asking him “Hey, do you know the Doctor?” seemed like a poor plan, though. Tracking him down wasn’t the hard part, though, and Mickey found himself in the park where John Smith was supposedly a regular dog-walker within a few days. He kicked around a football to give himself something to do – and, perhaps a little on purpose, kicked it just near enough John’s dog to startle it.

“Oh, sorry, mate.” Mickey jogged up and flashed an apologetic smile, then directed a comment at the dog. “Sorry, puppy.” He grabbed his football and looked back at John. “Cute dog. Terrier, right?”


I decided to make a small comparison post of various faces I’ve drawn. The old ones are about 11-12 months ago. 

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Hello!! Do you know of any awkward or funny bed sharing fics?



You Know Disney? by MissDizzyD

(2,363 I Teen I Complete)

“Did you just…?” Stiles asks, completely distracted from his pain, the terrible feeling in his chest, the lack of oxygen in his lungs, the awful memories flooding his brain… They all go away, leaving him with one thought at the front of his mind: Derek Hale just quoted Disney at me.

Derek goes to Stiles’ house for help. They end up marathoning Disney and falling asleep together.

what you got, boy, is hard to find by lazulisong and verity

(2,611 I General I Complete I Asexual Relationship)

Everything was so much simpler in his head. U + ME = NAP, CUDDLE-YOU-LUST, something like that.

The One with the Napping by Captain_Loki

(4,768 I Mature I Complete)

It is a unique and somewhat unhelpful talent, but Stiles can fall asleep anywhere.

I’m Only Sleeping by bewinsome and mthenefarious

(5,208 I Teen I Complete)

It had been a somewhat desperate move. He can admit that. Sleeping anywhere Derek had slept was probably asking to get murdered. But Stiles couldn’t stand the look on his dad’s face every time he had to wake Stiles from one of his screaming nightmares.

A Handprint on the Door by mrsve

(5,233 I Teen I Complete I 5+1 Fic)

5x Derek and Stiles ended up sleeping at the same time (but not necessarily together), and the one time they did.

Sleep Awhile by CiaraWrites

(7,526 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles and Derek decide to take part in some mutually beneficial naptime.

Scent Marking For Dummies by Hatteress

(8,824 I Teen I Complete I Scent Marking/Kink, Sharing Clothes)

Stiles is almost used to being chased around the school by werewolves at this point. Having to share a bed with Derek freaking Hale, on the other hand, is just needlessly complicating his life.

Cosomination by zoemathemata

(11,216 I Teen I Complete I 5 times)

Cosominate - To sleep together in the same bed or similar space.

Five Times Derek and Stiles Sleep Together - 4 platonic bed shares and one not-platonic bed share! Features Pining! Derek, Oblivious!Stiles and a very tense moment where Sheriff Stilinski has been hurt! But it all turns out okay.

Goldilocks by tourdefierce

(11,424 I Mature I Complete I Age Difference)

It may be the wrong fairytale to fit their odd world, but Derek was most definitely Goldilocks, and somehow, Stiles’ bed was juuuuuust right.

Stay by PCJC24

(12,706 I Mature I Complete)

Derek keeps sneaking into Stiles’ bed, so eventually Stiles decides to do the same to Derek. Sexual tension ensues…

The Surprise Nap by randomquixen

(20,570 I Explicit I Complete I College AU)

So Stiles may have suprised napped in the middle of lecture, but the guy he fell asleep on fell asleep on him too, so he doesn’t think the hot bearded Adonis should be angry abut it.
Though maybe Stiles shouldn’t have fallen for him after, or you know, got sucked into the guy’s crazy group of friends.

Revenge Fake Dating Is Totally A Thing by seraphina_snape

(32,543 I Teen I Complete I Fake/Pretend Relationship, Sheriff Stilinski Finds Out)

Sheriff Stilinski walks in on Stiles and Derek in a compromising position and assumes they’re in a relationship even though they were just sneaking around to keep the sheriff out of their supernatural shenanigans. Obviously it’s all Derek’s fault for being so damn suspicious - at least that’s Stiles opinion and the reason why he gives Derek a taste of his own medicine when he invites him over for family dinner at his dad’s request.

Only then Derek turns the tables on Stiles and before Stiles knows it, they’re fake dating for reasons of revenge, one-upmanship and the preservation of Stiles’ relationship with his dad.

No way this can go wrong, right?


Love and Internet Hugs/Enjoy the Fuck out of This Adorableness,

Fluffy and Angsty


Guide to Splatoon Brands:

The brands affect the chances of getting certain secondary abilities when you level your gear up. Most brand have one common ability (which is an ability that is five times more likely to appear), and an uncommon ability (which is an ability that has only half the chance to appear).

Amiibo, Cuttlegear, and KOG brands don’t affect secondary abilities in any way.

Firefin - 5x chance for Ink Saver (Sub), ½ chance for Ink Recovery Sub
Forge - 5x chance for Special Duration Up, ½ chance for Ink Saver (Sub)
Inkline - 5x Defense Up, ½ Damage Up
Krak-On - 5x Swim Speed Up, ½ Defense Up
Rockenberg - 5x Run Speed Up, ½ Swim Speed Up
Skalop - 5x Quick Respawn, ½ Special Saver
Splash Mob - 5x Ink Saver (Main), ½ Run Speed Up
Squidforce - 5x Damage Up, ½ Ink Saver Main
Takoroka - 5x Special Charge Up, ½ Special Duration Up
Tentatek - 5x Ink Recovery Up, ½ Quick Super Jump
Zekko - 5x Special Saver, ½ Special Charge Up
Zink - 5x Quick Super Jump, ½ Quick Respawn


Werewolf Wagon’s Top Ten Themed Fics is a monthly feature suggested by the lovely Juliana, where we (Julia & Juliana) make a list  in no order whatsoever of our Top Ten Fics based on an specific theme previously chosen by us or suggested by a follower.


This month’s theme? 5+1 Things!

(you can also check Werewolf Wagon’s 5+1 things tag for a list of all fics recced.)


A Boy in Wolf’s Clothing by kyaticlikestea (5,226 - Rated T)

Stiles doesn’t really understand what’s going on any more because Derek is Derek and Stiles is Stiles and they’ve always been separate, even though they’re technically mated now, and he doesn’t know when they were expected to become ‘Derek and Stiles’ the unit. He doesn’t know when Derek wanted to become that, because even though Stiles is at college now and he’s grown out his buzz cut and started working out every Thursday, he’s still Stiles Stilinski, the kid who’s about as co-ordinated as a peace march in Israel, and Derek is still Derek Hale, he of the cheekbones and perpetual sex-hair and brooding looks.

Or, five times Stiles turns to the wolf for Halloween, and one time the wolf turns to him.

A Handprint on the Door by mrsvc (5,233 - Rated T)

5x Derek and Stiles ended up sleeping at the same time (but not necessarily together), and the one time they did.

According to Plans by eldee (72,744 - Rated E)

Five times Stiles and Derek pretend to be boyfriends, and the one time they didn’t have to pretend at all. (Or: in which Stiles’ plan for senior year is completely ruined by a supernatural creature stalking him.)

Bet On It by IDreamOnlyOfYou (8,343 - Rated M)

Stiles is an RN and Derek the attending trauma surgeon at Beacon Hills Hospital. They’re constantly arguing, much to the amusement of their colleagues, who ultimately decide to take bets on when the sexual tension will finally explode. The only question is, who will win the jackpot?


5 times one of the guys try to push Derek and Stiles together, and the time they worked it out all on their own.

The Color of Magic by vampireisthenewblack (3,209 - Rated E)

Prompt: Stiles has to perform some kind of protection spell/ritual to stop the latest threat to BH, but according to Deaton and his terrible, terrible magic books, it requires that he willingly take the ‘life essence’ of an alpha within him so he can power the spell. Yep, semen, because druids were giant pervs back in the day. And apparently that shit is like a magical battery.

Derelictions of Duty by Regann (10,846 - Rated T)

No one wants to be the bearer of bad news to someone as nice as Sheriff Stilinski – especially when he’s your boss. That’s why none of his employees want to be the first one to tell him about the scandalous goings-on between his only son and the former murder suspect Derek Hale. For all of their sakes, hopefully the Sheriff will find out all on his own…

(Or, 5 times a Beacon County Sheriff’s Office employee witnesses the unique relationship between Stiles and Derek but neglects to tell the Sheriff and 1 time he witnesses it for himself.)

Extenuating Circumstances by flaming_muse (18,411 - Rated T)

Five times Stiles doesn’t believe it when Derek shows him affection (because he’s spent too much time reading stupid things on the internet), and one time he finally listens.

Five Times Stiles Doesn’t Actually Need A Condom (And One Time He Does) by otter (14,481 - Rated M)

Stiles doesn’t actually mean to become Beacon Hills High’s go-to guy for free condoms and sex advice. It just happens.

Little Talks by pollitt (1,262 - Rated T)

Or, five times the Sheriff called Derek 'son,’ and one time he didn’t (but he meant it)

My Mind Is On You by goodnight_tinyhumans (9,182 - Rated E)

Five times Stiles thinks he’s just dreaming, and one time he knows he isn’t.

dumb theory/headcanon but hear me out

lord english= caliborn+arquiussprite+bad half of gamzee

remember a while back, there was a plan to find the alternate timeline version of calliope, from the timeline where she won control of the body

what if she was formed in a similar way, but using all the counterparts

as in

calliope+good half of gamzee+fucking fefetasprite

imagine how cute that would be

imagine the final battle between both of them

LMT, 308, Aimpoint Micro, 3x-5x magnifier, Mgus flip up iron sights, Gemteh muzzle brake, and my personal favorite and newest addition, the custom and fully adjustable XLR Industries buttstock! My best friend is the head of PR over there ederos give him a call if you want one for yourself!