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Prepping your print from file to finish:

I always hear people complaining about how much better the piece looked digitally, SO, here is a run down on how to get prints that look more like your original piece.

First of all, every printer is different.  Every paper is different.  Make sure you take the time to do test prints and become familiar with how your printer and paper combo work, as you’ll rarely nail a print your first try.  This one took about 5 test prints before I was confident to print on the expensive large paper Every time I mess up on a print, I save the remaining paper to use as scraps for test prints.

As you can see, the original piece looks very nice!  The focus is super strongly on the tiger, and all of the vibrant colors are still super evident in the background.  That said, when I print it as is, everything about 85% gray or darker turns BLACK.  And this is high quality paper designed to get accurate vibrant colors, too.

The best way to fix this is to do layer effects.  Brightness/contrast is my favorite, as a typical piece will generally print about 5x better if you up the brightness to around 15-25, and adjust the contrast up or down by 5-10 points.  That said, if you have a HIGH contrast piece (Darks against brights) like this one, you typically need to do a few more steps.

Often I’ll do a second brightness/contrast adjustment layer and push brightness to an obnoxious level so the darkest darks are closer to a mid-dark range.  From there, I’ll create a mask and use a transparent gradient tool to slowly pull back the brightness on all of the lighter areas of the image.

Additionally, due to printers using CMYK and your screen being RBG certain colors just physically CANNOT print.  Some people will always work in CMYK because of this, but honestly I like my saturated colors and most of my work is intended to be seen digitally so I only ever work in RGB.  Photoshop has a nifty toggle (Ctrl + Y) where you can toggle between CMYK and RGB view to see how your piece will appear when it prints.  It’s useful to check this because if you worked in a color that cannot replicate in print, you may want to shift it entirely before you even bother printing.

Artwork tends to desaturate a bit as it prints, so I’ll often make a Hue/saturation layer to play with, too.  In this case the image was already pretty damn saturated, BUT some of the shadows on the tiger were printing more brown than orange, so I adjusted the saturation a bit to keep them vibrant with the rest of the image.
**DO NOT use “Lightness” to lighten your image!  It basically adds a white overlay to your image.  Always use Brightness, instead.

After all of that, I have a final print that much more closely captures the essence of the original painting.  I could have tinkered even more, but to me the goal is a good print rather than an exact copy. 

For ULTRA high contrast images, like a dark room looking out into a snowy exterior, expect to do a LOT of adjustment to get it to print correctly.  Printers just aren’t too fond of super darks right up against super lights.

I could make a proper tutorial on this if people request it.  Mostly, just wanted to put my thoughts down in one spot!

“Darkiplier VS Antisepticeye” is Mark’s Effort to Take Back Control From Dark: A Theory

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about any of Jack’s egos, so this is entirely about Mark’s. Disclaimer 2, Electric Boogaloo: I had my Frosted Mini Wheats like two hours late today, and that threw off my groove, so I’m sorry if I’m less eloquent than usual. Disclaimer III- This Time, It’s Personal: The only reason this isn’t under a read more is because someone told me to do that last time, but they weren’t very nice about it, so now I’m being petty. I’m sorry for being the worst. I still love you guys, though.)

In my last theory, we discussed the possibility that Dark is trying to take back control through more subtle means this time, and that he has a plan that we didn’t get to see during Markiplier TV. He’s been slowly giving hints of his existence in videos, teasing just enough to get people talking. He hasn’t revealed himself outright in any videos since Markiplier TV; he hasn’t denied being in them, either. 

Remember this interaction between @markiplier and @hufflepufftrax?

Mark quickly dispels rumors about Darkiplier when they’re not true. Why, then, would he not clear the air during the chaos of World’s Quietest Let’s Play 4, or any other video that has stirred up the community a great deal more than this photo ever did? The logical train of thought, then, is that these really were Dark appearances and we are supposed to know it. So, if Dark has been going about this so carefully all along, why would he reveal himself by sharing the spotlight in a comedy sketch? The short answer is that he wouldn’t. The reality is… say it with me now… it’s just Mark impersonating Dark!

Yeah, I know, no shock there. You’ve been hearing that since the video dropped. I talked about it when answering an ask, which I’m screenshotting and dropping below for your convenience, because I’m just a nice gal like that.

So now we have to ask, why would Mark do this? If Dark really is starting to take back control, this would be a dangerous time to pull a stunt like this, wouldn’t it? Well, it makes sense when you consider the fact that Mark has all but run out of options. 

Every time Dark is hinted at, the community goes wild. It doesn’t matter how subtle the hint may be- if the lights in the background of a video are red and blue, someone will point it out. Someone will draw him. Someone will get excited. And then, over time, everyone will get excited. 

Even if Mark tried to warn us, it only fueled the fire. Reaching out for help, trying to tell us that Dark is here– it is exactly what Dark wants. So Mark now has to try a different tactic. The only way that Dark can lose at this point is if he loses his allure to the viewers, and the only way to do that is to use his own method against him: Dark is pretending to be Mark, and now Mark is pretending to be Dark in order to discredit him. More specifically, he’s trying to get Dark out of the way, impersonate him, and make a fool out of him. That sounds… familiar, doesn’t it? Have we heard that somewhere before?

What if I change up the tense a little and word it a bit more like this?

“Pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked.”

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

That rings a few more bells, doesn’t it?

When we put all of these things together, a picture starts to form: Mark kept Dark at bay for years by making him a joke, but then he made the mistake of letting down his guard. Letting him back in. Now, Mark is fighting back using the only method that he has ever known to work. Why wouldn’t it this time? Making silly edits, taking over Mark’s twitter with edgy, emo poetry… it was enough to dissuade the community last time. So what could make it fail now? How could humor no longer be sufficient to drive Dark away?

The key difference this time is that Dark is not simply a wisp of a presence like he was years ago. He can’t be laughed off anymore. He is here. He is real. He is powerful. He does not like to be mocked, and this action from Mark will most definitely have consequences.

And the blame for that, really, falls on all of us. As Mark said all those years ago, we made Dark real.  Back then, he had to resort to humor to keep Dark at bay, because none of us would listen to him when he warned us. Now, history’s repeating itself,  but the outcome isn’t so sure this time. We learned nothing in the process. Now Dark has become too strong, because we, the viewers, keep letting him back in. Mark tries to tell us that Dark is here and we are thrilled about it.

So, really, the question isn’t, “Why would Mark do this?”

The question is, 

Why didn’t we listen?

what he says: I’m fine

what he really means: run away with me by carly rae jepsen might just be the most underrated pop song in the entirety of existence and i cannot forgive a world that so callously let’s such a bop of a song fall to the wayside

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what are the best websites that offer cute plus size clothes? clothes like what betty bones have not that boxyshaped, ill-fitting stuff that so many stores do.

  • Asos curve: Up to Size US 24, ships worldwide. 
  • Boohoo: Up to Size 20, ships worldwide.
  • City chic: Up to Size 22, ships worldwide.
  • Deb shops: Up to Size 24/3X,  ships worldwide.
  • Eloquii: Up to Size 24, ships worldwide.
  • Fashion to figure Up to Size 26, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Forever 21+: Up to Size 4X , ships worldwide.  
  • Gslovesme: Up to Size 22, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • H&M: Up to Size 4X   ships worldwide.
  • Modcloth: Up to Size 4X, retro and modern, ships worldwide.  
  • New look: Up to Size 24,  ships worldwide.
  • Pink clove: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.
  • Rainbowshops: Up to Size 22,  Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Sammydress: Up to Size 9Xl, Affordable, ships worldwide.  
  • Simply be: Up to Size US 28, ships to UK, europe, and US. 
  • Torrid: Up to Size 30/5X ships worldwide.
  • Spreepicky.: Up to Size 7X, kawaii clothes, ships worldwide.  
  • Yours clothing: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.  
  • A’gaci:  Up to Size 3X, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.  
  • Tunnelvision: Up to Size 4X, mostly vintage options, ships worldwide.
  • HipsAndCurves: Up to Size 6X, mostly lingerie, ships worldwide. 
  • UniqueVintage: Up to Size 5X, vintage and retro, ships worldwide.
  • Amiclubwear: Up to Size 6X, cheap sexy clothes, ships worldwide.

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Little space foods/snacks

-hot dogs cut up into bites

-fruit (apple slices, strawberry, grape, peaches, pears, blueberries)

-animal crackers

-sandwiches (especially with cute cutters) (pb&j, grilled cheese, turkey)


-mac n cheese

-chicken nuggets/tenders

-apple sauce



-decorated pancakes

-gummy fruit snacks(especially disney ones)


-ice cream

-alphabet soup


-pretzel sticks

-chocolate milk




-Hershey’s kisses (limited supply)


Serving anything in kiddie plates/cups makes it 5x cuter
And cut up meats for them into bit size pieces(:

Feel free to add

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i dont actually know if this is accurate, and i cant find a straight answer when i google it, but cant insurance companies not deny you based on preexisting conditions? i thought that was part of obamacare that trumpcare kept, so wouldnt adding all these conditions be good cause now insurance companies actually cant deny you insurance based on those? or did trumpcare not really keep the whole "insurance companies cant deny you based on preexisting conditions" thing?

Again, I have not said that insurance companies would be able to deny you over pre-existing conditions, instead I’ve stated that protections will be removed from people with them. 

States will be allowed to opt out of provisions that required insurance companies to cover “essential health benefits” and charge everyone the same regardless of their health history. 

Right now, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) protects those with pre-existing conditions. Insurers are not allowed to deny patients or treat them unequally for having a pre-existing condition. They are not allowed to charge more and essentially keep these patients from obtaining insurance. Trump’s American Health Care Act will end these PROTECTIONS, meaning that states can opt out and allow insurers to basically do whatever they want regarding pre-existing conditions. 

If it’s anything like it was before then those with pre-existing conditions will start seeing costs drive up 5x - 10x higher than those without. This doesn’t deny them necessarily but it squeezes them out through pricing. It’s pretty obvious what the intentions are of doing this and that’s exactly why protections are in place. It’s not saying “we are denying you because you have _____,” it’s saying “we are now charging you 10 times more than that person and if you can’t afford it then oh well, I guess no insurance for you.” It’s a not-so-sneaky way of doing the same thing. 

The part where Phil talked about getting a cat in the new vid was great but since he’s allergic I refuse to stand behind that. And Dan hates cats so it just can’t happen they should get 5x more dogs to make up for the cat.

Flat tummy tips!
1. drink a glass of water before eating
2. Eat five small meals a day
3. Eat with the opposite hand that you use (helps to eat slower)!
4. Cardio 20min 5x a week SWITCH IT UP
5. No soda or juices!!!
6. No fast food !
7. Color your plate
8. Wearing a Waist trimmer during my cardio helped me a lot
9. Never skip breakfast
10. Lower alcohol intake GO GREEN
11. Learn your muscles
12. LIFT!!!!!! Remember that you can’t make progress without consistency so when you start … Don’t stop even if you have a slip up … Keep going


I decided to make a small comparison post of various faces I’ve drawn. The old ones are about 11-12 months ago. 


I need to do more runs. 7 of October is the obstacle run and I want to set a good time. So I’ll be posting a lot more of my runs as of now.

Today was a great interval set. I did:
1km warm up
5x 500m fast / 250m walk-jog.
Jog back home.

It felt kind of good. The rest was enough to catch my breath and my heartrate went up and down fast!!

dumb theory/headcanon but hear me out

lord english= caliborn+arquiussprite+bad half of gamzee

remember a while back, there was a plan to find the alternate timeline version of calliope, from the timeline where she won control of the body

what if she was formed in a similar way, but using all the counterparts

as in

calliope+good half of gamzee+fucking fefetasprite

imagine how cute that would be

imagine the final battle between both of them


Guide to Splatoon Brands:

The brands affect the chances of getting certain secondary abilities when you level your gear up. Most brand have one common ability (which is an ability that is five times more likely to appear), and an uncommon ability (which is an ability that has only half the chance to appear).

Amiibo, Cuttlegear, and KOG brands don’t affect secondary abilities in any way.

Firefin - 5x chance for Ink Saver (Sub), ½ chance for Ink Recovery Sub
Forge - 5x chance for Special Duration Up, ½ chance for Ink Saver (Sub)
Inkline - 5x Defense Up, ½ Damage Up
Krak-On - 5x Swim Speed Up, ½ Defense Up
Rockenberg - 5x Run Speed Up, ½ Swim Speed Up
Skalop - 5x Quick Respawn, ½ Special Saver
Splash Mob - 5x Ink Saver (Main), ½ Run Speed Up
Squidforce - 5x Damage Up, ½ Ink Saver Main
Takoroka - 5x Special Charge Up, ½ Special Duration Up
Tentatek - 5x Ink Recovery Up, ½ Quick Super Jump
Zekko - 5x Special Saver, ½ Special Charge Up
Zink - 5x Quick Super Jump, ½ Quick Respawn