Gem: Fire Opal Facet-4P0Y Cut-8SM (located on left ankle)

Nicknames: Fire, Sparky, FO, Opal, Fopal

Gender: Female (she/her)

Age: Currently Unknown

Height: 4"5

Weapon:  Incendiary Boots

Alignment: Neutral (Previously, Blue Diamond)

Status: Renegade (Previously, a gem war machine)

Known Relationships: Iolite (enemy), Fire Opal (former fusion partner), Howlite (former superior), Watermelon Tourmaline (former superior), Rhodochrosite (former rival), Flash Opal (former friend), Gaylussite (former friend)

Known Abilities: Fire Manipulation, Super Speed

Personality: Fire Opal is an… emotional gem. While she’s known to have a short temper, she often masks her grief and fears with aggression or bravado. The years of being a renegade have been harsh on her, and she’s grown to be more than a little bit paranoid. She’s always alert and tends to get spooked more easily than she’d like to admit. She’s become especially distrusting and cynical towards other gems.

Backstory: Back on Homeworld, Fire Opal was a low-class soldier. However, due to her small and frail physique, she was considered too weak to fight on her own. Rather than shattering her, Homeworld decided to take advantage of her unique speed and agility. They assigned her a permanent fusion partner and she became a gem war machine. Although the reason why she abandoned Homeworld is currently unknown, she spent centuries (somewhat) successfully avoiding capture until she crash-landed on Earth and became trapped underwater for a thousand years.


- Most liquids turn Fire Opal’s skin to stone

- Fire Opal’s health is determined by how bright her colours are

- Fire Opal can sprint up to 200 MPH

- Fire Opal can regenerate very quickly if necessary

Note: Bio will update as the story progresses.