Matching charms from Hawaii

Was watching the Arashi’s recent MS clips when I noticed Sho’s flashy necklace:


and I was all ‘Woah, sparkly. IT BURNS. *-*’ But then, the camera shifts to Ohno and:


Seeing that Nino and Aiba weren’t wearing them, I was convinced that it was a YamaPair matching charms thing but theeeen:



D'aaw. ♥ Hope we see the other two wear them in the future as well. :3 (those are big ass flashy charms tho. .__.)

Super Hero Buddies

I keep thinking Clint shows up and kind of assesses Natasha’s newest buddies. “I can see the Capsicle,” turns to Falcon, “but the part of annoying talking bird is already taken.” turns to Bucky, “and so’s the part of guilt ridden assassin formerly controlled by bad guys. Get, the both of you, I saw her first.”

  • Interviewer: Do you have a celebrity crush?
  • Ashton: Who's that chick from Aloha?
  • Ashton: Emma Stone.
  • Ashton: She had the uniform on, yeah.
  • Michael: Ah, you like a woman in uniform huh?
  • Ashton: And a woman in Hawaii.
  • Michael: That's oddly specific.
  • Michael: That's narrowing it down.
  • Michael: So, a woman in uniform in Hawaii?
  • Ashton: Yes.