I have a little bit of news that I would like to share with everyone. It has been rather difficult to keep just between Will and I, but we wanted to make sure that everything was okay before we told anyone. There have been a lot of questions about it in my ask box, and I’ve been trying my very hardest to lie, even though I want to shout it from the rooftops. 

Will and I are expecting baby number two! I’m thirteen weeks pregnant right now, he or she is very healthy and I’m over the moon. Little Schuester is due on the 5th of March, and we can’t wait to meet the new addition to our family! 

International Tumblr Day!

Che cos’è?
Il 5 Marzo tutti disegnano o hanno una “t” su una parte visibile (sulle mani, sulla faccia, sulle t-shirt, dove più vi piace). Se qualcuno noterà il segno, vi abbraccerà, e tu e la persona in questione potreste anche scambiare i vostri url e anche rimanere in contatto.

Chi può farlo?
Chiunque abbia un Tumblr. Anche chi possiede un blog hipster, porno o qualsiasi altra cosa.

Rebloggate questo per un passaparola!

I’m a graphic designer who briefly freelanced for a printing broker that handled the printing needs of a medium-sized client. Basically, they were an inconvenient third-party between me and the client. This verbatim email was among the many confusing ones I received during that period:

Client: Are you going to be around February 22 thru March 5th cuz  if so I would like to pay you to do the my emails from Jeff to me then send them to you and back to me and then to Jeff……understand all that.  LOL  I would have Don do it but he doesn’t understand how to get the email trail off.   I would give you my passwords and all that.  That should work right.   :)   just wondering how to handle this when I’m gone.  I will tell Jeff that my daughter is doing it but really it would be you. 

After reading this several times, I realized this company didn’t want their client to know they were using me, and this was their way of getting around having me correspond with the client directly via email when their contact was out of town, and apparently off-line (and yes, this was how they wrote to me for every design request as well). I stopped working for them not long after, considering how hard it was to decipher their needs.