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Hi Dusky. I am a little disappointed in the TIFF reviews for The Current War. It must be so hard to give your all in a performance as Ben proably did and then see the end product do badly :(. I agree with you so much. NO MORE BIOPICS. Do you think the film will be as bad as The 5th Estate? x0x

hey there. look firstly, a bit of (speculative) context. critics at high-end festivals do get a see a huge range of often very good films, and TIFF this year looks to be very good indeed. so criticism can be harsh. TCW might not be “bad” but it seems it’s not Oscar-worthy.

but yeah you make a great point; it would be so weird to do your best work and then hand it over completely to the editor and post-production team, and from what i have read, the editing gets some of the worst criticism. but i guess that must be intrinsic to the business.

but he looked so beautiful tonight and so happy to be with his fans. still gonna see it. and am looking forward to it :-)

(oh sorry i forgot to answer TFE question; um no i chatted to a film critic who is also in this fandom and asked the same question; she said it was much much better than the fifth estate but i surmised lesser than the imitation game.)


My weekly obligatory Cumberbitch posting. It’s a thing. He’s a thing. This moving is totes a thing.


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The stupidest thing of all is that these haters think that BC should actually listen to them and care about what they have to say. Yeah right. He is a grown man capable of making his own decisions and he does not need to heed the advice of a bunch of desperate people who cannot seem to get over their celebrity crush. Be in denial all you want and claim that you are doing it for his best but you are not. If you don’t want to see him, don’t go looking for him - don’t read articles about him, don’t look at his pictures, just ignore it all. Nobody is forcing it down your throats. You’ve only yourselves to blame now if you find him annoying because you can choose not to pay any attention to him. So stop whining about it and lowering the collective IQ of the whole internet. 

And please stop with the ridiculous self importance you place in yourselves. You are not the reason he is famous. You are not the reason he gets many job opportunities. HE is the reason he is a success today. Wanna know why? Do you want me shatter your delusions? Okay I will.

Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss saw something in him when the rest of the world didn’t even realize he existed. He didn’t get the part of Sherlock because of his fans - he didn’t even have fans back then. But they saw something in him the same way that the people who cast him for Hawking, Atonement and Amazing Grace did. They did not need fans for that. Stephen Bloody Spielberg didn’t need fans to convince him that BC’s Sherlock Holmes was the best onscreen Holmes he’d ever seen. He has had years of experience and he knows true talent when he sees it. Danny Boyle did not need any of his fans to convince him that BC was ideal for the parts of Frankenstein and his Creature. Tom Stoppard, England’s greatest living playwright did not need fans to convince him  that BC was the only one who could possibly play Christopher Teitjins in Parade’s End. JJ Abrams didn’t need fans to make him realize that BC will be amazing as Khan in Star Trek into Darkness. Peter Jackson did not need fans to convince him that BC will be excellent in MULTIPLE roles in the Hobbit trilogy. Morton Tyldum did not need fans to convince him to that BC was the only actor capable of showing so much depth and vulnerability to a character such as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. And given that track record, Marvel certainly did not need fans to convince them that BC is a bankable and extremely talented actor.  None of these people needed fans to tell them what they already knew: that BC is one of the greatest living actors in the world. 

BC made his success. His fans might have helped catalyze his Hollywood career but it was going to happen anyway and it was going to happen soon regardless of what fans thought of him. 

So stop thinking that just because you write dirty comments about him and his wife that he’ll be less famous. Stop believing that just because you stop buying his merchandise that he’ll be less famous. Because it is not true. TIG isn’t the huge success it is today purely because of his fans (remember how us fans couldn’t stop 5th estate from being a flop?) TIG is the success it is today because of his outstanding performance and good marketing alongside a good PR campaign. Because even though it didn’t win any awards, it won people over far more than the movies that actually did win awards. After all it did win 16 Film Festivals and that was not for nothing considering that nearly all those involved the general public voting for it.

BC made his success. He earned it. And guess what? He’ll continue to be a success regardless of whether you haters like it or not. So all of you better start getting used to it from now on. Think whatever you will but know that trying to convince people that he didn’t earn all the success his getting now is petty and a waste of time. Anyone with eyes can see how much of a brilliant actor he is.