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Marijuana in Canada - Pot Fiction


Rad video of local shop 5th Estate Tattoo in Gilbert, AZ
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BACK IN STOCK! FIFTH ESTATE Summer 2012: Anarchist Summer Reading


This issue’s Anarchist Summer Reading theme has the objective of engaging a world in revolt, equiped with ideas and information. Our contents are a panorama of on the street, in your face demonstrations, as well as essays and reports that make our engagement mindful in both thought and action.


The Quadrennial Electoral Fraud

Financial Advice? How about unemployment?

Survival of the Fittest? Disabilities & tribal people

Anarchist Personality: Is there a definable one?

Against Equality: Don’t fight their wars

OCCUPY, OCCUPY: No authoritarians, please

Vagaries of the Left: John Zerzan & the Black Bloc

Return to Liberty Square: Creating a culture of resistance

Corvid College: Anarchy & no student debt

G20 Gender Violence: Toronto cops targeted women

Snitch Strikes Again: Victim in Marie Mason case

@ Summer Reading: Read a book; pass it on!

Anarchy for Kids

The Power of Art

Scratching the Tiger’s Belly

Paul Goodman’s Testament

The Power of Art

Community Against Abuse

Johnny Spanish

Cara Hoffman

Syndicalism Outdated?

Anarchist Writers Bloc

Anarchist Reading List

Revolution As Spectacle

Debt: 5000 Year History

Underground Press

Rise & Fall of the U.S.: Here comes China

Toronto Cops Admit Brutality: G20 was a police riot

DEA Museum Exhibit: Drugs & Terrorism