5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Dolman-Sleeved Cardigan

Haha! I don’t know what possessed me to sew tonight, or even document it. But I did anyway, so have a quick and dirty tutorial for a no-pattern dolman-sleeved cardigan (a.k.a. I just experimented and sewn randomly but it turned out better than expected so there XDDD)!


So I got new sewing machine yesterday! (I know, my wife is THE Angel! She bought it for me! ^^)

We found this baby at our near fleamarket space that sometimes has these antique sewing machines for sale ^^

Yesterday there were 3 machines;

one was 150 EUROS and it had flowers in it and some of the original pieces left, table was in pretty bad shape but nothing you couldn’t clean and wax of ; )

Second one was basic black but I think that table was beyond repair… And it was 50EUROS. Good deal if you want a decoration item out of it tho’ : )

And then there was -my- baby! 50EUROS, table in good condition and lovely antique brown color!

I only had to change bobin rubber and belt (21EUROS) and oil her a bit and now she is PERFECT!

I used lovely @yldenfrei /5th Atelier tutorial to make simple test piece (which I have wanted to make for a while!) to see how this machine actually works! And here is a link to the tutorial! -> http://yldenfrei.tumblr.com/post/74604667576

Stitch is actually really good but I need to learn how to pedal while sewing straight! X D


Collaborating with @dealzmakesbeats in the studio yesterday. We’re composing some beats on this Kendrick Lamar that will go up in a June 5th show at Ashe Atelier Salon on 3377 Blake street in Denver. #art #acrylic #artist #airbrush #artwork #artworks #artstudio #painting #artoftheday #portrait #paint #wip #workinprogress #music #hiphop #instaart #ink #instacool #instadope #instagood #instafresh #oilpainting #urbanart #blackart #inspiration #motivation #Love (at The Temple)


5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Dolman-Sleeved Sweater

I feel inordinately proud of myself for remembering to take pictures as I go along, so I could make this little tutorial. XDDD

This works for all sizes, and I used this same technique for doing sdFrei’s Dolman Sweater (which looked much better than this one, TBH “orz).

I wonder if people would actually need this though… 


5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Half-Dolman Top

Right! Time to get out of my lazy rut. Do a tutorial! Yes, yes, another dolman, I know. But hey, this one’s only half-dolman! Someday we’ll be free from my dolman craze! XDDD

The idea here is to play on our previous technique. Reduce the body’s width (from wrist-to-wrist down to elbow-to-elbow), then extend the armhole trim’s width. As in reaaaaaally extend.

Hopefully this one won’t be too confusing! Have fun with it! ♥

NOTE: This works best on stretchy fabrics, so if you’re using other types, it’s best to give more allowance to the arms so the hands will fit. ^_^


5th Atelier Tutorial: Unnecessarily Complicated Harem Pants

Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s a much simpler way to go about this thing, but what can I do, I’m a sucker for clothes made only with rectangular panels. XDDD

This tutorial was based on a technique by bemygoth’s Harem Pants Tutorial. Modified for easier BJD sewing (and also my penchant for using the dolls themselves as measuring objects LOL).



Right after the MM Tiangge where I swore to let all of my crew’s clothes go, I find myself constantly looking for a certain dirt brown sweater, only to be reminded that it was sold off. And I felt sad.

So I decided to make a new one for Frei (though not exactly the same as the old one, as per atelier rules :P), this time in the Dolman-sleeve style that I feel fits his character more. I also made a new pair of sweatpants to go with the top.

And so we declare this outfit to be sdFrei’s default. ♥

P.S. I need to buy that wig in a redhead version though…


5th Atelier: There Was a Time by Ylden

When Madame was kind
And her voice was soft
And her words inviting

There was a time
Then it all went wrong.

Ok. Horrible singing aside. I’ve always wondered whether or not the Madame’s marriage to the Professor was just a flimsy excuse to create tension between the Professor and Ave. So I made the Madame a sweet dress (or at least as sweet as her persona would allow) and do a shoot of how the two would have looked like during the first years following their marriage.

Suffice it to say my fears were unfounded. They do look every bit the part of a lovestruck couple. ^_^

5th Atelier: Black Knit Dress and Turtleneck by Ylden

There! Five of my crew are now garbed in that black knit fabric! Still deciding whether or not to skip the two kids…

By goodness, though. It looks like they’re going to a funeral, not a New Year’s Eve dinner! Also, love how terribly awkward the Prof. looks. XDDD