5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Dolman-Sleeved Cardigan

Haha! I don’t know what possessed me to sew tonight, or even document it. But I did anyway, so have a quick and dirty tutorial for a no-pattern dolman-sleeved cardigan (a.k.a. I just experimented and sewn randomly but it turned out better than expected so there XDDD)!


5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Square Drape Dress

Haaaa… haven’t been posting any doll spam lately, so here’s a tutorial to make up for that! ^_^

I’ve been thinking about this particular design the entire week, and wondered if it would work. Luckily, it does! So I’d like to share it, for anyone who doesn’t mind something a little ridiculous in their wardrobe. XDDD


Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Frei~! ♥

Wow. It most certainly feels longer than that, little buddy. I felt like we’ve been together for ages. You’ve certainly been demanding enough to last me a lifetime! XDDD

This year’s birthday gift is more for the both of us, actually. You’ve always been indifferent whenever I dress you up as a mini-me, but this particular one you seem to enjoy. Dip-dye hairs are extremely awesome, right?? ♥♥

You’re a loooot older now, so take care of your shell, okay? I know in the beginning we’ve agreed to migrate you to a newer one if ever this one finally fails you, but now I don’t think I can do that. There’s too much happy memories in that shell. It’s not like I’m forbidding you from your daredevil antics (although heaven knows I tried well enough), but just be safe okay? No more jumping off balconies and faceplanting on rocks, deal?

So! Happy 3rd birthday! And here’s to a lot more adventures for the both of us! ♥


Mademoiselle Silverblade

Is the moniker the Madame goes among the elite circle of swordsmanship enthusiasts. Pitting different styles and different blades against each other, the Madame champions the school of classical fencing, in particular the Dardi school, with the distinction of using a heavier and longer blade.

To date, the Madame has only lost a sparring once: to her master, the former champion of the fencing style.

(So yeah, I should’ve been preparing for my booth this Saturday, but the rapier arrived from plating and I just had to make the Madame a fencing set so I could do a photoshoot. One thing led to another, as usual. XDDD)


So I got new sewing machine yesterday! (I know, my wife is THE Angel! She bought it for me! ^^)

We found this baby at our near fleamarket space that sometimes has these antique sewing machines for sale ^^

Yesterday there were 3 machines;

one was 150 EUROS and it had flowers in it and some of the original pieces left, table was in pretty bad shape but nothing you couldn’t clean and wax of ; )

Second one was basic black but I think that table was beyond repair… And it was 50EUROS. Good deal if you want a decoration item out of it tho’ : )

And then there was -my- baby! 50EUROS, table in good condition and lovely antique brown color!

I only had to change bobin rubber and belt (21EUROS) and oil her a bit and now she is PERFECT!

I used lovely @yldenfrei /5th Atelier tutorial to make simple test piece (which I have wanted to make for a while!) to see how this machine actually works! And here is a link to the tutorial! -> http://yldenfrei.tumblr.com/post/74604667576

Stitch is actually really good but I need to learn how to pedal while sewing straight! X D

5th Atelier Printed Canvas Sling Bag

Haaaa, takes me back to my college days when I used to make my own bags. Granted, back then I could only make tote bags. XDDD

Specifically made to hold a 14-inch laptop and a DSLR. Front pockets for phone, wallet, & wifi. ^_^


The Ball (Part 1)

“Oh dear, what a very awkward situation.”

For some reason only two invitations arrived at the 5th Atelier. Naturally, the Madame claims one for her and her husband. 

Who will Frei choose? :O

Haaaaaa, haven’t done a photostory in a while~!! ♥ ManikaManila’s upcoming themed doll meet entitled “Prom” suddenly gave me an idea, and it’s going to be a multi-part series spanning from today up until the 28th. So stay tuned, guys~!!

Yldenfrei’s 500 Followers Thank You Raffle Event!

First off, a very big thank you to all you amazing people for supporting my little Tumblr corner. For liking and reblogging my works, for tolerating my silly personal life antics, and for being the generally nice and supportive audience that you are! ♥

So! On with this little Thank You event!

I’m pretty sure you guys know a Tumblr raffle much better than I do, so you know the drill! ^_^

Rules of Participating:

  • Must be a follower (giveaway blogs not included)
  • Only reblogs count, 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • Multiple reblogs allowed
  • Willing to provide address to ship out to for winners of Prize 1 and 2 (if below 18, must have guardian’s consent to give out address)
  • For Prize 1 and 2, Shipping costs will be shouldered by me. However, other possible fees to be incurred by the package (customs, etc.) will have to be shouldered by the recipient.


  1. One (1) winner of a 3-piece 5th Atelier custom clothing set – made especially for the winner’s BJD of choice. (Winner will be contacted and asked to send a picture of the doll who will receive the set. I will then create an outfit based on the doll’s character/style.)
    *sample of a 3-piece set: black sleeveless dress, black overcoat & black felt wide-brim hat

  2. One (1) winner of a 5th Atelier SD Velvet Parka with White Fur Trimming – fits 60cm~70cm dolls. ^_^

  3. Three (3) winners of a Vector Doodle commissioned piece – in the styles I have featured in the banner: semi-realistic portraiture, chibi cartoon characters, or stylized characters. Maximum of 2 characters per art piece for each winner. Almost anything goes (Cannot Do: explicit nudity, pedophilia, realistic animals {anthros are somewhat allowed within my ability :P}, hate speech. I reserve the right to decline a subject I feel uncomfortable with, and ask the winner for another concept.)
  4. One (1) winner of a Photostory Prompt – pick any (or even all) of the crew, and request any scene you wish me to shoot for you. Maximum of 10 shots. The usual limitations apply (Cannot Do: explicit nudity, pedophilia, actual breakage of dolls {disassembly is allowed though}, breakage of props/accessory/etc., hate speech. I reserve the right to decline a subject I feel uncomfortable with, and ask the winner for another concept.)

In the event that the winner of prizes 1 and 2 have no BJD’s, they will instead receive prize 3, and another name will be picked. So to make things easier, please tag your reblog with 5th Atelier Prize if you have a doll or want to avail of Prizes 1 and 2 (you are still eligible for Prizes 3 and 4, btw). Untagged reblogs will automatically be eligible only for Prizes 3 and 4. ^_^

Deadline: January 14, 2014 6:00pm (GMT+8)

Winners will be drawn via random.org and the results will be posted January 15, 2014. Winners will be notified via inbox ask. If winners do not respond after 48 hours, new names will be picked.

Aaand that’s it, everyone! Hope this goes well. Thank you again for your support, and let’s all have fun with this! ♥

Jhulian G.


The 5th Atelier Cast Themes

Haaa, I almost forgot to post the crew’s individual shots! Also, as a little extra, I handpicked some favorite instrumentals in my playlist which I feel best represents each character’s personality. Please do give them a listen! ^_^

  1. Sleeping At Last - Arctic
  2. Maksim Mrvica - Croatian Rhapsody
  3. 30 Seconds to Mars - L490
  4. Nightwish - Arabesque
  5. Yasunori Mitsuda - Prisoners of Fate