5th story cd roman



By 柊 りん

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so here have a crappy photo of the big sheet of paper that came with the Roman CD that for some reason nobody ever seems to talk about

also I decided to do a crappy quick translation of it
corrections are welcome because i dont actually speak japanese

upper left corner: Your journey is yet to come
upper right corner: Both happy and sad things are plentiful (idk??)
middle: Please become happy
lower left corner: This handkerchief is with you in my stead
lower right corner: Now… wipe your tears


Sound Horizon 30 Days Challenge

Day 10: That particular song(s) from Roman 

Moulin Rouge, Utsukushiki Mono and Hoshikuzu no Harnais.

This is not the order of the album nor the manga, but is the order of liking :3

I love the all three songs, I don’t knwo why.. so be able to help cleaning and typesetting the first half of the chapter of Hiiro no Fuusha was really exciting for me :3