5th place!!!


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This is the front foot of a male diving beetle, magnified 100 times. This photo got 5th place in Nikon’s 2016 photomicrography competition.


artyon_celestine Spinning into Monday with a 1st place win in my category @goshowstopper and 5th place overall in the Junior division. Made it into the Allstars Finals Opening Act! Hip hop meets Tap in “Fur Elsie Swag." 

chillice9 replied to your post: “Sorry to bother you , i sent a message a few days ago but i think…”:

i had no idea your favorite character was Hajime. Hes also my favorite, the character development and depth he has is just so good. I also like how hes more of a realist than Naegi because YES its normal to be suspicious of others.

Ouma and a few other characters still come out on top of my overall DR faves, but Hinata and Kamukura both always wind up in 4th/5th place whenever I take that one DR character sorter.

Hinata is just so good as a character; out of everything in srd2, his character arc was just spectacular. Naegi is certainly enjoyable, and I like him, but Hinata was the first thing that really sold me on the idea that DR can make a really outstanding protagonist character.

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All 6 sanrio sets
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🌌 chance to adopt a new villager (of your choosing, if they can move out, some can’t!)

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🌌 3 sanrio sets of your choice
🌌 10 new items of your choice
🌌 5 million bells
🌌 Golden tool set (if you want it)

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one person’s happiness is another person’s sadness and i want more appreciation for christophe? he’s 26 by the end of episode 12, he already said he doesn’t have many chances to skate at grand prix anymore, probably because of age and how straineous professional figure skating is. that grand prix final in episode 12 might be the last time hes skating, he might have to retire after that, and he ends his career with a 5th place. he couldn’t even get on the podium unlike previous season, and i don’t think anyone really knew how sad he was deep down probably. does anyone stop to wonder if christophe has many friends or just fans, because i swear everyone seems to hate him just because he comes on the ice like thats the only part people seem to care about.

blast to the past voting results (◡‿◡✿)

you guys have been so intense with the voting this weekend lmao but i’ve finally managed to count up all the votes! i’m only going to do the posts for the top 3, and here they are ~

1. iwaizumi 

2. sugawara 

3. akaashi

thanks again for voting! ♥

things about jun you might not have known before

  • he went to one of the top high schools in shenzhen (which is a major city so basically he had top grades; chinese students do a high school entry exam to see which high school they would get placed in)
  • he shot his first commercial at age 2 (literally what were the rest of us doing at 2 y/o)
  • he’s appeared in 15 dramas in total
  • he has been in 3 movies, one of which earned him 3 rookie actor awards
  • at an international kung fu competition he got 4th, 5th, and 6th places in different categories (international!!!)
  • won #1 at a piano competition
  • won #2 and #3 at art competitions
  • won #1 in my heart
  • basically the boy’s all-round talented
  • everyone should stan him. right now. stop what ur doing rn and stan wen junhui
dignity, exaltation, detriment, and fall for personal planets in the houses

a sign in dignity is the “best/easiest” placement for it to be in, exaltation is the “second best”, detriment is the “second worst”, and fall is the “worst/most difficult”. 


sun is in dignity when placed in the 5th house, exaltation when placed in the 1st house, detriment in the 11th house, and fall in the 7th house. the sun is a childlike planet, striving to make itself happy and create an ego through fun, creativity, and self-esteem. 

these three are met when placed in the 5th and 1st house, as they allow the sun to have a dynamic ability to lead, as well as be self-expressive and knowing what they want for themselves. the 11th and 7th houses are concerned with relationships between people to create an ego, therefore weakening self-expression and strengthening dependence. 


moon is in dignity in the 4th house, exaltation in the 2nd house, detriment in the 10th house, and fall in the 8th house. the moon is the core that helps shape the ego as it’s affected by upbringing and environment, directly related to the mother and the childhood, therefore creating strong emotional ties. 

in the 4th and 2nd houses, the mother is seen as a strong presence in the family or even the most important family member. upbringing is typically more comfortable with strong bonds between the child and the mother (also depending on the sign, IC, and aspects of course). the moon is not meant to be involved in business related events or projected to the public of the 10th house, nor is it a safe position for it when it’s met with the dark and intuitive nature of the 8th house.


venus is in dignity in the 2nd and 7th houses, exaltation in the 12th house, detriment in the 8th and 1st house, and fall in the 6th house. venus is meant to be a very carefree and delicate part of our persona, a very loving, generous, and works off of the relationship between oneself and their relationships with others, as well as a passion for the beautiful.

therefore, in the 2nd and 7th houses, venus is comfortable when it is met with materialistic beauty and possessions, as well as a need for partnership and commitment, gaining energy through the acceptance of others. in the 12th house, venus brings compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. venus is uncomfortable in the 8th and 6th houses, where it starts to get somewhat obsessive, controlling, mysterious, picky, serious, and critical. 


mars is in dignity in the 1st and 8th houses, exalted in the 10th house, detriment in the 7th and 2nd houses, and fall in the 4th house. mars has the need to explore the taboo, to get mysterious, sexual, powerful, and aggressive to stabilize the ego, which directly connects to the 1st house, and share the same identifications as the 8th house does. these traits can also help with success and business, correlating with the 10th house. it is too self-connected to work well in the 7th house and does not care for beauty or femininity like the 2nd house. mystery, unequal power, and aggression in the household, which is mars in the 4th, is obviously a downside.

Secret Santa: 5th Place!!
  • Spain: France~~ Guess who got you as their Secret Santa~
  • France: moi?? really?? I'm glad it's someone I am in good terms with~
  • Spain: so what are you waiting for, open it~
  • France: oui, oui! *opens the present* ... it's a hug coupon...
  • Spain: yep, now you can get me to hug you anytime, anywhere, for as long as you like~!
  • France: ... don't you do that anyways-?
  • France: I'm using the ticket now.
  • Spain: wait... then IM going to get killed???
  • France: hey, mon ami; anytime, anywhere~
  • Neptune In The 1st: you may have issues with finding your identity and you tend to lack individuality. but on the other hand, you are enigmatic and mysteriously enticing
  • Neptune In The 2nd: you may believe that you are extraordinarily financially successful when you're really not. sometimes you spend too foolishly or too lavishly
  • Neptune In The 3rd: you may have a desire to uncover hidden truths or higher truths. you pick up on the things that are unseen, but you also create confusion through the way you communicate
  • Neptune In The 4th: you may have problems trying to find a home in which you feel safe and comfortable. it is likely that one (or both) of your parents were absent during your childhood or dealt with addictions
  • Neptune In The 5th: you may place yourself through risky adventures and it's possible that you will eventually need to drop your artistic endeavors because they are far too idealistic
  • Neptune In The 6th: you may fear for your health and develop strange eating habits. you avoid routines that are necessary for everyday life and you experience trouble finding work that adheres to your standards
  • Neptune In The 7th: you may associate yourself with romantic partners who prevent you from growing and maturing. you gravitate towards individuals who are dishonest and you have delusional expectations of love
  • Neptune In The 8th: you may seek certain experiences that are spiritual or transcendental. however, you are hardly open with your feelings and you leave others dealing with uncertainty
  • Neptune In The 9th: you may search for mystical meanings through a religion or a philosophy. you probably have/will push your beliefs onto many individuals, only to discover that it is an illusion
  • Neptune In The 10th: you may struggle devoting yourself to one career or occupation, and you can't seem to make up your mind when it comes to the goals you wish to achieve. the public perceives you as being rather hazy
  • Neptune In The 11th: you may have an unusual or detrimental idea of what friendships are supposed to be. your friends may manipulate you into behaving dangerously
  • Neptune In The 12th: you may rely on your own unconscious mind to be your source of guidance. you are open-minded but very worrisome about the future