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I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately, guys. On May 5th, I told my husband I was leaving him. Since then, things have kicked into high gear and basically my every waking thought has revolved around “find a place to live close to work in a good school district with rent I can afford”.

It happened—I found a place. And I sign the lease on Thursday. My husband is staying in Austin and we’re sharing custody of the kids equally. He’s being really supportive and encouraging, too, something I frankly did not expect.

But my point for telling y’all this is because emotionally, I’m just not here right now. I’m driving from San Antonio to Austin several times a week, worrying about finances, and trying to figure out how to pack up this house and actually shift some of the accumulated clutter.

I’m still around physically, I can reblog like a motherfucking champ, but anything requiring emotional labor is pretty much beyond me and will be until I’m settled in my new home, in the middle of June.

So if you have questions or need advice, or just someone to talk to, I hate to do it but please don’t look for that from me right now. I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel and you deserve better than my dregs. I promise I’ll be back. Please be patient with me.

“give me prompts so I don’t just draw nothing but clowns,” I said to the internet. “DRAW MIMES” comes howling back @ me from the void. OK

Figured I would design a few minor characters from Killjoys, then, starting with this guy! He’s Marcela’s adopted son by her 5th husband. That dude met a…mysterious…end, but despite Marcela’s pretty obvious hand in the matter, Fleur adores her and is strikingly loyal to his mom. He’s not really cut out for the rougher side of the family business so he helps out as a personal assistant for Marcy and Cath.

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Were any of the older Romanov sisters being "courted" by any boys before they died?

Hello ! Olga being the eldest was more concerned by marriage matters than her sisters, one of her first suitor was the twenty-three-year-old Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark he fell under the charm of Olga while visiting his sister Grand Duchess Maria Georgievna, His sister´s lady-in-waiting wrote :

He told me, that he greatly admired the Grand Duchess Olga…and asked me if I thought he had any chance. To me this was nothing very new, as I was accustomed to his short-lived enthusiasms, but this time I decided it would be a very good idea. After endless discussion, we decided to speak to his sister, the Grand Duchess George, and she suggested, ‘Why not try?’ So, having been given a stiff whisky and soda, he started for Livadia that afternoon. Whilst he was away, we three, the Grand Duchess, Zoia [the Baroness’s daughter] and I, walked about aimlessly. We worked ourselves into a perfect fever of excitement. When we heard the wheels of the car returning we nearly broke our necks trying to get to the door. I slid down the staircase in my haste but neither I nor anyone else took the least notice of that. He looked pale but dignified. We imagined he would have returned triumphant with a ring on his finger. Pushing him into the small writing room, we yelled at him, ‘Well?’ He slumped into a chair, and with a bewildered expression said, ‘I don’t know.’ ‘What do you mean, you fool, you don’t know?’ ‘Well, I don’t.’ Then, when we had ceased insulting him, he told us that the Emperor had been most kind but said firmly, ‘Olga is too young to think of such a thing as marriage yet.”

An union between Carol of Romania and Olga was considered more carefully, but it didn’t work out because clearly Olga wasn’t attracted to him, Carol also didn’t fell anything for her, at that time she said to Pierre Gilliard ‘ I don’t want to leave Russia. I’m a Russian and I mean to remain a Russian.’ However Carol was charmed by Maria, and asked her hand but Nicholas refused upon the fact she was too young. It was for the best Carol wasn’t a gift and they knew it, the girls purposely sunburned their faces during the voyage to Romania so that Carol finds them ugly.  Here is the opinion of his mother Queen Marie :

When the idea of a marriage between our son, Carol, and Olga, the eldest daughter of the Czar, was proposed, I was more against than for it, because I feared that uncanny illness—hæmophilia—which the women of certain families are supposed to give to their sons. I knew that poor Alix had given this illness to her heir, and I dared not face such a risk for our family. Gladly would I have welcomed one of Nicky’s daughters, had it not been for this, as, besides the ties of affection, it was a most flattering proposal, especially as it had been brought forward by the Russian side.”

Alexander of Serbia exchanged letters with Tatiana, it is said he was quite smitten by the second daughter of the Tsar.

The English side, Prince Arthur son of Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught, visited Russia in 1911, the British ambassador’s daughter noticed that his visit was ’ secretly to look at the Emperor’s daughter. ’ We know nothing about this meeting, or the impression for both of them.

Their cousin Louis Mountbatten fell in love with Maria and kept her photograph on his bedside all his life, who knows what would have happened if the Revolution didn’t broke out ? He was quite loved by his cousins, but I don’t think Maria had the same level of love than Dickie.

Of course Edward, the Prince of Wales who was 1 year older than Olga was mentioned but nothing serious came out.

The Russian side Prince Ioann Konstantinovich had a soft spot for Olga, he was very sad when he realised that he couldn’t marry her. But he had a happy marriage with Helena of Serbia, short but happy.

Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich was once considered as a prospective husband for Olga but his behaviour made him fall from the grace of Alexandra.

Alexandra was horrified when Maria Pavlovna proposed her second son, Boris, as a possible future husband for Olga, she wrote :

to give over a well used half worn out, blasé young man to a pure, fresh girl, 18 years his junior, & to live in a house in which many a woman has ‘shared his life’… An inexperienced girl would suffer terribly, to have her husband 4th, 5th hand or more.’

Boris of Bulgaria, Adalbert of Germany, Peter of Montenegro were also names which were circulated at that time.

• • •

We know that the three eldest developed strong attachment over few officers. Olga nursed an innocent passion for a junior officer on the Standard, Pavel Voronov, it seems he shared her feelings, but it was doomed from the beginning and he married Olga Kleinmikhel. Olga wrote in code in her diary : ‘T. was there with my S [Voronov]. In the end he is S. to me, for the bride [has] the rest of him, but for me [he is] S.’ Here is a young and older Olga with Voronov

Then she grew, as a nurse, an attachment to Dmitri ‘Mitya’ Shakh-Bagov, she often wrote about ‘Mitya’ in her diary and I. Belyaev wrote :

The Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna had her very own ‘protégé’ : the sick young ensign from Yerevan - Shakh-Bagov, very sweet and shy like a girl. It was obvious that he was utterly in love with his nurse. His cheeks burned with a bright flame whenever he looked at Olga Nikolaevna.’

Meanwhile Tatiana had fallen for Dmitri Malama a Kuban Cossack, Alexandra had a special affection for him and she wrote

My little Malama came for an hour yesterday evening…Looks flourishing more of a man now, an adorable boy still. I must say a perfect son in law he w(ou)ld have been – why are foreign P(rin)ces not as nice?”. Tatiana also had another suitor Boris Ravtopulo he was hooked by her but never had the courage to tell her his feelings. ‘

He fought for the White Army after the Revolution broke out and was killed in 1919. It seems that she had another love interest in Vladimir Kiknadze. Here she is with Malama :

As for Maria she felt affection for Nicholas Demenkov, she openly talked of her crush to her father, she’d even sign her letters ‘Mrs. Kolya Demenkov.’, Alexandra called him  ‘Marie’s fat fellow’.

At leas they lived the early stage of love. Nicholas and Alexandra wanted to take things slowly, World War I put a brake to any marriage prospects. Moreover they were so close that I think they cherished the fact that they could ‘keep’ their daughters with them. In my opinion they would have never push their daughters into a loveless marriage nor a dynastic marriage that could have been unhappy, maybe I’ve an utopian view on the subject but despite many people think Alexandra wasn’t a snob and cold hearted..

The Husband Has Spoken

Me: Did you watch?

Husband: Uh huh.

Me: What did you think?

Husband: (totally chill. shrugs) Good.

Silence. He says nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Me: Seriously? That’s it?

Husband: (confused. LEGITMATELY CONFUSED) What?

Me: What about the final scene?

He’s watching the TV. He doesn’t even look away from the television. Nothing that happened on Arrow is more interesting than what we are watching right now. Nope. No sir. He can’t even LOOK AT ME he’s so bored by Arrow.

Husband: Oh that. What about it?

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The End of Their Journey (hope I touched your hearts with this)

A man and women whom both looked no younger than 20 walked through the cemetery towards a large cherry tree in the middle underneath it 8 headstones rested they went up to the first one which held two names and silently read it

Kai Hiroshito Smith

September 20th 1989- August 5th 2050

Loving Husband Father and Grandfather

A person’s true wealth is the good he or she does in the world

Skylor Taylor Smith

October 30th 1991-December 5th 2050

Loving Wife Mother and Grandmother

“Can’t believe it has been 100 years since the last one of our team passed ” Zane whispered bending down and placing the bright red roses he had brought for his brother and his wives grave.

“I know sweetheart it still hurts like it was yesterday’ Pixal said looking at the red headstone as her husband wiped it down and removed the cherry petals that still remained on it,she watched as he moved to the next she watched him stiffen a bit before gently wiping the limegreen stone that read

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

December 24th 2004-August 15th 2015

I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

"He was such a great person and a great brother, I still hate Morro for taking him from us that day” Zane quietly said as he finished wiping the gravestone down

“But you avenged him by taking Morro down”

“I know but Kai was never the same at least till Skylar thank the first Spinjitzu master came back into his life but after Lloyds death no one was the same I mean you know what happened to Misako you remember” he answered gently before taking the green lilies from his wife and placing them against the stone

Pixal nodded sadly and looked to the light grey one right next to Lloyd’s grave which read

Misako Julie Garmadon

February 14th 1970- October 27th 2016

Loving Mother and Wife

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.

“Chen took her Husband but Morro took everything from her she died of a broken heart”

Pixal set one hand on her husbands shoulder in comfort as he wiped the grave down gently

“But she was reunited with her husband and son where she belonged ”

Zane nodded as he set the golden roses on her stone they moved onto the next Headstone it was a blinding white with gold lettering which read

Wu Ling Garmadon

July 17th 1975- June 15th 2020

Beloved Sensei Brother and Uncle

Death is not the extinguishing of the light; but the putting out of the lamp,because Dawn has come

“So fitting for him” Pixal said slightly smiling watching her husband smile as well

“Yeah he loved speaking in tongues and confusing all of us but behind the confusion he usually had a good message behind it "Zane smiled back at his wife,she handed him a bundle of white lilies which he carefully lay like the rest of them they moved onto the next one this one had two names on it the right side read

Jason Gabriel Walker

Loving Husband and Father

April 28th 1992-June 14th 2052

His Life a beautiful memory,his absence a silent grief

and on the left it read

Nya Ling Walker

Loving Wife and Mother

October 16th 1995- June 16th 2052

There was grace in her steps,love in every gesture

Pixal saw her husband smiling

"They couldn’t live without each other, a true testament how much they loved each other” Zane quietly said wiping the midnight blue stone making the white engraving stand out against it he laid the sky blue roses their great grandchildren had chosen for them to lay on their great grandparents grave they next looked to the onyx black Grave next to the midnight blue one

“The last one of our team to pass away well besides me and you” Zane sighed as he read the golden letters that were engraved into the stone as he gently wiped it down

Cole Simon Hence

November 16th 1996- November 18th 2080

A life isn’t important except on the impact it has on others lives

Zane sighed as they moved to the next one which like Nya and Jay this one held two names again in the right in bright gold lettering

Edward Harry Walker

September 24th 1969-July 17th 2040

Loving Husband Father and Grandfather

Happiness depends upon ourselves

Edwina Harriet Walker

September 26th 1969-July 18th 2040

Loving Wife Mother and Grandmother

She touched everyone with special love and kindness

Zane could help but give a small chuckle,his wife gave him a look of concern

“they were just like their child and Nya couldn’t live without each other”

“Oh,yes they were both like their son"Pixal agreed smiling and placing the turquoise lilies on the grave

"Here "he said handing her the cleaning bottle and paper towels"I know you want to do this one” he gently said motioning to the next one

Pixal nodded a frown now on her face artificial tears in her eyes it still hurt even after more then a century

Cyrus Elijah Borg

July 4th 1975- December 15th 2050

Loving Father and Grandpa

The Future is what we make it

“It still hurts even after more than a century of him being gone ”

“I know honey” he wrapped his arms around her as soon as she stood up after laying some purple roses on her fathers grave “ But their with us always but one day we may see them again” he kissed her lips lightly then they both headed to their car they didn’t see a young boy with blinding white wings and a halo above his blonde haired head sitting on the limestone grave he looked about 11 he smiled as he saw the two people walk away and saw the flowers on the green stone

“They came to visit like they promised didn’t they Lloyd ” a man with black hair came up

“Yes Cole they did ” he smiled as the rest appeared

Lloyd hopped off the stone and ran over to his parents Garamdon picked up his son and placed his son on his shoulders as the boy laughed

They all watched as Pixal and Zane left not even knowing they were being watched over by their makeshift family