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NMB48 5th Anniversary Concert: Yuri Theatre

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To the groups who left and the a few that survived in that wild year, when almost 50 rookie groups debuted and grew one of the most importants groups in kpop right now like: EXO, B.A.P, BTOB, VIXX,EXID,AOA,etc. (special mentions to Nuest, Spica, Cross Gene, 24k, 100%, Fiestar, Hello Venus, etc…they keep strong even if they are underrated af).  

The son of a Texas sharecropper and was part Yaqui Native American and part Mexican, young Benavidez grew up an orphan, poor, and dropped out of school in the 7th grade. He was labeled a ‘dumb Mexican’ through his early years.

He enlisted in the Army National Guard in 1952 and 3 years later moved to the Regular Army. He married, joined the 82nd Airborne Division and was jump qualified. He later went into Special Forces training and was accepted into the 5th Special Forces Group and Studies and Observation Group SOG.

In '65 he was sent to South Vietnam serving as an advisor to the South Vietnamese Army and stepped on a land mine during a patrol and medical evacuated to the States. The doctors there determined that he would never walk again, but Benavidez showed them by conducting his own physical therapy at night to regain his ability to walk by crawling on his elbows and chin to a wall beside his bed, he would prop himself up against the wall and try to lift himself without physical assistance, but was cheered on by his fellow patients. It took a year of painful exercise, but in July '66 Benavidez walked out of the hospital, yes-walked, with his wife beside him and requested to be sent back to Vietnam.

It was granted in January '68.

On 2 May of that year, a 12-man Special Forces patrol comprised of 9 loyal Montagnards and 3 American leaders were engaged and quickly surrounded by an estimated 1,000 North Vietnamese Army soldiers. Hearing their frantic calls on the radio for help Benavidez ran for the helicopter and climbed on board armed only with a knife.

The landing zone was hot, but he’ realized that all the patrol members were either dead or wounded and unable to make it to the helicopter and ordered his helicopter to a nearby opening and jumped into it with a medical bag to take care of the wounded. So began a six-hour firefight. In his run to make it to the casualties Benavidez was wounded in the leg, face and head by enemy fire, but he doggedly continued, found the team members and rallied them to keep fighting to hold the enemy at bay to allow a medevac to occur.

He took smoke grenades and hurled them at the enemy in the tree line to direct close air support. When a helicopter came in, Benavidez picked up and carried off 6 of the patrol one by one to the helicopter. When they were on board he took a rifle and ran with the helicopter as it flew along towards where the other members were giving protecting fire from the NVA. When the patrol leader was killed, Benavidez managed to reach his body and recover classified materials, but was wounded again by enemy fire in the abdomen and shrapnel in his back. At that moment, the helicopter that was about to save them all was hit, the pilot killed, and it crashed into the LZ.

Benavidez ran back to the wreckage and pulled the dead and wounded and the others from it and set up a perimeter giving them hope with encouraging words and distributing ammo and water. The enemy fire was intense with automatic weapons and grenades coming from all sides. Using a radio, Benavidez began calling in close air support with gunship runs to allow another rescue attempt. He was hit again by a bullet through his thigh while dressing a wounded man.

A second helicopter came in to take them and the sergeant began taking them onboard, after taking one man and was carrying another, an NVA popped out and clubbed the sergeant in the head. Benavidez grappled with the enemy soldier and stabbed him in the head with his knife with enough force that it became stuck in the soldier’s head and couldn’t be removed.

When the last of the wounded were on board the sergeant saw two NVA rushing the helicopter, but the door gunners couldn’t engage them. Taking a rifle he gunned them both down. He made one last run around to gather and destroy the last of the classified material before boarding the helicopter. It was here when his adrenaline stopped and the serious nature of his wounds became known.

He received 37 puncture wounds, his intestines were out of his body, blinded by blood, a broken jaw, and shrapnel in his back he was thought to be dead with the helicopter touched down at base. He was pronounced dead by a doctor when he couldn’t feel a heartbeat, but the sergeant showed him by spitting in the doctor’s face. He recovered from his many injuries, but he wasn’t awarded the Medal of Honor. Instead, he was given the Distinguished Service Cross.

His friends clambered for this to be addressed, but Congress declared that too much time had passed and they needed eye witnesses to his actions. In 1980, Benavidez’s radioman, Brian O'Conner, provided a 10 page testimony about the firefight and was severely wounded in the same fight and thought to have died from his wounds, but he was alive and saw the news report on the news while vacationing in Australia. With his testimony the Review Board upgraded the Distinguished Service Cross to the Medal of Honor. On 24 February 1981 President Ronald Reagan bestowed the Medal of Honor to Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez to go with his other medals including;

5 Purple Hearts
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Good Conduct Medal with one silver and one bronze service loop
Army of Occupation Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Vietnam Service Medal with four campaign stars
Vietnam Campaign Medal
Presidential Unit Citation
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm
Texas Legislative Medal of Honor
Combat Infantry Badge
Master Parachutist Badge
Army Special Forces Tab.

Not bad for a 'Dumb Mexican’.

“If you’re South Asian, please read this:

South Asians who were lucky enough to not be removed from the subcontinent have a serious problem with rejecting Indo-Caribbeans as "real” brown people. I don’t know if it’s because you all are ignorant of your own history or you think brown people don’t exist outside of the subcontinent. Whatever l*me reason you find for disrespecting and erasing an entire part of your own diaspora- I’m tired of it. As an Indo-Guyanese woman, my ethnicity is belittled on a daily basis, especially by other South Asians. The same is true for the hundreds of thousands of other Indo-Caribbeans living in the west. It’s funny b/c Indo-Guyanese people are the 5th largest immigrant group in NYC, but my entire life, my parents’ and grandparents’ entire lives, there have been little acceptance of Indo-Caribbeans. And why? Because we were taken by deceit and forced into conditions no better than slavery? Subcontinental South Asians wanna reject us but love Caribbean culture so much. You blast our dancehall music and imitate our patois poorly. You deny us access to our Indian/Bengali heritage but want to accessorize our Caribbean heritage. How does that wok? I can go on but honestly, if you’re a South Asian who looks down on Indo-Caribbeans, I need you to remember that NOTHING but a boat ride separates your family and mine.“ - Shabana Bachu

edited for ableist slur

My translation from Spanish Yuzu’s FS Worlds 2017


video credits:  elizabeth2697

00.04: He has 4 quads in his program; in the SP he had a little fail in his combo, and this is why he has 5th place, but really, if he does it well, he is a guy of more than 200 points up in his score terms, and I would not rule out YH for the podium.

00.52: First Triple Loop, Quadruple Loop (TN: she made a little mistake) ^^’

1.14: Quadruple Salchow, masterly

2.37: Triple Flip

3.02: Quadruple Salchow Triple Toe Loop! He goes for it, he goes for it!

3.26: Take it! Quadruple Toe

3.30: He had nothing to loose

3.43: Triple Axel, Double Toe

4.02: *giggling sound* Triple Axel, Loop, Triple Salchow

4.08: Yuzuru wants the title

4.33: What peace (TN: I’m not sure about this) ^^’

4.41: Ina Bauer

4.48: Triple Lutz (giggling)

4.52: Ooooo… WOW! WOW!!… How cool!

5.02: How cool…

5.04: Ole!

5.06: At your feet, Mr. Hanyu! At your feet! (TN: They say this for second time, at the same time, a duo)

5.07: At your feet (TN: the other lady said this, too, again), yes sir!

5.12: What he has done! What he has done!

5.14: What a concentration ability, what he has done! What YH has done!

5.20: Did you see that I could not speak? (TN: They talk at the same time)… I had you, because … What was happening to me? Everything!

5.27: Awesome! That technique, perfect!!

5.31: All his scores are positive! Look at this score, 125 points, a boy who has achieved a GPF score above 200 points, and in technique has achieved 125, almost 126 points!!!

5.46: Perfect!

5.49: The position, the placement in each of the jumps, all the elements, whether jumps, pirouettes, steps, everything!! All with positive evaluation by the judges, arriving, bordering the 10 in interpretation in skating… What class, what temper, and above all, what a head!!

6.08: What a head!! What head to withstand the pressure from this group, from being the first to skate, and of course, he had nothing to loose, and a lot to gain, and he’s going to win a lot… What a technique, what a position, all those clean jumps, with that glide, the pirouettes variations, the step sequence level 4, of course, all level 4… how cool!

6.35: Wonderful to watch such a skating…

6.36: Amazing!!

6.37: And he open the group from 5th place, and now, to wait… because, Susana, I think this program it’s going to be very difficult to overcome… it was… look in the reply, he was super focused, controlling, gliding, floating, and also, in each jump his body was in perfect axis…

7.00: An incredible axis… Quadruple Salchow, Triple Toe… how easy, with what serenity he lands… Quadruple Toe, perfect the right axis, and look how he nailed it…

7.13: Complete Ina Bauer, before we saw without his feet… but is marvelous, the best YH, this boy does not stop surprising us…

7.27: What delicacy… what a harmony … this boy conveys peace…

7.33: And he always so grateful to Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson; and because now it is not Javier’s turn, but, he would stay to see him.. and what would he say? Because we know they train together since 5 years, and they are Brian Orser’s students.

7.50: “Just beautiful”… Of course, that’s what we all say *giggling*

7.54: Wonderful! He had a score of 206… (the scores now) …

7.55: (Translating Brian’s words): “You have trained well, you have trained hard”…

8.19: Well, he’s going to go to the first position, that’s clear…

8.20: 223.20… Look at his face! 223.30… YH 223… in techniche 126.12, presentation 97.08, and I don’t know if he was expected less, but his surprised face! Look at him, poor little thing, so emotional, YH goes to the first position, and now they will have to beat him, Ladies and Gentlemen… now they will have to beat him…


by Iskandara Ale/Shampoo Neko

2017 boston marathon recap


Here is what I remember of April 17…the weekend began with friends and hosts Kevin and Mariani taking me out for seafood pasta on Saturday night, then a perfectly cooked sirloin steak dinner out on Sunday night to get set for Monday morning’s marathon.  Slept okay Sunday night, too much going on in the brain to completely relax.

Kevin dropped me off at the Red Line Alewife station early Monday morning, 6 am, to head down to the Commons for the buses to take us to the start at Hopkinton.  Seemed everyone on the train was either running or cheering for the marathon.

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hey everyone, i’m on the lookout for a new dungeons and dragons group! i have a few preferences: if possible, an experienced dm is better, and i’d rather have a group that is no more than 4 people, 5 if you’d have me. US based is also better cause of timezones.

if you shoot me a message i can send you some of my work to see if i’m a good fit for an upcoming campaign!

reblogs are also super appreciated i’d like to get the word out and find a group that fits!


83/ of morning musume’s mvs: kare to issho ni omise ga shitai!

shpevrythng  asked:

ok so how about 5 7 and/or 9 for Drarry for the ask prompt thing ? yes it's cliche probably but 🙃 5. “I don’t care what about what anyone else thinks! I only care about you!
7. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt this way about you?”
9. “I can’t stand seeing you like this!”

Meet me outside the library during your free period.


Draco read the note and smiled to himself. He waited anxiously for his current lesson to end.

Harry was already waiting when Draco got there.

“Hey!” Draco greeted.

“Hi,” Harry smiled and kissed Draco on his cheek.

Draco blushed.

“So what’s up?”

“I think we should stop hiding our relationship,” Harry said, not beating around the bush.


“You heard me, Draco. I just don’t see any sense in hiding it.”

“No sense in hiding it?! What about the things everyone will say?!”

I don’t care about what anyone else thinks! I only care about you! How can you not see that Draco?!”

Draco looked down, unable to meet Harry’s eyes.

“Well I do care…we’re not telling.” 

Harry sighed and Draco walked away before he could say anything else.

“Oh look, it’s the death eater! Kill anyone today?” A group of 5th years taunted at Draco.

Draco was used to this kind of treatment, and even expected it when he decided he would come back for his 8th year, but he couldn’t deny that it still upset him.

Draco tried to shove past the group, but a warm hand grabbed his arm. He turned and saw Harry.

“Apologize to him. Now.”

“Harry don’t-”

“No, Draco. I can’t stand seeing you like this! Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt this way about you? It kills me to see you so upset and not being able to do anything because of this stupid secret, so I’m done hiding it! I’ve been in love with you for way too long to give a shit about what anyone, especially this group of gits, has to say about us being together.”

Draco just stared at Harry with a look filled with love and adoration.

“Now I believe you lot owe my boyfriend an apology. And I expect that nothing like this will happen again.”

The 5th years all mumbled a quick “sorry” before dispersing.

“No more secrets,” Harry murmured before leaning down to kiss Draco, knowing full well that the whole school would be coming down this hallway in a few seconds to get to lunch.