5th class

  • Me: Year 2, I'm very sorry about the colour of the playdough. The only dye I had at home was "all natural colouring" and apparently, it's not very strong, so instead of having purple and bright green, we have kind of purpley-browny-grey and pale green.
  • Kidlet 1: That's okay, Ms R. I think they're still pretty!
  • Kidlet 2: And no one else has ever made us playdough before.
  • Kidlet 3: We still love you!
  • Kidlet 4: It looks delicious. Can we eat it?

In 5th grade my class of ~10 kids had like a week to paint a giant backdrop for our grade play, the picture being of a busy airport with a ton of blank people-shapes the drama teacher drew so we could paint in people-details easily… so naturally i made 4 look like naruto characters (out of the like, 50 ppl on the drop,) and a few days later during some free-work i noticed my two teachers were sitting down together and looking OOCly shifty and whispering in a Way that just gave me that Vibe… you know the vibe when someone’s talking shit and you can tell…

some short-ish time later as always i was proven RIGHT, because i got called down to the gym, not being told what was going on just walked silently down the stone halls of this church (school was built inside one) completely wordlessly down three flights of stairs, for them to bring me into the gym with the PRINCIPAL waiting there and the drama teacher along with my teachers staying back, and they confronted me demanding to know “what these people were” pointing to the attempt at a naruto lookalike i made, and, i can’t even recall how i attempted to explain it, but it ended with my TWO teachers giving up their lunch hour to just WATCH me sit on the damm gym floor for that hour and paint over my ninja clan in a discomforting and shameful silence… i don’t know why they thought my ninjas were so problematic… they just were some random dudes with colorful clothes… i didn’t draw any sexy jutsu or clan massacre… they werent even close together…

anyway, that was, i think, the first out of… five times, that i got in Serious Trouble for something naruto related that year

LAiR-Master’s D&D Masterpost

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Fun D&D Character Ideas


D&D 5e Character Creation Flow Charts: Backgrounds and Classes

This only includes the backgrounds included in the Player’s Handbook Mind you, so no SCAG options.

Class one doesn’t assume archetype obviously. 

A fun little project I made after work today, I thought it might be helpful for players newer to the system in choosing their character’s options, or just a fun little tool.


I finally got around to the Fusion 5th Graders

Introducing the 5th Grade Class of Ms. Alexandrite

With Stevonnie, Garnet, Rainbow Quartz, Opal, Malachite, and Sugilite

I know you’re probably wondering “Where is Sardonyx?” Fear not, she is the Theatre/ Dance Teacher for all Grades! ( I thought she would be better as a teacher than a student) I’ll be drawing the Teachers next .

Dumb things said by 5th period math class

A compilation of stupid things I heard whilst in my math class last year.

“How’d you burn your eye?”
“Cleaning acid.”
“How do you clean acid.”

“Is it bad if I punch my grandma when I say slug bug?”

“Are you sure you’re not crazy and making up your family in your mind?”

“Did you just break your neck?”
“I wish.”

“There is no 21 wait I found it.”

“Does she have moodswings like she’s on her ACT period?”

“Have you ever stubbed your toe and got goosebumps?”

“What time is 2:15?”

“My tongues burnt.”

“Isn’t forgery the amount of days you can miss school?”

“What did you say? Everyone makes you feel like butter?” (Actually said everyone makes you fill out your planner)

“Dane how come you don’t call me on my shell phone anymore?”
“My phones broke.”

“Hey is an elbow like a bone? Or is it cartilage?”

“You can’t come to school you’re too ugly.”

“How do you make a dog stop humping stuff?”

“Do they have promethean boards in Mexico?”

“Where are you going? (College) farmers school?”

“My math teacher gave me his phone number.”

“In Florida do you use an alligator to catch another alligator?”

“Do animals get their periods?”

“What is bunk? Is that like a bunk bed?”

“There’s a spaceship outside the door.”

“I skipped number two of them okay?”

Girl: “no he annoys me”
Teacher: “he annoys everyone.”
Boy: “why do you think my dad beats me.”
Teacher: “you can’t say that then it’s my job to report it.”
Boy: “that’s okay take my dad away.”


“I have to fish this weekend I can’t have extra homework.”

“What if I teach it (panda) to eat tacos?”

“And it (panda) will have the munchies.”

So, I wanna talk about the Fighter class.

I played 3.5 for the longest time.  High School until just after 5th came out.  So I had a lot of experience reading the PhB and thinking that fighters were the most boring things ever.  Then I would read extended material and see all these martial classes that were cool conceptually but were ultimately bad for most games (looking at you, Knight.)  Fighters were still the go-to class because you could make all those martial characters and still be able to have the million and a half feats that fighters provided.  

Cut to 5th.  The fighter class, being the staple that it is, was in the PhB.  I looked at it and almost immediately stopped caring because, as cool as it was that they had rolled a bunch of those unnecessary classes from 3.5 into the one base class, they really still all just felt like slightly different versions of the same thing. I wanted to play them, but the only real difference I felt was “I can run two-hander or tank.”  The archery abilities felt too minimal for me to even consider it.  Should also note that in my early days of d&d 5e I was only playing casters and my converted rogue.  

Over time with the release of Unearthed Arcana I have started seeing fighters differently.  Especially so with the latest release that introduced the knight, samurai, arcane archer and sharpshooter.  These all feel like they’re vastly different from the base class.  I love these new archetypes as much as I loved the idea of those old classes.  

Sorry about the lack of content.  The gaming has really slowed down with the holidays.  We should be getting back into the game here in the next couple weeks.  

anonymous asked:

How do you it would go if Tim & Damian switched bodies and had to keep it a secret for whatever reason? How would the TT react to DamianInTimBody and how would the batfam/AlGhouls react to TimInDamianBody??

Body switching is one of those cliché, overused tropes that I get a kick out of every single time. I imagine there would be a bit of screaming, someone is going to be punched and bad things would happen. But once they calmed down, they need to work this out. Tim wants to stay home and research ways to get back but wait what do you mean I need to go to school? I dropped out of that hellhole on purpose. And so Tim ends up in Damian’s 5th grade class and he wants 2 die. He ends up mouthing off all day because he never dealt with authority well and also some punk kids give “damian” a hard time for his mixed heritage plus being illegitimate and Tim goes ape shit and winds up in detention.

Meanwhile Damian is kicking around because Drake’s systems are durable and he won’t be able to crack them without help. Also?? He’s super tired?? Like he can barely keep his head straight? He thinks he’s hallucinating a bit? Wth Drake why don’t you ever sleep like a normal person? He ends up at WE because might as well take Drake out of power once and for all and he’s bombarded with paperwork and meeting requests and hell, he does not want this. He jumps out the window of the board meeting and just, runs home. And passes out in the entryway of Wayne Manor. Tim comes home to this scene and prays to a higher power to fix this mess.

Somehow it does get sorted. The first thing Tim does is drive to Damian’s school and put the fear of god into those bratty kids who apparently have been harassing Dami for a while now. He also takes the time to help Dami with his homework or anything else, kid clearly needs some friends. Dami gives up any attempt to take WE, nope that’s your problem Drake. But he also starts nagging Tim to eat and sleep more, he will resort to drugging him if need be. the batfam is delighted that they’re getting along but very confused.

So since club penguin is shutting down, I have a confession, my 5th grade class and I made that damn crack in the iceberg, ask all of them, It took us the whole 30 minutes of class in the computer room man just a bunch of children going “HOL Y SHIT” and now I’m pissed that it’s shutting down. If someone ever says they made that crack, ask what elementary school they went to, if it’s not in California then THEY ARE A LIAR AND I WILL CRUSH THEM THAT CRACK IS MY MEMORY THEY CAN TAKE THEIR FEVER DREAM LIE AND SHOVE IT IN THEIR POCKET. GOODNIGHT.

How Hufflepuff #16

It’s not uncommon to find piles of napping badgers in the common room. One study group of 5th years never made it to their beds the last two weeks leading up to their O.W.L.s, and the Fat Friar would have to wake them to make it to class in time.

Yandere Simulator OC

Name: Hotaru Maeko (Hotaru - firefly, Maeko - honest child)

Age: 17 (Birthday is on 5th of April)

Class: 1-2

Personality: Social Butterfly

Club: Light Music Club(Piano)

Crush: None

Stregth: Incapable of self-defense

Her archetype is genki. She’s a bit weird and has a strange taste and style. But Hotaru is honest, sincere, optimistic and  cheerful. And she totally likes you. 

She has a talent to play piano like it’s pipe organ(but still, her music is pretty cool)

If John and Sherlock became parents, do you know how protective Mycroft would be of that child??

*Shows up in their 5th grade class, perfectly dressed, umbrella in hand*

“Thank you for the opportunity to speak here at your ‘career day’. I must inform you that I occupy a major position within the British government and cannot elaborate exactly what it is i do there. You see, when there are problems, I am notified. And i fix them. Swiftly. Silently. Mercilessly. I hope there are no problems here that require my attention. I’ll be consulting with my nephew Heimish before the day is through. Good morning.”

*kids shuffle uncomfortably in their seats, Heimish beams with pride for his uncle Myc*

Holy shit I’ve just found out about Russian school of magic (Koldovstoretz) so here you have some pointless headcannons:
  • one of the largest schools 
  • accepts people from all slavic countries (Russia, Bielerus, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and so on) and former Soviet Union + most of the muggle-borns from Durmstrang’s territory
  • is taught in russian
  • no houses
  • four dormitories - two for girls and two for boys, in every room two older people and two younger, like you get there and 5th class students live with you and when you strart 5th class you get younglings :)
  • have cats for each room
  • rooms are in small towers so students run across the roof to meet each other in the evening (combo if it’s a pair kissing barefoot in the snow on the roof)
  • being outside one’s room is not allowed after midnight but staff mostly knows that a slumber patry hasn’t killed anyone yet
  • and when first students see snow they run on the roof to the bell-tower and ring bells to welcome the winter
  • btw lasts 8 years 
  • has PE, because they understend that flying is no sport
  • all teachers and students are literally disgusted by Durmstarng’s pure blood policy
  • has “magic for dummies” for parents who want to know what is taught to their children
  • a huge dance in the carnival
  • doesn’t teach dark arts, though it is rumored to, but that’s because they keep slavic magic secret from the rest of the wizard world
  • holds a big-ass christmas party every year with every country baking it’s specialities and inviting every parent, especialy muggles to join in because unlike some other schools they don’t want to exclude non-magic families from community
  • playing whole tree quidditch like bosses, laughing their asses off when first seeing broom version
  • becoming druid is a thing, like their version of hippies…. but with magic
  • holds summer activities for abused students (looks at you, hogwarts)
  • is a lovely place but far from any sort of civilisation
  • mostly muggle-borns and half bloods