Part I

You feel the tequila warming your throat and slam the shot glass onto the table before quickly following Jess and Becky to the dance-floor. You could feel the music pounding through your body but you’d had too much tequila to know what mainstream, dance track it was.

A couple of minutes later, you’re completely absorbed by the music when you feel a hand on your hip, you turn around to see a tall, skinny guy with mucky blonde hair styled into a messy quiff.

He stares straight into your eyes and bites his lip without a word before holding his hand out to you. Without thinking you grab it and he starts leading you away from your friends, you shoot them a reassuring glance and follow the boy.

You reach the bar and he leans against it, still holding your hand gently, he leans closer and says

‘Can I get you a drink? I’m Luke,’ You hesitate, almost shocked by his husky Australian accent.

'Vodka lemonade,’ you say, pulling your hand gently from his to readjust your tight black dress.

While he orders your drinks, you notice his ripped skinny jeans, his AC/DC t shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his lip piercing. You’d never really liked lip piercings on guys, but Luke really pulled it off. He hands you your drink and takes a sip of his beer before saying,

'I don’t usually do that yanno, I try to play it a bit cooler and wait for the ladies to come to me but you’re just… I couldn’t help myself.’ You giggle in response and look down to your feet.

'So what’s your name?’ he asks.

'Um, it’s Y/N,’ you say as you lean in close so he can hear you.

He responds with a smile before taking another swig of Budwiser. He seemed confident, as if he knew his edgy look would win you over.

He tells you how he’s in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer, trying to make it in the UK. After a few minutes, 3 lads come over to join him and he introduces them. All of them tall and muscular, Calum, Michael and Ashton and they were all really hot. You start to feel a little self conscious and excuse yourself so you can fix your make up. As you start to walk away, Luke grabs your hand again and says,

'You’re not going are you?’ You smile at him reassuringly.

'I’ll be two minutes,’ so you hurry off to find Jess and drag her to the toilets.

'I need you to come with me,’ you say as you reapply lipstick and mascara.

'Why? Who was that? He was hot,’ She says as she sprays herself with your Ralph Lauren perfume.

'He’s called Luke and seriously, he’s got hot friends too, come with me! Where’s Beck?’

Jess told you how Becky had gone to meet up with her boyfriend, typical. You take back your perfume and spray it against your neck before stuffing it back in your clutch and heading out.

You introduce them to Jess and notice Ashton go quiet when he sees her, he doesn’t say anything, he just looks at her in awe.

'Wow, he likes her,’ Luke whispers in your ear, looking at Ash and then at Jess.

'Can we go somewhere else?’ Calum asks

'Wanna join us ladies? I think Ash wants you to come.’ Michael says to Jess, smirking.

Luke looks at you and holds his hand out to you again, you look at Jess who nods in agreement so you take his hand, this time his fingers interlock with yours, sending a shiver down your spine.

As the six of you walk along the street, Luke doesn’t let go of your hand and it feels good. You glance round to see that Ashton had finally plucked up the courage to talk to Jess and they’d begun flirting, making him feel at ease. You know Jess, she doesn’t flirt with someone unless she wants it to go somewhere.

'What are the bets on those two fucking tonight?’ Michael jokes, as he looks back at Jess and Ashton.

Luke stops and pulls you to him,

'Where do you want to go?’ He’s not looking into your eyes, he’s staring at your lips with a hunger in his eyes. You bite your lip in response and shrug your shoulders. Calum and Michael carry on walking and Ashton and Jess catch up with you.

'Where are you guys going?’ Ash asks

Luke looks at you with anticipation,

'Um, I think we might just go for a walk,’ You say, looking at Luke for approval. Luke grins and says.

'Yeah, Cal and Mikey are going to that fancy bar we were in earlier, they saw some girls there or something.’

'We can go there for a drink if you want?’ Ash says to Jess, she nods and they continue walking.

'Where do you want to go?’ He asks you

'Do you really think I want to stay outside? It’s fucking freezing! I was trying to get rid of everyone,’ You laugh, he smiles shyly.

He takes your other hand and pulls you closer,

'I don’t want you to think that I do this whenever I’m drunk… I don’t but there’s something about you that’s pulling me to you like a magnet,’ He looks down at his feet before nervously looking into your eyes. There’s a silent pause before he places one of his hands on the nape of your neck, he leans in…

'Fuck it,’ he says before pressing his lips on yours, hard. The impact of his lips on yours shocks you but you soon melt into the kiss and your mouths begin to move as one.

You’ve kissed guys when you’ve been drunk before but it’s never felt this good, you could feel your stomach flipping with desire. He pulls away leaving you wanting more.

'My hotel’s just round the corner…’ he points, you grab his hand and start walking.

Just as you reach the hotel, Luke pushes you against the wall and his lips crash against yours, one hand slides from your waist down your hips and to your bum, the other on the wall behind you. He nibbles at your lower lip and you let out a small moan.

'Wanna come upstairs?’ he says, his hand still resting on your bum. He looks at you hungrily for a response. Relief washes over his face as you nod.

You get into the elevator and as soon as the doors close his lips are on yours again. He lifts you by the waist and you wrap your legs around him, he pushes you to the wall and thrusts his hips to yours. You feel something hard through his jeans, realising how wet he’d made you, you moan against his lips.

He continues to thrust you gently as you kiss until the elevator doors open. He puts you down and leads you to his hotel room. He fumbles in his pocket for his key card, he pulls you into the room, slams the door shut behind him.

He stands over you and pauses, his breathing shaky.

'Luke, I want you to fuck me.’ You say with a newly found confidence.

'Good,’ he replies before pulling you close by the waist and pressing his lips to yours once more. As your tongues move against each other, he slides his hands to the top of your back where the zip for your dress begins.

He smoothly unzips you and slides the dress off your shoulders, allowing it to fall to your hips. Luke runs his hands down your back and looks at your for permission, you nod and he unhooks your bra and gently pulls it off your shoulders.

He stares at your breasts in awe. He throws your bra behind him and holds your face with both hands before kissing you again, softer than before. One of his hands finds its way to one of your breasts and his large hand massages it gently. You begin to kiss him harder, the desire completely overwhelming you. You move your hand down to feel his hard dick through his jeans, teasing him, before you begin to unbuckle his belt.

His kisses getting more desperate, he moves his hands to your hips where your dress loosely sits, he shuffles it off so it lands to your ankles, leaving you in just your lace underwear.

With his belt undone, you tug at Luke’s shirt and he pulls it over his head and tosses it behind him. You stroke his torso, feeling his muscles tense under your touch.

You can’t take it any more, you bite and nibble at his lip as he kisses you. You place your hands on his chest and push him slowly toward the bed.

'Oh no, this is about you baby,’ he says before lifting you and laying you down gently onto the bed.

He climbs on top of you allowing you to feel him between your legs, pressing against the damp heat between your thighs.

His lips are soft against yours before he pulls away and begins to place small kissings down your neck, your collarbone, to your breast where he sucks and nibbles on your nipple. He shuffles further down the bed, kissing down your stomach as he moves, then to your thighs. He slides a finger down the rim of your underwear, teasing you before sliding them down your legs and throwing the small black lace fabric over his shoulder.

You feel his warm breathe between your thighs and you whimper in desire, he slowly slides his tongue along your entrance before sucking and nibbling on your clit. You notice the cool metal of his lip ring occasionally brush over your clit, sending shivers down your spine.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, you moan his name.

He slips two long fingers inside you, moving them slowly in and out of you, hitting your g-spot every time. Your moans become uncontrollable as he continues to use his tongue to pleasure you. You can feel your orgasm building up in your stomach. You grab the bedsheets beside you, watching his shoulder muscles tense as he licks you.

'L-Luke I’m gonna…’ He stops, wipes his mouth and moves up the bed so you’re face to face again.

'Not yet you’re not,’

'You fucking tease,’ You moan.

'Did that feel good?’ You nod in response as you run your hands down his back to the rim of his jeans, you push them off as far as you can and allow him to do the rest. Once he’s removed his jeans, you climb onto his lap, straddling him. His boxers the only thing keeping you from him, you run your hand along his length through his boxers and he lets out a small grunt.

You move your hips slowly, grinding against his dick, his grabs your hips and digs his nails in gently.

Suddenly he flips you over so you’re beneath him again,

'You tease, you’re gonna fucking pay for that baby,’ he takes off his boxers quickly and returns his lips to yours forcefully. You can’t help but stare at how big he is, soon you were going to feel him inside you and the thought drives you wild with desire.

He interlocks his fingers with yours and he pins your hands down above your head. He smirks at you and you gasp as he slides into you slowly. You feel him filling you up, you can’t help but moan and squeeze the hand that’s restraining you.

A look of concern washes over his face for a second,

'You okay?’ he whispers, you nod reassuringly. He presses his lips to yours again as he begins to thrust into you slowly. He feels so good inside you, picking up speed with each thrust, hitting your g-spot every time.

Luke releases your hands and moves his down to your clit, making figure eights with his fingers, causing you to writhe in pleasure.

He’s nuzzled into your neck, sucking the skin while he continues to thrust deeply into you. You lift his head and kiss him forcefully, biting his lower lip, causing him to moan into your mouth.

'Are you gonna be a good girl and cum for me?’ He moans in your ear, picking up the pace of his thrusts.

You’re right on the edge of your orgasm, you nod and whimper to let him know how close you are. He rubs your clit hard and fast as he continues to thrust into you.

You’re both moaning uncontrollably while waves of pleasure wash over your bodies as you reach your climax’s together. Your walls tighten around him and you feel his warm cum fill you up and it adds to your satisfaction, he collapses onto you, shaky and breathless.

He kisses your neck softly and his hand finds yours, his fingers interlocking with yours again. Silence filled the air as you stroke his hair, him breathlessly laid between your legs.

'That was perfect,’ he says softly as he sits up in the bed next to you, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest.


Your phone lit up with a text from Calum.
‘When can I see you?’ it read.
The two of you had been friends for as long as you could remember, since you were toddlers.
But lately something was different, every time you’d seen him you felt nervous around him. It scared you and you didn’t want to ruin what you had with Cal by letting feelings get in the way.
The only thing you could think to do was to distance yourself from him.
While he was on tour it was easy and you had no doubt he’d had a different girl every night to keep him distracted.
You wanted to ignore him but you tapped a quick reply into your phone
‘Tonight?’ and hit send.
You threw your head back against your pillow and let out a loud sigh.
*phone buzzes*
‘Sweet, I’ll see you at 7’

Consciously wanting to impress Calum, you slip on your Victoria Secret black lace underwear (just incase) and a tight, but casual, black dress. The material hugged your curves and emphasised your boobs and your bum, Cal’s favourite bits.

7:05pm, he was late. As usual.
Your phone rang, his name in bold letters across your screen.
‘Hel-’ you began.
‘I’m sorry I’m late, I’ll be two minutes, had to pick something up for Mum,’ he interrupted
‘Its fine Cal. Come straight in when you get here,”

You heard his black pick-up truck pull into your drive. The door slammed shut and you heard quick footsteps to your door before hearing it click shut.

He quickly found you sitting on the edge of your bed.
He was wearing a ripped nirvana t shirt and black skinny jeans. He towered over you with sparkling brown eyes and a huge grin across his face. He leant down and planted a soft kiss on your forehead.
‘It’s so good to see you’ he said softly. He reached for your hands and pulled you to your feet. He wrapped his muscular arms around you, squeezing you to his chest.

“You look hot,” he said, his voice low and husky. You couldn’t help but smile in response.
“I missed you Cal,” you say, snuggling further into his chest. He gave you a squeeze before pulling away from you. He took a deep breath and turned his head away from you, clenching his jaw.
“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, Y/N. It was driving me mad,” he said with a nervous half-smile creeping from his lips. Your eyes met his and forgetting what it might do to your friendship, you pressed your lips against his. It took him a moment to get over the shock of your kiss but before long your mouths were moving simultaneously.
You snaked your arms around his neck and his hands slid down to your waist, pulling your bodies close together. His tongue slid along your bottom lip, begging for entry. You opened your mouth and your tongues began moving against each other.
You pulled away from the kiss and rested your forehead against his.
“Calum I-” your voice shaky with nerves.
“I’m so fucking in love with you Y/N,” he whispered before planting a soft kiss on your lips. You smiled against his lips and began kissing him passionately.
You grabbed a bundle of fabric on the front of his tshirt and pulled him back to the bed slowly.
You pulled him on top of you, wrapping your legs round his waist and pulling him close to you. He rested his hands either side of your head and hovered over you as he continued to kiss you.
Your kisses become desperate as you began feel the damp heat between your legs. He bit at your lip making you moan his name into the kiss.
He pushed his hips to yours and you could feel him hard through his jeans, only making you wetter.
You reach your hands down to his belt and start fumbling with the buckle.
“I need you” you moan against his lips. He disposes of his jeans and pulls his shirt over his head, leaving him in his Calvin Klein’s. He looked down at your body hungrily, biting his lip before pulling your dress over your head in one swift movement, throwing it across the room.
“Fuck Y/N, this is so sexy” he said, tugging at the black lace bra
“But it’s coming off,” he winked before kissing you. He slid his hands round your back unhooking your bra and throwing it behind him. His hands moved round to your breasts, his lips not leaving yours. He gently palmed your boobs, flicking his thumbs over your nipples.
He planted soft kisses along your jawline, down your neck to your boobs.
He sucked at your skin, leaving purple marks in a trail down to your hips. He slid his hands between your thighs and rubbed you through your underwear making you squirm beneath him. He slowly slid the lace garment off, allowing it to join the pile of clothes next to the bed.
“Wow, someone’s happy to see me,” he smirked, referring to your wetness.
“You’re such a tease,” you whimpered, bucking your hips, begging for action.
Cal licked his lips before slipping his tongue between your folds. He began sucking your clit. Your fingers getting lost in his thick brown hair, tugging gently at it.
Your moans became more frequent as he slid two long fingers into you, finding your g spot with ease. He sucked harder on your clit, occasionally flicking over it with his tongue. You could feel your high building in your stomach, his cool breathe between your legs only bringing you closer.
“Cal I’m so close,” you moaned
“Cum for me baby,” his words sent you over the edge, waves of pleasure washing over your body. He continued to suck on your clit, still using his fingers to hit your g spot as your orgasm took over your body.
“Fuck,” you whimpered as you came down from your high.
He moved up the bed until he was hovering over you again.
“I’ve waited so long for this… but I’m not done with you yet. I’ve got a lot of making up to do,” he winked and kissed you hard, pushing against your lips, using his tongue to part them to gain entry again.
You were still weak from your orgasm but you knew you wanted more. You reached for the hem of his boxers and pushed them down, realising your intentions he disposed of them quickly.
“You’re still on the pill?” He said softly, you nodded. He placed the tip of his length at your entrance, looking back to you for reassurance. You bucked your hips in response, encouraging him. He slid slowly into you, causing a gasp to escape your lips.
“Fuck you’re tight,” he moaned. His thrusts started off slow and gentle. You could feel every inch filling you up as he got deeper with each thrust. You dug your heels into his back, pushing him further into you.
“Harder baby, fuck” you moaned. He began slamming into you repeatedly, you ran your nails along his back leaving red marks on his skin. His thrusts became sloppier as he got closer to his release.
You grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him hard, pulling at his bottom lip with your teeth.
“Cum baby, please cum,” you beg him as you can feel your body readying itself for another orgasm.
He reached his hand down to your clit and began rubbing hard. With a few slow deep thrusts he spilled himself inside you, his body twitching with pleasure as his orgasm took over. He continued to rub at your clit, allowing you to ride out your high. Your walls tighten around his dick as your throw your head back in pleasure.
He collapsed next to you on the bed, his tanned skin glistening with beads of sweat.
His hand found yours and he intertwined his fingers with yours, making circles on your skin with his thumb.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he whispered.
“I love you Cal,” you replied before. You allowed your eyes to close, falling asleep feeling safe in his arms.