so we’ve each designed a special item for our merch store :D we’ll be releasing them each week for the next few weeks and they’ll only be available for 7 days ! here’s ashton’s bandana that he designed, you can order it now if you like: http://smarturl.it/ashtonsbandana x


we have a heap of new merch and stuff on the north american tour ! and there are stands outside the venues too if you wanna check them out :) they open from 2pm x http://smarturl.it/5SOSStores

so i reached 1.6K and i wanted to make another follow forever for the people i’m actually going to follow forever. i just wanted to say thanks for making my dash a really rad place and i think you guys are super cool and amazing,

this is going to be one long ass ride so buckle-up 


assholuke: ok wow what should i say about you other than brooooo.  i remember when i first followed you and i wanted to be your friend so badly, now im regretting my decision. nah kathryn you’re seriously one of the funniest and coolest people i know and im super glad we became friends even though i dont remember how we first started talking. #its like we were drawn to eachother that was weird bye.

yolucas: oh god kayleigh  how we became friends is one for the history books, we wrote a fanfic about michaels earrings. that was seriously the funniest things ever and i will never forget it. dont even get me started on your smut writing abilities because i will not survive (hope you still have that oscar). i seriously love you more than life we need to talk more because i miss you aw.

whisperlou: michelle!!!! your snapchats are killerrr everytime i open one i laugh really hard ok ur the queen. i remember the first time we talked, i was making fake tweets and you wanted one but said you didnt want one because i already made so many but i gave you one anyway. you are like the funniest,nicest, and cutest person ever and i love you a lot ok?

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again, you guys are all super cool thank you for making my dash interesting and fun i love you all alot.

also, sorry if i forget anyone i follow of ton of super rad people and it was hard to choose, even if you aren’t on this I still love you a lot. 


Hello! Since I hit it 1K i decided to do my first follow forever, it’s very simple and I’m really sorry about the edit (really). But yeah, let’s go.

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I wanna say a special thank you to ashsgap, because she’s the one that’s making me stronger every day, she’s the one that’s always there for me when i need and she knows that i wouldn’t be able to do it without her so, i love you, thank you for everything. And also, to homieluke, you’re awesome and beautiful, don’t let anyone bring you down. everything’s going to get better, i promise. for both of you

our ‘Amnesia’ EP comes out in a bunch of places this Friday ! you can order a 7" vinyl version of the EP too if you want it :-)

'Amnesia’ EP on 7" Vinyl: http://po.st/ckBxT6
iTunes: http://po.st/GBFtwL
Google Play: http://po.st/oUHDr4

- Fri 5 Sept: Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Croatia, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Bosnia, Canada
- Sun 7 Sept: United Kingdom
- Mon 8 Sept: Rest of the worlddddd :D