dating luke: music & singing

okay I’ve been thinking about this a lot and it’s giving me so many feels. [And I just watched the new 5onthewall and Luke was just randomly walking around & singing so this is the result]

dating Luke would include:

-a lot of randomly singing wherever you guys are (at home, in the shower, humming while you guys are out and about, roaming down the aisles at grocery stores, etc) he’d be singing in his normal voice, goofy voices, etc

-when you’re singing randomly throughout the house or in the shower, he’d try and harmonize with you

-when he’s singing randomly throughout the house or in the shower, you’d sing along with him

-when you’re learning a new song on the piano/uke/guitar [insert instrument here] and you’re frustrated bc you can’t get the notes right, he’d come over and help you learn the notes

-a lot of videos of you two singing covers and being all cute and shit

-you’re having a bad day, so he sings to you to make you feel better

-he can’t sleep and asks you to sing your guys’ song

-A LOT of car-oke

-music is always playing wherever you guys are


-“Hey Luke, I learned a new song. Can I play it for you?”

-he asks you your opinion on a new song he’s writing

-you’re making food for the both of you. you have music playing (of course) and as you’re cooking you’re slowly swaying. Luke walks in and takes your hand and you guys slow dance/sway to the music

fUck ok I need to stop. This is giving me so many feels. Too many emotions guys. bYE


'Broken Wrist' PART 4

requested by anonymous

part 1: management tried as hard as they could to keep those boys safe, but when Calum broke his wrist they needed a back up plan

part 2: when Calum broke his wrist, I was meant to just play bass for him, instead I got very drunk with Luke and now I have to face the consequences

part 3: Luke was determined not to let that night mean nothing - he wanted to help me and I couldn’t help but let him

summary: I trusted him, I trusted Luke with everything that I’d kept to myself and he ruined it. He ruined every last shred of what we had.

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