What do you love most about your fans?

Calum: My favorite thing about 5sos fans is that we’re so close with them. They get is like 100% and they’re so loyal and really funny. Where we are from, the girls didn’t really like us, so it was a bit of shock when girls started turning up to our gigs.

Michael: The fans have always been everything to us. Since the beginning, we’ve had such a close relationship with them because it’s like we were always social media enthusiasts. We always told the fans everything, so we feel like they know everything about us.

Source: Total Girl Philippines

5sos making up luke's dating profile
  • Int:For Luke, you guys came up with he's 7 feet 5 inches tall, his hair is always erect, he's 75% legs, he's ready for anything, he enjoys old school jazz music and he loves green beans.
  • Ashton:That's awesome.
  • Calum:that's one of the best- dude- that's-
  • Ashton:we did so good, high five Michael
  • Luke:i'd date that