*clears throat* AHEM AHEM

hola all :-) i finally got off my butt to make a header for my 2k foliow forever

My follower count is super duper close to 2K and my goal is to hit 2014 by this year.

I did a blog awards so I figured why not a Follow Forever?

So here are the rules:

  • MBF me:-)
  • Reblog this post

That’s basically all:-)

I’ll be picking on 17 March and I’ll announce by 21 March or earlier:-)

And I guess you could increase your chances by talking to me or making me edits or anything like that:-)

What you’ll get:

  • a spot on my homies page
  • a follow
  • my love 69eva
  • random bits of my affection
  • really cool snapchats


ALSO: major thank you for blessing me with a lovely follower count:-)

you guys are the bestest:-)

rock on


attention 5sos fam :-)

I joined the family around September 2013 and I’ve had an amazing time here. Most of the time I spend in this family, I’ve enjoyed myself. You guys are amazing and I love how positive and lovely all of you are. I officially joined the tumblr fandom on 24 November 2013 with my blog and I’m so glad I did. It was one of the best choices I made and I love it here. 5SOS Fam tumblr makes me feel all gooey and warm inside. I was ‘attacked’ by twitter fans and I’m so happy that the tumblr side welcomes me with so much love and care. I’m not saying all twitter fans are bad, I’m just saying that some twitter fans can be jerks. But anyways, tumblr is much more welcoming and I’m so glad I joined this family. 

You guys treat each other so well and it’s so amazing to see that everyone appreciates each other here :-) Thank you everyone for making my stay here so much fun and I love you all so much :-)


I tagged everyone who’s in it so click on the link :-)

oh and please reblog to spread?