I really wanna be apart of this group because I’ve been admiring your blogs for awhile and I don’t have many friends here and I want to make some. I’m just awkward and stuff. I’m just starting out writing blurbs and imagines, and I want to do personal stuff too! (Which would be a hell of a lot easier when you actually know the person some what.) And maybe you guys could help me with this super big fan fic project I’m working (it’s a chose your own adventure thingy, I can try to explain what I want to do with it if you want.) I’m not really good at edits, but I can do well with words. And you guys are just hella rad and I wanna be hella rad together. :) Thanks if you read this whole thing. I’m sorry I’m awkward and shy…but I’ll do my best to talk to you, cause once your stuck with me you’re stuck haha.


5 Seconds of Summer Medley | Pauline Peters 

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the ending is really bad and quick  cause I messed up the chords so I had to cut that part away ups sorry haha

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I See Fire - Ed Sheeran | Acoustic Cover 

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Valerie - Amy Winehouse | Acoustic Cover


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