hi so me and some cuties wanted to start a new group of bffs so here it is!

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  • lately ive been seeing post from the 5sosfam about them not having a big group of friends so denali emmi and i thought we should make this network where we could all have a special bond and be family to each other heheh
  • mbf the super rad admins: Amy Denali and Emmi 
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  • you can like to bookmark tho
  • be an active blog thats at least 70% 5sos
  • and thats pretty much it heheh
Increase Your Chances: 
  • come talk to us i swear we are nice
  • tag #5sosfamilynp in a post telling us why we should pick you
  • make us stuff! imagines/edits/manips etc. *post these in the tag #5sosfamilynp so we see them *you can also tag our urls !*
  • make us laugh
Perks of Being In The 5sos Fam:
  • new bestest friends you can talk to anything about !
  • people to reblog your selfies !
  • people to so rates/ships/promos etc. with !
  • tons of new followers !
  • a spot on the super rad network pg
  • group chats and tinychats !
  • exchange of snapchats/instagrams/twitters etc. !
  • people to cry about 5sos with !
  • talking about anything such as tv shows etc. !
  • did i already say best friends :——)

DISCLAIMER: if you are picked for this group u must be willing to be best friends bc you will be stuck with us forever

We will pick blogs when this gets a decent amount of notes 

We could choose anywhere for 10-15 blogs hehe maybe even more :D

ignore this if it gets no notes opps

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  • Cover (me)

In light of my last cover :

So my most recent cover was Human by Christina Perri and a lot of people seemed to like/relate to it, so in this one, I thought I’d share my story with depression, etc. This is a big deal for me so please respect it, share it if you like it, and follow me for more wonderfullness….idk ok but here goes.

To set the stage: I live in a pretty small city in Ohio, with my two parents (both strictly religious, and strict period - not to dis, though because they’re actually not that bad) and my two extremely talented and intelligent sisters, who both get straight A’s and play at a high caliber of sports (Soccer, primarily). One is older and one is younger. I never had a boyfriend in middle school because I was awkward - too chubby, acne, braces, glasses, all that stuff. I wasn’t miss popularity either. I’d first found out about what “self harm” was from a Seventeen Magazine I stole from my older sister. I hadn’t yet really put my heart into singing. Ok, here we go.

March 8, 2010

I send a suicide letter to my friends at the age of 13. One girl tells her mother, who calls my mother, who flips out. I’m admitted to a teen psychiatric ward after months of cutting - this is the first time anyone found out about anything like this with me. I was put on Zoloft, an antidepressant/anxiety pill and got a therapist. I still couldn’t sleep through the night.

Everything should be okay…. right?

October 30, 2011

My always-difficult relationship with my Dad hit a stumbling block, while at the same time, through losing a ton of weight by skipping meals and working out way more than a person my age should, and just growing out of my awkwardness, and my spot on the cheerleading squad, I got more male attention than I EVER thought even possible from boys. I felt constant pressure to be perfect, which caused me to get to be more bulimic and suicidal. A friend I confided in, once again, got me caught. This time, though, nothing changed a whole lot - I was an expert at seeming like things were better than they were.

Spring 2012

I had become a professional liar, telling people crazy things that weren’t true about me to create another personality for myself, another life to avoid dealing with the hell I was living. Things blew up n my face, and I was subject to bullying, hate, and ridicule, from classmates, which, to this day, I deserve.

We had a lapse in time - all of my sophomore year in high school went well, and I got taken off my meds and stopped going to therapy. I was enjoying the freedom of having my license and a car, and hiding and bottling all the hatred and sadness I was feeling - BAD IDEA.

September 21, 2013

After months of smuggling pills up to my room, I have an old retainer case with 33 pills of various kinds, which I carry around EVERYWHERE, just in case. I also purchased a pack of exacto knife blades which were hidden in the box and in the back of my underwear drawer. I got a speeding ticket - my parents would freak. I laid down in my bed while my little sister, the only person home at the time, is downstairs watching Netflix. I ingested the pills - 16 of them - and begin to slice into my arms 21 times. I felt nothing. But a friend from the 5sos fam calls and texts and etc. hundreds of times. The buzzing keeps me alive. 

After weeks of hiding my arms and facing major consequences of the two tickets I obtained, my parents found out. I was put back on my meds and given a new therapist, who got me on supplements as well. 

I’m clean now, and with the help of my therapist and meds, have learned to accept my past, my circumstances, and all the things I can’t control. I still have panic attacks, cry more than I should, and get lonely, but now, I have strength. Music honest to God saved my life, because it’s given me an anchor and something to live for. And 5SOS are just that. So there’s my story. Sorry it’s not on Read More, but I feel like some people need to hear and see this. This is my story, and this is me.


ok done with caps but really I would love to be in ur group bc all ur all the illest and I might make u laugh let me tell u a story
so today I was making Mac and cheese and I grabbed the strainer to drain the noodles and I was walking to the sink and while I was walking I poured the noodles into the strainer and water got all over the floor idEk how that happened but maybe u laughed at that story so you’ll pick me ok bye

I really wanna be apart of this group because I’ve been admiring your blogs for awhile and I don’t have many friends here and I want to make some. I’m just awkward and stuff. I’m just starting out writing blurbs and imagines, and I want to do personal stuff too! (Which would be a hell of a lot easier when you actually know the person some what.) And maybe you guys could help me with this super big fan fic project I’m working (it’s a chose your own adventure thingy, I can try to explain what I want to do with it if you want.) I’m not really good at edits, but I can do well with words. And you guys are just hella rad and I wanna be hella rad together. :) Thanks if you read this whole thing. I’m sorry I’m awkward and shy…but I’ll do my best to talk to you, cause once your stuck with me you’re stuck haha.


5 Seconds of Summer Medley | Pauline Peters 

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  • FRIENDS theme (my cover)

So this is my like “Application” for the group by the lovely Amy, Denali, and Emmi, The 5SOS Family Network. It’s pretty quick and sounds kinda weird, but it’s a perfect description of how I am as a friend, even though you’re probably 19384 times cooler than me i’ve had this on my computer for a while but just found a perfect time to use it because I could see the group being like the show FRIENDS where we all are kinda weird but we’re there for each other…idk I just really want to be in this group and I love this song and Amy girl I love you a lot okay….so yeah um ok…