How To Recognize 5SOS by Their Hands
  • Ashton:Long ass fingers
  • Calum:Parents' initials tattoos
  • Luke:Baby pink hands
  • Michael:Cute lil fingers

calum is so beautifully sculpted from his perfectly tossed hair to his pretty eyes & eyebrows, his adorable nose & smile, sharp cheekbones, toned body and arms & long torso, all the way down to his muscular bum, strong thighs and calves. he is art. Calum is a literal masterpiece.

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me:*sees 5sos in school uniforms*

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December 14, 2015

Dear diary

I was there when Michael Clifford wore blue jeans onstage for the first time in three years. It was a blessing because he had the red hair and stubble going on. Also the performances were lit af.

He comes in and you’re pooping

well haha :’) i was thinking that in a relationship that could happen sometimes and i started to wonder what would be their reaction or whatever.. but i had too fun writing this soo

calum is definitely a cute lil puppy and i can figure him walking in the bathroom and you were uhm pooping and as soon as he sees you he would cover his eyes and ask sorry but when he gets out of the bathroom you would hear him giggle at himself cause omg yes and after a while of silence he woulod knock the door ‘i need to poop too’

i feel like ashton is a gentleman and he would knock the door everytime but it can happen that sometimes you couldn’t hear him from outside so he would enter and he would see you sit right there. im pretty sure none of you two would know what to say like ‘um sooo, how-how was your day?’ ‘it was.. okay’ ‘yeah… yeah mine too’ ‘okay’ ‘well, i-i think im gonna watch some… erm, yeah some tv’ ‘ooookay, bye’ ‘bye..’

jesus christ michael would be so freaking smooth like he’d come in and he would say hi to you while you’re trying to cover yourself and your face become like bright red and idk he would just shave or brushing his teeth like nothing is going on and when he sees that you are like shocked he would be like ‘chill babe, you’re not bothering me’ lmaooo

okay so you were sitting there and just scrolling down your twitter or may reading a magazine and you hear luke opening the door, you would be like ‘wtf get out of here luke’ and he would pout at you cause all he wanted was a lil cuddle and you were like ‘omg can’t we do that later’ ‘but i need it now’ ‘i can’t now’ ‘okay so im staying here until you finish’ and omg he’s such a cute little idiot i wanna punch him in the face