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She stumbled through the doors of the building, narrowly avoiding arrogant businessmen and flushed interns, much like herself. She wasn’t one to stand out; she preferred dull colors against bright ones, and more often than not stuttered through her words when speaking to those higher above her. She curled her fingers into the stack of paper that was settled in the crook of her elbow and took a tender sip of her coffee. A boy stood up from his chair at the sight of her, pushing his slanted glasses farther up on his large nose.

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but imagine walking out of the bathroom with the stick in your hand to face your fiancé, ashton, who is sitting on the stairs with his big ass hands clasped together, + his eyes trained on the test, hoping that it came out positive after a million tries. you wipe a tear away from your eye and his expression saddens and pulls you into a hug, “it’s alright, we’ll try again,” you pull away grinning before telling him it was quite the contrary - it came out positive. the biggest grin spreads on his face + he begins to jump ecstatically + laugh before getting on his knees to face your tummy + kissing it when his gaze lands back up at you, looking into your eyes + says, “i’m going to be the best father ever. the father i never had. the husband my mother never had. i promise you,” he then looks back at your stomach, “i promise you too.”

you know, it makes me really sad when luke girls are so quick to turn their backs on him and write him off as so many bad things for the sake of hate trends that happen way too often with my stardust boy like lukes made me pissed, annoyed, sad - whatever, i know he isnt perfect but thats just being human and even on the worst of luke days (which really rarely happen despite how many days ppl choose to hate on him) hes still my favorite boy in the world™ i have so much love in my heart for the amazing, soft, sweet, gentle giant that is luke hemmings and i just dont understand how anyone could have even an ounce of hate for him let alone ppl who are meant to stick by him even through the hard times