Precious Flower

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Summary: Michael Clifford was; a bad boy, a dick to everyone, a closet dork, and last but not least, your boyfriend. He was shocked that you actually liked him, because he never expected that you would give all of yourself to him without hesitation one day.

Word Count: 4183

A/N: I suck at summaries lmao soz. c:

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AU: You’ve been styling 5 Seconds of Summer since their music video for She Looks So Perfect. The boys and you all clicked immediately, becoming best friends. And of course being best friends with 5SOS comes with those flirty comments on a daily basis. *request from anon*

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Okay but imagine being best friends with Luke and you guys are hanging out backstage before the show and he takes out his phone and you guys just start taking selfies. You guys are being such dorks taking random weird pictures then you turn to him and say “okay, let’s take a normal one” he agrees and does his beautiful big smile but when he took the picture you were still looking at him to see what he was doing so you could do the same, you hit him across the arm “I wasn’t ready for that you shit!” then he starts laughing and says “But you look so cute!” You squint your eyes at him “Let’s take another one and this time wait until I’m ready!” He just laughs and gets ready to take another pic. He again was smiling and this time you grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek, he took the picture right when your face collided with his cheek, you guys looked at the end result together “My nose looks weird in this one” you said laughing, “Oh my gosh Y/N! Your nose looks fine” Luke says while booping your nose. “No! Let’s take one more I promise the last one!” He lets out an exaggerated sigh and gets ready for the last picture. You went in to kiss his cheek again but when you turn your head you don’t feel the stubble on his cheek, but feel softness, you open your eyes and realise that you and Luke both went to kiss each other’s cheek but collided lips instead. You hear the shutter sound in the background then see Luke looking back at you, you both back up and continue to stare at each other in shock then you go to say something but he reaches for your face with shaky hands and leans in to kiss you again… Oh my god what did I just write someone take my laptop away from me


AU: You’re sick and your boyfriend, Calum, takes care of you and keeks about it. You tease him about being a bad ‘nurse’, but he really is taking great care of you.

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I’m sick so I decided it would be nice to imagine how Cal would take care of you and share it with all of you :)

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Summary: She was rich beyond belief, and Calum was well- scraping by. He’s wanted to bruise her lips with his ever since they first met, and now he finally does it.

Word Count: 3424

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AU: You’re the opening act for 5SOS summer tour and have brought the popular Youtube channel, AwesomenessTV, to capture some of the backstage action. They managed to catch some rather interesting moments from the boys, like Michael’s crush on you and Ashton’s staged(fake) jealousy.

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  • You’re dating Ash but Mikey kisses you pt 1 pt 2



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AU: You’re Michael’s girlfriend and he loves the way you sneeze. You never realized until the interview came out, but you started to piece the pieces together when thinking back on the times that you sneezed and he could never keep a straight face.


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Au Meme: You and Ashton used to be together, and even though you two didn’t break up over something bad happening, he often finds himself talking about memories of you, or being questioned about it in interviews. You were  are the love of his life, and he has no shame in still making that known. Maybe someday you two will end up together, who knows.


AU: Spending Spring Break, mostly at the beach, with your best friends.

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AU: You’re engaged to Calum and he makes a keek complaining to the fans because you won’t let him see you in the dress you brought home that morning.

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AU: You’ve been friends with the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer since they first moved to London to work on their album/EPs, and you happen to be a pretty well known daily vlogger on Youtube. As their world get crazier and crazier you’re luck enough to get some of your days together on camera. For you it was remembering the memories tens of years in the future, for the boys it was to hang out with you - and maybe they “secretly” loved the attention of the camera too, and for the fans it was to see what 5SOS was like through the eyes of a friend.

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