5sos: concert

If you guys haven’t heard, SLFL Spokane was literally lit. Towards the end of the show, before encore, Ashton told all the fans to move to the floor, “Don’t let them stop you, jump over the fucking barriers I don’t care” however, this obviously caused problems because no one can have an amazing time without being problematic right? Calum said they didn’t have to if they weren’t comfortable (I can’t find a video so don’t quote me on this, just some info from Twitter) he then obviously got shit posted and his response is my absolute favorite thing in this god damned world. If you know any member of 5sos, their life is us. Without us, there is no we, there is no band, there is no family. (I TOLD MYSELF I WASNT GONNA GET SAPPY OK IM SORRY) anywho, they didn’t stop and go backstage before encore because they knew that they would get in trouble, and probably be forced to stop the show because of what Ashton told the fans to do. 5sos is an amazing band and their hearts are made out of pure gold. They would NEVER intentionally want to put some of their fans health and mental health in danger. They just wanted it to feel personal, and close. They fucking love us. So as someone with crippling anxiety, please don’t look at what Ashton & Calum did as a bad thing. Look at it as an amazing experience that will probably only happen once. 5sos risked doing that but they meant it in good nature & good fun. I love these guys.

KINGDOM HEARTS Concert -First Breath- kicks off its Japan tour today at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater Concert Hall, and fans worldwide coudl not be any more excited! Though the event will not be streamed, many attendees are excitedly posting their impressions and experiences throughout the day on social media.

Check out the set list, photos of the venue, and impressions on our website!

(Image Source: aibo_ac7)