5sos: concert

Concerts are literally the best thing humans have come up with, your just in a big room with the music and people you love and I don’t know what it is but however shit life is going you actually forget about it and your in such a good state of mind and you just become free for a while ya know

You know when you’re at a concert and you’re screaming so loud your lungs are about to go up your esophagus ?? And then the artist says “I can’t hear you” or “louder !” Like ???? Bitch this is all I got ????? How much more do you think I have to offer ??? Probably a lot

proper concert behavior:D
  • it is best asking politely to move up if ur short n can’t see
  • never push bc there is a baracade n it’s not a magical portal so its just gonna hurt whoever is front row ;//
  • please don’t shove others into the mosh pit. not everyone came to this concert to be kicked around in a tight circle; some would rather enjoy the music by dancing alone
  • try 2 be kind n considerate of those around u bc some may be claustrophobic or have asthmatic problems
  • do not touch others if they don’t personally ask u “touch my bum pls” [asking for consent is p important]
  • taking the advantage of knowing someone just to get a better seating is a v rude n bad thing
  • please do not cut in line [many dedicated ppl have waited at least several hrs for their spot, it’s not fair n it’s not nice]
  • if someone collapses or has a panic attack, move out of the way n let them thru [these things r so scary n not something 2 be ignored]
  • be polite to others ! concerts r at least 2x as much fun if u can make friends w/ ppl in your line or who ur standing near
  • take care of yourself, bring some snacks and water to stay hydrated, make sure 2 check the weather [if it’s an outdoor event or if ur going to stand in line wear something comfortable that will keep u feelin good]
  • make sure to bring money in case you’d like 2 by merch but definitely in case of emergency
  • remember that it’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to be safe and aware of others around you