We’ve just started playing this song on tour so thought I’d tell you a little about it :) The song Eighteen is really about being frustrated and liking girls who are older than us… I think at the time we were all getting rejected by older girls and we got into the studio and thought, ‘what is making us pissed off lately?’. And we decided to write about this.

My favourite part of Eighteen is the bridge. I just think the lyrics are so out of nowhere… It was a seriously fun song to write. We just took a risk and didn’t try to make it sound too anything, but yea! It’s one of my favorite songs that we’ve written, and I think everyone can relate to not feeling old enough for something in some way (unless you’re too old). 
- Mike :) xx


i’m not old enough for you. i’m just waiting ‘til i’m eighteen… #5SOS18 http://youtu.be/y23RtvELRyM