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The Tattoo Artist

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 4.450+

Summary: In which everyone gets a name tattoo of their soulmate on their wrist when they turn eighteen but Y/N doesn’t believe in it and wants hers covered up by the male tattoo artists whose shop is right down the street

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soulmate AU prompts

- the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time

- your soulmate’s initials are imprinted in your skin of your hand at birth and the letters burn more intensely as the day you meet them grows closer

- you’ve only ever seen your soulmate in your dreams but you can never remember what they look like, the imaginary life you have with them picks up wherever it leaves off when you fall asleep again. but the dreams stop after you meet them, but you have no way of know who they are because you still can’t remember their face

- your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it

- you think you have a sleepwalking problem but it’s really just the universe trying to bring you to your soulmate when your mind is disengaged

- you’ve been sketching your soulmate’s face since you were old enough to pick up a pencil, the drawings become more realistic through the years as the day you meet comes near

- you’re born with a band of your soulmate’s skin color tattooed in your skin

- all of your dreams are your soulmate’s most significant memories from that given day

Eyes (l.h. imagine)

Summary: soulmate au where your eyes change color depending on how far away/close you are to your soulmate

Warnings: some swearing
You lived in a world that seemed to hate you. Meeting your soulmate is supposed to be difficult, but you had a more than difficult time finding yours. At birth, your eyes are a normal color. By the age of five, your eyes turn a different color depending on how far away you are from your soulmate. Yours have always been a dark brown since then. Brown means that your soulmate is far away and gray means that your soulmate is close. They’ve started changing before, but it was just a trick. You could be in an empty room and they would change, getting your hopes up about something that won’t happen. You’ve pretty much given up hope of ever finding your soulmate at this point.
“Come on!” Your best friend yells, running towards the stadium. You sigh and run after her, getting in line behind lots of other girls. She wanted to see 5 Seconds of Summer and has dragged you along with her. You weren’t a huge fan of the band. Sure, they were good but you weren’t crazy about them like she was.
“Remind me again why you brought me along?” You ask as she hands the guard the tickets to get inside the venue. She grins at you. “Because you’re my best friend.” You laugh and say, “lucky me.” This makes her laugh, knowing you’re just kidding.
The sun is still shining bright outside, but it’s getting ready to go down. Colors of red and orange strike across the sky. It’s warm, but not too warm. You close your eyes and soak up the sun, then open them when you hear girls screaming. The band is walking into the venue from the side entrance, and they’ve been spotted. You lock eyes with the lead guitarist, Luke for a quick moment. He smiles a little at you and you wave.
“I love you, Ashton!” Your friend yells, trying to get the drummer’s attention. He grins and waves at her, and you swear she almost faints. You wince as a burning pain starts in your eyes. You cover them with your hands, biting your lip as the pain increases.
“(Y/N), are you okay?” She asks, concerned. You look at her after the band is gone and the pain fades. You smile and she smiles back at you, but her smile fades. “What? What’s wrong?” You ask, confused. Two seconds ago she was nearly jumping ten feet high to get the attention of the boys and now she seems worried.
“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that… (Y/N), your eyes changed.” She admits. Your eyes widen. “Are you serious?” She nods, handing you her phone so you can look at the camera. Your usually dark chocolate orbs have now turned a light amber. “Your soulmate is here!” She whisper-yells. You bite your lip.
This isn’t the first time this has happened. Your eyes have changed color before in an empty room. They had a habit of playing a joke on you; making you think your soulmate was around, only to reveal that he isn’t.
“They do that a lot. Don’t get your hopes up.” You mumble, handing her the phone back. She frowns. “Oh. Okay.” You give her a small smile. “Come on, let’s go find our seats.” She smiles and follows you inside the venue. It’s starting to get crowded, teenage girls standing around everywhere. You can feel the good vibes going around and it actually makes you excited for the show.
“Here they are!” Your friend says, pointing to two seats in the front row. You both sit down and take a few selfies while waiting for the show to start. “Is this your first time seeing them live?” A girl behind you asks. You smile and nod. “She didn’t want to come, but she’s going to love it.” Your friend says, giggling. “You will, the boys make sure you have a good time.” The other girl says. You look up at the stage as the lights go out and a black and white screen pops up. A countdown begins and your friend jumps up from her seat, pulling you with her. You laugh as the crowd starts to chant, “5SOS, 5SOS, 5SOS!”
You can feel the excitement building in your body as you begin to chant along with them. Your friend is jumping up and down and is screaming inaudible things, and her happiness makes you grin. She saved up for a whole year for these tickets and you’ve never seen her happier. The boys run on stage as guitar riffs scream through the stadium. Your seats are in front of Luke and you can see him up close. He’s wearing black skinny jeans and a black v-neck. A silver necklace hangs down from his neck. His hair is flat, unlike in all the posters (Y/F/N) has in her room. However, it’s getting a bit long and has started to curl on the ends. His lip ring is gone, which makes you a little disappointed.
He makes eye contact with you again and time seems to stop. Your friend is dancing beside you to whatever song they’re playing, but you’re too focused on Luke. The burning sensation is back in your eyes, and you rub them to try to get it to fade. You get some relief when Luke looks away, so you sing along to End Up Here as best as you can, not knowing all the lyrics completely.
“How you guys doing tonight?!” Ashton yells into his mic after the song ends. Screams erupt from all around you. “We’re here to make sure that you all have the best time of your lives tonight. Are you ready?!” Calum yells. More screaming. He laughs. You smile and look at your best friend, who throws her arm around your shoulders.
“(Y/N), your eyes are gray.” She yells in your ear, so that you can hear. You frown. They’ve never gotten gray before. “My soulmate is here.” You tell her, turning around to look all around you. You feel anxious, biting your lip so hard it feels like it could start bleeding. “Are you okay, miss?” A guard in the aisle asks you. “She’s fine.” Your friend tells him, looking around with you.
You eventually give up on searching after missing half of the concert. “He has to be around here somewhere.” Your friend mutters, but you shake your head. “Just forget it. My eyes are just playing a trick again.” You say quietly. She manages to somehow hear you over the screaming girls and hugs you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” You give her a fake smile. “They’re about to play your favorite song.” You tell her.
She screams, looking up on stage. “Luke, how are you doing, man? Are you good?” Michael is asking. Luke grins. “‘I’m doing pretty good, Michael.” Michael chuckles. “That’s good, because if you weren’t good then we probably wouldn’t be good.” Luke laughs and the sound makes you smile.
“You guys wanna know something?!” Ashton asks. The screaming erupts again. “Luke is very giddy tonight because he saw a cute girl outside before the show and now his eyes are gray.” Ashton tells everyone, which makes Luke turn a light pink. “Ash!” He yells, making everyone laugh.
Your friend turns to you slowly, her eyes wide. “No, it can’t be.” You tell her. “Your eyes are gray. His eyes are gray. (Y/N), Luke Hemmings is your soulmate.” She whispers. The girl behind you from earlier hears. “What?! Luke, your soulmate is right here!” She screams, desperately trying to get Luke’s attention. Your eyes widen as you shake your head.
Michael hears the girl and motions at you to Luke. Luke looks over as a spotlight hits your face. His mouth opens slightly as he sees your eyes. “Hi. I’m Luke.” He murmurs into his mic, smiling softly at you. His hair is sticking to his forehead but he looks like an angel. You swallow hard and run out of the aisle.
“(Y/N)!” Your friend yells, running after you. You run out of the stadium, kneeling over to throw up on the sidewalk. She appears beside you and holds your hair back. “Are you okay? What’s going on?” She asks, confused. You look at her.
“Don’t you get it? I’m not his soulmate. Luke is a beautiful human being who has so much talent. I’m not like him. This is just my eyes playing a joke again and getting my hopes up.” You say, sitting down on the curb. By now, there are tears running down your cheeks. She sighs and sits down beside you, wrapping her arms around you in a hug. “What if that’s not what it is this time?” She asks. You sniffle, lying your head on her shoulder.
“Your eyes have never turned gray before. That’s a sign, (Y/N). Your eyes burned when you saw Luke earlier, that’s never happened either.” She murmurs. “He’s just so great and I’m not.” You mumble, wiping away some stray tears. She glances behind you.
“Yeah, he’s pretty great.” You look behind you to see Luke standing there, a concerned look on his face. “I’ll wait inside.” Your friend mutters, running back inside. You stand up.
“Okay, I know you think I’m your soulmate. But my eyes change color a lot. It’s like a curse. This could be false.” You explain to Luke, who walks over. “What if it isn’t?” He asks. “Why does everyone keep asking that?” You mumble to yourself before sighing. “I mean, look at you. You’re a rock star. You sing and tour and have millions of girls thrown at you every day. You’re really talented and fuck, you’re also really good looking. I’m not really talented or good looking. This wouldn’t work. This can’t work.” Luke smiles a little and cups your face with his hands. “You’re cute when you ramble.” He murmurs. “I’m not rambling. Am I? My bad.” You say. He leans in, and you can feel his breath across your cheeks. “Luke, what are you-”
“Stop talking. God, you’re beautiful.”
“Thank you, but you-”
“Shut up.”
His lips touch yours and it’s like magic. Your body has a feeling of pure euphoria. You wrap your arms around his neck as his lips move against yours. Your eyes are burning, but you don’t care at this moment. His lips are soft and taste like mint and some kind of alcohol. Corona, maybe? Whatever is it, it’s delicious. The kiss is amazing and the feeling you’re having is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Luke pulls away after a moment.
“Shit, you’re a really good kisser too.” You mumble, which makes him laugh. “You’re my soulmate. That kiss proved that. Wait here for me after the show, okay? I’m taking you to dinner.” Luke tells you, kissing your forehead. You nod, giving in to the blonde angel.

Connection - Soulmate!Calum

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A/n: Alright, by now you could probably tell that I’m a slut for AUs hehe, so here’s some Soulmate!Calum because I’ve been obsessed lately. and can we talk about the gif? tell me you don’t wanna hug that squish.

Word count: 3k

Prompt: Soulmates could feel each other’s pain, lightly inspired by this post though I didn;t take a specific prompt from it. it’s such a cool post though


Throwing the pen from your hand as it landed on the already red-stained paper, you clutched your finger as blood was already oozing from the wound that resembled a paper cut.

“Would it kill you to be more careful?” You hissed on your way to the bathroom in order to dry off the blood. Only, your remark wasn’t directed towards yourself. In fact, it wasn’t meant for anyone from your surroundings. It was aimed at the one person who had been the cause; at the one person who couldn’t hear you at the moment.

As you wrapped a bandage around the small wound, your eyes involuntarily roamed your exposed forearm. The patch of skin was peppered with scars that built up memories; but the memories weren’t yours, and the scars constructed stories that you haven’t lived yourself.

Every marking on your skin belonged to someone else you didn’t even know, yet you have lived along their side every memorable event of their life.

At the age 6, you had first heard of the term Soulmate, the new word carrying an unknown meaning. It had been the first time a wound had appeared on your skin without any trigger; the scratch on your knee sending you flying towards your mother’s arms.

And as she had explained that somebody very special to you had gotten the same wound, your mind hadn’t really processed the depth of that information; there was no need to as you were still a toddler.

By the age of 12, you had completely fallen in love with the term Soulmate. You had been the only child at that age to get excited over getting a new scar; but to you, it held so much meaning. You craved feeling that connecting tie, although you had no idea who excatly was at the other end of the tie.

Everything about a Soulmate seemed fascinating to you; soulmates aren’t the overstated love at first sight, and the tie cannot oblige one to fall in love with their soulmate. It didn’t work that way.

A Soulmate is the person you’re most compatible with; the one who knows you inside out and understands you better than yourself. A Soulmate is your most loyal companion and truest friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way; in fact, some Soulmates even prefer having a platonic relationship, nonetheless the tie is still the same.

A Soulmate is your matching half, your sheler; they’re your home.

Falling in love with your Soulmate is after all the same as falling for someone else; sometimes it’s unpredictable and blind, at other times it’s slow and graduate. The tie cannot affect the way you fall for them or your will to be in a relationship with them; however, no love could ever be as strong and pure as a Soulmate’s.

Surely, not all Soulmates were the same, and they weren’t all bounded by the same rules. The indicators of one’s Soulmate differ; from color blindness to tattoos and countdown clocks… and then yours; the ability to share their pain. Although your Soulmate couldn’t feel all of your pain –only a certain degree of what you feel, that amount was enough to keep the tie going.

But as you reached your 17th year, every thought you had constructed about Soulmates faded, turning into a childish reverie.  

By that time, it almost became normal for you to wake up in the middle of the night with a busted lip and bruised knuckles. Throwing your covers away, you made your way to the bathroom, your routine well memorized.

You became accustomed to taking care of the different wounds, but you hated it more than anything. You hated knowing that you could treat your wounds, but never your Soulmate’s. And as you stared at the damage on your face, you couldn’t help but wonder how much worse your Soulmate had it if you could only feel some of their pain.

Stupid, right?

It was stupid how you still worried about them, although they were the reason behind your own ache.

But as time dragged by and the accidents never seemed to stop, the conclusion that your Soulmate didn’t want you became inevitable. Surely, had they wanted you or thought of you, they wouldn’t have gotten carelessly injured time after time.

You couldn’t blame them really; you knew that many people didn’t like the whole Soulmate etiquette. They simply didn’t like wasting a lifetime waiting for the perfect love, when –for all they knew- their Soulmate could be halfway across the globe.

As hard as it was, you needed to let go of your fantasies as it became too painful to keep your hopes up. Even so, you couldn’t stop the unsettling feeling in your chest as you lay on your bed, completely sleep deprived, your mind too caught up worrying about someone who probably didn’t even think about your existence.


Closing the water tap, Calum leaned on the bathroom counter as his eyes studied his reflexion on the mirror.

He couldn’t go home that way, not when he had promised to behave better. Although in the back of his mind, Calum didn’t regret his fight at all; in fact, he would’ve done the same thing if given another shot.

How could he not get pissed when he was called the one thing he hated more than anything; a forsaken, the term defining the Soulmate-less.

There wasn’t anything precise that determines forsakens, but Calum couldn’t help but convince himself that he was one. How could he not be when he has never felt the infamous connecting tie everyone bragged about.

Calum had never felt his –supposed- Soulmate’s pain; he had never received a clue on their existence, therefore he was led to believe that he simply did not have one.

And so on, he took complete advantage of his situation; if he was the only one feeling his pain then he might as well go all for it.

He didn’t necessary like being labeled as a bad boy, but he knew that his reputation exceeded him. It was well known that he was a forsaken; that simple piece of information somehow labeling him differently.

Undoubtedly, people weren’t scared of the heavily tattooed and leather clad boys; not as much as they were scared of the forsaken. Somehow, they grew to believe that only the cold-hearted didn’t have Soulmates, and Calum was yet another casualty of those thoughts.

Deep in his heart, Calum knew that there was a thread of hope that he wasn’t all alone, that someone was as the end of the tie. Amongst his multiples marks and scars, there was a tiny scratch that he always found himself uncontiously rubbing. It was nothing but a small line in his wrist, and although he couldn’t really remember when he had gotten it exactly, Calum had a feeling that it wasn’t his.

But as time passed by and no other marks added up to his skin, he tried to convince himself that it was probably a scar he had gotten as a child and had fogotten about. What other explanation could he have?

Staring down at your forearm, your eyes were fixed on the small scar on your wrist amongst the many others that basically formed constellations on your skin.

That was probably your only scar, and the story behind it was quite amusing really. You had gotten it when you were still about 4 years old; you were trying to pet your uncle’s cat when it accidently scratched you, making you raise your hand abrubtly and send the poor feline flying towards the carpet.

Your smile faded as you started thinking about the stories behind the other scars that weren’t yours, wondering if you were ever going to hear them.

With a deep frown, you set down the book you were reading, your eyes staring wildly at the dot of blood that came out of nowhere.

You quickly checked your hands for any new injuries, finding none. Suddenly, as another drop stained the papers, your hand shot up to your nose, feeling an oozing thickness on the skin above your lip. But as you pulled away, you couldn’t stop your hand from shaking as your eyes stared at the red stains.

Before you knew it, more and more was making it’s way down your face, making you feel like your head was about to explode with the pressure.

Cursing under your breath, you jumped out of your seat, the bloody smell making you nauseous and the scarlet substance covering your shaky hands making you even dizzier.

It has never been that bad, you have never felt the effect as much as you were at the moment and you wondered what kind of shit your Soulmate was getting into. And by the time you had reached your friend to inform her, your whole body felt incredibely sore.

“I promise I didn’t get into a fight! Do I seem like the kind of person to do so?“ You sighed for the upteenth time since you entered the hospital.

You were more like a regular, as weird as it sounded, but your injuries weren’t always treated with a mere bandaid. The staff knew you and your little situation; however it has never stopped them from worrying that you were actually getting in trouble with someone. The Soulmate excuse had dragged long enough, and it was getting out of hand really.

“I believe you. You don’t look like the type to get in trouble.”  

A teasing voice spoke once the nurse left. You quizically looked over at the bed next to you as you pulled the curtains away, finding quite the attractive guy in the same position as you.

“What about you?” you mirrored his smile, wincing slightly when it hurt your nose.

The guy shrugged his shoulders as he grimaced, “I actually did this myself,”

“I bet the other guy looks worse, eh?” you offered him your hand to shake, introducing yourself to him.

“Oh he does, and I’m Calum, by the way,” Calum took your hand in his to shake it, his smile faltering as well as yours when an unfamiliar feeling hit the both of you at the contact.

Your eyes curiously gazed at his chocolate orbs, something deep inside you urging you to memorize his beautiful features as he stared at you just as intensly.

You jumped at the sudden sound of your mother calling your name, making you break the stare much to your dismay. You smiled once more at Calum, informing him that you needed to get going as your mother had come to pick you up.

“And hit me up if you need me to discipline that careless soulmate of yours.” Calum smirked as you hopped off the bed, giving him a playful look, “hmm, that might affect me, so I don’t think that’s quite a good idea,”

Calum’s attention was directed towards the nurse approaching him, making him detour his eyes from where you stood with your mother as she filled some papers. And as the alcohol-dipped cotton ball made contact with his bloody knuckles, a hiss filled the quiet area.

Only, it wasn’t Calum’s; no, he was too used to the stinging peroxide by now. His eyes frantically looked up, landing on your figure as you clutched your burning hand to your chest, a baffled expression on your face.

“It’s nothing, my skin just burned for a second,” You explained to your worried mother as she quickly ushered you to the car.

Your eyes were glued on your knuckles, finding no reason to the stinging sensation you had felt a minute ago.

Back in the waiting room, Calum’s heart was beating uncontrollably against his chest. Could it be? No, of course not, he quickly shut himself. He couldn’t allow himself to believe in the Soulmate thing again, it was impossible and he had already figured that he didn’t have one.

But as the (e/c) of your eyes came haunting him, he could no longer deny that doubt had crept its way into his heart.

Calum cursed once again as his fingers struggled to hit the right cords of his guitar. It was partly due to the event that was engraved in his mind since a few weeks ago. It was keeping him from thinking right, haunting his every thought.

Calum couldn’t bring himself to believe again, only to have his hopes vanish like dust in the wind.

“Fucking hell!”

He yelped, jumping onto his feet as he put away his guitar. His eyes stared at his hand worryingly, finding no reason for the numbing pain shooting through his whole forearm. He hadn’t done anything that could injure him for the past weeks, so why was he feeling like someone was crushing his bones?

Calum felt his stomah churn at the possible thought that he could be feeling what everyone had talked about. Surely, the injury wasn’t his; so it must be his soulmate’s, right?

Calum’s thoughts shot back to you, to your encounter, and then to the electrical feeling that shook him when he held your hand. But as the pain in his arm failed to abstain, he found no room for celebration as his mind only concentrated on one thought; you were in trouble.

Calum didn’t know where to go, or where he could find you. Were you even in town? Nonetheless, he had allowed his feet to drag him as he ran through the streets, hoping that he’d somehow find you.

Some people claim that the connection between Soulmates is strong enough to help you locate them at times, but how could he do such a thing when he had spent years not believing in all of that? But when he found himself running in circles, failing to find any trace of you as his frantic eyes scanned every passing figure, he knew that he couldn’t keep going.

He wasn’t getting any result out of it. And as his mind desperately tried to find its way to you, only one thing popped into his mind.

The hospital.

Of course! How could he be so idiotic to not go there first thing? Where else would an injured person go?

“Come on, Come on!” Calum mumbled under his breath, his breath rigid as he tried to find you in the crowded consulting room.

Bringing both of his hands to rub face calum let out a frustrated sigh upon realising that he couldn find you. Maybe was wrong and it wasn’t the soulmate tie he had felt. Calum realised at last why he never wanted to get his hopes up ; he felt as if heart about burst chest tightening with sorrow.

“What’s it with us always meeting here?”

A voice Calum didn’t think he’d ever be hearing again broke his trance. As he turned around, he found you sitting in the same exact position as the first time, giving him the warmest smile ever.

Calum felt an unusual urge at that moment; an urge to run to you and hug you and finally breath. He restrained himself.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” He asked as he moved closer, his eyes frowning upon noticing your bandaged wrist.

“I was just being a big clutz, and slipped on the wet floor. It’s nothing too bad though,” You sheepishly explained your injury, feeling quite embarassed at your clumsiness.

Calum breathed out in relief, “I thought it was something worse. You really scared me,” He mumbled but your ears picked up his words, your eyebrows furrowing at his words.

“What do you mean- How?”

Your perplexed eyes made Calum look down as his feet dragged him closer to you, quickly pocketing his hands in his black jeans.

“Do you mean we’re…” You spoke up again as his eyes stayed glued to the hospital floor, your eyes widening as he nodded his head.

“How did you know?” You wanted to know more, you wanted to ask so many things. After all, you were meeting your Soulmate, he was your soulmate.

Calum’s eyes finally found yours, the adoration in his eye visible as he finally stopped to think that you were his soulmate.

“I only guessed the first time we met, I wasn’t sure. But today I felt it, I felt you

Calum couldn’t put his feelings into words; the feeling that hit him far too complicated for him to try and describe.

“I didn’t think I had one,” He slowly added, and for the first time ever he found himself showing just how much that thought had hurt him through the years.

“Why would you think so?” Your worried eyes followed his every move, as you were unable to tell why he didn’t believe you were there.

“I never felt anything from you, so it was kinda hard to still believe.” His hand carefully went to hold up your uninjured wrist, his thumb stroking the similar scar.

“I’ve only had this little one,” He lifted his own wrist and held it against yours, his eyes adoringly looking at your matched marks. Never in his years of life had he thought that that moment would ever come.

“Sorry, I guess I must’ve been too careful,” You shyly smiled at him.

Surely, you had gotten bruises of your own, but they were never painful enough for him to really feel.

Tearing your hand from his grasp, you daringly reached to touch the inked patch of skin peaking through his top.

“I’ve always wondered about your tattoos,” You whispered, your mezmerized eyes following your tracing fingers.

“How did you know?” Calum asked, his curious eyes staring intently at you.

“I guessed; I could only feel slight buzzing on my skin, I guess it made sense.”

Calum smiled at your explanation, taking your hand in his to direct your attention towards him.

“Well, how about I take you out and tell you all about them? A little make up date for being an unconsiderate asshole,”

You chuckled at his apologetic words, pointing your finger at him as you blocked his path,

“Only if you promise to keep in mind that your Soulmate can feel your pain as well before getting in trouble,” You jokingly warned him.

Calum threw his head back at your words, and you swear you have never seen a smile as beautiful as his.

“Baby girl, I doubt I’d be able to get you out of my mind now that I’ve found you.”

The Tattoo Soulmate

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 2.500+

Summary: A short oneshot I wrote just to get a break from working on one of my finals..In which everyone is born with their soulmate’s name on their wrist..

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Roots Part 2

Band Member: Calum

Type: Soulmate AU

Description: When your father walked out with his soulmate, you realised that soulmates were nothing but ugly things that ruined your life. You couldn’t understand how people dedicated their lives to finding “the one when there were dreams to be chased. But then you meet him and maybe a soulmate wouldn’t be too awful after all.

Author’s Note: No, you are not hallucinating, I am finally finishing off this story. I am so sorry this took so long. I hope you accept about 4,000 words as an apology.

Please read Part One first!

“Calum?” your assistant repeated with a frown. “What does he have to do with this? It’s a disaster of epic proportions, the business… I need to call PR and decide how we handle this. They’re saying how irresponsible you are, God, this is a catastrophe.”

You looked over at her and sighed loudly in place of the words you did not have.

You could hardly deny that the whole situation was a mess and all of it happening just because you trusted a guy who said he loved you. If only you’d stuck to being your old cynical self who didn’t fall for the whole soulmate bullshit, you wouldn’t have just wrecked your quiet life.

Resting your head in your hands, you groaned purely out of frustration.

“What do you need me to do? Get the team to deny everything?” Christina asked frantically as she flicked through the stack of papers on your desk. “We could claim it’s a rumour from a disgruntled employee? Should I call your father? He’s handled this before, maybe he—”

“There’s no point denying it, Christina, they have pictures,” you pointed out.

She looked back at you hopelessly, resting her hands on the scattered papers. You felt bad for the woman. After all, if you were going down, she was going with you in her mind at least. You rolled your chair over to the old cherry oak liquor cabinet your father had left behind. You pulled out a bottle from the back. You read the label and moved back over to the desk with it.

“You can’t be serious,” Christina said coldly when she saw the bottle.

“Why not?” you asked her with a sarcastic frown. “Champagne’s for celebrating, I’d have a martini but we don’t seem to have any olives.”

“The company is hanging in the balance and you want to toast to that?” she said slowly like you might have lost your mind.

You laughed as you placed the vintage champagne down. It was about the same age as you which suddenly made it sweeter when you realised your dad probably intended to drink it when you took over the company voluntarily and now you were drinking it to celebrate sinking your own career.

“It’s not going to ruin us, Christina. The company will still be fine, Dad has enough money to keep this place floating through an apocalypse. The only thing that will be ruined is me.”

“Then why is that something to celebrate?” she questioned, her eyes were wild with confusion. “You’ll be forced out of the business!”

“Maybe it’s for the best,” you said with a defeated shrug. “This isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. I guess I’ll have to hire a new CEO and retire to my chalet in Spain or somewhere. Honestly, Christina, I’m going to be fine and so is everything else.”

Christina rubbed her temples like you were the physical embodiment of a headache. Perhaps you were. But what could you do about the whole situation now? Your dad couldn’t swoop in and save you this time – even if you could get hold of him. He was always busy with Hanna, renewing his commitment to her or something. Your mother wouldn’t be much help either, some days she didn’t leave her bed for marvelling at her soulmate. Soulmates rendered you useless or they just destroyed you, which brought you back to Calum.

How could you have been so stupid? After a few drinks, you were convinced it wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe Calum could be different to the soulmates you had known. Maybe you wouldn’t lose your sense of identity if you let yourself love him. Maybe you wouldn’t repeat your father’s mistakes. But you’d let yourself trust the wrong boy. Calum wasn’t some meaningless guy you’d met in the dark of the night, he was your soulmate and that’s what made the sting even worse. He had sold the story that had made you the way you were and that hurt you the most.


You weren’t angry and that’s what surprised you the most as you drove home later that night when you had sobered up. Christina had cancelled your meetings and PR had put out a statement that you were shocked about the allegations and needed time to process them with your father. Your media team had come up with the last part, apparently it showed Jet Studios as a united front with an excellent support system. You wanted to laugh when Christina read it to you, how could your father support you from overseas when he didn’t even bother to call on your birthday anymore?

Your stomach dropped when you saw Calum’s car in the driveway. You’d hoped he’d be long gone so you didn’t have to deal with the fallout of the nuclear bomb that had wrecked your day. But here you were, scared to walk into your own damn house like you were when you were a kid again. You hated arguments, they made you feel eight-years-old again when your parents screamed at each other because they were miserable together.

You shook your head to get rid of the memories that kept you awake at night, you weren’t strong enough tonight. You weren’t convinced you’d ever be strong enough but you knew you had to confront him, even if it was just so you could crawl into bed and stare at the ceiling hopelessly.

As you left the car and walked to your front door, you were trying to work out what the hell you were going to say to the soulmate you hardly knew.

“Just get it over with,” you muttered yourself as you turned the key in the lock.

Calum was waiting by the door, pacing nervously before he realised you were staring at him. His hair was damp and he’d changed his clothes, replacing his t-shirt with a crisp, white dinner shirt.

“Are you okay? I saw the news,” he said quickly. “I thought I’d take you out for dinner but then the news broke and I just – I don’t know what to say.”

He moved towards you like he was going to try to comfort you but you took a step back, putting your hands up defensively. He froze then frowned at you before the confusion flooded his face when he saw the anger and sadness reflecting in your bloodshot eyes.

“How about sorry?” you snapped. “That’s where I’d start if I had fucked up on this kind of scale. You’ve ruined my life, Calum. What the fuck did I do to you to deserve that? This is why the soulmate bullshit ruins lives, Cal.”

The hurt look spread across his face like a drop of ink in water, it spread out and blurred all his features as he tried to understand what you were thinking. Finally, it hit him. His forehead creased in anguish, in upset, at the idea he could have done this to you.

“No,” he said fiercely. “No, I wouldn’t do that to you! I’m not the monster who you seem to think I am, your soulmate doesn’t have to be your worst enemy.”

You laughed, but it wasn’t how you’d laughed last night – there wasn’t any humour in it. “You’re the only person that I’ve ever told apart from my family, Calum. It’s just a fucking coincidence that the day after I tell you, it’s all over the news.”

“I swear to you—” he started but you had very little strength left.

“I trusted you, Calum, it might have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever done because look where trusting my soulmate got me, hm? Just get out, I can’t deal with this right now,” you remarked, exhaling slowly.

He moved forward again as if he was going to argue with you over your conclusion.

“Please, Calum. Just go.”

Then what hurt you most was watching him nod silently and walk out of your life for good, knowing that was the only shot at love you had and it was just as bitter as you expected.


“So why are you really here, pumpkin?” your father asked, a cocktail in his hand as he stared out to sea before his eyes found Hanna who was paddling in the shallows. “I love the fact you’re finally here but you’ve never visited us before. Is this because of the studios? Honey, I’m trying everything I can to find out who did that to you. I will find out who sold the story.”

You glanced over at him, he looked happier than he ever had done with your mother. His eyes lit up with hope and life when he saw his soulmate, it almost brought tears to your eyes at how pure his love was for Hanna. Yet you still shivered when her eyes surveyed you from the chill of her stare, her eyes didn’t smile like her cherry red lips when she saw you.

“I found my soulmate,” you said as you fixed your gaze on the waves.

Your father turned to face you, his hands clasped together and you could see his grin out of the corner of your eye. “That’s wonderful! Is that why you’re here? Have you brought them to meet us? This is such a special thing, I’m—”

“He was the one who sold me out,” you added with a pinched voice. “He was the one who broke the story.”

“How can you be so sure, sweetheart?” your father questioned. “Soulmates are rarely so… malicious.”

You shot him a side glance to see if he was being serious. His own soulmate had systematically cut him off from his only child just so she didn’t have to acknowledge the “mistakes” he’d made in the life he had before her.

“Where is he now?”

You shrugged, staring down at your feet. The last you’d heard from Calum was he’d left the keys he’d borrowed with Christina and that he understood you needed some time to realise it wasn’t him, that was two months ago.

“Have you tried talking to him? He might have made a mistake or somebody who helped cover it up finally decided it was worth the pay-out to sell the story.” He sat forward and took one of your hands gently in his. “You can’t run away from fate because you’re scared you’ll turn the relationship into what your mother and I had. We weren’t soulmates, we were doomed from the start but soulmates are designed to succeed. Your mother and I are happy with our soulmates now, we have found where we belong.”

He smiled at you weakly. “I know it seems like the end of the world now but you’ll figure it out. If he was honestly responsible for selling such a personal story, I don’t know if I’d want him in my life but that’s not my decision. You’re a bright kid, that’s why I left the company to you. You’ll work it out.”

“No, you left the company to me because Hanna wanted your undivided attention,” you muttered, pulling your hand away from him.

“I’m trying to be supportive, you could at least try to like her,” your father replied brusquely.

You rolled your eyes as you sank back into your chair, you’d only escaped here because it was the last place anybody would consider finding you when they knew your dislike of Hanna. You didn’t need your mother’s endless questioning or Christina’s never-ending attempts at calling you.

From somewhere in the villa, a phone rang and your father didn’t bother excuse himself from the bitter atmosphere. You watched him walk into the house before turning back to see Hanna stood at the end of your sun lounger. She walked over and sat down where your father had been moments ago.

She gave you the cold stare but didn’t bother with the smile. Her hair was scraped up into a bun and her sunglasses perched on the top of her head.

“You know, if I’d have known this breakdown finding its way into the news would drive you come here, I wouldn’t have bothered,” she said with a sigh as she glanced towards the house.

“What?” you said in disbelief, wondering if Hanna had just confessed or if you’d been sat outside in the sun for too long.

Hanna tilted her head and smiled slyly. “You heard me, I was the one who gave the press a little tip off. Your father was considering moving back because you had taken the pressure from Jet studios for him so he could do the fun side of music. So, I needed to give him a reason to stay as far away from that company as possible. If he saw the company in ruins, especially because of you, I’d finally get a clean break and have his undivided attention again.”

Your jaw dropped as your mind whirled with how badly you’d fucked up your future with your soulmate, all because of this spiteful bitch.

“I guess you were just collateral damage,” she said with a small shrug. “Though I can’t say I regret it, at least not until you showed up here and your father hasn’t shut up about how well you’re handling it all.”

You swallowed hard and looked at her. “What’s stopping me from telling him?”

She laughed darkly. “As if he’d believe you over his soulmate. You’d just sound crazy.”

It took everything you had not to get up and slap her but you bit your lip and stood up which took more planning than usual. You turned to walk towards the house to pack your bags, to get the hell out of here and go somewhere that didn’t remind you of this mess.

But your father was stood behind the loungers, his mouth open slightly in shock. You wanted to feel something, maybe sympathy for his discovery, but right now, you struggled to feel anything at all.


London had always felt like home to you. You could be anybody here. It was the anonymity you’d longed for during your teenage years, an escape from being the heiress of Jet Studios. Here, the possibilities were endless and you took every single chance to be somebody else. You liked pretending, you didn’t have to carry the memories around like a ball and chain if you were a new person for a few hours. Even your brief time as Calum Hood’s soulmate faded into the background when you weren’t yourself until missing him disappeared for a while. You’d researched why you ached for somebody you hardly knew and found that was a side effect of finding your soulmate – it was hard to leave them for prolonged periods of time. It only ached more now it had been a year and it was still hard to remember the night that you’d felt like you truly belonged. You hated yourself for not believing him.

You glanced around the hotel bar as the various guests began to appear in their finery for the evening, you bit your lip and looked back down at your cocktail. You took a little satisfaction in it being a place that Calum would have hated – he’d told you how pretentious people dripping in diamonds, each of them as dishonest as the next got under his skin. He would have been begging you to leave if you remembered him correctly, the thought brought a small smirk to your lips. But Calum was probably oceans away with his band, somewhere new and not giving you a second thought. You wanted to forget him, at least that’s what you told yourself in order to justify a part of you still loving him when you had been the one who had told him to leave. You had been the one who had ignored his calls and texts out of the shame that you hadn’t believed him, you only listened to his voicemails when he filled it and you were forced to hear the opening words of his calls, begging for you to believe him and you couldn’t find the words to apologise. Then one day he stopped and you thought you’d be grateful until you found yourself missing his voice and aching to tell him you were wrong about him.

“Fuck, is it really you?”

You froze into place. Your fingers were wrapped tightly around your glass as you questioned if you had started to go crazy. It couldn’t be him; your mind was just playing tricks on you in your lonely state. But still you turned to the source of the voice and stared at it for a moment.

“You had me thinking I’d got the wrong person for a second there,” Calum laughed, his eyes were focused on just you. “I never thought I’d see you again.”

It took you a moment to recover from the initial surprise. He still looked as good as the final time you had laid eyes on him, the night after the story broke and he tried to convince you it wasn’t him who had sold you out. Tonight, he was all dressed up and you wanted to laugh at your previous notions that he wouldn’t be here. It was like the world was trying to throw everything you knew about your soulmate into the wind to remind you that he was no longer your Calum and he was never really yours anyway.

“Calum Hood,” you said, trying to make it sound more like a statement than a reflection of your shock. “And at a cocktail party too, I guess we’re both seeing things we never thought would happen.”

He laughed, sitting next to you on the bar stool. “I thought I’d find you in a city one day, but I always imagined it years into the future when we were both in too much pain to be apart any more. I always wanted you to be happy though, even without me.”

“And are you happy, Calum?” you asked boldly, longing for his answer to be yes.

Calum nodded weakly. “Maybe.”

The bartender took his order, pouring him some cherry red cocktail that reminded you of how his bandmate’s hair had looked once during their recording sessions just after you’d stepped down as CEO and had given one of your father’s trusted friend’s the position instead.

“Why only maybe? You should be happy, Calum.”

He raised his eyebrows at you before he accepted his drink, telling the bartender to add it to a room tab. He looked back at you as if the interruption or your remark had never happened, his smile was still as addictive as it was when he charmed you before.

You gripped onto your glass and stared at the ice at the bottom before you spoke. “Sometimes I wish we hadn’t have met, you know? It might have been easier that way, I wouldn’t have to sit and wonder what it would have been like if I could have carried on without missing you.”

Calum turned to face you, you wanted to kick yourself for admitting it but the alcohol made your mouth reveal thoughts you never wanted to tell anybody, never mind Calum. You glanced up and tried to ignore the hurt look in his eyes.

“I sometimes feel the same,” he confessed. “But I wonder if it would have been easier without you kicking me out when it wasn’t me. I wish I could take credit for you being in a better place but I can’t, I didn’t sell the story.”

You stared at the bottom of your glass as you willed yourself to say everything you’d never found the words to say. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

“I know.”

There was a moment of silence that fell between you as Calum looked at you with disbelief painted across his face. He sat up, straightening his back from leaning on the bar. His forehead creased as he processed the news.

When he still hadn’t spoken, you panicked and started throwing everything you knew at him a year after he should have found out.

“It was my stepmother if I can still call her that since my dad has left her to take some time away from her to reconnect with who he is or whatever you do on those overpriced retreats in the middle of nowhere,” you rambled, afraid of looking at his expression.

“How long have you known?” he asked with an indifferent expression.

You picked up your room key card and began to fiddle with it. “A couple of months after the news broke, I escaped to my dad’s villa until Hanna told me. I know I should have called but how the hell do you recover from accusing your soulmate of ruining your life less than twenty-four hours after meeting them?”

He drained the last of his drink before speaking. “You should have just called.”

“I know, Cal, I know I’ve fucked up. I ran for cover at the first chance I had so I could protect myself from being hurt but all I did was hurt us both. Look, I can’t blame you if you never want to see me again but I just want to say I’m so sorry for being broken. Sorry I couldn’t be the matching trees-on-wrist soulmate you could show off to the world. Someone will love you, Cal, and I know that won’t be me, not after I’ve fucked up so badly.”

You pushed your glass away from you as you slipped off the stool. You brushed your dress down and smiled weakly at Calum before you picked up your key card and clutch. Your eyes burned with the tears as you turned and began to walk out of the bar with your head bent towards the floor so no pretty woman dripping in jewellery tried to speak to you.

But his hand caught your scarred wrist.

“Please don’t leave,” he said quietly.

You turned to face him but never looked him in the eye. He slipped his hand down your wrist and gently held your hand in his own.

“I don’t want a cookie-cutter soulmate and I don’t want to let you walk away so I can live a half-life with somebody who isn’t you. You’re not perfect and neither am I. But you can’t walk away without at least giving me a chance to tell you how I feel.”

Your eyes flickered to his face and he smiled at you.

“I want to start over,” he said boldly. “Forget everything that happened the first time we met, tonight can be the first time we’ve ever met.”

You tilted your head and frowned at him but it quickly fell away for a smile to dawn across your face.

“I guess tonight is the first time we’ve met in a way, it’s the first time we’ve met this version of each other,” you pointed out. “Are you sure about this, Cal?”

Calum brought your wrist to his lips and pressed a kiss against the broken soulmate mark.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”

He guided you back to the seats at the bar but he never let go of your hand, he looked at you like you were the one who had hung the stars in the night sky.

Calum caught the bartender’s attention and asked for a bottle of champagne.

The bartender came back over with a grin. “Are we celebrating something?”

“Yes,” Calum said as he looked at you with a sparkle in his eye. “I’ve met my soulmate and she’s amazing.”

Soulmate AU #2 - Calum

*I’M SO SORRY I’VE BEEN GONE BUT I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU WITH THIS <3 So this is one where there’s a distance tracker on your wrist that tells you how far your soulmate is. Hope you enjoy!*

1560 miles. 1589 miles. 1600 miles. That’s how far your soulmate was from you. You sat in the coffee shop as you waited for your friend with your chin resting in the palm of your hand. Your eyes were trained on your other wrist as you watched the numbers slowly rise. Clearly your soulmate was busy doing something, but what? None of this made sense.

Your friends had all had numbers that only drastically changed once in a while, but your soulmate’s numbers changed constantly. The closest it’s ever gotten was 78 miles, and your heart had almost exploded out of its chest. 

The sound of a bell chiming broke you out of your daydream as your head snapped up to look at your friend walking in with the sun setting behind her. You smiled at her as she sat down and asked her, “What if I never meet my soulmate?”

Y/F/N plopped down in her chair and asked with a sigh. “Now, why would you say that?” She asked you.

You shrugged. “I don’t know, it just seems like it’s never going to happen. He keeps getting farther and farther, whoever he is. It’s kinda hopeless.”

Y/F/N gave you a look. “You cannot lose hope! You will find him, whether you have to follow him until the numbers go down to 0 feet, okay? If you don’t do it, I’ll find him for you!”

You laugh at your friend. She was so lucky. Y/F/N had found her soulmate when she was just 18, which is actually when you get the tattoo. You were 20, and nothing. 

You and Y/F/N stayed at the coffee shop and talked until it had gotten late in the night. You looked down at your wrist as you were driving home and smiled when you saw the numbers starting to go down. 1496 miles. Not much, but a good 100.

You got home and went to bed immediately since you had to get up early for work the next morning. The last thing you read on your wrist was 1472 miles, and you fell asleep with a smile on your face.

The shrieking sound of your alarm woke you hours later. You groaned into your pillow and slammed your hand on the alarm clock on your nightstand. You reached over to grab your phone when you noticed the numbers on your wrist.

21 miles. 

You lied in your bed, staring at your arm in shock for a solid 15 seconds before you shot out of bed and got dressed. You were going to fucking find him. 

You walked out of the front door of your house, completely disregarding your job for the day; your boss would understand. 

17 miles.

Was he looking for you? As soon as you started your car, you called Y/F/N. Her voice echoed through the speaker of your phone. “What the fuck do you want, it’s 6 AM.” 

“Y/F/N HE’S 16 MILES AWAY!” You shouted, turning right on your street, just hoping it was the right direction.

Y/F/N was silent for a moment before you heard, “BITCH GO GET HIM OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED!” 

Your heart was beating 15 miles a minute, which was how many miles away your soulmate was. The countdown was going faster now that you had started driving towards him.

You stopped at a nearby gas station when the countdown read 7 miles. You didn’t want to have to stop in the middle of the street when you saw him. Your anxiety and nerves were out of control. This was it. You kept talking on the phone with your friend as you both were freaking out.

3 miles.

“FUCKKKKK!” You shouted, unable to stop grinning. Your friend laughed on the other side of the phone.

2 miles.

“He must be really excited if he’s going this fast.” Your friend states. Meanwhile, you were frantically checking your reflection in the mirror, pulling out a tube of mascara out of your purse.

1.2 miles. 

“Y/F/N what if I die?” 

Your friend laughed at the question. “You are not going to die. I promise. I’m gonna get off of the phone so you can have your moment. Call me back right after! How many miles?”

You took a deep breath. Your hands were shaking as you looked at your wrist and your breath got caught in your throat. “A half of a mile.” You told her.

“Breathe, Y/N. You got this. Don’t worry. I’m gonna go. I love you, lemme know.” 

“Okay, love you too Y/F/N.” 

You hung up the phone, looking at yourself in your mirror. You were about to meet your soulmate. This is going to be one of the biggest moments of your life. You couldn’t be more ready.

326 feet.

You looked in your rear view mirror. A big bus was pulling into the gas station parking lot. Was he in there?

You opened your door just as the bus parked. Slowly, you climbed out. 

53 feet.

The door of the bus opened. A brunette boy, looking about your age, stepped out with wandering eyes. They landed on you just as you closed your car door, and you could’ve sworn your heart skipped a beat. This was him. You just knew.

You took one step, and he started walking fast towards you. The feet were going down with each step he took. Before you knew it, he broke out into a sprint.

10 feet.

You were enveloped in his arms a second later, being smashed into his chest. You hugged him back as tight as you could. He lifted you to hug you even tighter with his face buried in his neck. Your wrist was tingling, but you didn’t care to look at it. This was the happiest you’d ever felt, in your soulmate’s arms.

You could’ve sworn you stayed in his arms for hours, but in reality it was about 2 minutes. 

You and your soulmate pulled away from each other, though you didn’t go far.

Your soulmate pulled back only to grab your face gently in his hands, tracing his thumb across your cheekbone.

You both were silent for a few seconds, just drinking each other in. He was the first to speak. 

“I’ve finally found you.”

A blush spread completely to your cheeks. He wanted to meet you as much as you wanted to meet him.

“What’s your name, love?” He asked. You were still semi-speechless.

Your soulmate smiled, and you’re pretty sure your heart stopped. “Y/N. And yours?” 

“Calum Hood.” A shiver went down your spine at the look he was still giving you.

Calum’s eyes went down to your lips, and you subconsciously leaned in. “Can I kiss you?” He asked.

Instead of giving a verbal answer, you wrapped your arms around his neck and connected your lips together.

It was like a flower blooming in the springtime. Your lips fit together perfectly. Calum’s arms went around your waist, pulling you incredibly close to him. He was perfect. It was perfect. The moment was perfect. 

Calum’s lips slowed to a stop against yours and you slowly pulled apart. With a grin, you reached up a gave him a peck on the cheek. “I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier with my soulmate.” You stated, you and Calum both unable to stop smiling.

“I couldn’t be happier, either, love.”

Hides Away The Sun (Soulmate!Luke)

Another Soulmate!AU… because you can never have too many.

In which you swap bodies Freaky Friday style with your soulmate on an unknown day in your life (whenever you’re both ‘ready’ for your soulmate) and it could be any day. You don’t know in advanced.


(Y/n) woke up earlier than usual that morning. She’d gone to sleep really early in preparation for having to get up at this time. Usually, she liked to sleep in on her days off, but her best friend, Megan, had decided that that just wouldn’t be the case today. Instead, she’d decided to set her up on a blind date.

Megan was avidly in favor of the idea of (Y/n) dating, whether (Y/n) agreed with it or not. She’d set (Y/n) up on three dates in the last month. The first two had not gone well, but Megan insisted that this guy was the one, or as close as it gets where soulmates aren’t involved. Megan wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of soulmates, and she was more than happy to date around till she found hers, but (Y/n) wasn’t set on the idea of love in general, which is why she was so against this lunch date.

Sitting up in her bed, (Y/n) rubbed tiredly at her eyes to shake away the sleep.

“Luke, you’re up early.”

“What?” Her eyes shot open at the distinctly masculine voice.

This was definitely not her bedroom.

The room was deep and rectangular, laid out with generic furniture, a small flat screen, and the ugliest shade of green walls she’d ever seen. Clearly she was in a hotel, whether she recognized how she’d gotten here or not.

“I said you’re up early.”

Her eyes shot across the room to the second bed pressed up by the window. A tall, dark-haired boy with dark, tanned skin littered in tattoos was stretched out on the bed scrolling through his phone absentmindedly, occasionally glancing up to some ridiculous crime show on the tv.

Oh God. She hadn’t… No, not today. Any day but today. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. This was not happening!

“Hey, Luke, you okay man?” The other boy sat up with a concerned expression and looked over at her.

“No, I’m not.” She mumbled out; her eyes darting down to look at her body… Only it wasn’t her body today. Today she was in someone else’s. Her soulmate’s.

“Yeah, man I know what you mean,” The other boy chuckled. “It was a late night last night. Those girls were…”

“No,” She cut him off, not knowing where this line of conversation was going… not really wanting to know. “I mean, I’m not Luke.”

“Wake up (Y/n)! You’re gonna be late!”

In the distance, Luke heard a pounding on the door and groaned out loud. It was way too early to be getting up. He felt like he’d only gone to sleep a few minutes ago. How could he be needed up already? The boys didn’t have anything to do till at least noon.

“(Y/n) your date is in an hour! If you don’t get up now, you won’t be ready!”

Did they just say (Y/n)? That voice definitely wasn’t familiar to him. Maybe someone had the wrong hotel room…


“(Y/n)! I will break down this fucking door if you don’t get up! You have no idea what I went through to get you this date, and you’re damn well going!”

Luke groaned and sat up, preparing to shoo away whoever it was. As he sat up, he froze. This was not his hotel room. This was a bedroom. A woman’s bedroom. He was in some woman’s bedroom.

“No, no, no.” Luke knew what this meant. He scrambled out of the bed and dove towards a mirror across the room. The eyes staring back at him were not his own. This body belonged to someone else. He wasn’t himself today. “Fucking hell,” He groaned. Today was definitely not a good day for this. He had a show tonight.

“That’s it I’m coming in!” The door behind him was thrown open and an angry brunette stood in the door with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.

“Before you say anything!” He raised a hand defensively to stop her. “I’m not who you think I am.”

“This complicates things,” Ashton sighed rubbed his jaw as he tried to think of a solution. “I don’t know if we can play a show without Luke.”

“I can figure out something with the guitar, but I don’t know about singing his parts,” Michael informed the other two.

Calum groaned and pushed himself up from the table, “Yeah, but the fans, guys. We’re not a band without Luke. They came to see all of us.”

“They’ll understand the situation,” Michael countered.

(Y/n) sat still and silent on the bed as the band discussed what to do. She was still trying to come to terms with the fact that A) her soulmate was a rockstar, B) she was sitting in a room with all of 5 Seconds of Summer, C) she was stuck for 24 hours in the body of Luke Hemmings, and oh yeah, D) her soulmate WAS A ROCKSTAR!

“I um..” She shuffled to her feet, catching the attention of the other three occupants in the room. “I think I need some air…”

Ashton nodded his understanding and condolence. “You can’t go out front. There’s fans who’ll want to meet Luke,” he jumped to his feet and walked you to the door. “Around that corner,” He opened it and pointed to the left, “there’s an elevator. Should be a guard at the door. Ask his help, and he’ll take you out back of the hotel.”

“Thanks,” she murmured and took off down the hall immediately, putting as much space between her and them as possible.

This all felt like a sick twisted joke. Soulmates were wild and crazy enough, but a famous soulmate who was halfway around the world on a tour right now? That was ridiculous. Someone was pulling her leg, and she really wished she could just wake up and pretend this was all a dream.

“I’m really sorry about the whole dating thing,” Megan passed a cup of coffee across the table to Luke. “If I’d known you weren’t her or that she was going to get her soulmate so soon I wouldn’t have…”

“It’s okay,” Luke waved off her concern. “I get it, really I do. I was about to give up on finding her myself.” Luke bent his head to take a sip of coffee but spluttered it back up, “What is this?”

“Oh sorry!” Megan scooped up the cup and went over to the sink. “That’s how (Y/n) takes her coffee.” Megan started washing out the cup and giggled. “You look like her, sooo…”

Luke chuckled and shook his head, a little disoriented by the sound of the higher pitched laughter. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” He jumped to his feet. “I’ll just get some water.”

“Probably best,” Megan agreed and sat back at the table.

Luke pulled a water bottle from the fridge and said, “Tell me about her?” as he chugged a gulp of water. He was in her head right now, but he didn’t have any of her memories. He’d slept in her room, but there was a certain organization to it that made the place feel quite formal. This was a house, not a home.

Megan sighed heavily and sat back in her chair, “Well, (Y/n) moved to town a year and a half ago to get away from her situation at home. Her parents went most of their lives not knowing their soulmates, but when she was seventeen her mom woke up one day switched with her soulmate. It tore her family apart, and she’s not cared for the idea of one ever since.”

“So she doesn’t want a soulmate?” Luke sat heavily in his seat with a sad expression. He’d not been out searching for his soulmate per say, but he’d certainly wanted to meet her. He’d never even considered that she might not like him.

“It’s not that!” Megan backtracked. “It’s not she doesn’t like the idea. She just doesn’t think it’ll work out for her ya know? She’s got it in her head that because her parents ended badly she’s gonna be the same or worse.”

Luke hummed his understanding and gulped down some more water. “So, it’s gonna be some work, but I’m not totally shut out then?”

Megan nodded, “Yeah, it’s gonna be some work.”

Luke thought it over for a minute. He wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea of being told who to love, but he couldn’t say he hated soulmates. He was actually kind of excited at the prospect of it, at times. The universe had pointed him in the direction of the one person who would be perfect for him. He wasn’t going to just toss that aside because it would require a little work. He wanted to try, if not for himself than at least for her. She deserved to be happy, and he wanted to give that to her. “I’m ready for that.”

Megan smiled at him. She was glad to see that her friend had a soulmate who actually cared. She had been worried for (Y/n) that she would end up with a soulmate exactly like herself, one who didn’t believe in love. Luke seemed ready and willing to put in time. “So Luke, I’ve told you (Y/n)’s story, now tell me about you. I need to know your worthy of my best friend.”

“Well,” Luke chuckled to himself as Megan sipped her coffee. “My name is Luke Hemmings, and …”

Megan spewed her drink across the wood table, “WHAT!”

Before she could say anything else the house phone on the counter began to ring.

(Y/n) sighed and stared up at the cloudy sky, praying for rain. She felt like shit. She was stuck in an employee parking lot behind a hotel with a security guard loitering over her shoulder. She was halfway around the world in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people.

Unfamiliar people who didn’t seem to care how she was feeling right now. If she closed her eyes she could see Megan excitedly pouring over Luke, telling him everything he needed to know.

Here, she’d been pushed aside as an inconvenience. She’d been told in one sentence who and where she was before the rest of her soulmate’s band ignored her to try and fix the problem she’d ‘created’. They’d told her to stay out of sight, to fake sick for management, and to avoid fans. No one cared the extreme terror she was feeling right now, the pain and confusion she was experiencing.

“You know,” (Y/n)’s head shot up at the voice. Michael was standing at the top of the stairs leading out the back of the hotel kitchen. His eyes were trained on the sky, but he was clearly talking to (Y/n). The guard had disappeared, no doubt shooed away by Michael. “I always hated the rain.”

“I like it,” She mused, eyes going back up. “It’s peaceful, calming.”

“It’s cold,” Michael trotted down the steps and sat down next to her. “And it hides away the sun.”

“Figure out how to fix your show tonight?” She changed the subject.

Michael shrugged, “We have a few ideas… But don’t worry. We always find a way to screw things up on our own.” He smiled and nudged you with his elbow, trying to get a reaction. “Come on. Let’s get you back inside, so we can all chat.” He jumped to his feet and held out a hand for her.

She smiled politely at him and shook her head, “I’d rather sit out here for a while, if you don’t mind. I need to clear my head.”

Michael paused for a moment then sat back down, “Okay, that’s fine. We don’t have to talk if you’re not ready.”

(Y/n) paused for a minute, thinking it over. She really didn’t want to talk about herself, and there really wasn’t much to talk to the boys about without Luke there mentally himself. She didn’t need a biography lesson; she needed a psychology lesson, what he thought about all this. His friends couldn’t answer that for her, not completely anyway. “What does Luke think about all this?”

“Soulmates?” She nodded. Michael sighed, “Honestly, he’s never really had the time for an actual relationship, but he’s always been open to emotions and stuff… I think, with you being his soulmate it’ll be different; he’ll be willing to put in a lot more effort. You’re perfect for him, literally. He won’t force you into this life if you don’t want it, but he’s definitely going to want to try this, at least.”

(Y/n) nodded and looked back up at the sky. “How do you think he’ll feel about me?”

“Let’s ask him,” Michael whipped out his phone and handed it to you. “What’s your number?”

“Who is it?” Luke asked, as Megan looked at the caller I.D.

She shrugged, “I don’t know. Random number, never seen it before.”

He got up and crossed the room to look at it, “Hey… That’s Michael.”

“M-Michael Clifford?” Megan willingly handed over the phone in her confusion and worry.

“Yeah.” Luke walked away and answered the phone. “Michael?”

“Um… No,” His own voice echoed back to him in an dissettling way. “This is (Y/n).”

Beautiful Nightmares

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 5.100+

Summary: Since they turned 18, Ashton and Y/N met each other in their dreams every single night. But when Ashton moves and their sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares, Y/N’s best friend decides to drag her into a sleeping clinic to make her realize that Ashton isn’t more than simply an imaginary friend.

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Heartbeat - Soulmate Michael AU

Soulmate AU in which both soulmates have matching heartbeats.

Michael’s heart was beating faster as he walked down the halls. And no matter how hard he tried to calm his heart down, he knew it would be no good. His heart was beating so fast because his soulmate’s heart was racing. He didn’t quite understand it at first, telling his parents as a young child that his heart was pounding chest like as if he was running a marathon, when he had just been sitting on the couch playing Pokémon, and it was then that his parents explained everything to him.

They told little eight year old Michael that somewhere out there, someone is connected to him so strongly that they share the same heartbeat; the person that is connected to his heart is his soulmate. The small blond was so happy; amazed that somewhere out there was someone who was destined to be his soulmate. To the small blond, soulmates to him meant a lifelong best friend that was something that he had wanted ever since he was five, since him being a bit loud and odd…it was difficult for him to make friends, since it seemed that all his classmates would actively avoid the hyper little boy.

He remembered trying to go up to everyone, boys and girls, seeing if they had the same heartbeat, little optimistic Michael tried so hard to find his soulmate at school, and because of that, he was made fun of and even more shunned by his peers. They would say to his face that no one would ever want to be his soulmate that they felt sorry for whoever shared his heartbeat, something that made small Michael cry when he got home, making him feel more alone then he normally did.  And soon that small happy heart of tiny Michael hardened just a bit; he no longer really cared about finding his soulmate. His mind tainted with what they told him, that thinking that it would be so much better for his soulmate to never find him, because maybe those kids were right…no one deserves a soulmate like him, whoever his soulmate was…they deserved so much better than him.  

He graduated high school, attending his local music school to become a sound engineer, but that still didn’t make him sociable. All throughout high school, he was still pushed away, no one wanting to be friends with the ‘weird’ kid, calling him an attention seeker whenever he dyed his hair crazy colors and even more when he started inking his skin with tattoos, covering most of his body with art as well as piercings. People would at times tell him everything that was wrong with him, that he decided that those labels that were thrown at him…did define him.

And they still do, at least he to him it does.

His heart was still racing, and judging by the rhythm is was a mix of anxiousness and excitement. He remembered that as a kid he memorized the rhythms of his soulmate, he knew when his soulmate was upset, happy, angry, scared, and just by the beating of his heartbeat. It strangely comforted Michael growing up, thinking that somewhere was meant for him; it made him feel not as alone as he thought he was.

But after having people knock down his self-confidence…he came up with one conclusion…he didn’t deserve his soulmate. While other people were trying to find their soulmate, he was doing everything he could to avoid it, because in his mind…anyone would be better than him. He didn’t want his soulmate to settle for him, he didn’t want his soulmate to be disappointed in him, because he was sure that the moment they met him…they would be.

He neared his local coffee shop, and felt a change in his heart the moment he stepped inside, a sudden stop then sent launching into speed, his soulmate was nervous with a mix of something else. And he knew exactly what that feeling was, since he experienced it a few times before, love. A few years ago, he would have been upset not liking the idea that his soulmate was loving someone else, but now it relived him, thinking that his soulmate finally could find someone that he knew would be a million times better than him.

“Hi how can I help you!” an eager voice said from the counter.

Michael looked at his server, seeing a nice barista at the counter, but that wasn’t what he noticed. What he did notice was that from the moment that he entered the small coffee shop, his heartbeat…his soulmate’s heartbeat increased as well. “Uh…a cup of caramel coffee,” he said with a small smile.

“Coming right up, Michael right?” he responded, hoping it wasn’t too weird that he knew his name.

“Yea, how did you know that, I can’t be coming here too often?” amazed that someone actually remembered him.

“No, me and my friend were at your store a few times for the guitar lessons, you were one of the instructors”, he said shyly.

Michael slightly tilted his head, trying to remember. You would think that he would, but so far nothing, when he really thought about it, maybe he was really thinking about something that it really distracted himself from even paying attention, “oh yea, sorry I didn’t remember, there just so many of you” he mentioned.

Michael felt his heart become heavy, almost like it was in pain, “that fine, still so anything else you would like?”

“No that’s it,” he answered as he pulled out his card and paid for it, “hey but next time you come down for music lessons, make sure you and your friend say hi.”

As he walked out with his cup of coffee, he couldn’t stop his heart from racing, it literally felt like it was a hummingbirds wings beating against his chest form the moment that he stepped inside. He wondered what his soulmate was doing that was making his own heart act like this, but he knew that judging by feeling, whoever his soulmate was…they were near or with someone they loved, and he knew that that was a good thing, because at least this way, they wouldn’t end up with him. But had Michael paid more attention and looked towards the side to the barista that was preparing his drink, he would have noticed that she was clutching her chest, in hopes of slowing down her own heart. 


Michael was getting his ready for the next guitar class, this time making sure to remember the boy and hopefully not seem so rude like how he thought himself to be for not remembering. The class was starting soon, and he needed to make sure that everything was set up. He had just finished tuning his guitar and forgot something in the back room, quickly getting up not noticing someone was already for his class, not because he was too busy…but rather because of his heart beat, since he was thinking about how fast it was beating because of his soulmate.  

There was a sudden snap, and a slight yelp instantly making Michael worry, bringing him back from the distraction of his soulmate’s pounding heart. He instantly turned seeing a frame of a girl around his age holding onto the guitar for dear life, but his eyes also landed on the broken string on the guitar.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t…I wasn’t paying attention,” he apologized, setting his own guitar down looking down on the girl’s hands to make sure that her hands hadn’t been hurt by the snapped string, having a few scars on his own from past experiences, and was relieved that there were none.

“No its fine, I guess it’s my fault for being in the way,” you said trying not to make it seem like a deal, “though I guess it’s a good thing that I’m in a music store, better go buy a new set of strings before class starts,” you said nervously, hoping you weren’t making a fool of yourself.

“Here, let’s get you a replacement string,” he said gesturing you to follow him, the pounding in his heart not dying down one bit, “actually a whole set on the house.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you softly voiced following him into what you assumed was the back room.

“No I mean, if I didn’t bump into you, your guitar string wouldn’t have snapped,” Michael said as he rummaged through a few drawers searching for the right string for your guitar. His heart never once slowed down, in fact it seemed that it became faster since he bumped into you, “here, found the perfect string.” Michael turned seeing you with a flustered look looking at anywhere but him, almost as if you were worried to look at him for too long. “Here let me see your guitar,” holding out his hand for your guitar.

You quickly nodded handing your guitar to him, your hands brushing against his, making your quickly fluster again, hoping that he wouldn’t notice it, although Michael didn’t really leave things unnoticed. He quickly set up the string, his own heart still matching the quickened beat of his soulmate. he looked over to you, seeing you looking away from him, although he didn’t mind being ignored, there was something about seeing you actively ignore him that bothered him for some unknown reason.

“Names Michael, and what’s yours?” he said as he made sure that the string fit perfectly in the guitar before starting to tighten and tune it accordingly.

You were shocked, your heart skipped a beat, you looked up to the red haired male, seeing his arms covered with tattoos peaking from even the collar of his shirt, yet despite his rough exterior, there was something gentle about him, “(Y/N),” you said with as loudly as you could, even though it wasn’t as confident as you wished it to be.

Michael repeated your name in his head, strangely liking the way it sounded that he had to say it outload, “(Y/N),” testing it and liking the sound as it rolled off his tongue.

Michael felt his heart skip a beat again, meeting a pair of a beautiful shade of (e/c) staring into his. His heart then hammered against his chest, picking up more speed. Michael’s eyes widened, slowly starting to make assumptions…but he needed proof. He set down the guitar, and reached for your neck, making you shut your eyes but not stopping either, as you knew what he was going to test.

Michael gently placed his hand above your chest, the area where your neck meets your chest. A long pause as he felt your heartbeat…a perfect match to his.

You were his soulmate.

“No, no, no, you aren’t supposed to love me,” he said once he realized the truth and started backing away.

He could feel the pain in his chest…your pain of rejection, as your face started to show that he didn’t want you, “but you’re my soulmate,” you said your hand over your heart, the heart that matches his heartbeat, your eyes starting to glisten.

“No, you were supposed to fall in love with someone else…not me, all this time you’ve loved me?” he asked.

You nodded, “it was during the first guitar lesson, I had a hard time with it, and you came to help me. I admit I was scared of how you looked, but you were so sweet, you made sure that I understood everything despite everyone being better than me. You would check up on me all the time to make sure I understood and even come up with alternates. And other times when you’re not teaching us…when you play guitar, you look so amazing, I could hear you play for hours and never get bored. And it doesn’t help that you come by the coffee shop I work at, and I always try to build up the courage to talk to you, but I never do. You always look so lonely, and I just wondered if we were friends, maybe you would smile more often, because when you play guitar, you actually smile, and you look so beautiful when you do.” you admitted.

“But…you, you,” he didn’t know what to say next.

“I’m what…not good enough,” you said feeling your heart slow a bit, “sorry I’m not punk enough for you.”

“No, if anything I’m not good enough,” he finished.

“Why would you think that?” you asked.

“Just look at me, don’t you find me scary, odd, weird like a freak,” he asked thinking back to all the names he had been called.

“No, in fact I find your oddness quite charming,” you smiled.

This time when Michael’s heart raced, he knew that it wasn’t because of you; his own heart was picking up speed because of you. And judging by the growing smile on your face, you knew what effect on Michael you had as well. Michael looked carefully at you, really thinking back at what he thought of soulmates.

You walked up to Michael, wanting to take his hand but thought that maybe that would be too much. “look I don’t know what you’ve been through, I wish I did…but I don’t, but if there is one thing I know about soulmates is,” this time reaching for his hand, “they’re perfect for each other, maybe I’m just what you need, someone that won’t judge you on how you look or your past,”  you said stepping just a bit closer, “but love you for who you are, the scary looking punk rock with a heart of gold,” you whispered. “That’s what soulmates do, and I’m pretty sure I can do that for you too.”

Michael was shocked never imagined that anyone would make him feel as special as you just did. His own heart was hammering against his chest, as his cheeks gained a pink color. He replayed those words in his head, loving how accepting and honest they seemed, “would you really do all that?” still not believing that someone could learn to love him so purely.

“That’s what soulmates are for,” you said reaching for his hand to place it on your chest, and then pressed your hand on his chest, both of you feeling the matching heartbeats.

It was hard for Michael to believe that somewhere out there someone could learn to love him like that, all his life people branding him as odd, thinking that no one could love a freak, yet here you were, so pure and kind making him think otherwise.

“can I kiss you?” he whispered, feeling his heartbeat increase, not knowing if it was because it was matching yours or it was his own heart that was racing, or a combination of both.

You nodded, thinking it so sweet that he would ask, since it would be so easy for him to close the space between his lips and yours. Michael leaned down a bit, his lips tracing your own, almost too afraid to touch your lips, too afraid to close his eyes, because he feels that when he does…you will disappear, since he felt that this is too good to be true. You could see his hesitation; you slightly bit your lip, and took things into your own hands. You brought one up to his cheek, coaxing him to kiss you, your hands gently cupping his face and pulling him closer, feeling the soft press of his lips. Once Michael, felt your lips against his it was hard for him to not kiss you back.  

His lips moved against yours, melting against you. He never thought what kissing his soulmate would feel like, but if he did, nothing could compare to this. He felt complete, he felt loved, cared for, and most of all accepted. Michael wrapped his hands around you, pulling you closer to his body, wanting to keep you close and not let you go. There was something intoxicating about your lips that he didn’t want to stop kissing you, wanting to always feel complete like that. His lips moved gently against yours, making your body tingle with excitement. You knew that you liked Michael, something about him so interesting that you wanted to be his friend to know more, but you never would have imagined that he would be your soulmate. your lips wondered across his face, lightly kissing his cheeks, his nose, neck, anything, wanting him to know that despite whatever he had been through you would love everything about him, he was your soulmate making it both yours and Michael’s duty to show the other the love that no one else would be able to give.

Michael’s breathing deepened as you pressed kisses across his skin, he kept his jaw tight to keep himself from moaning, but he knew he would fail soon. Your kisses weren’t sensual or erotic, but rather intimate and loving. It was almost as if each kiss was to erase the memories of his isolated past, wanting him to understand that you were here to stay for as long as he wanted, and he would never give you up. He needed to press his lips against yours; he took your face in his hands and started to kiss your face as well. Small kisses on your eyelids, your forehead, down your jaw. Every kiss he left the skin he kissed hot and warm, your skin begging for more of his affection. You let out a small mewl, as he brought his lips back to yours.

Finally needing to stop before things got too carried away, he opened his eyes and you did too. Beautiful pools of green met an enchanting (eye color). They were so beautiful, half lidded as they were glazed over with this all-consuming love in them, almost tempting him to kiss you again, but then he remembered that you and him were in public, in his work office, there would be so much time to show you how he could love you, but that would have to wait.

“You’re my soulmate,” he said this time not sounding like he regretted those words.

“I’m your soulmate and your mine as well,” you said with a smile.

Maybe soulmates weren’t all that bad, and was exactly what he needed.




WELLL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soulmate (Luke) part 2

Part 1

It was almost a month since you and your friend won VIP tickets for 5 Seconds of Summer. You weren’t exactly a big fan of them but you knew them through your friends and have listened to some of their songs at the radio which caused guilt to creep unto you since many die hard fangirls would really be happy if they won that ticket.

But despite that, here you are together with your friend lining up for the venue. You could have sold the ticket if you wanted to but there was some untangible urge to watch their concert.

You looked around at the fans who were lining up and were sharing each others stories and personal encounters with the band amazed you. They even wore similar outfits, although you couldn’t see the colors you were convinced they were alike.

Something about their band captivated you. Especially something about their lead singer Luke Hemmings. According to your friend, he was just like you, he still couldn’t see the colors.You thought about it, is he feeling frustrated on not finding the one despite touring the globe?

You looked up, seeing nothing but scales of grey and white. You closed your eyes and imagined what colors would look like, imagining if you would even see them.

“Do you think I would ever meet him?” you told your friend and looked down, sadness suddenly enveloping you.

“Of course you would! Enough with this loathing, now pucker up we have a concert to attend to.”

You managed to smile and followed her on the queue.

True enough you and your friend were treated as VIP’s, you were led in front of the stage and you could only imagine how close you would be to them. You blushed at the thought but quickly dismissed it.

The crowd was getting hype, a couple of songs from the opening act was enough to get the crowd pumping to the rhytym and beats. But it wasn’t close to energy when 5 Seconds of Summer was called on the stage. You could swear everybody in the arena was screaming and losing theirselves including your friend.

An idea popped up in your head and you immediately got your phone and started filming her reactions secretly. This would be a hilarious clip you would both laugh at after the concert.

You were too focused at filming her reactions that you almost forgot 5SOS was in front of you. They we’re now playing ‘End Up Here’ the first song in their set list.

“Luke Hemmings! We love you!” you heard the other girl beside you scream.

So you turned around to face them and wanting to see Luke live. You were met by a very tall guy singing and strumming a guitar who was only a few meters away from you. He was scrunching his eyes and when he opened them, they landed on you.

You could only gasp. As everthing around you looked different, You could see how the lights were changing, you couldn’t name these lights. They were different, nothing like you’ve ever seen. The stage, the people, everything looked so different. It was magnificent.

Luke on the other hand could swear time temporarily stopped. Colors bursted, the crowd seemed to be more lively. But wasn’t what caught his attention. It was you.

The girl he was searching for all these years was right in front of him. His fingers automatically stopped and no words were coming out of his mouth.

Michael was first to notice this and it didn’t take long for Calum and Ashton too. The audience were now confused at the sudden stop of performance.

Luke was still staring at you and giggling like a child seeing his crush. Luke and you were succomed at your own world,

“So what do we have here Luke?” Calum asked curiously.

The audience were now silent, eager to find out what caused the sudden stop.

Then Luke spoke, the brightness evident in his face. His eyes never leaving the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.

“I think I just found my color”

Written On This Skin - Soulmate! Luke Hemmings

A/N - Hey! This is a complete version of my series of Written on this skin, which was a 13 part series. This is 13,447 words. I’m sorry for those who don’t want to read this and have to endure endless scrolling. 



“‘History test - Tuesday, Psych hw pages 120-124’, and oh look ‘coffee with Tom 5pm.’ Its like she forgets she has a Soulmate!” Luke wines to his bandmate, Ashton. Ashton was the only one left who would listen to his nagging about a soulmate.

Once your soulmate is born, whatever you write on your skin will appear on their’s. With the annoying exception of specific locations and full names. Luke particularly didn’t like that rule, because whenever he tried to write to his soulmate he could never put his full name down.

Trying to communicate with your soulmate through writing is very common, and most of the time people find loopholes to the system, song lyrics for example. But Luke’s soulmate was not having it. She wouldn’t respond to anything he wrote. Instead just putting little notes for herself on her body. It drove Luke crazy, looking at all these little notes about her life, but not being able to be there with her.

“Ashton, I’m never going to find her,” Luke whines. Ashton shakes his head, “Maybe its not a her” He says with a smirk

Luke groans at Ashton’s antics. “Let me check…. Yeah I’m positive its a her.” Luke snaps back, causing Ashton to laugh. “I just wish i could be like… Hey its me Luke Hemmings and then like meet her at a concert or something,” Luke dreams

“You’re so lazy.” Ashton accused. “It should be more natural than that. ‘Hey Im Luke Hemmings come find me’” Ashton says, mocking the boy next to him.

“But that’s exactly what you did. You told Emily that you were the drummer in 5 seconds of summer, and you met at a concert” Luke accused back at the drummer.

“So? You can’t just take our story” Emily says coming into the room. The rest of the boys from 5sos had already found their soulmates, Luke is the last one still stuck wondering. Luke liked the rest of the girls, they were down to earth and they are all fans of 5sos previously.

“Hey, Em, How should I get my soulmates attention?” Luke asks the girl, who sat down next to Ash. It’s common to have the girls on tour with them since after a few days of not seeing your soulmate, you will get ill or be in physical pain.

Emily contemplates the question for a second before saying, “Have you tried to write her some song lyrics?”

“You mean like Michael and Jackie?” Luke asks, trying to remember their soul story.

“Damn, I forgot about that!” Emily yells, causing a scolding from Ash for swearing. “I don’t know, do what feels right”

“What feels right right now is to call her out on stage,” Luke mutters, but Ashton and Emily hear him.

“Do what?”

“Thats a bad idea” Emily and Ashton say this at the same time, causing them to look at each other and smile. Then they are back to serious-problem-solving-couple.

“Have you never read a fanfic?” Emily asks, her eyes wide.

“Not really,” Luke answers scratching the back of his neck.

“Well, I’ll tell you how this ends. Thousands of girls are going to claim to be your soulmate, and then you are going to actually think one of them is, and then one day your going to discover that they aren’t and you and your soulmate are going to be heartbroken. Trust me Luke. Let fate do its thing.” Emily explains to Luke. Luke doesn’t have a comeback this time.

He stares angrily at his skin.

Y/N stares angrily at her skin.

She wishes she was clever enough to come up with song lyrics to tell him where she was and maybe who she is. When Y/N was younger she claimed that she wanted her soulmate to come naturally. No loopholes, no nothing. So here she was stuck writing stupid notes on her hand, so he at least knows she exists. He used to write back, with clever lyrics. It killed her to not respond.

Y/N gets a text on her phone suddenly. It’s her best friend. She had been blabbering on about a concert in a couple days that she couldn’t get tickets to. You were a fan of the band but not a huge fan. She just texted you that she won some tickets. You decide to write a quick note on your arm about the concert

Luke is surprised when he sees whats written on his arm now.

“Guys look!” He yells, calling his bandmates and their girlfriends over. They all ooh and ahh at the ink on his arm.


“5sos Thurs. 5pm” was written on Luke’s arm. He couldn’t be happier. He was going to meet his soulmate in two days. His heart hasn’t stopped beating wildly for the past hour when the note showed up. Maybe this is her way of communicating? Maybe she wanted him to come… well jokes on her he’s performing.

“How am i going to find her though?” Luke asks the group… again. When the news spread among the band that she was going to be at the concert everyone was excited and jumping around. Now, an hour later, everyone has dulled a little, well except for Luke.

This will complete everything that Luke has ever wanted. Luke wanted to be in a good band with his best mates, check. Luke wants a soulmate to share his success with. He wants someone who he can bring along on tour with him and will enjoy it. Luke wants to give someone the world.

“Should I write back?” Luke asks his friends. They all perk up at the new proposition.

“Um Fuck yeah!” Yells Emily, Ashton’s soulmate.

“Don’t fucking swear” Ashton scolds, just as he did to the band in the early days.

“I don’t care… Im punk rock!” Emily yells, stealing Michaels infamous line.  She throws her hands into the air. Ashton takes the chance to squeeze her sides making her giggle like a little girl. Luke watches this all go down, excited that one day soon he will have that. He will have a girl that he can tease, and love. And she will love him back too.

“Hey thats my line!” Michael yells playfully.

Luke turns to the rest of the group, “What do you think?” Everyone nods in agreement with Emily. Luke is practically jumping in his seat now. “what should i write?”

“Something mysterious,” Says Jackie, Michael’s soulmate. She pops a can of soda open and take a huge gulp. Michael reaches to the bottom of the can and pretends to lift up. The rest of the group laughs at what could’ve happened if Michael decided to shove the can.

“How about something simple, like hey ima be there too,” Calum proposes, being sensible for once. Luke nods along to the idea.

“How about a little of both? Mysterious yet simple?” Emily proposes. She grabs Jackie’s can of soda and takes a big swig out of it, causing Jackie to yell, “hey!”  

Luke leans over and places his arm on the Desk in the Hotel room. Everybody crowds around awaiting what he is about to write.

He places the pen down on his arm and begins to write.

She places the pen down on the paper and begins to write.

Essays for this and Essays for that. There is always so much work to be done. It’s while Y/N is doing her work her arm begins to tickle. She looks down to see words appearing onto her arm after so long.

“I’ll be looking out into the crowed for you” What the hell does that mean? He’ll be looking out into the crowed? You look at the other things you’ve written on your arm as if it’ll give you an explanation. You finally spot something that may be of help. “5sos Thurs. 5pm” Was he talking about that concert?

You faintly remember that all the boys had their soulmates, but to check you look it up. Luke Hemmings. He was the only one who didn’t have a soulmate. Then you think its ridiculous and look up the opening act, Hey Violet. The two boys in the band had already found their soulmates, and you were pretty sure you weren’t into girls.

So you were left with Luke Hemmings. Lead singer. Loved by many. It was a split second decision. You know it was going against your promise, but you had to write back.

“‘Lead Singer?’ guys! she wrote back!” Luke yelled, even though his friends were only a few feet away. Everybody quickly starts to ask him what it says.

“She asked if i was the lead singer!” Luke yells, he grabs a marker and writes back.

“Yes” Was the immediate response Y/N got. Her breath hitches.

“Two days” Is what Luke got in return. He would see his soulmate in two days.


It seemed to good to be true. The radio station had given Y/N and Alyssa (your friend who won the tickets), backstage passes too. She was going to be able to see him before the show. He was going to know who Y/N was, in just a couple of hours.

This is when it begun.

First It was the curling iron. Alyssa’s hair just has to be curled, because if Michael saw her, there was no way she would have strait hair. So Y/N had to go to the store to get a curling iron, but only a specific type of curling iron. It had to be one with a ceramic iron. So Y/N got the correct curling iron after driving to about three stores to find it. Then once Alyssa’s hair is properly curled, you were off.

Second, you had started about an hour later than you planned, but you were scheduled to get there on time, well if it weren’t for the traffic. When you think of traffic you think of plenty of cars on the road, but you were moving. Even if it was just a little. This was stand-still traffic. It would take you an hour to get there without traffic, but now it had taken five.

Y/N missed the concert. She missed the concert by a long shot. I they wouldn’t even let the girls into the venue, since there was only about ten minutes left when they got there.

It killed Y/N to miss it. Not just miss the Meet & Greet, but the whole concert.

Luke had kept on putting little cute notes on his arm. They were small things like “I can’t wait to see you” or “I will always find you in a crowed” and the ever so famous words that Michael wrote on his arm, “Hey you got a bangin’ body” in which Luke wrote under “from Michael”

Luke assumed that when he got on stage, that he would get a feeling, or his eyes would meet her’s. Or any of the cliche’s that Emily, Ashton’s soulmate, was feeding him. But there was nothing. There was no feeling, no eye contact, and no explanation written on his skin.

When they all got off stage the first time, the boys all looked at Luke for an explanation. They were all prepared to stop in the middle of any song, just incase he found her. Luke never stopped though. He never stopped a song, and he never stopped looking for her.

“Did you see her?” Michael asks, bouncing on his toes.

“Nothing. I didn’t see her. I didn’t even feel like she was there!” Luke cried out. “Maybe its some joke that she’s playing on me?” Luke wonders

“Thats a sick joke, if she is” Ashton says, and the other boys agree with him.

“C’mon we gotta go back onstage,” Luke says and they all run out again.

When the boys go back to the dressing room, the girls were waiting for them. Emily, Ashton’s soulmate comes running and jumps on Luke, causing Ashton to give out a little whine, “She’s my soulmate”

“Where is she? Where?” Emily says, bouncing around, trying to get a good look over Luke’s shoulder.

“She wasn’t out there,” Luke says gruffly, causing the whole room to still. The girls were very excited to meet the last person in their own foursome. The girls Emily, Jackie (Michaels soulmate), and Alex (Calum’s soulmate), all became very close with each other on tour. Although there always felt like something was missing in the small group of girls, they always assumed that it was because Luke’s soulmate wasn’t there.

“What?” Emily says in complete surprise

“She wasn’t out there,” Luke repeats pushing past the girls and flopping down on one of the couches. He looks down at his arm again, hoping that she would give him some type of explanation to why she just ditched him.

Its about an hour or so later when they leave the stadium to go to their hotel rooms. The stadium is empty, just like Luke’s heart. They ride up in the elevator, and break apart to go to their respective hotel rooms. Once again, Luke was left with a single king bed in his room, and nobody to share it with. He sits down and contemplates what could’ve happened tonight… if only she showed up!

Michael bursts into Luke’s room. “We’re getting McDonalds, wanna come?” He asks

‘No’ was ready on the edge of Lukes lips, but he just couldn’t push it out. Instead he nods and goes with the blond boy.

“Lets go to McDonalds!” Y/N begs her friend, Alyssa.


“I’m hungry!” It was a lie. She wasn’t hungry. She just didn’t want to leave yet. Her soulmate was only going to be in this area for today and tomorrow, and she already wasted today. Y/N just wanted to stay in the area in hopes to see him. She didn’t write anything on her arm to tell him. What would she say? ‘hey sorry there was traffic?’ Pathetic. Alyssa didn’t know to boot. How were you supposed to tell your best friend, “hey the guy your crushing on? In that band? Yeah he’s my soulmate”. Yeah, that wouldn’t go over well. Alyssa would probably use it to boost her Twitter fame or message Luke.

Y/N and Alyssa were sitting in a booth near the door when Alyssa spots them.

“Omg, Oh my lord, Its them!” She stage whispers to Y/N.

“Who?” Y/N asks turning in her seat. Alyssa reaches out and snags Y/N’s arm, pulling her back down into her seat.

“Don’t look!” Alyssa says like its the most obvious thing in the world. “Its Five Seconds of Summer!” She says with a little yelp and giggle. “And their soulmates,” Alyssa adds on darkly. Alyssa would like to say that the fandom liked the soulmates, and they totally do! But everyone in the fandom can’t help but be a little salty that they weren’t 5sos’s soulmates. Luke is still up for grabs though. Nobody knows who his soulmate could be.

“I’m going to go talk to them” Y/N announces to Alyssa, about to stand up.

“What? are you crazy? You gotta play it cool!” Alyssa insist, standing up herself. Y/N lets out a little laugh at the memory of Alyssa’s last ‘playing it cool’ act.

Y/N leans back in her side of the booth. “go ahead, i’l watch from here!” Y/N says, just as Luke spots her.


Luke couldn’t breath. That was her, sitting in the booth, just across the McDonalds. He could take three steps (five for a regular sized person) and he would be in reaching distance with his soulmate. His heart couldn’t take it. He takes a step towards her.

Luke’s friends looks at him with curiosity. Wondering why he was looking at some girl in the middle of a McDonalds like she was his hope.

Then it hit Emily, Ashton’s soulmate, like a ton of bricks, “Guys! Do you think that’s her?” Emily stage whispers to the rest. Everyone gives suspicious nods.

Then Luke bumps into Alyssa.

Y/N watches Luke and Alyssa from the booth. “Excuse me,” Luke says, trying to be polite, his attention was on the girl in the booth. He tries to step around Alyssa. Alyssa moves to block his way again.

“Oh! I am just so sorry!” Alyssa says. Y/N watches as she pretends to drop something and proceeds to stick her butt in Luke’s face. Y/N silently giggles from her seat a few feet away. Alyssa was not the smoothest person… like ever. Y/N stands slightly to get a better angle

Then Y/N makes eye contact with Luke. The whole world stopped. His eyes were as blue as the liquid they use in pad commercials. His dirty blonde hair flopped down across his forehead. He licked his lips, darkening the shade slightly.

Then Luke makes eye contact with her. The whole world stopped. Her hair, her clothes, she just looks perfect. You could say she looks so perfect standing there.

Y/N watches from a distance, although every inch of her body wanted to go to her soulmate. As much as she wants to actually meet Luke, Y/N also wanted to see what Alyssa would do next. A good friend would save her form embarrassment, a best friend would watch… then help.

“Sorry!” Alyssa says again as Luke tries to move around her again and she blocks him… again. “Such a klutz!” She yells.

“Oh my lord! Move bitch!” The girl holding hands with Ashton yells. Her name is Emily if Y/N could remember it correctly. Alyssa looks taken aback and Y/N thinks this is a good time to say something.

“Hey! Don’t talk to my best friend like that!” Y/N yells back, moving out of the booth. Then she adds in a stage whisper, “bitch.” Emily gasps, tugging her hand out of Ashton’s.

“You want to go right now?” Emily yells, and Ashton places a hand on Emily’s shoulder. Y/N wasn’t sure if it was for reassurance or to hold her back, if necessary. Y/N is not one to back down from a fight, but now way was she a fighter herself. Luke looks at Y/N with wide eyes.

“You just insulted my best friend! Of course I’ll fight you!” Y/N screams. Everybody in the McDonalds is looking at them now. The employees were frozen in place, watching, but unsure of what to do. Do they call the cops? There wasn’t a fight… at least not yet.
“Stop it!” Luke abruptly yells. It causes the two girls to shut up for a moment, giving Luke their attention. Luke turns to Emily, “Please shut up, she’s my soulmate!” He says in a stage whisper, hoping to sway her. Emily grumbles a little, but keeps her mouth shut. Then Luke does something nobody was expecting. He takes the last two steps between Y/N and him and wraps Y/N in his arms.

It’s like coming home, Y/N decides. Y/N never really had a home, she moved a lot and her parents were a nightmare. Luke, he felt warm, like baking cookies in the oven or talking to a best friend. He smelled of sweat, but Y/N didn’t mind.

It took a minute, but Luke finally breaks apart from her. It felt to Y/N as if she is suddenly missing something. She is missing his warmth.

“I thought you said you were going to be at the concert,” Luke says, cupping Y/N’s face in his hands.

“There was traffic, and a curling iron mishap,” Y/N begins to explain when suddenly she heard a screech. Y/N quickly pulls away from Luke to face her best friend, Alyssa.

“YOU KNEW!” Alyssa yells so loud that the restaurant shakes a little. “How long?” Alyssa demands.

“A few days,” Y/N says shyly.

“A FEW DAYS?” Alyssa yells again, in disbelief. “You didn’t tell me for a few days? I thought we told each other everything!” Alyssa yells, broken hearted.

“How was i supposed to tell you?” Y/N says despretly, she looks around at the restaurant for an answer. Y/N notices a few phones pulled out and pointed, no doubtedly on the camera app. “Let’s not do this here, Alyssa,” Y/N begs.

“You didn’t tell me about Tom, you didn’t tell me about the trip to Paris, and now this? Are we even friends?”


“You went on that trip and didn’t tell me! You were gone for days, and you wouldn’t pick up your phone!” Alyssa yells. Y/N had really messed up this time. Y/N, over the past few years had a streak with Alyssa of not telling her what was going on in her life, breaking their first and vital rule as best friends: tell each other everything.

Tears were streaming down Y/N’s face now, Luke reaches over to wipe them away, but Y/N instinctively swats his hand away. “I said I was sorry! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Luke!”

“Sorry isn’t enough this time! I hope you have fun with your new friends.” With that Alyssa storms out.

Y/N was out of words. What just happened? One second she was defending her friend, then she met her soulmate? Then she gets into a fight with her friend? Y/N is left in the middle of McDonalds looking around for her own answer. Emily opens her mouth to speak, but Ashton quickly puts a hand over it, silencing whatever she was about to say.

Y/N turns to Luke, knowing what she had to do next. “I have to go after her,” Y/N says, as the only explanation. Then Y/N ran out into the warm summer night after her friend.

Luke was left in a McDonalds, phones pointed at him, his friends staring, and with absolutely nothing. He has nothing of her, not even a name. He didn’t have a phone number. He didn’t have a picture. The only thing he had was a memory.


Y/N runs out of the restaurant. Her head is still spinning. It seemed like everything was going okay and then it all turned on the head. She still couldn’t really grasp what happened. All Y/N knows now is that she needs to find her best friend. Y/N’s head is on a swivel, looking left and right.

Y/N lets out a small breath of relief, when she spots Alyssa’s tight ringlets. Y/N rushes over to the girl, wrapping her arms around her body.

“Alyssa…” Y/N says.

“What?” Alyssa snaps, wriggling out of Y/N’s hold and snapping around to look at her.

“I’m sorry.”

“You always say that! And I always forgive you! Y/N… this was your soulmate. All I wanted was to be excited for you and experience it with you! Instead you ignore me!” Alyssa yells, grabbing tightly onto Y/N’s arms, trying to get her point across.

“I’m sorry! I was just so worried about what you might say or do, if I told you he was Luke Hemmings.” You try to explain, “I was worried you might try something or I don’t know,”

“You do know though,” Alyssa accused correctly.

“Yeah. I was worried that you would be jealous and try to use me to get to my soulmate,” You admit, worried what she might say.

“I’m a friend first, Y/N. I’m a fangirl second,” Alyssa says. And thats all you need to embrace each other again. “I still don’t forgive you about the Paris thing though,” Alyssa says, surprising Y/N, “But I will forget,” Alyssa ends, causing both girls to laugh for a second.

They only laughed for a second, because then Alyssa’s big clunky purse was stolen. The girls glance at each other for a moment before running after the criminal. The girls were both in track, and although the guy was fast, the girls had technique to fall back onto. When reaching the guy, Y/N jumps onto his back, bringing him down, due to his unsteadiness. Alyssa reaches the thief second, she grabs her purse and proceeds to kick the man on his side. Y/N stands up herself and proceeds to do the same.

So thats how the three of them, a robber, Alyssa, and Y/N ended up in the back of a cop car. The girls were in there for Public Assault, while the robber for, well, robbing. The girls look at each other and gives out a silent giggle. This is one hell of a night.

This is one hell of a night, Luke thought. He and the rest of the band decide to get food and wait, hopefully Luke’s soulmate would come back. Luke thinks over his night. His soulmate missed his concert, but he found her in a McDonalds, picking a fight with Emily (Ashton’s soulmate). Then once Luke gets Emily to shut up, her friend… Alyssa was it? She starts yelling at his soulmate. Then Alyssa storms out, causing Y/N to leave only saying, “I have to go after her.” So yeah, it’s been one hell of a night for Luke.

It was about and hour or so later, since they finished their meal, and still no sign of Luke’s soulmate. Luke finds himself tapping to an unknown beat, and ignoring his friends conversation. All Luke can do is stare at he door, hoping that his mysterious soulmate would appear.

Its another hour later when Alex, Calum’s soulmate suggests that they go back to the hotel. “No” was Luke’s first response.

“She might go to the Hotel,” Alex tries to rationalize.

“No, I’m sure she’ll come here,” Luke demands. The rest of the group nods a little, but Alex continues to push.

“How about some of us go to the hotel, just incase?” Alex says. Luke suspects that she is just tired. Of all the girls, Luke has spend the least time with Alex. So there is not much allegiance between the two of them. A wave of anger washes over Luke, didn’t Alex realize how important this is? She had already found her soulmate, but Luke is left empty. Didn’t she remember when she first met Calum? Didn’t she remember the best day of her life? Didn’t she realize that the best day of his life was just pulled out from under Luke’s feet?

“She has a point,” Calum says after a few beats of nothing. Luke nods, understanding. If his soulmate was here he would back her up no matter what happened. “Me and Alex will go back,” Calum says, standing with Alex. They are about to walk away from the table when Luke speaks.

“Please just stay in the Lobby? Just incase?” Luke asks of his friend. Luke knows that plenty of fans know where they’re staying, and so one girl, claiming to be Luke’s soulmate would not be let through. Even if she was the real thing. Calum gives Luke a subtle nod and they leave.

Luke places his head in his hands. Its been three hours since they finished their food. He could tell that everybody just wanted to go back to the hotel. They stayed for Luke though.

“Luke,” Ashton says, breaking the silence. The noise of talking died out about a half hour ago. Now all was left was little comments. “Luke, look at my phone,” Ashton passes his phone over to his friend. Then there she was. Luke lifts the phone, gently into his hands. On the phone is a video that was posted to twitter of Luke’s soulmate shouting at Emily, Luke hugging her, and then Alyssa shouting at his soulmate. The caption on the tweet, “Luke’s soulmate?” There wasn’t a clear picture of her, her back faced towards the camera. But Luke would know her anywhere.

Luke looks up for the first time in a while. Hope is written on Ashton’s and Emily’s eyes. reassurance was in Mikey’s eyes, and Jackie (Michael’s soulmate) is sleeping on Michael’s shoulder. Although Calum and Alex wasn’t here, he knew that they would be in the lobby, waiting for her to show up. All Luke could think about is how lucky he is to have these friends. That and he understands why she had to leave.

“Um, I’m sorry but you have to leave,” An employee says, sneaking up on the group. They collectively jump. They give him a dumb look. “It’s midnight, and we need to close,” He says as an explanation.

So they all stood, Mikey woke up Jackie, and they left. All Luke could think, is why didn’t she come back?


It’s the Morning when Y/N and Alyssa are released from the Police station. They had a court date in hand, and they were free to go. Alyssa has her phone whipped out in her had as Y/N calls a taxi.

“Did you find it yet?” Y/N asks anxiously. She tries to peer over at Alyssa’s phone, but Alyssa expertly moves it away.

“I’m trying, I’m trying!” Alyssa yells as the taxi pulled up. “Got it!” Alyssa yells, stepping into the taxi. Alyssa gives and Address to the driver and they are off.

When they arrive, there is a crowed of girls bunched at the door. They scream for Calum and his soulmate Alex. Y/N and Alyssa push through the crowed, (not easily, mind you) and they reach the door where there is a body guard posted. Y/N pushes past Alyssa to talk to the guard.

He beats her to the punch though, “May I see your keycard miss?” He asks, focusing his attention to Y/N.

“I don’t have one,” Y/N says, and is about to continue when he cuts her off.

“No keycard, no entry, sorry,” He says, not sounding sorry at all.

“Please let me in, Luke’s my soulmate,” Y/N begs, knowing that this is her only way in.

“Hah,” The body guard gives out a half-laugh, “That’s what they all say!” With that he dismisses the girls.

Y/N and Alyssa take a look at each other, before starting to scream with the rest of the girls. They yelled for Calum and Alex, who was standing in the Lobby of the hotel talking, and occasionally looking out into the crowed.

Then Calum spots her. It’s the girl that Luke claims to be his soulmate. She showed up. “Oh my god!” Calum says, rushing to the door. Alex, Calum’s soulmate, looks at him in curiosity. Calum turns around, “Thats her right?” Calum asks and Alex gives him an encouraging nod.

Calum saw her, they were in. The girls stood inside of the hotel lobby, looking at Calum and Alex. “So you’re Luke’s soulmate?” Calum asks Y/N. She nods, “Cool what’s your name?”

“Y/N” She responds. After a few beats of silence, she talks again, “Where is Luke?”

Luke slept in the Lobby last night, in hopes that she would show up at the hotel. Then, in the morning when she didn’t show, he left for the McDonalds with Emily, Ashton, Jackie, and Michael. They left Calum and Alex back at the Hotel just incase she went there. The fans had all had found her twitter account, after seeing the video of her, and so the boys followed her. His soulmate wasn’t following the boy’s twitter though so they couldn’t DM her.

Luke’s leg begins to vibrate, causing Luke to whip out his phone to look at the caller ID. Once he sees the name on the screen, he quickly picks it up.

“Calum? Whats going on? Did you find her?” His questions come out all at once. Spilling from his mouth like truths. Ashton, Emily, Jackie, and Michael’s eyes were quickly on the boy. They look at him with interest, ready to hear what Calum has to say.

“Um, It’s not Calum,” Says a female voice over the phone. Her voice sounds angelic. Like an orchestra playing. Luke knows immediately who it is, sitting up straighter, he prepares himself for the conversation at hand.

“Yeah?” Luke asks to fill the silence.

“Yeah, It’s Y/N,” She says. Luke silently mouthes the name, testing it on his lips. “um your soulmate?” She adds on, to jog his memory.

“I’ll be at the Hotel in five minutes,” Luke says standing up, causing the rest of the group to stand also.

“Okay,” She says and Luke hangs up the phone. He could talk to her all day, but he’d rather talk to her in person. Luke bursts through the McDonalds door and start running. The rest of his friends start sprinting behind him, calling his name occasionally. All Luke could think about is getting to the Hotel. When outside the Hotel, Luke and the rest are bombarded. Luke continues to push his way through the crowed, forgetting manners. When Luke reaches the door, the body guard immediately recognizes him and opens the door. Luke mumbles out a quick thanks, but then he sees her.

“Oh my god,” Luke whispers running to Y/N and wrapping her in a hug. He pulls her head to his chest and cradles her there. He can’t believe he found her; his soulmate. She breaths out, and takes a deep breath of his scent. He smelt like McDonalds and sweat, but she knew that she would grow to love it. It’s a minute or so before Y/N speaks.

“Luke-“ She begins to say, trying to pull away.

“Let’s talk upstairs?” Luke quickly asks. Y/N nods along to his idea, and the nine of them travel to the Elevator and to Luke’s room.

Luke, and Y/N sit on the bed, next to each other and Luke catches Y/N’s hand in his own; causing red to spread across Y/N’s cheeks. Alyssa stays standing next to Y/N. Michael sits on a chair next to the bed and Jackie sits on his lap. Emily and Alex sit on the bed next to Luke.

“So who the hell are you?” Emily asks, nodding her head to Alyssa. Y/N is prepared to jump up and defend her best friend, but with a sharp tug on her arm by Luke she says sitting.

“She’s my best friend, I thought I made that clear,” Y/N growls. Her guard is up, and she is ready to jump up incase of another attack on her friend.

“Y/N calm down,” Alyssa says, her stance also defensive.

“She shouldn’t talk to you, or anyone that way!” Y/N says. Emily herself looks like she is ready to fight.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Emily yells, defending herself.

Alyssa and Y/N ignore her this time. Their eyes meet and they both silently agree that she isn’t worth their time. “Luke what are we going to do?” Y/N ask her soulmate.

“What do you mean?” Luke asks genuinely curious.

“I mean, what are we going to do about being apart? If we’re apart for too long we’ll get sick” Y/N says

“Simple, you come on tour with us,” Luke easily proposes. He doesn’t see why this is so much of an issue. The other girls did it.

“I can’t come on tour with you,” Y/N says, and the whole room freezes.


There is a collective breath in the room before it starts.



“What do you mean can’t come on tour?”

The boys and their girl’s shouted these things at Y/N making her want to curl up in a ball and leave. It was true though, she couldn’t go on tour. She is in the middle of Finals Week in her last year of College. There is no way she’s giving up her dream for her Soulmate. Y/N has always wanted more. Everybody else seems content just having a soulmate, but Y/N wants a life. A life outside of her relationship.

“I mean, I can’t come on tour. At least not for a few days. Its finals week,” Y/N says, looking directly at Luke.

The shouting starts. They boys yell to screw school and that her soulmate is more important than an education. Their girls start off at the boys side, but slowly start to side with Y/N and Alyssa. The girls draw upon their own lives and what they gave up to be with the boys.

“I was going to be a doctor!”

“So your job is more ‘important’ than my dream job?”

“I may not have had a plan, but I didn’t need you,”

These are all quotes from the girls yelling at the boys. The boys, excluding Luke, yell back their own small comments, but what could they say? The girls did give up their lives to be on tour with the boys. Sure they seems to enjoy it, but they always had other dreams outside of the boys and their dreams.

“What should we do?” Luke whispers to Y/N. The yelling of the girls and boys continue in the background, but neither Y/N nor Luke is worried about them. They’re soulmates, they’ll work it out. They have to. It’s written into their genes.

“I have to finish Finals. I’ll come to wherever you are in like four days?” Y/N asks. She had been thinking about this for hours now. She couldn’t ask Luke to leave the band for her, so he can’t ask her to leave her life to go to him.

“Okay,” Luke says agreeing to her plan. It’s not that Luke didn’t think that Y/N would have her own life before him, he just thought that he life wouldn’t be so much of a problem. He just thought that she would want to be with him, her soulmate, more than she would want to be…well whatever her profession was. Was being her soulmate not enough for her? Was being Luke Hemmings not enough? He is successful, and he’s always told how handsome he is. What else could he do?

“Do you have a phone charger?” Y/N asks. Her phone died sometime during the police investigation, and she needed to check some things for a school project.

“Sure” Luke says, taking her phone and plugging it into his charger. The couples were still fighting about god-knows-what. They had moved off the topic of what they had to give up to be with the boys and were spread out into their own arguments now.

“Yo!” Alyssa suddenly yells, shutting everybody up.

“What?” Jackie says annoyed. Her finger is poised into Michaels chest. Michael looks more frightened than he ever has before.

“Nothing, this is just getting stupid. And we have the computer final in three hours,” Alyssa says looking at Y/N, “So what are the two of you going to do?” She says bluntly.

“I’ll catch up to the tour in four days; after finals,” Y/N says. All the girls give approving nods. While the boys look a little bug eyed.

“What if Luke gets sick,”

“We can’t lose out lead singer,”

“Just come with us”

Emily grabs Ashton’s collar and tugs him down to her height. “You are Lucky she is willing to come on this stupid tour,” Emily looks at the rest of the guys now, “So shut up,” She says darkly.

Y/N and Alyssa make eye contact after Emily says her thing; they both whisper a quick “Damn.” Michael, still looks frightened, while Calum stage whispers, “Whipped.” Luke just stays seated on the bed looking at Y/N like its the last time he’s going to see her. Y/N stands, preparing herself for what she is about to say.

“Alyssa is right, I need to go,” Y/N says, then she leans down and kisses Luke on the cheek, leaving the whole room surprised. She grabs her phone off the charger, a glowing 5% lit up in the top corner. It will have to do. Y/N and Alyssa are halfway out the door when Luke yells.

“Wait!” He yells, Y/n and Alyssa turn around, expecting the worse. Luke just takes Y/N’s phone out of her hand and inserts his name and number into it. “Okay baby,” He says, then leaning down to peck Y/N on her cheek. The girls ‘aww” in the background, followed by groans from the boys.

“I’ll see you in four days,”

“Four days,”

Then she left, again.


“All will come to a happy end” Y/N whispers to herself. She was on her way to Holmdel New Jersey. Thats where the boys were today, along with their soulmates. She just finished her last semester at college. Her final grades will be in soon. Y/N is secretly happy that she chose a career that she can do on the road with Luke.

What Y/N was not happy about was the twitter notifications. It had been after her Computer final. She doesn’t have notifications on regularly, but if she had they would’ve been bombarded. When Y/N saw the little red bubble in the corner of her app with over one hundred notifications on it she was shocked, and a little scared. Y/N is always happy with being unknown. She loved being anonymous, having nobody know her, having nobody pry into her private life. Y/N would have to admit that she would miss it. It’s inevitable now that she’s the Luke Hemming’s soulmate that people would be curious.

Y/N understood their curiosity to some extent. She understood that they loved Luke and wanted to make sure she was treating him well. She sometimes looked up celebrities and did the same thing. Did they really need to know her middle name though? Or the town she grew up in? It was ridiculous. Why do they have to care about her? She is just supposed to be a nobody, but here she was, soulmates to Luke Fucking Hemmings.

Y/N arrives at the Hotel and parks her car in the lot. Outside the doors there was bunches of fans. Y/n expected to just walk through, unstopped, because she is a nobody right? Wrong. When the fans get a first glimpse of her, her name “Y/N” and “Luke’s soulmate” ran through he crowed of girls. They don’t move from the door though, not wanting to give up their spots. When she gets in reaching distance there is asks for her picture and autograph, which amazes her. Why do they care?

Y/N takes a few awkward pictures, and signs a few random strips of paper and walks inside. She never thought she would have to do that. She never wanted to do that. She only did it because she had waited outside of hotels before, trying to get a glimpses of her favorite bands. She knows what its like to be ignored before.

Luke and her have been texting and they were staying in the same hotel room on the fourth floor. He was in soundcheck right now, so she would have to get the keycard from one of the girls that was left behind. Y/N tugs on her suitcase to bring it into the hotel elevator next to her and presses the button labeled “4.”

Thats when the dreaded thinking starts. She feels so torn right now. There is Luke, but there is also her career. She left Alyssa for Luke, but if she could choose who would she choose? Probably Alyssa. Y/N doesn’t know Luke that well. She knows that one day she will love Luke, but right now, she feels more loyal to Alyssa. Does that make her a bitch? Probably. Y/N wants a career outside of Luke. She needs to feel productive, not just a trophy wife. or girlfriend. or whatever they are. She settles it in her mind, she may have had to leave Alyssa, but she won’t leave her career. As soon as she settles on this the door to the elevator opens.

She makes her way down to room number 127, which is supposedly Ashton and Emily’s room. The door swings open to reveal a Jackie, and behind her Emily and Alex.

“Hey,” Y/N says suddenly nervous. They all look skeptical of her, but Y/N couldn’t blame them. Every time they have seen each other, there has been yelling. “Luke said to get the keycard from one of you?” Y/N asks nervously, her bag next to her.

Jackie motions her to come inside the room. Y/N steps into the room and Emily stands and gets a card off the dresser. Emily holds out the card and Y/N reaches for the card, but Alex beats to it, snatching it out of Emily’s hand.

“So tell us about yourself?” Alex says waving the card around. Y/N takes a deep breath.

“Um, well…” Y/N trails off, “What do you want to know?” She asks finding her words.

“Do you stan the band?” Jackie suddenly asks.

“Do I what?”

“Do you stan the band? Do you like 5sos?” Jackie asks again in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Sure?” Y/N says it as a question. The other girls look at her skeptically. “I mean, I’m not a huge fan, but I never hated their music…” Y/N trials off again, hoping she didn’t just make it worse.

“Omg same,”Alex suddenly breaths out, causing a quick “what?” from the other girls. “I was never a big fan until i was one of their soulmates! And then once I said I was a fan everybody assumed i was some big fangirl, which I’m not.” Alex says quickly, to the surprise of the other girls. “I love them now, obviously,” She says in a ‘duh’ tone.

“I was always a big fan,” Emily says, having Jackie agree with her. “Tell me you at least know who ketchup is?” Emily says with begging eyes.

“Who?” Y/N and Alex reply. Emily and Jackie groan at their obliviousness. “Do you remember that Hannah Montana episode where they rubbed their hands in ketchup?” Y/N says after a few beats of silence. The other girls laugh, remembering the episode.

“I remember trying that!” Jackie yells, causing the other girls to laugh at her stupidness. “Hey! I was like seven, don’t laugh!” Jackie says, trying to defend herself.

“I remember when I was seven, I broke my arm playing golf,” Alex pauses, causing the other girls to scream “how the hell did you break your arm playing golf?” Alex just shrugs her shoulders and continues with the story, “After the hospital, i put ketchup all over the cast because my brother said it would make my arm feel better,” Alex finishes the story, looking at the gasps of horror on the other girl’s faces.

“I remember when my brother was like ten and i was seven, My brother and his friend were play sword fight in the driveway, but there were no more plastic swords and i wanted to play, so i took a golf club and clubbed my brother in the head!” Y/N says, the girls look at her in horror until Y/N adds that everyone was fine. All the girls break down laughing then.

They all sit there for a while, forgetting about Luke’s room, talking about stupid things they did when they were younger. Then Alex checks the time.

“We should probably go to diner now if we want to make the concert,” Alex says.

“Yeah, let me put my suitcase in my room?” Y/N asks. As they are walking to her room, Y/N asks another question, “Do you guys always go to the concerts?”

“Not really anymore.” Emily replies, “We’re going tonight since it’s your first night and all,” She explains. Then Y/N remembers something.

“I’m sorry by the way, for yelling at you?” Y/N apologizes. Emily nods along to what Y/N says and accepts the apology saying, “that you were just trying to protect your friend.”

Y/N slips her keycard into the door 128 and it opens. She walks inside, flipping on the light. Y/N gasps under her breath, and swears a little. There is only one bed in the room. She is sleeping with Luke tonight.


Luke bites his lip, and tries to relax. It seems impossible. His muscles are tightening, causing his strumming to be irregular and awkward. He could tell by the looks of Calum and the other band members that, he wasn’t doing so hot. They were at soundcheck right now. Luke is so nervous for Y/N to see him that its affecting his playing. He is forgetting lyrics and strumming the wrong chords.

“Luke what’s going on?” Calum asks him, as they leave the stage.

“I don’t know, I’m just nervous,” Luke says, trying to rationalize his feelings. It was the first time Y/N would see the band play, after all. The boys were supposed to meet the girls for diner in about a half hour, so they all go quickly change into something less sweaty and are on their way.

When they arrive, Jackie, Alex, Emily and Y/N were already sitting at the table, the four seats across from them open. Luke hangs back a little. The other boys give their respective soulmates a kiss and sit across. Luke just looks at the back of her head, imagining the last image of her face he can remember. The blush from his kiss, the sweat from the night gleaming on her forehead, and the worry in her eyes. Now he is ready for a new image of her.

She looks beautiful, is all he can think as he catches the first glimpses of her. Her hair is long, but not too long, basically glowing in the light. Her eyes glimmer with hope? maybe a little anxiety? She seems relaxed with the girls, but once the group of guys came, she seemed to freeze a little.

Luke walks over to her seat and offers her his hand. She is already staring at him, quickly looking between him and his hand. Then she takes it. Luke pulls her up into his body, hugging her tightly. Luke, looking at the rest of the group sees some approving nods from the boys and warm smiles from the girls, then he closes his eyes because all he wanted to do was memorize Y/N.

Y/N leans into him, unsure if She is ready for this or not.

The concert is loud. The only thought that can run through Y/N’s head is the direction you are going in. Fans are crowded in the pit, were she is to be standing during the concert. A few girls come up to the rest of the soulmates, looking for a autograph or maybe a pass backstage (The girls have been known to give a few out). Jackie, Emily, Alex, and Y/N stand on Calum’s side of the stage, to Calum’s enjoyment. Y/N spots Michael give a jealous look during the concert also.

Luke couldn’t keep his eyes off of Y/N. She notices how he would continue to steal glances at her during the concert. There is something surreal, knowing that somebody will love you. It leaves Y/N gasping every time. She never thought about having a soulmate until now. Now she knows whats it’s like, could she ever leave? It was not secret, at least to herself, that she didn’t want to be famous. She didn’t want to have to sneak around. She didn’t want to be the person that gave out backstage passes. Y/N is secure in her anonymity.

Y/N couldn’t keep her eyes off of Luke. She watched him jump around and have the time of his life on stage. Could she give him that happiness? If she couldn’t could she leave him? She shakes her head, this is crazy talk. They’re soulmates. Soulmates are made for each other. They can’t leave. If they leave they will start to get sick after a few days, and if it last a few weeks, they’ll die. All of this goes into effect after they meet of course. Y/N doesn’t know what to do. The answer seems so obvious, to give in and be with Luke, become famous, and tour the world. But also there is parts of her which is refusing. She doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want to be famous. She never cared to tour the whole world. But she does want Luke.

When they get back to the hotel rooms, Y/N excuses herself from the rest of the girls. They were all pretty tired, so they skipped seeing the boys after the show tonight, in favor of seeing them later on. Y/N goes to the bed in Luke and her’s hotel room, and sits on the bed. She bury’s her head into her hands. It hurt to think of leaving. But could she stay? And give up everything? Once your Famous, it’s not like you can go back.

This is how Luke found her. He heard her sobs from the outside of the door. It was like his heart was breaking with each of her sobs. He stands in the doorway of the room, scared to help, but more scared to leave. She is mumbling about being unsure. Her head lifts from her hands and makes eye contact with Luke, which she quickly breaks. Luke thinks his breathing stopped when she looked away. Luke takes a careful step foreword, closing the door. Nobody needs to see this. Y/N is looking frantically around the room, trying to associate herself with her surroundings. Her breath is picking up, to the point where she seems to be choking on nothing. Luke stands frozen in the door as he watches her fall apart.

“I can’t do this!” Her strangled cry runs out. Luke rushes to her.

“What can’t you do?” He places an arm around her. He tries to bring her to his body, but she lashes out.

She doesn’t know who is sitting next to her. Y/N feels the connection, but when it tries to restrain her she lashes out. She doesn’t want to be controlled. She had been controlled her whole life. Now she wanted the freedom to be herself, not just somebody’s soulmate. Words like this and worse run through her head. She remembers how she was called fat as a kid, she remembers being bullied on the playground, she remembers the first time a boy looked at her as more than just a fat kid. It had been after she lost all the weight. It was the same boy that bullied her. She remembers how she bought into his lies. She remembers throwing up. She remembers everything. She doesn’t want to be that little kid anymore, who was controlled by her bullies. She wants to walk the streets without judgement and without being acknowledged. She doesn’t want to be Luke’s soulmate. Why did it have to be her?

“I can’t do this!” She cries out again, grabbing his shirt, fisting it into her hands. She can’t handle the judging. She can’t handle it! “Why,” She cries out.

“Why what?” A warm voice says.

“Why do I have to be his soulmate?” She chokes out.


“Why do I have to be his soulmate?” She chokes out.

“You have to be his soulmate, because thats your destiny,” Luke says quietly, wrapping his arms around her. His mind begins to race with questions about not being good enough, but he pushes them back. Right now his soulmate needs him. “Its like how the world turns, and how the bird fly south in the winter, its their destiny. I bet if you gave him a chance, it wouldn’t be so bad,” Luke says softly. Y/N’s hands tighten in his shirt.

“I don’t want to be famous,” She cries out. She tugs on Luke’s shirt more, he is sure it will rip soon.

“It’s okay baby,” The words slip from Luke’s mouth easily. He says it as a whisper, only meant for her. He presses his lips to her forehead.

She looks up, her eyes glassy. He watches her eyes as they change in recognition. She scrambles back to the end of the bed. “I’m sorry,” She whispers, swiping a stray tear from her cheek.

“No, it’s okay,” Luke whispers, edging closer to her. “It’s my dream to be famous, not yours,” He whispers, edging closer again. She watches the inches between them disappear. Luke sees her muscles tighten, ready to flee if necessary. The thoughts of not being enough are back and flooding his mind. Luke struggles to stay focused on her, like he should be. “Y/N,” He whispers, and every single one of her muscles tighten again, preparing herself like a cat ready to spring.

“It’s not okay…Luke,” She says recognizing who it is in the room with her. It would never be okay with her. “How am I supposed to do this?” She asks, the tears welling up in her eyes again.

“No, no, you don’t have to do anything. We are doing this together.” Luke says, taking her hands. He wraps them in his own and gives a small squeeze. Her body relaxes back into the bed. She nods like a small child, willing to believe anything their parents say. “Look, look at what is written on this skin,” Luke pulls his shirt sleeve up to show faded sharpie marks of their short conversations.  He had been washing around his arm for the past week, trying to preserve the little conversation they had. Luke had dozens of photos on his phone of the text in its prime. “It’s you and me, baby. Forever.”

“What if I can’t do this? I can’t handle the pressure,” She cries out, trying to convey how broken she is. She is trying to tell him how she can’t do it.

“It’s okay, It’s okay, we’ll start slow okay?” Luke rushes to say, trying to quiet her down again. Trying to stop her tears. “We can’t be apart. So your just gonna come on tour with us okay? We don’t have to tell anyone who you are, we don’t have to tell anyone, okay? All you need to do is be on the tour bus with us,” Luke says gently, trying to get her to agree. She nods numbly. Y/N is still shaking a little.

“Do you want to go to the tour bus now?” Luke asks. Y/N gives a nod. “Okay,” Luke stands, and pulls Y/N up with him. Y/N quickly looks around for her bag, but Luke grabs her face and focuses her attention back to him. “I’ll get our bags later, okay?” Y/N gives an approving nod and they move out of the room, one hand on Y/N’s back.

The two of them pass Ashton in the hall. Once he see’s Y/N’s red eyes and tear strewn face he opens his mouth to say something, but Luke quickly gives him a look. Ashton ducks his head and moves to his room to pack.

When Ashton gets to his room he grabs Emily by her arm and spins her around to face him. “Wha- Hey Ashy!” She says with a big smile. She quickly spots his serious mood and her smile fades. “What’s wrong?” She asks, her body at attention. Emily is a helper, that is who she is. She lives to make people smile and happy, much like Ashton. Ashton tells he what he saw in the hall.

Emily quickly starts going down the stairs to try and catch Luke and Y/N to try and help when she bumps into Mikey right outside of her door.

“Hey, Em, What do you think of Blue? Because Jackie says- Hey! why ya in such a rush?” Michael asks Emily. Emily looks up, panic in her eyes. Michael quickly jumps into action. “Are you okay? Emily? Do I need to get Ash?” He asks quickly. Emily rarely panics, so to see her in such a jumpy state was rare. Emily is more of a calm helper.

“No, it’s Y/N, Ashton saw Luke taking her out to the bus-“


“Let me finish Mikey! She was crying, I want to go see if I can help,” Emily moves to walk around Michael, but he quickly grabs her arm and pulls her back.

“No, I’m sure Luke’s got it,” Michael says, but he wasn’t so sure. His and Luke’s rooms are next to each other, and he thinks that he heard some crying in there. Maybe even a panic attack, Michael thinks, remembering the heavy breathing and the yelling. Michael pushes Emily back into the open door to her room, “Just stay here, Luke’s got it,” Michael promises, leaving her there.

Michael walks back to his room. He knows what panic attacks are like, and Emily doesn’t, he would be much better helper. Michael just wants to check on Jackie first. He opens the door to the room to see Jackie with her checklist, making sure that everything was packed. Jackie may be punk rock, but she is secretly like Monica from Friends. Always has a list in her hand. “I’m going to head down to the bus,” Michael announces to Jackie.

“What? I thought we were gonna ‘do it’ one more time!” Jackie says, protesting.

Michael shakes his head. “I would love to, but I think Y/N needs me,” Michael tries to explain.

“Why would Y/N need you?” Jackie says, getting immediately defensive.

“Not like that baby, I think she had a panic attack,” Michael says, grabbing Jackie’s hips and pulling them into his.

“Is she with Luke?” Jackie asks, knowing that only a soulmate could calm down Y/N. Jackie had been there for a few of Michaels most recent panic attacks, and it seems like Jackie always knew the best thing to say to help him calm down. It’s odd that anybody can calm Michael down too, considering he likes to be alone when he’s having a panic attack. “Then everything is okay, okay babe?” Jackie says. She pulls away from Michael and sits him down on the bed. “Finish packing,” Jackie demands, handing him a list.

Jackie walks out of the room feeling more nervous then ever. Even though she has only known Y/N for a night, she just fits in so well with the girls…. Jackie walks over to Alex, and Calum’s room for reassurance from Alex. Jackie knows if she tells Michael just how nervous she is about Y/N he would storm down to the bus to try and help, which could just make things worse. Also, sometimes people just need their best friend.

“Hey,” Alex says opening the door.

“Y/N had a panic attack!” The words rush out of Jackie’s mouth. She is the worst at keeping secrets.

“What? Is she okay?” Alex says quickly, moving out of the room and into the hall. Y/N had told the girls that she will sometimes get bad panic attacks when she is really stressed out, and they are like hell for her. She also mentioned that she is scared to be soulmates with Luke, something that all the girls kinda just breezed over.

“I don’t know Luke took her down to the bus,” Jackie says, and Calum walks up behind them.

“What happened?” He says, oblivious to what was going on.

“Y/N had a panic attack,” Alex says, filling in her soulmate.

“Does Luke know?” Calum says. The girls give him a ‘duh’ look and Calum puts his hands up in surrender. “She is probably fine then. Luke’s got this,” Calum says, trying to reason.

Suddenly, two more doors open on the floor at the same time. Michael stood in one door and Emily stood in another with Ashton behind her. Everyone froze in the hall, they all know what’s going on and want to help, but all frozen, knowing that Luke is the only one who can truly help. Like a movie, they all walk to meet in the center of the hall.

“I have to go down there and help,” Michael says, about to turn away when Jackie, his soulmate, grabs his arm.

“No, we can’t” Jackie says. “Luke is her best bet,” She says.

“I think we should go down there!” Emily says to the circle. He motherly instinct kicking in.

“Luke can handle it,” Calum says, his usually quiet voice rising over the rest. “Jackie knows it, and we all know it. You all will just overwhelm her,” Calum says from experience. The boys had helped Micheal out with his panic attacks before, and he would hate it when the three of them would crowed around him asking questions. They did it to try and help him, but it didn’t do so well with working.

The elevator chimes abruptly and the group looks over to see Luke walking out of the elevator. Everyone quickly jumps on him, not literally.


“Is Y/N okay?”

“Can we go see her?”

Their questions are sprung onto Luke, and he feels like he is at a press conference suddenly. He looks around the group, and with their frantic eyes, he figures that they all knew what happened. Luke takes a deep breath and begins to speak.


“She’s okay,” The group lets out a collective sigh. The worry seeping out of all of them, that some didn’t even realize that they had.

“Can we go see her?” Michael asks, ready to jump around Luke to help someone who has gone through the same as him.

“I don’t know,” Luke breaths out. He is unsure about what to do next, he is unsure if he should be doing anything. He would never be enough for her, so why try? Luke will never be enough for the girl who is destined to share a bed with him. And he knew it. He knew it when she said she didn’t want to be famous. He knew it when she didn’t want to be his soulmate. He knew it when she was crying hysterically about wanting more for herself. Luke will never be enough.

As if sensing his friend’s sadness, Micheal wraps Luke into a hug, followed by the rest of the group. They look at Luke in worry, they know he’s been going through a lot with Y/N right now, but none of them had stopped to think about how that would really be effecting him.

Ashton pulls away first and begins to take charge. “Okay, Mikey and Emily, go down and make sure Y/N is okay. The rest of us will stay up here, with Luke, finish packing, and be down in a half hour with everything,” Ashton says. He sends Michael down with Emily to see if Y/N is okay, because he knows the two of them are probably he most nurturing, well Emily is. Michael just understands what she is going through.

Ashton leads Luke to his room, where Luke begins to grab his things and put it back in his suitcase. “What’s wrong Luke?” Ashton asks, and Luke slams his suitcase onto the bed, which only caused it to bounce a little.

“Nothing,” Luke grits out. Luke is not an angry person, so what’s left of the group flinches back a little.

“Can we have some space?” Ashton asks the rest of the group. Jackie and Alex nod and turn to leave, but Calum stays put. Alex looks over her shoulder and motions for Calum to follow, but with a shake of his head, Calum stays put. Ashton looks over his shoulder to see Calum and Calum just gives a small shrug.

“What’s got you upset, mate?” Ashton asks, accepting the fact that Calum is here to stay.

“I don’t think she wants me.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t want you? You’re her soulmate?” Ashton exclaims, and Calum gives a subtle nod.

“I mean, she wants to do something more with her life! Something I can’t give her! She says she doesn’t want to be famous!” Luke exclaims, violently throwing clothes into his suitcase.

“She can be something while being with you,” Ashton tries to reason.

“Look, I don’t think she knew it was me in the room when she said this, but she said, ‘Why do i have to be his soulmate?’ If that isn’t enough to say that she doesn’t want me, I don’t know what is.” Luke says, throwing his suitcase shut.

“Mate…” Ashton begins to say, but Luke’s choking sobs cut him off.

“I just want to be enough for someone,” Luke says, sitting down on the bed. Silent tears roll down his face, as the horrible thoughts flood into his brain. Luke bows his head, as he thinks of what could’ve been. If he just had a different soulmate. If only he had someone who would thing he’s enough. He’s nice. He’s been told all his life how handsome he is. He brings home enough money to support them. Why does she want to have more? What could she want that he can’t give her.

“Luke…” Ashton starts again, but he is out of words.

“Luke, its not that you aren’t enough,” Calum says, kneeling down next to Luke. “There are just some things that you can’t give people. From what I hear from Alex, Y/N is not someone to sit back and relax. She is always doing something. It’s not that you are not enough, it’s that she wants something more outside of Love.” Luke nods numbly along to what Calum says. “She needs you, just as much as you want her. You can’t give up on these kinds of things,” Luke throws himself off the bed and onto Calum, wrapping him into a hug. “Let’s all finish packing and go down, yeah?” Calum asks after a few moments. Luke peels himself off of Calum and turns to finish packing.

When the whole group is ready, they proceed to the bus.

When Luke is outside the bus, a few steps away from the door, he feels something heavy jump onto him. He stumbles back a few steps, and drops both suitcases in an effort to catch the girl.

“I’m so sorry,” His soulmate whispers in his ear.

“I’m so sorry,” His soulmate whispers in his ear.

“For what baby girl,” Luke whispers back.

“For saying I didn’t want you. I want you. Damn do I want you,” Y/N whispers in his ear, biting it playfully.  Luke smiles, holding his baby close. He tucks her under his chin.

“I want you too,” Luke says, “But I think we need to talk,”

“Yeah, okay,” Y/N agrees. The two of them commandeer the back room of the bus, closing the sliding door. The other’s had little argument, because after all that had happened today, they all knew that the pair of them needed alone time.

They sit in the back of the bus, on the circular couch, across from each other. Luke’s legs are so long that they tangle in Y/N’s. She discreetly leans her own legs against Luke’s. They sit there for a few moments, looking at each other. Luke looks up at her through his eyelashes, flashing his baby-blues, and says, “Baby, won’t you come over here?” He asks, his hands wringing.

Y/N swiftly moves to sit next to him and Luke cheekily does a yawn-and-stretch, wrapping his arm around Y/N. He pulls her into his chest, and she leans her head onto his chest.

“What are we going to do?” Luke asks, nervous for her reply.

“I-I can’t, I want to have a job, Luke,” Luke opens his mouth to say something, but Y/N quickly catches on and playfully covers it. Luke scrunches his eyebrows a little and looks down to her. “I’m going to freelance coding” Y/N tells Luke. She glances up at him through her eyelashes, ready for his argument.

“Okay, that sounds good baby,” Luke says. Y/N lets out a sigh that she didn’t know she was holding.

They sit there for a few beats, breathing in each other. They are both memorizing each other, unknowingly to the other. They both sit there, listening to the other’s breaths. They both sit there, hearing the other’s heartbeat. They both sit there trying to remember that the other is alive. That they are together. That they wouldn’t let go of each other.

Y/N lets out a heavy breath, bringing Luke’s attention to her. She starts to wiggle out of his hold, and announces that she has to pee, making Luke give a little chuckle. She opens the sliding door and moves out of the room.

Luke still doesn’t know much about his Soulmate, but he knows that he will have his whole life to learn about her. He does know the way her hair shines in the sun though. He knows that nobody’s eyes can sparkle like her’s. He knows he will never go looking at another girl again. Why would he when he has Y/N?

A bubbling Michael burst through the door, “Its me the love of you life!” He proclaims.

“Please, I can wear heels bigger than your dick,” Luke says, quickly responding without thinking. Michael lets out a big, stomach rumbling laugh.

“Please,” Micheal begs, his laughter continuing on. Luke gives a fake chuckle, before Emily pushes pas Mikey.

“What’s so funny,” Emily asks.

“Baby, come back, i wanna cuddle,” Ashton whines, following his soulmate to the back room. He grabs her hand and drags her to the couch across from Luke and pulls Emily to sit on Ashton’s lap facing him. For once in his life, Luke isn’t jealous of the pair. He has his own little sunshine.

“What’s going on?” Y/N asks, pushing past Michael, who is still standing in the doorway. Y/N moves to sit next to Luke again, but Luke wasn’t having it. He’s only been able to touch her for the past few hours, so he will be damned if she only sat next to him. Luke pulls his baby girl onto his lap, his chin resting on her shoulder. “Nice butt Emily” Y/N comments playfully, facing the pair, and Emily throws her hands to protect her already covered behind. Ashton’s hands quickly cover her’s and soon he is the one holding Emily’s bum. Y/N watches as Ashton pulls Emily in for a kiss and Luke squeaks, covering Y/N’s eyes.

“Do you wanna watch a movie?” Michael says from the doorway. They all hear a distant yes from the front of the bus. Jackie walks past Michael and motions for him to follow her. Calum and Alex show up in the doorway holding hands.

“I heard we were watching a movie?” Calum asks dragging Alex to the couch. Everybody moved to make room, but every one was still squished.

“What movie?” Emily asks, attempting to turn around so she can see the tv, but Ashton tightened his grip on her, not wanting her to move.

“Deadpool, duh,” Michael says, getting up and popping the DVD into the player. He sits back down, causing a groan from Jackie and Calum, whom he was sitting in-between.

Was this what family is like? Y/N has to wonder as the movie begins. Putting up with each other’s bullshit? Is this what family was like, watching the tv together. YN had always found family with her friend Alyssa, but she had never had people other than Alyssa care when she had a panic attack. Emily and Michael really helped Y/N. They understood what she is going through. Talking to Emily is like talking to a long-lost friend. They just clicked so well, just like Y/N and Alyssa did. It’s amazing. The group dynamic is just so nurturing for creativity, and they genuinely care. Even though Y/N is the latest addition, they all were so worried about her.

It’s a few days later. Y/N and Luke is just getting to know each other. Trying to figure out their patterns, and to try and remember their habits. They are both trying to memorize the other. They are back in New York City after Toronto, and Y/N is excited because she asked Alyssa to drive down to meet her. She drags Luke through the city which she visited every few weeks as a kid. Y/N’s parents were obsessed with the city, but didn’t want their children to grow up in it.

“Hey!” Alyssa shouts, wrapping Y/N into a hug. Luke is standing behind Y/N in aviator and a hat. He looks around a little worried that fans would pop out and drag him away. Luke loves his fans, but right now his whole mind is focused on Y/N and meeting Alyssa formally.

The two girls walk into the restaurant chatting, and Luke follows. Y/N had told Luke that Alyssa is like her sister, and that she didn’t care if they were soulmates, Alyssa’s opinion could break them up. Luke wasn’t that worried though, wasn’t Alyssa a fan?

Sure, Y/N told Luke that Alyssa could break them up, but it wasn’t exactly true. Nothing could break up soulmates, and Alyssa would be stupid to try and break them up. She told Luke that to get him nervous. She wanted Luke to really try to like Alyssa, Y/N is worried that Luke would only look at her like a fan, not a friend.

“So Luke…” Alyssa starts, drawing out her words. Y/N is quick to hide her face, knowing what question is coming next.

“Have you and Y/N done the dirty yet?” Alyssa asks, and Luke chokes a little on his coffee.

“Um, no? I’m not a rabbit,” Luke says, trying to add some humor to the conversation. When he gets no reaction he goes on, “But if Y/N wanted to, I would. I don’t want to pressure her,” Luke says.

“Okay, so have you gone on any dates?” Alyssa asks, and Y/N quickly picks up her head.

“Give it to me,” Y/N demands.

“Give what to you?” Alyssa says playing innocent.

“The tape recorder,” Y/N says. Luke looks between the two of them with wide eyes. His soulmate is badass. How did she know that Alyssa has a tape recorder, Luke wonders.

“What tape recorder?” Alyssa asks.

“The one in your pocket,” Y/N says confidently. She knows that Alyssa has a fan account for 5sos and to get an exclusive interview on Luke and his soulmate would be pure gold. Alyssa throws a tape recorder onto the table, the film inside still running. “The other one too,” Y/N says with a sigh. Another tape recorder is thrown up onto the table. “And your phone,” Y/N says again and Alyssa’s iphone, which is opened up to the voice memo app is on the table. Y/N carefully stops all the recordings and takes the tapes out, and deletes the voice memo. “I thought I told you no taping?” Y/N whines to her best friend.

“Sorry bub, but this was such a good opportunity!” Alyssa says, jumping in her seat a little.

“Oh, Alyssa,” Y/N says, “I thought we said, Friend first, Fangirl second!” Y/N yells playfully. Alyssa and Y/N let out laughs, not knowing what they were laughing about themselves. Luke looks around nervously, not understanding the joke, if you could call it that.

They leave the Café after a few hours, heading back to the tourbus with Alyssa so she can see it and meet everybody else properly. They all walk excitedly to the bus. Alyssa and Luke got along really well, and Y/N is happy about that.

Y/N glance up and quickly recognizes a face, one that she hadn’t seen since College. Her eyes widen and she nudges Alyssa about it. She looks up too and recognizes the face. It was a name that she has written about on her skin before.


Scars and All (Luke Hemmings) *

yall pls dont let this one fade into obscurity ok this might be my favorite imagine ive ever written

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, scars


“Okay, seriously,” Michael huffed suddenly beside you, “Why do you wear those things all the time?” He nudged your glove-covered hands, pulling your attention away from the conversation you’d previously been having with Luke.

“I’ve told you a million times, Mikey,” you shook your head, “I don’t wanna rush into things.”

“Yeah, but… How are you supposed to meet your soulmate if you always wear them?” he insisted, “Like… Do you at least take them off when you’re alone?” You simply laughed while Ashton interrupted.

“Come on, Mike,” he chuckled softly at the sound of your laugh, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure the attraction you feel toward someone is genuine and not just because you know they’re your soulmate.”

Thank you!” you squeaked, happy someone understood your reasoning for the gloves.

“I’m not so sure you even have hands at this point,” Michael huffed.

“Obviously, I have hands, Mikey!” you laughed, “It’d be kind of hard to wear gloves if I didn’t!”

“You could have put gloves on mannequin hands and duct taped them to your wrists,” Luke pointed out.

“You guys are a little too obsessed with this,” you informed them with another shake of your head.

“But you could have met your soulmate already and you won’t know because you never take those gloves off!” Calum insisted.

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Beneath Your Beautiful

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Michael

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Words: 3.000+

Summary: In which everyone has a stripe in their hair that matches their soulmate but Y/N suffers with cancer and has lost all of her hair

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Imagine if everyone got a tattoo of their soulmates name when they turned 18 and on your 18th birthday you almost passed out when the name Calum appeared on your body and then you tweeted a picture of it to Calum jokingly saying you wished it was him because you knew it was probably just a coincidence and Calum being Calum had always kept his covered in public so no one knew the name and then you get a DM from him that just says “I think it is babe” with a picture of your name tattooed on him and then he offers to fly you out to see him so you can get to know each other and then you fall in love and oh my god why isn’t this real someone help


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