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Better Man [C.H.] // Youngblood Song Fic Series

Disclaimer: Fourth installation of my Youngblood Song Fic Series. No parts have anything to do with each other, they can all be read individually ((though I’d love for you to read them all!)). 

All Installments: Youngblood [C.H.] | Want You Back [L.H.] | Lie To Me [L.H.]

Better Man [C.H.]You’re the only love who can make this bad man better.

Bon Iver softly playing through his headphones, Calum gazed out the window as the SUV drove down the somewhat busy Los Angeles streets, the late night keeping many at home. The calm melody of the song relaxed Calum in his otherwise grumpy state, lingering irritation from their flight from London being delayed a few hours, which in turn caused them to get to California at one in the morning. He had promised he’d be back way sooner, and while it wasn’t his fault, Calum still felt guilty for not being able to abide by it.

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Mr. Hemmings

To be honest, you don’t know where this new found confidence is coming from since you’re normally a red face blubbering mess in front of him. Maybe it was the wink he sent you this morning or his eyes constantly roaming down your body, whatever it was made your confidence boost and let your wild side escape.

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Words: 5.5K

Request: No


The sound of your bedroom door creaking open and the shutters of your blinds getting pulled up had your eyes beginning to peal open, the sunlight shinning through the curtains had a hiss falling from your lips as you turn your body over to look at whomever decided to disturb you so early in the morning.

“Y/N what time did you go to bed last night?” Your mom questions as you hear her wining your window open. The sound of birds chirping and lawn mowers shaving long strands of grass begin to flutter into your ears.

“I don’t know, two maybe four in the morning?” You respond while groaning and throwing your head into your pillowcase, the softness of the pillow comforting you as you let a please sigh slip from your lips.

“Really Y/N! Why were you up so late?” Your mom ask with such frustration in her voice that your actually scared to look at her, but you’re actually relieved when she sits down at the foot of your bed and begins to rub your calf in her thigh.

“I was binge watching The Vampire Diaries sue me.” You say, voice muffled because of the pillow but your mom lets a tired sigh fall from her lips before pinching your calf gently.

“You shouldn’t be doing that. It’s bad for your body.” Your mom says, only leaving you to blink your eyes open and roll them.

“Ugh.” You groan before turning around in her grasp and looking up at her, the sunlight somewhat blinding your eyes.

“It’s the truth Y/N, anyways freshen up. Breakfast is downstairs and I need to talk to you also.” Your mom states while rising up and off the bed, her warm skin leaving your body, causing you to pout.

“What do we need to talk about?” You ask while raising up, your left hand coming up to cover your eyes from the beaming sun as you watch your mom begin to walk out of your door. “Come downstairs and you’ll find out.” Is the only thing she says, causing another groan to fall from your lips before you hear the door slam shut, making you stand and  walk out your bedroom and straight to the washroom.

You quickly brush your teeth and wash your face before you hop in the shower, the feeling of the warm water hitting your cool body had a please sigh slipping through your lips as you quickly washed up and hopped out.

You made your way into your room and quickly put on your under garments before lotioning your body up, the scent of coconut in the air as you walked over to your window with your towel wrapped around your body just in time to see your beautiful neighbor.

Just a few yards away from you, you saw Mr. Hemmings just getting out of the shower also, his body glistening with water as a white towel was loosely wrapped around his hips. His once blond hair now resting dark amongst his forehead, he brings his hand up and brushes it out of his face, making his body look so lean and slender.

A satisfied moan slipped from your lips as you watch Mr. Hemmings continue to paste around his room, continuously looking around for something that he lost. You watch as his body begins to walk towards the window that reflects yours, his arms reaching out and pulling open a drawer that is conjoined to his desk, his arm moving around like he is searching for the item before pausing and looking up towards you.

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Southside Serpent

“So how long are you going to be acting like a complete brat?” He dictated, his body now pushing away from the fence and now standing in front of you. His body leaning into yours that pushes against the fence even more than before.

“Until you decide to leave me alone,” You state, head falling to the side as you do your best to look unfazed by how close he is, and how his cologne just makes you want to wrap your arms around him and push his body against yours so you can press your lips against his.

“Well that’s going to be shit luck for you because I’m never going to be leaving you alone.” He answers, lips tugging into a smirk as you feel yourself just completely cave in. The new found information that Luke won’t give up his tantalizing ways just to get you, has your mind in the gutter and the butterflies in your stomach just to buzz around more intensely then before.

Originally posted by queenlukes

Words: 5.3k

Rating: R

Request: No

A/N: inspired by the scene with kevin and the southside serpent, joaquin, from Riverdale

The sound of laughter and energetic conversations rattled off of your beige locker and flutters in your ears, along with the sound of sneakers smacking against the dirty hallway floors and the shutting of the exit doors being heard from where you are standing packing school work in your bag.

It was finally Friday and you’re buzzing with joy, you had nothing to do today but just to lay in bed and sleep. Not every day did you get a chance to take a nap after school, you always had something to do; go to your volleyball practices or go to your after school clubs and sometimes help tutor some of the kids on your street. You’re always busy and today you get the chance to finally rest.

So when you finally dropped your purple binder into your backpack and zipped it up a pleased sigh slipped out of your nose and into the energetic atmosphere, you let your hands tug away from your sliver zipper and close your locker before letting your body rest against it, the cool material causing your heated up body to chill for a moment.

“What are you doing?” You hear a voice ask, that causes your eyes to turn away from the white tiles and turn towards the voice. Samantha’s copper hair trailed down her shoulder and rested by her rip cage, her hazel eyes looking at you with question as one of her makeup filled eyebrows rose up on her forehead as her lips covered in a deep red colour was set in a straight line as she looked at you with curiosity.

“It’s finally Friday!” You sing, eyes closing for a moment as you let your head tilt against the locker and letting a smug smile tug on your lips. You watch as Samantha rolls her eyes before she leans against the locker next to yours, lips tugging into a smug smile a like yourself as her eyes glaze over with humor.

“So what?” She says, her cranberry lips moving as her words trail out of her mouth and smacks you in your face as you let your jaw drop and look at her with complete shock.

“So what! So what! Sam! I literally don’t have anything to do today. I don’t have volleyball, I don’t have any clubs to go to and I don’t have to tutor the kids on my street.” You say with excitement as a smug smile escapes your lips and a happy smile sets in place.

“God the kids on your streets are such brats.” Samantha grunts while rolling her eyes before shaking her head at you. “Anyways that’s not even the point, did you hear about what’s happening to The Twilight Drive-In?” She asks, both of her eyebrows rising up on her forehead as she stares at you questionably.

“No?” You state while shrugging your shoulders, head titling off of the locker and body turning to face Samantha as she rolls her eyes once again at your answer.

“How do you not know?” She questions, voice filled with aggravation as a laugh trails out of your mouth.

“You know if you continue to roll your eyes like that, they’re gonna get stuck.” You inquire, only making her roll her eyes again before taking her hand off of her blue denim jeans and rising it up to your cheek, her thumb running against your skin and caressing it.

“Please don’t be a smart ass.” She says, a fake smile on her deep lips as you watch her gold earrings dance around with her shaking head.

“Fine, then all be a dumbass.” You scoff, your body leaning off of your locker as you let your arms interlock with each other and rest along your chest.

Samantha pulled her hand away from your cheek and let her eyes flicker shut, her breath coming out heavy as you watched her lips silently count to ten before her eyes re-opened and look at you like she wanted to snap.

“Did your therapist tell you to do that whenever you’re annoyed?” You question, your right foot shifting away from your left foot which causes your hip to pop out as you look at Sam with amusement.

“Yes she actually did, now when you are done with your… irritating responses I would like to finish what I was about to say.” She says, her lips tugging into a smile as she lets her high heeled boots smack against the tile floor to an unknown beat.

“Continue, continue.” You say while tearing one of your hands away from your chest and flicking at her.  

“As I was going to say, The Twilight Drive-In is shutting down so tonight is the last night to see a movie there and also make out with a hot guy in the backseat of his car like in Grease.” She beams, her pearly white teeth showing as her eyes glow with happiness and excitement which only causes you to groan and smack your head against your locker.

“Sam… I don’t wanna go!” You cry, a painful expression washing over your facial features as you look at her like you’re going to die.

“Why not?” She asked, voice annoyed as she looked at you like she wanted to kill you on the spot.

“Because it’s Friday! My only free day in this whole entire month! And also, you are most definitely going to find some guy to make out with and just neglect me.” You rush, eyes rolling as you look at her with bewilderment.

“That’s so false and you know that!” Samantha exaggerates while her jaw drops and her hands tug away from her sides to slide onto her hips.

You just let your eyes roll as you stare at her and shake your head, Samantha knows for a fact that she would do something like this so you decide not to even encourage the conversation even more, instead you let your head turn away from her gaze and look down the hallway where people continue to flutter out of to leave school.

It was blond hair and piercing blue eyes that had your heart hammering against your chest and eyes looking all over the place, your hands grew sweat between the cracks of your knuckles as you felt your whole entire face heat up just at the sight of him.

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Can I wake up to this every morning?

Imagine Making Out With Calum

A/N: Like… I saw a picture of him earlier and all I could think about was what it would be like to make out with him. Like he looked so innocent and cute and his lips were so damn plump. I feel like imma burst if I don’t write this out, so here we go lmaoo 

You couldn’t help but to admire your boyfriend from afar as he sat at the kitchen counter, scrolling on his phone. Sunday was usually one of the few days he had fully to himself, so the both of you spent this day lounging around the house if you could. The Māori looked cuter to you than normal today and you weren’t sure if it had something to do with the sweats that he was clad in or the messy curls adorning his head. Either way, you wanted to touch him. Bad. Your gaze soon fell over to one of your favorite assets on your boyfriend - his lips. They were always so plump and inviting, and the softness of them never ceased to amaze you. Your thoughts soon went south and you thought about the feel of them leaving marks along your skin as well as your core, but you pushed them away. You simply needed to kiss him was all, that was enough for you. At least until later. 

 You slowly made your way over to him and rest your hands onto his shoulders, getting him to turn on the swivel top of the chair. 

 "Whatcha doin’?“ You questioned him and continued running your hands along the front his body. You just loved the feeling of his toned body through his shirt. 

Calum looked up at you and gave you a small smile, locking his phone and setting it on the counter to give you his full attention. "Just scrolling through my twitter feed.” He sighed out.

 "Yanno,“ you started with a shy smile under his gaze,"you’re sitting over here looking all cute and stuff, and your lips just look so good." 

With a laugh, Calum allowed his hands to wrap around your waist and pull you closer to him and he said,” Oh, really?“ 

 "Mhmm.” You nodded your head and drew shapes onto his shoulder. 

 "Did you come over here for a kiss, princess?“ He asked you sweetly and you nodded with a giggle.

 He leaned up to give you a quick kiss and you poured your lips at him, letting him know that you wanted more. Calum then cupped your cheek and pulled you down to place his lips on yours once again, holding them against yours for a few moments longer. You pulled away and tilted your head to the other side to kiss him again, swiping your tongue across his bottom lip before he gave you entrance. The kiss was sweet and innocent, no lust partaking into the act as it usually always did. Soon enough Calum pulled away so that the two of you could gain air and stood to pull you into the living room. 

Once the naturally tanned boy had taken a seat, he tugged you to straddle his lap. "Are you comfortable?” He raised his eyebrow and you shook your head. 

After taking his hands from your waist and placing them on your plump butt, you sent a cheeky smile as you replied with,“Now I am." 

 Calum let out a laugh before you leaned down to kiss him again and dived straight into the tongue action. Calum had quickly taken control as he deepened the kiss, massaging your tongue with his. His hands had began to massage the supple skin of your butt and yours went to run through his fluffy curls. You had to hold yourself back from naturally rolling your hips against him. You didn’t want to turn him on, you didn’t want sex. You wanted what you had right at that moment, to simply make out with Calum would leave you satisfied until you couldn’t control you sexual urges anymore. You were in bliss already. The two of you made out for what seemed like hours before he finally pulled away deciding that he was satisfied for now as well.

 "I love you.” Calum grinned as he placed kisses to your collarbone, trailing them innocently to the cleavage of your breast.

 "I love you too, Cal.“ You sighed, placing a loving kiss to his forehead and rolling off to sit on the side of him, cuddling into his side as you questioned,"Movie?”

Not Getting Over This

Originally posted by ilylukey

Rating: M (There’s smut, so, like. No one under 18!)

Request: “Can you do a like hate sex w Luke where he’s an antagonizing prick but he fucks you against a wall with his ringed hand around ur throat. And like “you hate me but you sure love my cock'”

Word Count: 3k

Part 2 | Part 3

“Hypothetically speaking, how upset would you be if I just dumped my drink over his head and stormed out like a character from a late nineties teen drama?”

Calum glances up from his phone and follows your gaze across the room to where Luke stands, a grin on his face and a girl teetering on too-high platforms in front of him. “After I get done laughing? Not very,” Calum shrugs with a small grin as he shoves his phone in his pocket and reaches for his cup, “but you’d have to be able to reach his head to dump a drink over it.”

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love it if we made it

he leans back against his sofa, lets his neck roll back gently and lifts his half empty beer to his lips, slurps it a little as he watches michael and luke play cards, a small pile of money that seems to keep growing on the table next to them.

“you wanna chip in, cal? games just getting exciting,” mike asks, gulps from his own can and slaps a card down. calum shakes his head, lips pursed and watches their game continue. he considers going out for a cigarette, a joint maybe and tips the rest of his beer back. clenches it empty and tight in his hand and throws it to his left with their others. he isn’t feeling so great tonight, but he doesn’t feel great most nights.

“people’ll start coming soon,” ashton grins as he walks back in from the kitchen, “said they’d come after nine. cal,” he says, and he looks up at him, “come help me set out some cups and get the booze outta the car?”

he doesn’t want to, but he forces himself to stand up anyway, and follows his best friend through to their kitchen. he hands him a stack of cups and sets on lining them up on the counter,

“thought you were against plastic,” calum hums quietly, and ash grins,

“biodegradable, buddy,”

he sets some out, and then heads out to get the rest of the alcohol from his car. he stays outside for a few minutes. august is hot and he tugs his jacket closer. he wonders if he can really be bothered for a party tonight, but he doesn’t have a choice because he lives here and he has nothing better to do anyway. it’s one of the first parties to ring in a new (and calum’s final) year of college. he takes the bags inside, lines the drinks up on the counter and then sets himself personally in charge of the music. he hears michael yell victorious from the living room and pokes his head around the door, sees him pull in the pile of cash towards him smugly and rolls his eyes. his playlist starts and he flops down onto the sofa again and watches as the front door rings, opens, closes, opens, closes until it stays open and his house is full of people that he isn’t sure if he can call friends or not.

it’s mostly on him, he reckons. he likes being around people, but he doesn’t think he likes having many friends. he has ash, and luke and michael; his housemates and his brothers and he doesn’t need anymore. he leaves the sofa when one too many people join him on it, leaves it when two people he thinks he might know start making out, and he pushes up. he follows voices through to the kitchen, pushes through people, nods to them when they call his name. for someone who doesn’t want many friends, he has a lot of people that wish that they were.

michael grins at him, drunk and wide when he bumps into him, throws his arm around his shoulders and drags him into conversation. calum smiles through his teeth, laughs a little when they do, and accepts the drink of something fruity that gets shoved into his hand. he stays, talks a little when required, until michael manages to get some more people around a table with luke and even more money is piled into the middle. he feels a little bad that luke’s set on losing so much money tonight.

in the corner where he stands, he nods his head to his music, glad when he sees others do it too and watches. he wonders how everyone else finds it so easy. how people can just talk and be open and honest with people they hardly know. the thought terrifies him because he can barely be honest enough with himself, let alone someone else. his drink is decidedly too fruity, and he slips to his room to roll himself a joint instead, but he pauses at the foot of the stairs.

there’s a girl he recognises by the front door. he hovers with one foot on the first step, and watches through tipsy eyes as she tucks one hand into her back pocket, brings another to tuck her hair behind her ear, catches the glint of the full set of piercings in the low lights. he can’t place where he knows her from, until he can. she’s been over before, to their parties but he thinks she’s been here when there wasn’t one too. he recognises the toothy grin she smiles, recognises the dyed colour to the ends of her hair. she looks up as she moves through bodies, and catches his eye. he feels his throat close up as he swallows and moves his eyes away quickly from being caught, before glancing back. she doesn’t stop, but keeps a curious eye on him as she moves, until she moves away from his line of sight and he’s able to walk up the stairs properly.

his room provides little solace from the noise, so he doesn’t bother to close his door as he moves to the windowsill, grabs some papers and his airtight jar. he rolls easily and tucks it behind his ear and moves back downstairs, careful to close his door as he leaves. he’s walked in to too many people hooking up on his bed than he’d prefer.

the backdoor is open, people spill out with their smokes and he walks further into the garden to try avoid people trying to steal a toke of his weed. he lights it, and then plays with his lighter, flickers it on and off until it’s blown out by someone else’s mouth. he looks up from the extinguished flame to painted lips and he feels a little hot under the collar as he meets her eye again. he wonders why.

“mind if i sit?” she asks and he gestures to the dry ground next to him with a nonchalant wave of his hand, “you do remember me, right?”

he raises his eyebrows and blows out his smoke, “sure,”

he does, even more so now that she’s sat so close. he remembers luke bringing her home, remembers her being at every party and remembers her always smiling at him. he remembers seeing her proofreading luke’s essay at the table, and remembers seeing her in the kitchen when he was hungover, drinking a cup of coffee with different coloured hair. he remembers mostly, that he thought she was gorgeous and sweet and that luke had brought her home so he made it a conscious effort not too spend much time with her. he remembers her name.

“i’m never sure,” she says, “you always leave when i’m here,”

he smiles, “sweet that you’d notice,”

“hard not to notice you,” she hums (she wonders if he understands how much people like him, and how gorgeous he really is) and he looks at her but her head is tilted back to look at the covered stars, “no one seems to know much about you,”

“good,” he hums, and watches as her lips quirk with amusement. she doesn’t say much else, but brings a hand up to lift her drink, “you drinking that fruity shit ashton made me buy, too?”

she smacks her lips, “yeah. it’s good, i like fruity,”

“i don’t,” he says and then they’re quiet. he smokes until it’s down to his fingers, the heat of it burning a little and he lets it for a moment too long before stubbing it out. he stands and his head swims as he offers her a hand. she looks at it, looks like she debates taking it, and then pushes herself up with her own spare hand and smiles at him when she’s up. his eyes dart over her face before he turns to rejoin the party. he doesn’t see her again that night but she’s all he thinks about.


ashton organises another party the next weekend, and calum wonders how he doesn’t burn out from all the socialising he does. he thinks about asking, but he bites his tongue instead and smiles and agrees when he asks if it’s okay. he thinks about if that means he would see his (although not his) stranger again.

the house is loud, the usual people are here and some unusuals too. he talks when he’s spoken too, but otherwise he preoccupies himself with setting up a playlist of his songs and allows luke to pour him more beers. he sways a little and nods his head when they drag him to dance, his eyes constantly skating around the room to see if he finds her. when he does, he dribbles his beer a little. he wipes his mouth quickly, and finishes it to drown out that feeling. he knows she sees him, and he can’t decide if he likes that or not, so he slips back outside again. he doesn’t feel like smoking, but he lights a cigarette anyway.

“that’s such a shit habit, y’know,”

he coughs a little on his intake, as she leans against the wall beside him. he’s fully aware of how shit smoking is, but he puffs on it again to prove a point. he’s not sure which point that is.

“why did you start?” she asks and he stares at her, but can’t find his tongue to answer. she doesn’t seem to mind, “i tried a few times, but i never got it. drinking’s easier,”

“just because it tastes nicer doesn’t mean it’s better,” he says and she hums,

“i guess i’m just more fruity than bitter,”

he reckons that is a definite dig, and he likes it. he hates that. he stubs it out on the wall and turns to her fully. she’s just wearing jeans and a top, casual and comfy, but it’s like she isn’t wearing anything.

“you look good,” he says and bites his tongue as soon as he does. she doesn’t look up from where she rolls and kicks at a stone underfoot.

“you think?”

he wants to say that’s what he always thinks. has always thought.

“why’re you talking to me?” he asks instead, and she looks up from her untied laces,

“why don’t you talk to anyone?” she counters. he looks at her, looks at her eyes in the dark, at the winged eyeliner there, sharp enough to stab him. he reckons she could and he reckons he’d probably let her. he shoulders off the wall and moves back into the house for another drink.


calum doesn’t like routine. but it’s a routine that every weekend they throw a party (“it’s our last fucking year, cal!”) and everyday of the week until saturday he spends thinking about her; just a little, just a passing thought that’s a thought nonetheless. he asks luke about her, tries to do it subtly. he still isn’t sure if luke has a thing with her, but the thought of it makes his stomach twist a little in the most uncomfortable way. he learns that she studies at the same school they do, that she’s in her last year too. he learns that she works at an ice cream parlour, and he fights himself not to go to there in hopes just to see her. he learns that he wants her to talk to him, ask about him.

as soon as she walks through the door, he finds himself trying to drink as much as he can get his hands on. she makes him feel nervous, and he doesn’t want anyone to be able to do that. it’s happened before and it’s never ended well for him. he drinks and he drinks more than he has in a long time. he’s always careful about who he gets drunk around. he only trusts his boys, and even they don’t really know that much about him. she wonders if that bothers luke, bothers ash and michael like it bothers her.

she pours a drink and she follows the dark of his hair as he goes outside. it’s slipping into september now. she follows as he walks to the bottom of the garden, where it’s darker and quieter.

“do you even like these parties?” she asks and his lips twitch,

“i like the music,”

“isn’t it your playlist?”

“how’d you know that?” he asks, and she tilts her head as the next song plays,

“stay by post malone? seems to scream your name,”

“seems a strong assumption for someone who doesn’t know me,” he says, but he smiles.

“some people say you’re a dick,” she tells him, and he sips his drink,

“and you’re here cause you’re into dicks?”

she laughs a little and his shoulders drop a little tension, and he leans back on the fence just so he has something to hold his weight because he’s drunk enough to want her to hold it for him instead.

“sit with me,” she tells him, and he lets his legs give out and fold beneath him for her. he’s scared enough to tip his drink back and let it trickle down his throat, but something else trickles down there too as he feels her stare. she watches the bob of his throat, of the beer on his lips and she wants to bite them both,

“d’you like parties?” he asks,

“i’ve only been to your parties so far,” she admits and he sits up a little straighter before,

“for luke, right?” the words are bitter on his tongue, and maybe she was right. maybe he is just as bitter as his cigarettes. she looks at him curiously,

“sure, i love luke,” his chest deflates and he tries to drink more of the drink he’s already finished, “wouldn’t have met you otherwise. d’you remember the first time we met, last year? i told you my name and you told me you needed the bathroom,”

he does remember that (he did need the bathroom, but he also needed to not get to know her) and he isn’t sure what to do with that information. he wants another drink if he wants to keep talking to her, and fuck, he wants to. he makes a stand to head to the kitchen, and half of him wants his tongue to let him beg for her to stay, to wait here but he doesn’t. and she doesn’t move, just watches him stand.

“you don’t talk.” she says, and he stills on his retreat, his guard up and his heart thumping, “you drink and you smoke but you don’t talk.”

it’s a realness that he isn’t sure he’s okay with facing right now, because fuck. fuck. he goes to get another drink and by the time he makes it back outside, the place she sat is as cold as he feels.


ashton goes to visit him mum the next week, isn’t back until sunday. he’s almost selfish enough to ask him not to go so he can see her again. ashton told them not to have a party without him. he doesn’t though, and they haven’t planned anything and instead as the weekend approaches, he lays on his sofa, let’s michael play with his hair absentmindedly as they eat chinese and play fortnight. he can barely believe himself when he asks,

“hey uh, d’you know if luke is seeing that girl?”

“which one?” michael prompts through a mouthful of noodles. calum grimaces, but says her name. it rolls so sweetly off his tongue.

“nah, they just study together, why? are you -” michael sits up a little and looks at him with bright eyes, “are you into her? does this mean you’re actually ready to move on?”

calum frowns and eats his spring roll a little aggressively, “i’m not - that’s not what i -, and i moved on ages ago, dickhead i just -”

michael doesn’t push him, he never does, just pats his hair again and calum resettles a little and then,

“can we throw a party tomorrow?”

“ash will be heartbroken,” mike grins, but he pauses their game to grab his phone and send out mass texts. he doesn’t have to ask to know he’s going to invite her too. he feels lighter and pushes the rest of his takeout away. luke will eat it later.

“can you give me her number?”



hey it’s calum. we’re havin a party tomorrow. you in?


i have an assignment i need to work on but i’ll be there




stop flirting with me i already said ill be there x


you’ll be the highlight of my week

he puts his phone down and squeezes his eyes shut.


he puts more effort into his outfit than he usually does, tries to style his thick, black curls better than he usually cares for. they don’t sit right so he shoves a beanie on instead. he’s anxious, and he takes two joints downstairs to share with luke and michael and they smoke in the backyard before everyone else arrives. and once they do, once their house becomes full again of people that may or not be his friends, of people who may or not like him, of people that definitely don’t know shit about him, he feels looser and he feels anxious and he starts on the spirits. he shouldn’t drink after smoking, but he needs to occupy his hands. she comes, she walks through the open front door and he might as well let her walk into his fucking heart with the way he feels. he can’t decide if he loves it or hates it. he falls so fucking quick.

he waits outside, further in the garden where he always goes and where she will always find him.

“look at you, checkered trousers? a beanie? who’re you dressing up for?” she teases when she reaches him (fuck, he looks so good), and he bites his cheek. you. “the music is good tonight, your playlist again?”

“yeah,” he says and she smiles,

“i heard you asked if i was dating luke,” she says, so nonchalant and his throat feels thick,

“and if i did?”

“would it bother you if i were?”

“maybe,” he admits and then, “i don’t think i like the thought of you dating him,”

she sips from her drink and he thinks he can see a slight flush to her cheeks. she licks her lips,

“how about if i promise not to get with luke, you tell me something about yourself because i can’t work you out and that’s incredibly frustrating,”

his lips quirk and he swallows because that’s a tempting offer and he wants too, and that terrifies him a little. she’s looking at him with big eyes and a warm mouth, wearing freckles on her nose so he says that first thing that comes to mind.

“i hate thinking of the future,”

“everyone does -” she starts but he cuts her off. he has a lot he wants to say.

“i’m terrified of the future because it’s so close. it’s so close and i’m so young and there’s so much pressure to do everything in our twenties, y’know? and i know that isn’t true, i know we have all our lives but i feel like i have to do everything and i have to do it now but i don’t know what it is i want to do. i don’t even know if i want to do what i’m studying. i don’t know if i want to stay here. i don’t know if i wanna travel. i just don’t know and i feel like i need to.”

she watches him and he can’t decide if she’s keeping his body grounded to the floor, or if she’s sending his head floating off someplace different. some place he’d rather be. fuck he’s high.

“and i thought you were just gonna tell me you didn’t believe in aliens or something,” she says lightly,

“anyone who says aliens aren’t real are lying to themselves,” he smiles, “a universe as big as this? and we’re the only things alive? sounds fake but alright,”

“that’s a big mood,” she grins, sips from her drink thoughtfully and he snorts, looks at her somewhat affectionately.

“d’you lie to yourself?” she asks after a moment.

“sure,” he tells her, honest and naked. he wants to kiss her.

“me too,” she stretches her legs, “i lie to myself that i look good in tight fitting tops,”

he clicks his tongue, eyes can’t stop themselves from looking at what she’s wearing, and she’s so fucking beautiful that the idea that she doesn’t think so hurts him a little,

“you do,” he tells her, holds her gaze when she meets it, “you look good in everything i’ve ever seen you in,”

she hums, smiles. he wants to kiss her. he drinks from his drink instead, whiskey sloshes in his stomach.

“tell me something else.” she demands, and he admires her bravery. he wishes he was brave.

“maybe next week,”

she watches him, curiosity written all over her face. she accepts that he probably isn’t going to speak anymore and she accepts that she could listen to him talk for hours, probably. she sits with him for awhile and they don’t say much else. it’s the most comfortable silence he’s had in a long time.

that night she follows him on all his social media, even though he rarely posts anything. he scrolls through her instagram and has to stop his thumb double tapping each picture. he follows her back.


calum has a shit week; he fails his last paper and he’s spent the last three days in bed, sick with the stomach bug that’s been going around the college and the boys quarantine him to his room so they don’t get sick too. there’s only so many times he can rewatch the office before he can talk alongside the tv.

they have a smaller party this week, and he feels better but not enough to attempt to stomach alcohol and watches as everyone around him gets drunk instead. he wonders if she’ll show tonight, wonders if luke invited her this time because he knows he didn’t. his stomach feels a little nauseous when she walks through the door and he doesn’t think it’s from the bug this time. he goes outside and waits for her to find him there.

“you not drinking tonight?” she asks when she does. she’s wearing a band tee tucked into loose trousers and he swallows, throat thick,

“haven’t been feeling great,” he tells her and she crosses her legs when she sits.

“you look great though,” she tells him and he sends her an unimpressed look because he knows he doesn’t. (she always thinks he does). he picks at the blades of grass beneath his fingers,

“how was your week?”

“better if you’d asked me out,”

his head jerks up and he raises an eyebrow at her. she holds his stare as she sips from her drink, and he notices the dark of her lipstick stain the rim. he wants them to stain his neck too.

“ask you out, huh?” he asks, lips tugged up and teases, “i dunno, i talk a lot, you sure you could handle that?”

she grins and wishes he’d talk more, “i dunno, pretty sure i can handle anything,”

her eyes are dark and he feels hot from the implication but he grins, watches as her face lights up when she grins back.

“yeah? even if i told you i put my milk in my tea before the water?”

her mouth drops open, “what kind of human does that?”

“and i thought you could handle anything,” he grins.

“what other sick secrets are you hiding?” she asks, and leans in closer, rests her hand on her palm. he wants to close the distance and kiss her. he doesn’t.

“i google the end of films cause i hate the suspense,” he admits, voice quiet, and watches as her eyebrows shoot up.

“who are you?”  

he grins and makes a stand to head back inside. his stomach feels sick and he’s still unsure if it’s the actual sickness or if it’s her.


calum walks downstairs at just past ten, bleary eyed and ruffling his bed head as he stifles a yawn.

“morning, dude,” ashton smiles from the sofa, “made a cup of tea for you, just need to add the water,”

calum smiles in appreciation and itches his bare tummy as he moves to the kitchen. he nods his head in greeting to luke, working with papers and books spread over the entirety of the dining room table and then flicks on the kettle. he hears someone join luke at the table and he doesn’t think too much of it as he stirs and removes his tea bag, heads back through the dining room and then stops dead, stops so sudden he scolds his fingers as his tea sloshes and swears.

she’s sat there, leaning close to luke and highlighting an entire paragraph on the page between them. she’s sat there, on a monday fucking morning, smiling like it’s a sunday and looking like it’s a friday. it’s insanely unnecessary, he thinks, to look like that. he swears as he shakes the burn from his fingers and they both look up at him.

he watches as she meets his eye and then drops it again as they find his bare chest, and linger on his tattoos. his fingers clench around the handle of his mug.

“morning,” she says at last.

“morning,” he repeats, his voice husky from sleep. she wants to kiss him. she doesn’t. luke watches and ducks his head to smile. she looks at him for a moment longer before dropping her head to refocus on the text in front of her. calum is able to unstick his feet from where they’d frozen to join ashton on the sofa. he falls back to sleep ten minutes later, feet propped in ash’s lap.

she finds it hard to concentrate again after seeing him, all sleepy and soft and she feels all soft herself. he’s wearing nothing but soft, worn sweatpants for fucks sake. luke’s talking, they’re working on an essay together but she’s not following him and doesn’t realise until he nudges her shoulders,

“what’s up?”

“is calum seeing anyone?” she asks, drops her voice incase he hears.

“nah,” luke smiles. that doesn’t make sense to her.

“why not?”

luke hesitates, “the last couple of girls he’s dated haven’t been, uh, very good to him.”

she frowns and her eyes move to the wall that he’s on the other side of. she wonders if he can feel her stare. she doesn’t say anything else and forces herself to focus.

they break for a drink and some toast, because that’s all they have to offer her because no one has been bothered to go shopping. (he swears to god it’s mikey’s turn). she finds him leaning against the breakfast bar, scrolling on his phone. he looks up at her as soon as she comes in and clicks his phone locked.

“coffee break?” he asks and she nods, yawns wide to reveal gently uneven teeth.

“what happened to the rest of your clothes?” she asks, smiling, bumping his hip and coming to rest next to him. his bare skin feels so hot, it burns through her jacket. her eyes follow the dark lines of all the tattoos she didn’t know he had and she squeezes her thighs together a little,

“you telling me you don’t remember last night?” he pouts, eyes crinkling with the tease and she lets out a surprised laugh,

“so that’s why i woke up so tired this morning,”

he smiles and wishes he was the reason she was tired. he wants to feel that kind of tired again.

“so what’re you and luke working on?” he asks, as she bumps his hip again until he moves and she can reach up to grab a couple of mugs. he’s surprised that she already knows where they’re kept. he wonders how many times she’s actually been over and he hadn’t noticed (or purposely avoided). he certainly notices now, as she stretches to reach and her top lifts and skin that he wants to touch and hold reveals itself.

“working on an essay, counts as part of our final,”

“and she’s being no help at all,” luke laughs as he joins them, and she nudges him in the stomach.

calum steps back a little and watches them, eyebrows unconsciously pushing together, crossing his arms. he watches them laugh and banter and he feels left out and the situation feels all too familiar. he leaves, and she follows him with curious eyes that burn into the back of his neck. luke coughs a little guiltily.


he finds himself at the icecream parlour, and fuck, he doesn’t even like ice cream and he doesn’t know what he’s doing here. but she shows behind the counter and she’s what he’s doing here. he can’t get her out of his head. maybe he can brain freeze her out. he stands in the queue, the last in line and when he’s next, hands tucked into his pockets and shoulders by his ears, she meets his eyes and he feels them drop.

“hey,” she says, smiles, sweet and kind and she fits in so well here, “what can i get ya?”

“uh,” he scans his eyes over the counter and none of the options look appealing, “workers choice? what’s your favourite?”

“salted caramel pretzel,” she answers immediately and he scrunches his nose up,

“sounds gross,” and then, “one scoop, please,”

she busies herself, and he watches her and she feels hyper aware of his gaze. she hands it over in a cone and clears her throat, “anything else?”

“can i buy you one too?” he asks and her heart thumps. she glances at the clock and the almost empty store,

“yeah, yeah i could have one real quick,”

he smiles, relieved and fumbles to get out his wallet,

“don’t worry about it, employee discount and everything,” she smiles and pushes his hand away when he tries to hand her a note anyway.

they sit in a booth by the counter in case she needs to serve anyone and fuck. do they have any liquor ice cream? he doesn’t know what to say, and he thinks this was a bad idea. a real bad idea. he eyes the door but she speaks then.

“so what do i owe the pleasure of a surprise visit at work?” and then, “wait, you did know i worked here, right?”

he chuckles and she melts quicker than her ice cream.

“nah i just came for the overpriced, overrated flavoured ice. what was your name again?” he grins. she rolls her eyes but she’s smiling wide because his smile is so fucking infectious whenever he wears it.

she asks him about his day, his week. he tells her he made up his last exam, and she tells him that she’s finished her essay with luke and he wonders which part of him is sending that feeling of relief. it turns out to be surprisingly easy to talk to her, even with the ice cream cone in his hand rather than a drink.

“hey listen,” she starts and shifts to sit on one of her legs, “what happened with your ex?”

he coughs and chokes a little on the sickly cream because of all things he thought they’d talk about, that was not one of them.

“why’d’you ask?”

she shrugs and watches him watch the last of his ice cream start to melt and drip down the sides. his lips are shiny, full and dark and she’s half tempted to lick the ice cream off of them instead of her spoon.

“i loved her and she didn’t love me,” he says eventually and her heart squeezes. he licks his cone and watches as she sucks on her spoon. his eyes zero in on her lips and watches as they quirk a little. and then he says, “i want what i had, with her. but i want to have it with someone else, y’know?”

have it with me she wants to say.

“you will,” she says instead. and even though almost everyone has told him the same thing, she is the first person he believes.


they don’t have a party the next week, both ash and luke put their foot down and tells them they’ve had enough of cleaning up the house every sunday morning by themself and michael and calum have the decency to look a little guilty as they glare at them. they go out into town instead, follow the vibration of clubs and the clicking of heels. ashton nudges him and asks if he’s going to hook up tonight. he shrugs a shoulder and heads to the bar with him. he’s only interested in hooking up with her and she isn’t here.

“you’re buying first rounds,” calum tells him and slams back the first few shots and sticks his tongue out in distaste.

“-i told her where we are, she said she’ll be here soon,” luke says, purposely loud so calum will ask,

“who will be here when?”

luke says her name. he feels the need for about four more shots. he still hasn’t asked her out, even after their unofficial date at her work. he left with the promise to call her but he hasn’t. he doesn’t know why. (but he does, he’s a coward).

he’s tipsy already and she’s not here yet and he needs to know for sure,

“luke, are you sure you guys don’t have a thing?”

luke smiles gently, “no, dude. we don’t,”

calum nods and then orders the next load of shots and allows himself to be dragged towards the dance floor, allows himself to join in with his friends as they sway in the standard boyish dance, as they yell over the music and flirt with girls that dance close.

when the fourth song that he doesn’t know plays, he heads outside into the smoking area where he can lean against the wall and tip his head back, and will it to be quieter for just a minute, or for better music to play for the love of god.


his neck moves so quick he reckons he might give himself whiplash. she’s wearing a crop top and heeled boots and lighter lips.

“hi,” he says quietly. she joins him against the wall, shoulders pressing together. she waits for him to speak. “you know what sucks about clubs?”

“you can’t play your own music?” she guesses and he smiles because,

“yeah. chart music sucks,”

“how edgy of you to say,” she teases, and sips her drink. they move to sit down on the steps and he pulls a cigarette out of his pocket. she starts to talk about her week, and he listens with interest and all he thinks about is that he hasn’t asked her out and how much he wishes he had. she doesn’t mention that he hasn’t called.

“wanna go get another drink?” he asks when she’s quiet but she shakes her head, gestures to the drink she has left and he tips his head back to finish the rest of his.

“calum,” she says quietly. he pauses. she looks at him like she’s waiting for him to say something. he’s drunk enough to want to say a lot, drunk enough to twist slightly where he sits and look at her properly. he’s drunk enough to let open his mouth, unfiltered and loose.

“I like you,” he says and then wants to swallow his tongue but since he’s started, and since his tongue no longer feels like it’s his, he keeps going. “I like you, and that freaks me out. it freaks me out because i don’t want to like anyone. i don’t -” he stops, looks up to the sky and tries again, “i don’t want to give anyone any part of me because i don’t want them to use it. i don’t want anyone to have pieces of me because when they do it means i can lose them, and i can lose bits of me too. and that means more hurt that i have feel when i do and i don’t want to give anyone the option to hurt me apart from myself.”

“just because someone hurt you before doesn’t mean everyone you let in will do the same,” she says after awhile, voice as soft as she makes him feel.

let me in she wants to beg.

“there’s no way you could know that,” he says and she shrugs,

“no,” she agrees, “but if you think like that, you’re gonna end up lonely. and you don’t have to be lonely if you choose not to be,”

he looks at her drink, and she’s drinking wine. he doesn’t like wine. but he might like it if he tastes it on her lips instead. he glances at her mouth, and she watches with hooded eyes and she doesn’t stop him when he leans in. she leans in to meet him instead.

he hasn’t kissed anyone in a long time. and kissing her feels a lot like breathing. he wonders how he managed to stay underwater for so long. she kisses him, drops her cup to spill onto the concrete and winds her arms around his neck, and he lets his wind around her waist, cup her cheek. she bites his lip and he squeezes her hip and his lips feel numb and he feels everything. and when she pulls back, she’s panting and she’s looking at him and suddenly it’s as though someone has dumped a bucket of cold water over his head and down his spine. he pulls away, stands up and moves as quick as his legs will stumble back into the club. he ignores her calls, and pushes passed people, pushes passed luke despite the hand that tries to grab him and pushes until he’s out into the street and doesn’t stop until he’s home. he slams his bedroom door shut when he reaches it. he punches his pillow and traces his kiss bitten lips and tries to beg his head to stop spinning.


calum is embarrassed. he feels embarrassed that he’s talked to her more in the past three months than he’s talked to probably anyone ever. he feels embarrassed that he told her he likes her, and he feels embarrassed that he kissed her and then ran the fuck away.

he wants to avoid her, he tries to avoid her. he tries to hold off having a party the following weekend but michael tells him to shut up so he does. he half attempts to go somewhere else instead of stay home but as he walks, he walks past the ice-cream parlour where she works. he walks faster and his subconscious takes him back home. he rolls himself a cigarette (not a joint. if tonight is going to go the way he wants, he wants to be sober) to try calm himself down, try to stop the over thinking of nothing. his hands shake a little as their door opens and stays open and ashtons playlist plays instead of his.

he sees her and ducks his head, ignores the thud of his pulse in his wrist. he forces conversation with some guys from his course, glues himself to ashton until he sees her with luke. they stand close and his hand is on her lower back and they’re laughing about something and he wants to yell a little. luke told him there was nothing between them. he believes him but he doesn’t when he leans down to talk in her ear. he walks over and taps her shoulder. she jumps and so does her heart when she meets dark, brown eyes that she wants to sink into.

“come outside with me?”

she hesitates and glances at luke, but he looks over her head to michael and slips away. calum bites his lip,



the garden isn’t as busy as it was in the summer, the autumn nights cooler and crisp and he tucks his hands into his pockets as they walk away from the noise.

“seeing you with someone else is shit,” he says and she looks at him,

“it was just luke and i already promised you i wouldn’t get with him, or whatever. i’m not interested in luke,”

her voice is firm and his mouth works to try and say what he needs to say but words and his tongue fail him and she crosses her arms.

“y’know, being mysterious and walking away from me is only sexy for so long,” she tells him and he leans against the fence, “you’re the one that kissed me and then ghosted me,” she reminds him.

“my last girlfriend cheated on me for two months,” he confesses and her mouth snaps shut, “and my girlfriend before that made moves on luke everytime i fell asleep,”

“oh. shit that’s - wait, did luke -,” she asks, raising her voice a little and his lips quirk,

“course he didn’t. didn’t stop the fact she did though. and seeing you close with him just - I dunno. i don’t want to see you with anyone else,”

“so let me see you, you fucking idiot,” she says but she smiles and moves closer.

“yeah?” he asks, hesitant and she takes his hands and settles them on her hips. he pulls her closer to stand between his legs.

“you know that’s what i want,” she mumbles, “i’ve been asking you to ask me out for weeks,”

“oh shit,” he realises, pulls her closer, “well that’s one way to boost a guys self esteem. you must be pretty into me,” he grins and his hands tighten.

she runs a hand through his hair like she’s always wanted to and looks at him, savours being this close. her eyes move over his face and he feels hot under them, “is that okay?”

his heart thumps against his ribs; he doesn’t know if it’s trying to get closer or trying to stay away. he bends his neck until he can touch his forehead to hers,

“that depends,” he murmurs, “are you gonna break my heart too?”

she doesn’t answer but she kisses him, pushes up to his mouth on the tips of her toes and winds her hands in his hair and around his neck. he stumbles back a little from the intensity and lets himself be kissed, lets himself kiss her back, lets his hands sweep over her back, lets them slip under her top the way they’ve always wanted to and she keens into him.

“d’you wanna go upstairs?” he asks, low against her lips as she falls flat on her feet again and she’s nodding before he finishes his sentence. he smiles and kisses her again, before taking her hand and leading them back into the house. they have to start and stop, calum gets stopped every few damn inches and she smiles against his arm as he tries to shake them off.

“you sure you don’t wanna stay down here?” she asks when they reach the stairs, pausing at the first one, eyes twinkling as she smiles cheekily, “and socialise with all your friends?”

“no, -” he starts,

“maybe we can see where luke went?” she grins, a hot flush runs down her spine and settles in her stomach at the look that flashes in his eyes and lets him tug her close, sharp and strong so that she stumbles against his chest. he tucks a finger under her chin so she looks at him,

no. i want you. all to myself,” he murmurs and she shivers, takes his hand again and leads them up the stairs.

it’s quieter in his room as he shuts the door but not by much. the bass of ashton’s playlist vibrates through his floorboards and he watches as she looks around his room, the messy unmade bed with dark blue sheets that she wants to curl into. there’s his own bass in the corner, and he wants to play it for her one day. it’s a tiny thing, to want to show someone, but it feels more than that. he walks behind her and hugs her hips, pulls her flush against him and kisses her cheek.

“we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he says and she smiles,

“i’m not doing anything i don’t want to,” she promises, turns in his arms, “or anyone,”

he smiles, “and you only wanna do me,”

the “right?” goes unsaid but her smile mirrors his and it’s like something secret between them as she parrots back,

“and i only wanna do you,”

(and fuck, she means it)

he kisses her, teases her lips with his tongue and she sighs into his mouth as he walks her towards his bed and lets his fingers find the ends of her top, hitches it up slightly and pauses until the eager nod of her head as she raises her arms. her fingers fumble to tug his off too, and damn,

“your body is sinful,” she mumbles and his stomach tightens with the compliment, and her hands find where he’s tense and feels as his muscles relax under her touch. she’s mesmerized by him.

“mesmerized, huh?” he teases playfully, and his heart feels full as he moves close so he can mumble against her lips and she hardly notices as the rest of their clothes seem to fall because fuck, he’s smooth, “keep talking dirty to me, baby,”

“fuck off,” she grins, and her smile stays as he guides her down to the bed and kneels to join her. she slides up his mattress until she hits his pillows and his smell is suddenly everywhere and her legs part and move to cradle his hips. he notices how easily they seem to fit together. her eyes fall to the low rise of his boxers and she wants them off, “calum,”

he loves his name on her mouth, and he leans down to press his to hers again and her fingers twist in his hair,

“your hair is so fucking soft,” she sighs as he kisses her neck, and then laughs at the snort he replies with,

“i should’ve known you’d be chatty in bed,”

she wants to be offended but he says it with such soft affection in his voice that she doesn’t mind, and then his hands, his goddamn fingers are moving. she holds her breath as they move across her chest, as one hand runs down her sides to clutch at her thigh and move it higher against his waist and she all but melts into his bed and his touch. seeing him, calum, between her legs, with his warm brown skin and his arms as they move to hold his weight and touch her is a little too much and she wants more of it. seeing her being so vulnerable and open with him makes him feel higher than his green ever could. she moves to sit up and he goes with her easily and her hands shake a little as they tug at his boxers.

“take ‘em off,” she says, voice quiet now and the music has almost faded out and she can focus on his breathing, finds relief that it’s almost as quick as hers. he moves back so he can, and he isn’t wearing anything and now it’s too much, for the both of them. he kisses her, and his arms wrap tight around her waist and she feels safe. she hopes he does too.

“can i take yours off, too?” he murmurs against her skin and she falls back, leaves him knelt between her legs for him to take whatever he wants, “fuck,” he says and he has a soft smile on his face because he feels soft for her all over, except where he really isn’t.

he wants this to last but he knows it won’t, not for as long as he’d like (it’s been awhile), as he falls between her legs again and rests his forehead on her shoulder to watch as he slips in and everything is warm and fuck. she pulls him up by his hair when she’s ready, and he sinks into kissing her as he lets his hips move, lets his hands slide down to her thighs again, moves her leg until it sits over his shoulder,

“jesus fuck,” he mutters, and her lips attach themselves to his neck and her fingers wrap tight around the arm he’s leaning his weight on, squeeze his wrist until he’s sure he’ll be the one with bruises and he sucks on her lip, bites it until it’s swollen from his kisses.

“calum,” she says, and her voice hitches as he moves, “i won’t,”

he’s about to ask what she means, but he gets distracted when she moves her hips with his and she’s hitching up the bed,

“i won’t, fuck - i won’t, i promise, calum-”

she hopes he understand. he does. and jesus, he’s never been so glad that he falls so quickly. he doesn’t notice the headboards knocking softly against the wall until she laughs, and he opens the eyes he hadn’t realised he’d closed,

“the headboard,” she laughs and he can’t help but laugh a little too until his stomach starts to tighten and he kisses her, hard and intense and her mouth struggles to keep up as she sighs and he lets out a groan in the back of his throat and slows, kisses her gentle until he can find the energy to pull himself up and away and tug her into his sweaty chest. he kisses the top of her head and she kisses his chest.

“god i’m tired,” he mumbles and she makes a noise of agreement and cuddles closer, “lemme just -” he tries to wiggle out from her grip but she holds him tighter stubbornly and he smiles, “i’ll be right back,”

he goes to the bathroom to get rid of the latex and grab a glass of water and she’s almost asleep when he returns. he turns off the light and climbs back into bed, and she folds herself around him instantly. the party is still going, he can hear the music again, louder than before and he smiles as he closes his eyes.


he forgets, how much he likes waking up to someone in his bed. she has her back to him and he’s tucked against her, legs slotted behind hers and arm loose around her waist. he also forgets how sweaty cuddling can be and he rolls onto his back and kicks the duvet until it only covers his legs. the house is quiet, and he listens to her slow, paced breathing. he tries to fall back to sleep too, but he’s awake now and he stays where he lies until she stirs, and his heart picks up just a little. she twists in his bedsheets and blinks her eyes open to greet him and smiles softly.

“hi,” he says quietly, moving his arm so she can wiggle closer and cuddle back against his chest.

“hi,” she whispers, picks up his hand and plays with his fingers until he catches her and twists them together, “are you okay?”

“yeah, are you?”

“m’tired,” she mumbles sleepily and he smiles, kisses the top of her head,

“go back to sleep,”

“don’t wanna,” she argues but she lets her eyes close again until she’s pilant against him again. he waits for a few moments, before he shifts gently and can roll out of bed. he moves around his room as quietly as possible, slips into grey joggers and his green hoodie, grabs his phone from his jeans on the floor and looks at her again before he heads downstairs. it’s a fucking mess, and it reminds him why he doesn’t get up earlier than twelve.

ashton is the only one awake, the only one who is ever awake first in their house, waiting for the kettle to boil. he smiles at him when he joins him, and calum gives him a hug. he feels very affectionate and ashton laughs, always hugs him back before he shoves him off and grabs a mug for him,

“you’re pretty gone for her, huh?” ashton asks and calum shrugs. it’s scary that it’s so obvious. “man, i wish everyone knew what a giant softie you actually are,”

“i’m man enough to own my softness,” calum says, and ashton laughs sleepily. calum reaches over him to grab her a mug too, and tells ashton how she likes her coffee. he’s not entirely sure when he learnt how she takes her drinks. he takes both steaming mugs back to his room, after ashton pokes at the hickey on his neck.

he was only downstairs for a few minutes but she’s sat up in his bed when he returns, gazing at the photos on his wall and the vinyl player beneath it. she looks at him as he comes back and closes his door with his foot, and he looks so good and soft and cuddly and she melts into his sheets all over again.

“did i wake you?” he asks, as he sets the mugs down and slides back under the duvet she pulls back for him, “m’sorry, i made you a cup of coffee,”

“thanks,” she smiles, and makes grabby fingers until he rolls his eyes and passes it to her. they sip in comfortable silence for a couple of minutes, her head comes to rest on his shoulder and she plays with the drawstring of his hoodie, “i like this, i’m gonna steal it,”

“oh yeah?” he asks, “not sure if you can pull of this colour like i can though,” he teases and she pouts and pokes at his stomach.

“so, uh,” he starts and his heart is starting to race a little with irrational anxiety that he doesn’t think he’ll ever shake, “last night was good for you too, right?”

she pushes off him and twists so her shoulder leans on his headboard and she can see him properly, sleepy and gorgeous, “last night was amazing,” she promises and he leans forward to kiss her, simple and gentle and it’s her favourite kiss yet.

“so, d’you wanna do it again?” he asks hesitantly and she grins,

“what, right now?”

“no not right now,” he smiles and then ponders, “well we could -,”

she laughs and he swears he’s going to make her laugh every damn day,

“i mean, d’you wanna do it, and everything else, with just me?”

“nah i already got what i wanted,” she teases, and he would start to worry a little, except that she’s put both of their mugs down and is climbing into his lap, “yes, i wanna do it and everything else with just you,”

she loves him.

he hugs her tight on his lap, kisses the coffee from her lips. they stay like that for most of the morning, only moving to make another cup of tea for him and a cup of coffee for her, and to play one of his favourite records on his vinyl and to roll in his sheets that can quickly become theirs to steal kisses. when she asks if he’ll play his bass for her, he sits cross legged on his bed, head bowed to make sure his fingers move right on the strings because he’s still practicing after realising guitar wasn’t where he was talented, and she watches with goddamn admiration. he finishes a song and looks up at her and he feels so undeniably warm.

he loves her, and yeah; he could really get used to this.



And that kids, is how you can get pregnant without having sex

Banished !

Calum x Reader

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

“So yeah, I was like Michael you can’t just request for the dictionary people to just put your jibberish in there”, Calum said to Ashton via facetime.

You sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time, tossing your body to the other side in the process. Calum had been facetiming Ashton since 9:00 but it was now two in the morning and he was still on the phone.

He let out a loud chuckle, “Y/N and I have to catch a flight out there this morning”, Calum changed the subject.

“What’s she doing”, Ashton asked absent mindedly.

“Sleeping”, Calum patted your arm before letting out a yawn, “So have you guys figured out the bridge for that one song”, Calum started a whole new conversation.

You tossed again, facing Calum.

“Y/N can you please stop moving so much”, Calum asked.

You sat up and sent him a glare, “Can I stop moving so much”, you chuckled, “I don’t fucking know! Can you get off the phone, it’s like two in the morning and we have a flight at like seven. I haven’t gotten any sleep because you have an obnoxious laugh that only seems to come out when other people are trying to sleep”, you sleepiness had turned into stupid anger.

Ashton chuckled from the phone, “Watch out Cal.” Luke and Michael suddenly appeared on screen to see what all the commotion was about.

“Y/N I’m just say–”, Calum began.

“And you”, you pointed at Ashton, “Don’t you have better things to do than to bother my household at weird hours of the night! Go to fucking sleep. The timezones are probably different so go do something, we’ll see you guys later”, you threw your hands up.

“Why are you so mad”, Calum giggled.

“Get out”, you pointed to the door.

“What”, he asked with shock.

You grabbed his pillow and threw it out the door in one swift movement, “Have a nice night, guest room is down the hall”, you smiled.

“You can’t be serious! What are you even doing”, Calum asked with slight panic.

“I’m….banishing you!”

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too”, Calum looked at Ashton with a grin before looking back at you, trying to keep a straight face.

“Happy wife, happy life, now get the hell out”, you kicked his leg lightly.

“Well then”, Calum put his hands up, “You’re just salty because none of you friends care enough to face time YOU at weird hours of the night”, C-dizzle was making a comeback.

“You’re right Calum. I’m very jealous of you and your friends. The Breadstick, The School Girl, and Highlighter Head!”

Calum stood up and got off the bed, not before processing what you said and busting into fits of laughter.



get you a boy that can do both

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 8

Okay, okay I know this is long over due and I’m sorry. At first it was cause of school, but then I started binge watching on Netflix all day yesterday, but this is extra long and cute and angsty. Keep in mind that half of this was written at two in the morning after I was done crying from finishing the last episode of 13 reasons why. (Yall needa go watch that shit) I hope you guys enjoy the chapter, y'all know I need 100 notes for part 9 and leave feedback💕

One more thing…Ik it probably doesn’t make sense but I’m gonna pretend like this takes place after like a month from the last time they met.

**WARNING**: Nothing really, just a make out and a small mention of masturbation.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“Cal, can you not.” You snorted as he tried to squeeze into the tight fitting top you picked out not too long ago.

“I can get in it, I swear.” He grunted while attempting to get the small shirt over his shoulder.

He had took you shopping once again and as always he came into the dressing room with you. This particular time, however, Calum got so bored he decided to try on clothes as well. You didn’t have a problem with that, but he could at least try on something in his size.

“You’re gonna rip it.” You laughed.“ Then you’ll have to buy it just to throw away.”

“I’m going to get in this shirt, Y/N.”

“Oh my God.” You began to laugh harder at his determination, deciding to try on another article of clothing for your sake.“ I think these shorts are gonna make my ass pop.”

“It already pops, Y/N. Your ass is fucking perfect.” He absentmindedly complimented you.

“Take off the shi-”

“I got it!” He yelled once he finally got the top onto his body, throwing his hands up in the air in excitement.

It was quiet as you both heard the sound of fabric tearing. You placed your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter and Calum’s cheeks slowly flushed pink.

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