5sos mmvas

Interviewer: the fans have voted, you have won the best dressed of the night!

Michael: wow! Really?

Interviewer: an overwhelming amount of votes for 5sos

Michael: really?

Michael: is this for real?

Michael: I think everyone.. has everyone won this?

Interviewer: no, just you

Michael: for real?

Michael: I’m gonna keep this

Welp, the North American leg of Meet You There is over.

And this is strange for me on multiple levels, because North America is usually last, so to be smack in the middle, means it’s not over yet. And that gets me excited for whatever new adventures 5sos pull us on.

Maybe they’ll play a song we’ve never heard live.

Maybe they’ll make a live album.

Whatever they do, it’s going to be brilliant, and with the success of Youngblood, I’m sure they’re going to do more.

It’s strange, because I saw them in August, and it’s halfway through october. It was a long, but short tour. I can imagine it was difficult.

I loved being there. At the MMVA’s and Meet You There. They were incredible shows with memories and situations I will never forget.

Thank you 5sos. Have some much needed rest, then enjoy the rest of your tour.

Love you four to the moon and back,