Why So Complicated? [Best Friend’s Ex!Luke AU] Ch. 18

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Chapter 18

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Where you guys go on a date to build a bear bc you have never been to build a bear before

When you had mentioned in passing that you had never been to build a bear before, you never expected Calum to take you. The trip there made you feel like a little girl again, all excited to choose everything yourself.

You immediately chose the pink cuddly teddy as yours. If you were doing this, you were going all out. “Cal, look how cute!” You exclaimed at the sight of the different clothing and accessories laid out. There were even sets of business suits and school uniforms you could buy. Y/N couldn’t believe her parents had not let have this opportunity when she was younger. Kids there be damned, she was taking all her time, not caring what age she was.

Calum, on the other hand, was having so much fun. Watching your eyes lit up with joy, your gasps and smiles at the sight of everything. Unbeknownst to his own heart fluttering, Y/N only looked at Calum in surprise when he placed a kiss to your forehead whilst waiting in the queue.

“What was that for?” She asked.

“Nothing.” He decided on, not yet ready to confess to her that all he could think was how deep in love he was. He’d tell her at a better time, for now content with seeing the happiness on her face as she left with her first bear.

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omg ! and 66 with ash 🙌🏻

66 — Staring At The Other’s Lips, Trying Not To Kiss Them, Before Giving In

It was rare going to a house party with the boys, but they were celebrating the release of Youngblood, and you knew that you couldn’t escape this party even if you tried.

“C’mon, it’ll be fine!” Ashton pleaded with you and you let out a sigh, watching as a victorious smirk crossed his lips.

“You’re an asshole.” You deadpanned at him, his grin slipping into a playful pout before you went and got changed, keeping it simple and easy with skinny jeans and hesitating before stealing Ashton’s yellow shirt that he’d left at yours.

He laughed as you struggled doing a French Tuck, only to strike a pose once done. He snapped a photo and you immediately groaned.

“Don’t you dare post that Irwin!” He danced out of your way as you tried to snatch his phone, huffing in annoyance before grabbing a bag and your keys and you were both out of the door.

The relationship you had with Ashton was strange. He was physically affectionate with you, small kisses to the head, soft touches, always cuddling up. But you were never sure if it was because he liked you or because you were one of his closest friends.

By the time you reached the party, it was in full swing and you had to grin as the other boys greeted you and immediately had you doing shots.

“You’re all ridiculous and determined to get me drunk.” You complained, downing the shot with ease. Michael smirked.

“You’re not actually stopping us though.”

“Because I need to be drunk to deal with you assholes sometimes.” Came the snarky response which set off another round of laughter as Calum called for another round of shots.

As the party picked up, you stuck mostly with the guys, occasionally heading to the makeshift dance floor, especially when older classics started appearing on the playlist. 

You’d lost count of the drinks you’d had, and after a few rounds of dancing, you were starting to feel somewhat trapped with the amount of people around you.

Pushing through the various bodies, you stumbled out the backdoor, your foot catching on your ankle and sending you sprawling out on the decking, a laugh bubbling from your lips as you rolled onto your back.

“Fuck, Y/N. How much have you drunk?” Ashton’s face appeared in your vision and you beamed at him.

“M’not sure. Felt too close in there though.” Chuckling, he helped you up, your body immediately lurching forward into him, and his arms gripped your shoulders to steady you as you placed your hands on his chest.

Your eyes flickered to his face, lingering on his lips a little longer than you’d realised before a blush crept up your neck and he smiled.

“You enjoying tonight?” His hands moved from your shoulders to your waist, and you struggled to focus on something that wasn’t the way his hands felt on your or the way his lips moved.

“Uh, yeah. S’most fun I’ve had in a while.” You admitted almost shyly, wondering where the confident self had disappeared to. 

“You’re a cute drunk, y’know?” It took your brain five seconds longer to register what he’d actually said, your eyes kept going from his lips to his eyes and you could see the way his lips twisted into a smirk, he’d caught you staring.

“Uh, thanks?” You hesitated for a second before sucking in a deep breath. “Can I kiss you?” 

“Thought you’d never ask, doll.” Your eyes widened in shock before you leaned forward, his head tilting down as his lips met yours.

You could taste the alcohol on his lips, and as your lips parted, his tongue slipping into your mouth, you slid your hands up his chest, wrapping them around his neck, your fingers playing with the curls on the nape of his neck.

Pulling back, both of you breathing heavily, your intoxicated mind was absolutely struggling to make sense, but by this point you didn’t care.

“Lets get you home, at least so I can kiss you without everyone watching.” 

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