“the chorus came about when i was actually doing some vocal warm ups and just playing around while touring. i was like ‘hey, that’s pretty cool’. then around, like february and march, there were about maybe four total songs that were all about the same thing. it’s all basically just four different versions of ‘blonde’. i had a second off in april, it was fun to sit down and have fast vocal patterns worked out.”

As a Malaysian, it makes me so happy that the boys have tried to make sentences out of our slang terms.

Jom (pronounced Jome) : let’s go

Rojak (pronounced rowjAk) : a Malaysian fruit dish

Alamak (pronounced AlAmAk) : oh dear/ oh my God

Abuden : (pronounced AbeudEn)  duh/ “what else” in a sarcastic manner 

farmers market



A/N: sorry for not posting much on here, life is super busy but i got this written up and hope you guys enjoy it :)

It couldn’t be him. What in the world were the odds that he would be at the farmers market so early on a Sunday morning. But you swore you saw him, as you picked up a fresh soft peach from the wooden bucket, you saw him. That messy blonde hair, his wide blue eyes. Truthfully, you thought your eyes were just playing tricks on you, till you looked up again and he was closer this time.

10 months. It was quite a long time, and somedays it felt like he had left years ago, while other days it felt like the other day. Yesterday it felt like the latter. That’s why you didn’t go to the party everyone was talking about. The one all your friends were begging you to go to. It didn’t take an idiot to know that he would be there too. It also didn’t take an idiot to know that that was one of the reasons your friends were blowing up your phone telling you to get your ass over to the party.

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