luke got me fucked up with this one and the following ensued 🙃

“why the fuck you up so early?” you grumble, sleepy eyes adjusting to the daylight filtering into the room through the open blinds. Luke continues scrolling instagram on his phone with one hand, the other reaching out for you. You take his hand gently, kissing his knuckles and sitting up a little straighter in bed.

“did you know instagram does stories now? like snapchat?”

Luke looks at you when you don’t answer immediately, and he’s greeted by a face that tells him he’s fallen behind.

“Are you new?” You giggle, Luke smiles egging you on. He shrugs and explains that he didn’t fucking know, he’s not as tech-savvy as ashton is.

you snort, rolling your eyes and stretching. luke seems to have found his boxers and undershirt in the mass of sheets and blankets and clothes on the floor. you’re still naked underneath the thin sheet on the bed; like had wasted no time once you got back to the hotel.

“speaking of ash, where is he?” you ask, looking back at your boyfriend beside you. luke is seemingly too entranced by the way your breasts move to answer you properly; he licks his lips and nods toward the door, his eyes slowly lifting from your chest to your face.

The bed beside yours, ashton’s, is empty and shoddily made (he never liked leaving his bed unmade). Luke takes hold of your wrist, leaning forward and kissing the inside, piercing blue eyes distracting you from the slight scratch of his beard.

“don’t think he’ll be back for a lil bit” he whispers into your skin, kissing up the length of your arm to your shoulder, biting the place when your shoulder meets your neck. you bite your lip, eyes fluttering shut as luke’s lips travel lower, tongue circling your nipple once before putting his mouth around it. your head drops back as luke sucks on your breasts, little moans filtering from his mouth as he pleases you. he gets off on this; your moans and your hands in his hair and his mouth on you in any way he can get. he loves watching you come apart and the fact that he can do this to you makes him so hard.

he knows what he wants when he releases your nipple from his mouth; he remembers what dream had woken him up so much earlier than you. he’s kissing up your chest, sucking another mark into your neck before kissing the shell of your ear gingerly, taking a moment to just listen to your shallow breathing and light whimpers. he licks his lips, biting back the moan rising in his throat as he pictures how he wants you. You can feel his lips against your ear as he whispers, his voice ragged and hot, “will you sit on my face, princess?”

the moan you release comes with a body-wracking shudder and luke doesn’t stop there, “i dreamt about it; your thighs around my head, my tongue buried so deep inside that pretty fucking pussy of yours…fuck, i want it so bad, baby. want to taste you so bad…”


“P-please, baby? Want you to fuck my face, wanna get you off like that. You look so hot when you’re above me, wanna make you feel good, fuck you with my tongue, suck on your clit, i get hard just thinking about it…”

you nod quickly, your lips bruising his as you kiss him and sit up simultaneously. luke rolls onto his back, moaning as you suck his tongue into his mouth, his hands dropping from your breasts to your hips. He pulls back, licking his lips as he watches you situate yourself above his face. luke’s hands skim up your thighs, reaching around and taking hold of your ass.

“you ready for me, baby?” you question, echoing the words he usually says to you before he gently slides his cock into your mouth. he nods, eyes wide and fingertips pressing into your ass harder.

“fuck, i want it, wanna feel you come on my tongue, baby” he’s breathless, licking his lips and not giving you a chance to bring yourself down as he pulls you, the light burn of his beard arousing and welcome as he fits his entire mouth over your pussy. you groan loud and look down; luke’s closed his eyes, lips closing around your clit and sucking hard, a groan of pure bliss emitting from his throat.

he doesn’t tease and you’re thankful; his tongue brushes over your clit quickly and firmly, the stroked prompting you start your own rhythm against his face. you can feel the faint beard burn on your thighs and you look down to see luke looking up at you, his nose just barely glistening with your slick as you start to move.
luke winks up at you, shifting down further. You’re confused until you feel him slick his tongue over your entrance, the moan he releases vibrating through you. He licks up what he can and pulls back, licking his lips quickly before diving back in.

“Fucking love how you taste, princess. Wanna eat you out all the time…”

his tongue slips inside of you fully; you can feel every move it makes inside you as it slides in fully. Any words on your mouth die almost immediately and instead you scream; loud and reckless, uncaring if michael and calum can hear you in the next room over. luke groans in response, slapping your ass lightly, prompting you to ride him.

you’re acutely aware of crushing his head between your thighs but you start a shallow rhythm of bouncing on his tongue shallowly. at this rate, you won’t last long at all.

luke is as fucked out as you are; his eyes shut tight as he lets you use him and fuck, he fucking loves being used by you like this. he likes being submissive and loves the feeling of your fingers in his hair and your pussy clenching around his tongue; he fucking lives for moments like this.

“g-gonna come…fuck…” you whine, your voice catching and luke stills your hips. he moves his tongue inside of you, coaxing your orgasm until you finally come with another shout, definitely loud enough to warrant a noise complaint. luke’s tongue slips out of you as he moans loudly, his orgasm completely sneaking up on him, pale hips bucking up into the air as your juices drip from your entrance onto his mouth and tongue.

air is hard to come by as you try to catch your breath, luke gingerly licking up everything you had given him.

“I turn you on that much?” you breathe, falling beside luke with a grunt. he laughs and licks his lips, pulling you into a kiss not to long after.

a knock at the door startles both of you, and then you hear ashton, his voice sheepish as he asks “are you done?”