#214: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The Tree


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Baby’s First Christmas (2/?)

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Pregnancy Series

Baby Series

#1: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The House


“Are you just gonna sit there and look at me or do you want to help?” He knew the question wasn’t out of annoyance, on the contrary, you were smiling while looking over your shoulder. He shifted in his seat on the couch while looking down at William peacefully sleeping in his arms. “I know you prefer to do this your way so I’m just staying behind, you know. Baby duty call.” Shaking your head while laughing by his explanation you leaned down to open another box and see what it had inside. Most of it was homemade, something both you and Luke had decided to bring along when moving into your house. He had stated so many times that he wasn’t creative but when seeing the box being filled with so many old homemade  things you  didn’t quite believe him. But it was nice though, making it how you wanted it to be while Luke sat in the background and watched some good old Christmas movies, sometimes smiling down at William who didn’t do much else but sleeping. You somehow feared that you were making too much of it, he wasn’t even a week old yet. But Luke insisted, which also meant that you wanted him to join. Heading towards him and grabbed his hand, with the help from him you got him up from the couch and headed towards the tree. He still had William in his arms, making sure that he wouldn’t wake up by the sudden movements and carefully took a look around the tree. It was so beautiful, it definitely couldn’t compare to what you had made when you were younger. Luke looked down at William while grabbing something from the box, but unaware that you had done the same you both managed to take the same thing at once. It was like a buzz going through your veins by the sudden action but instead of letting go he reached your hands up and placed the same red ornament on the tree at the same time with a warm smile. “Perfect.”


“And you claimed we couldn’t have a Christmas tree on the bus.” He scoffed while folding a heart in his hands, looking over at you with a teasing smile and blew you a kiss. Looking up from putting a silver festoon around the fake spruces you rolled your eyes by his comment but regardless smiled. “I think I had other imaginations when having a tree inside of a bus but this… It’s so cute, honestly.” You commented while taking a look back. The tree was small, a mini one based for tables and it was also plastic to make sure you wouldn’t messy out the whole bus. Ash and Calum had been the ones finding it, not even hesitating with buying it the second they had laid their eyes on it. When coming into the bus with it in their hands you almost wanted to cry because you could tell Calum literally did everything in order to make everything as perfect as possible. And that also included decorating the tree as if you had been home on your own while having Alex to rest on his blanket, looking up at you weirdly. But now, with the tree having the perfect height he got the chance to watch you do all the work, sometimes reaching out to touch something and of course you would allow him. “How cute is this?” Calum questioned proudly when showing the finished heart, having worked on it for almost fifteen minutes while you had decorated almost your side of the tree. You were about to comment something teasingly, but when he turned the heart around to see that he had written the three of your names on it, you were somehow speechless. “Cal… That is so cute.” You cocked your head while looking at him, speaking in pure honest and you could see a hidden blush appearing on his already rosy cheeks. “I know.” He flashed a smile cockily but still with softness in the tone, hanging up the heart proudly and smiled over at you ever so lovingly.


”Are these new?” You questioned confused when grabbing one of the many small boxes of tree decorations on your kitchen counter, looking over at Michael with furrowed eyebrows. “Yeah, mum gave it to us last weekend. She said it was an early Christmas present.” He responded while having Celeste by his hip, packing out a golden bright star in one of the boxes in front of him. You nodded your head impressed while taking a look at the Christmas ornaments in green, red and golden colors, so reflective that you could see yourself smiling by the sweet gesture. “That’s really cute of her.” Grabbing the now opened box you followed him towards the tree that was already beautifully decorated, it was almost hard to find a spruce that wasn’t holding onto something. “Okay gorgeous, now if the tree had to be perfectly done, you would have been sitting on top of it because you’re the biggest star I have in life.” He was smiling widely while looking down at her beautiful matching orbs. “But we can’t because of your safety so we gotta use this one instead.” He showed her the star and giggled when she reached out for it, touching it lightly and golden glitter rubbed off on her small hand. Standing on his toes with a giggle he made sure that she was watching him as he put the star on top of the tree, looking down at her excitedly afterwards. But what seemed to be much more interesting than the star were the ornaments you had just hung up, and before you could even react she knocked one down from the tree. A gasp left your lips in prepare of hearing the loud crash but when nothing happened you looked down confused. “Would you look at that.” Michael grinned lightly and leaned down to grab the ornament, “Mum made everything baby safe. It’s plastic. Oh my, that also means she can put them on without trouble!” Giving Celeste the ornament she had just dropped to the floor Michael gave it in her hand, but she seemed more interested licking on it than satisfying his dad’s excitement.


“You know, you might have Christmas lights competition with our neighbors but could we have least saved a bit on the tree instead to show some other decorations? I mean, I can barely get any bells to hang on the spruces because it’s literally filled with your lights.” Ashton’s head was quick to look up from bending down, his curls flicking in front of his eyes and his jaw falling. “What do you mean? I there’s a lot of space down by the lower spruces.” He pointed out and almost wanted to giggle even if he was being completely serious. Rolling your eyes and adjusted Zack in your arms you glanced over at him with a ‘are you kidding me’ expression. “So the twins can go drag everything down again onto the floor? Come on Ash, you know that’s not good even if they aren’t able to crawl yet.” This time it was his turn to roll his eyes while looking around the tree. He did in fact have a lot of lights on it, it was the only things he had seemed to fix while carrying around on Cloe who seemed fuzzy without her father’s attention. The only thing that actually missed was the presents right under it. “Come on.” He reached his hand out for you to take it, smiling secretly and you furrowed your eyebrows confused. “I wanted to do something different this year and especially because the twins are here and we pretty much enjoy having dimmed lights with them around to calm them down.” You stopped when he did right by the wall furrowing your eyebrows confused when he turned off the lights completely. Flicking on another one your eyes widened in surprise when the tree it up completely. It was beautiful, almost looking like the ones right by the mall that always seemed to be an Instagram phenomena. But what made it extra special was that Ashton had made sure to spell out Zack and Cloe with lights in the middle of it, the proudest smile embracing his warm face when you looked up at him in pure surprise. “I think I won that competition already.”

things cuter than tickling (a writer's guide)

- nose kissing
- ghostly touches that make you shiver
- sweet whispers
- playing with each others hair
- funny faces to make each other giggle
- just a hug is nice
- forehead kisses
- lazily interlocked fingers
- booping their nose to make them smile
- butterfly kisses
- a finger tracing their/your features
- face nuzzling of any kind
- drawing patterns on their naked skin
- kisses anywhere but the lips
- pressing against them to feel their heat
- eskimo kisses
- any type of smiles and giggles tbh
- silent fonding
- basically anything is cuter than being tickled okay please just be creative


long imagine

stay - Luke

When you love someone - Luke

I don’t fall in love - Michael

I don’t fall in love part 2 - Michael

i don’t fall in love part 3 - Michael

You’re mine - Luke


Not giving in - luke

insecure -luke

paparazzi girl - Ashton

Something New - Michael

Something Old - Michael

Something Borrowed - Michael

Something Blue - Michael

getting married but not to you - Luke

getting married but not to you part 2 - Luke

getting married but not to you part 3 - Luke

i’ll take what I can get - cal

i’ll take what I can get part 2 - cal

i’ll take what I can get part 3 - cal


He has a tough day and you comfort him - Luke

He has a tough day and you comfort him - Michael, Calum, Ashton

7 minutes in heaven and he hates/loves you - Michael

Taylor swift - the moment I knew - Michael

Cuddly Calum

cuddly Michael

Calum’s birthday day you surprise him on tour

Michael’s birthday you surprise him on tour

You’re leaving him but he changes your mind – Michael

The boys walk in on a heated moment - Michael

The boys walk in on a heated moment - Calum

Meeting fans - Ashton

you don’t get into the college/university of your dreams - Ashton & Luke

He spots you in the crowd - Luke

Red carpet with him - Ashton

You fight with him and he gets upset - Michael

Luke’s your protective older brother and Michael falls for you

you’re his brother and the boys make a comment about your school uniform

Escape - Ashton

Best friend and doesn’t like your boyfriend - Ashton

your brother passes away (Luke) and your enemy comforts you (Ashton)

sex tape gets leaked - Cal

getting married but not to you  (part 2) - Luke

he’s insecure - Luke

friends with his sister - cal

punk 5sos

you have an abusive family

calum’s your best friend but you go out with Luke

you get angry at the boys because you’re stressed

takes care of you when you’re sick

he likes you thing - Luke

photograph // bloodstream

he’s in love with you but goes on tour and you meet someone else - Luke

you break his guitar - Luke

christmas day with the boys

luke being a dork

lay me down - Cal

laser tagging date - Michael

demon Luke

best friend bad boy - calum

my friends keep telling me to get over you - Luke


;) - ash

i thought you wanted a girl like this - luke

you’re mine - luke

fuck - luke

why can’t you see? - michael

its not fair and you know it - ash

you’re such a nerd

sleepy - luke

i don’t fall in love

stop we’re in public - ash

wanna bet? - michael

why don’t you love me?


Outlaws (audio) - Luke

When I get you home - Mayday parade

Au meme

Picture blurb - Ashton

Picture blurb - Luke & Calum

Picture blurb - Luke

au meme - luke confronts Michael

au meme - you pick Ashton over Calum

Au meme - Ashton’s Heartbreak girl

brother passes away and he comforts you - Ash

blowjob - Luke

Like each other but won’t admit it - Luke

geek - calum

cotton candy 1

cotton candy 2

i dont fall in love


Drunk in love - Calum smut

You teach at the same school - Luke smut

quiet - Calum smut

Jealous - Luke smut

Virgin - Luke smut

friends with benefits - Calum

boys walk in on the dirty and decide to stay - Luke

baby girl - Michael

recovering - Luke

Not so cocky now - Michael

teach me - Ashton

one last time (fwb) -Ashton

muke threesome

lonely - luke

don’t know how - calum


Not giving in - luke

insecure -luke

paparazzi girl - Ashton

Hogwarts Au

Slytherin - Michael

Fake texts

he cheats -luke

you realise you love him - Cal


Too late - Luke and Ashton

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Luke

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Ashton

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you - Calum

He ignores you but you act cute and he forgives you – Michael

playfighting preference 4/4

friends with benefits blurb - 4/4

you think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t and explains that he would never do that - Michael

you think he’s going to hit you but he doesn’t and explains that he would never do that - Luke, Ashton, Calum

you lose your virginity to them 4/4

his reaction to you walking down the aisle - 4/4

he come’s to your show - 4/4

your awkward and they take you to a party

Twitter hate

you walk in on him jerking off

Good girls are bad girls

your’e a hippie - 4/4

1975 sex - 4/4

He has a nightmare and you have to comfort him - 4/4

little mix - good enough - 4/4

you can’t say I love you back - 4/4

he see’s your scars - 4/4

if you don’t know - 4/4

close as strangers - 4/4


Cotton candy - Luke (on wattpad)

dating michael would include:

● drawing fake tattoos on him with sharpies, only to later discover he permanently inked your scribbles on his skin later
● him getting home late and finding you asleep on the couch where you were trying to wait up for him and then him smiling before climbing next to you and putting a blanket over the two of you
● flipping a coin to see who gets to be on top
● matching his hair to your outfit for award shows so y'all can look like such a coordinated power couple
● 10PM dates to mcdonald’s because he was craving chicken nuggets and since there are no kids there that late, you’re both climbing on the playground and laughing
● you doing basic makeup on his face before a show and the entire fam loving you for it because you brought the eyeliner back
● him giving you piggyback rides around the house bc he loves it when you scream and laugh and hold him closer when he goes down steps
● “baby, i know you just got home but if you go get us some eggrolls i’ll pay you back the gas money and i’ll eat you out later”
● grabbing your hands when his get cold
● so many concerts as dates, literally anytime someone good was playing in town, you’d get tickets and go see them together
● and you’d dance and sing together during the show and he would definitely lift you onto his shoulders or back so you could see better
● pushing him out the door so he can go out with calum while you have a girl’s night, then discovering they were watching through the window because they were hoping girl’s night would get racy
● him trying to hold you in bed with him for as long as possible so you can’t leave him to go to work
● sick and needy michael curling up to you on the couch, wrapped in blankets with his sniffly head laying on your chest while you have your arms wrapped around him
● acting out movie scenes over dramatically when the two of you get bored
● or skipping that altogether and just making out with him
● when he’s on tour, sometimes he would calculate the amount of time down to the second until he got to see you again
● him being insecure about his lil tummy until you assure him he’s still the hottest boy alive before winking and starting to kiss down him happy trail
● “i, uh… baby, i love you so much, like you, um, you make me so happy and, um, whenever i’m around you, like, my, um, tongue? like it swells up, okay, thats awkward, baby please just kiss me i’m bad at this”
● playing poker with him when you don’t feel like going out, but not like, normal poker or strip, you’re basically betting skittles and backrubs and dates
● watching him play acoustic guitar late at night, both of your eyes sleepy and his skin softly lit up by the muted lights and just watching his face concentrate and damn he’s so expressive and beautiful
● him asking you how much you love him really late at night and you’re snuggled close to him and all you can do is say “to the moon and the stars and back again” while tracing your fingers over where his “To The Moon” tattoo is
● being loved in return by him so fully and completely that you can forget any sadness you might have ever felt in your life because he’s the sweetest boy to date in the world


Hate doesn’t stand a chance, nothing is unachievable, those who say you can’t… Simply just never will

expectant dad!Calum would include
  • him passing out when you told him you were pregnant even though you’d been actively trying for a baby
  • leaving him to wake up from the kitchen floor with the pregnancy test on his chest so he can figure out what happened
  • tearing up with a huge calum smile on his face when he chokes out ‘we’re having a baby hood then?’
  • blocking calum from all of his social media accounts for weeks because you know fine well that he will spill the beans too early
  • sitting his and your parents down and making them watch the video of you both at the doctors that calum filmed on his phone
  • my baby’s having a baby’
  • buying too many vitamins for just one pregnant woman so now he’s practically running a drug cartel
  • the bump would finally be visible on your abdomen, first noticed when your husband would feel it under his hand one morning
  • ‘babe you need to wake up, someone has decided to shoooow’
  • putting up an instagram post with a picture of that stupid turtle babygrow he bought, with your due date and a love heart as the caption
  • reaching a certain stage in your pregnancy where seeing him, especially topless and laying in bed looking up baby names, turned you on
  • ‘cal, you know how you said you’d do anything for me and the baby?’
  • him having no problem helping you out with your sexual needs
  • ‘anything to keep my babies happy and healthy, right?’
  • Calum crying at e v e r y hospital appointment
  • keeping the gender a surprise, with him using that excuse to buy plenty custom made band onesies
  • blowing raspberries on your swollen belly in the hope that the baby will kick
  • ‘NOTHING GOES WITH HOOD, our child will be nameless’
  • finding it oddly sexy that you can eat the same amount of food he usually does and more
  • laying in bed talking about the future
  • ‘I hope our lil bean knows we love ‘em, cause they’re the best thing that’s happened to us’
  • him spending the afternoon in the nursery, sweating in the summer sun as he pieces together the complicated crib
  • realising its all worth it when he sees you singing one of his songs to the baby as you flick through a magazine in the living room, making passing comments on how ‘your daddy wrote this song for me’ and, ‘i’m sure he’d write one for you too one day’
  • the baby kicking ALL NIGHT against calum’s back because if you have to feel uncomfortable then dammit so should he
  • ‘i hate your child, calum hood’
  • you’re welcome’
  • calling the baby ‘lovebug’ or 'bean’
  • Thinking you’re a goddess with your new baby body
  • Calum going to sleep every night with the view of you curled up next to him, bump protected by your hand which flashes your wedding ring
  • I’m the luckiest man alive’
  • Nobody being surprised when Hood junior arrives exactly 9 months after your husbands birthday
Next Time Michael Goes to Wembley

*puts a circle on the stage*
Me: See this? This is the safe zone. Step out of it and this arena is gonna fuck you up again. Now be careful so I don’t resort to bubble wrap.

Boyfriend!Michael rolling off of you after sex and holding his hand up in the air. You ask him what he’s doing and he says, “we were both so awesome, high five me.” You roll your eyes playfully, but smack your palm against his and peck his lips afterwards. You’re just pulling on a shirt over your head when Michael slaps your ass, making you yelp out. He smirks and walks past in all his naked glory, telling you to “hit the showers, kid. Good game.”

The Math Teacher Masterlist

A/N: It has been requested soo much to make a masterlist for this fanfiction so here you go, thank you for the likes/reblogs and happy reading x

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Luke never realized he would fall for one of his most hated students when he started working internship at a high school while studying to become a teacher

- Parts - 

Part 1: Pilot

Part 2: The Truth

Part 3: The Detention

Part 4: Locked In 

Part 5: Locked In Pt. 2

Part 6: Different

Part 7: The Math Camp 

Part 8: The Math Camp Pt. 2

Part 9: The Kiss

Part 10: Caught

Part 11: Friday Night

Part 12: Coffee

Part 13: Sprained

Part 14: The Mall

Part 15: The Invitation

Part 16: Bali Pt. 1

Part 17: Bali Pt. 2

Part 18: Bali Pt. 3

Part 19: The New One

Part 20: The Party

Part 21: The Hangover

Part 22: The Dinner

Part 23: The Flowers

Part 24: The Argument

Part 25: The Prom

Part 26: The Chemistry Class

Part 27: The Jealousy

Part 28: The Vibe

Part 29: I Love You

Part 30: The Call

Part 31: The Shirt

Part 32: The Math Date

Part 33: The Fire 

Part 34: Catch Fire

Part 35: What Are We?

Part 36: The Last Class

Part 37: Halloween 

Part 38: The Scare 

Part 39: The Breakup

Part 40: Shy

Part 41: Iceland Pt. 1

Part 42: Iceland Pt. 2

Part 43: Iceland Pt. 3

Part 44: Iceland Pt. 4

Part 45: The Motel Pt. 1

Part 46: The Motel Pt. 2

Part 47: The Confession

Part 48: The Last Goodbye

Part 49: The Feeling of Comfort 

Part 50: Happy Birthday, Beautiful


expectant dad!Luke would include
  • baby hemmings being the most anticipated baby on the planet, by family, friends and fans
  • telling him over dinner about going to the doctors, intently listening to you but completely missing every hint you give because he doesn’t for once think that things could ever be going so well for him
  • ‘we’re having a baby? our own little baby hemmo?’
  • a loT of crying on his part, especially when you mention he needs to tell his parents soon, because they’ll be so happy and proud of him
  • waiting until you can see a bump before telling the boys though
  • ‘luuuuke, i have a surprise for you that i think you’ll love’ when you first show him the bump on your abdomen
  • michael betting on your future child which secretly angers luke because what started out as fun turns plain mean and he is not letting his child be bullied just like he was
  • ‘what are the chances it’s got luke’s dimple’
  • ‘what are the odds that it’s freakishly long?’
  • ‘i bet it’s gonna be a huge nerd-’
  • michael getting knocked down a peg or two by soon-to-be-father luke
  • ‘dude wtf why did you hit me?’
  • luke becoming fiercely protective of you, especially after you announce your pregnancy to the world via a cute instagram showing him curled up next to the tiny bump, whispering to the baby that he wouldn’t care if they were a nerd
  • beginning to call your child ‘pip hemmo’
  • ‘you’ve named our child as if they were a rapper’
  • ‘oh good i’m glad you caught on’
  • waking up in the middle of night to hear him whisper sweet nothings to the baby, drawing love hearts and other shapes with his finger softly on your stomach
  • his cool lip ring and pinky ring always getting a reaction from your unborn baby, taking ages for them to settle again once they feel them on your skin
  • finding luke researching every little thing and finding out pointless information which he finds utterly fascinating
  • ‘hey did you know that 1 in every 2000 babies is born with a tooth? that’d be weird.’
  • spending hours in the homeware store looking through paint samples for the nursery and he comes back with all the colours because he can’t make his mind up and ‘dammit y/n why can’t you tell me the gender already?!’
  • him burning the CD of the baby’s heartbeat onto his laptop before putting it on his phone to listen to when he gets anxious
  • similarly, having the most recent ultrasound picture as his phone lock screen for the duration of the nine months
  • ‘hey it’s daddy here, please stop kicking mummy. it’s 4am and you’re hitting me too. i’m proud of your strength but p l e a s e go to sleep pip hemmo.’
  • ‘stop calling our son that!’
  • ‘it’s a BOY?!’
  • going to a family party when you’re 7/8 months along and luke just thinks he’s got the most perfect life and proceeds to point out to everyone he meets that you’re his amazing wife who is expecting baby boy hemmings in a matter of weeks because he loves showing his family off already
  • seeing in the 3D scan that the baby has his nose and his heart is thumping wildly for the rest of the day
  • buying a baby onesie which reads ‘more punk rock than daddy’ and another which says ‘mummy’s boy, daddy’s partner in crime’
  • luke passing down his beloved stuffed penguin to his child because he wants it to be his baby’s first best friend and be something to cuddle when daddy has to leave for tour

expectant dad!calum

luke laying in-between your legs but not in a sexual way, just him laying there, his cheek pressed against your stomach and his arms around your waist while you’re laying down on your bed and like, have your fingers in his beautiful hair and hearing him make cute sounds because he loves it when you play with his hair and eventually he’d just fall asleep and this sounds really perfect right now, just sayin'

Cuddling with Michael would include:
  • sleepy michael pulling you into his arms after a long day in the studio
  • falling asleep with his head on your shoulder whenever you two are riding in the back seat of the car
  • ash taking a picture of the two of you cuddled up together
  • stealing ashton’s phone and sending himself the picture so he can make it his lockscreen 
  • snuggling into his lap while he plays video games
  • “babe, stop moving your hips like that, you’re giving me a boner”
  • kissing your neck and whispering all the things he wants to do to you in your ear
  • running your fingers through his hair when he lays with his head in your lap
  • sloppy kisses all over your face
  • “I lub youuuuu”
  • never getting over how cute he looks with sweater paws
  • needy michael pouting when you have to get up to pee
  • constantly falling asleep with his head on your boobs
  • “I can’t help it babe, they’re just so comfy”
  • not being able to fall asleep at night unless your head’s on his chest and his arms are around you
  • talking about the future late at night
  • soooooo many giggles
  • him blushing when you kiss his cheek and tell him there’s no place you’d rather be
  • him always grabbing your butt when you’re laying on top of him
  • getting off stage and carrying you to his bunk to cuddle
  • all 6 feet of him sprawling out on top of your tiny little body
  • “michael, you’re squishing me!!!!!” as he pretends to snore
  • insisting that your cuddles are the only thing that will make him better when he’s sick
  • drawing shapes on the hollow of your back
  • smacking him when he draws a penis
  • grabbing your face with both his hands and kissing you out of no where
  • smiling against your lips because he’s never been so happy
  • “I didn’t know it was possible to be this in love with someone”

luke | calum | ashton

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vapor // 5sos

The Tattoo Artist

A/N: This is unedited by the wayyy

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 4.450+

Summary: In which everyone gets a name tattoo of their soulmate on their wrist when they turn eighteen but Y/N doesn’t believe in it and wants hers covered up by the male tattoo artists whose shop is right down the street

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expectant dad!Michael would include
  • him being really enthusiastic about conceiving because 1) sex and 2) he knew he was now ready for this next big adventure in his life with you
  • him coming home from tour, with that same night turning into a hot and heavy love-making session in the bedroom
  • ‘well if that didn’t get you pregnant I don’t know what will’ as you both lie breathless in each other’s embrace
  • ‘mikey…I’m already pregnant…’
  • his lil mouth opening in shock as his eyes widen in joy and all he can produce is short breathy laughs before rolling back over and kissing your lips softly then making his way down your body, stopping at your stomach where you feel a single tear drop from his face
  • him prematurely donating all of his flannels and t-shirts to you even though you’re not even showing yet
  • ‘i know you’re only a couple of months along but god I just love you in my clothes’
  • michael being a bit intimidated by the large machines in the doctor’s office when you go for your ultrasound
  • putting his clammy hand in yours as the screen lights up to show the monochromatic image you’ve been so eager to see
  • him choking back a sob when he hears the words ‘my, isn’t that a strong and healthy heartbeat’ because he wasn’t sure if it was meant to sound as fast as his heart feels when he thinks of the future
  • ‘babe how much chinese food did you eat last night? wait, is that- OH MY GOD BABY, THAT’S MY BABY!!’
  • ‘we’re actually gonna be a family…the Clifford family; you, me and baby bump clifford’
  • ‘i’m gonna dye my hair for the baby, black if it’s a boy, red for a girl. those were your favourite colours on me, right?’
  • feeling his scruff on your bump when he would try daddy and baby bonding talks which tickles but he’d continue to move his head because making you laugh only added to your beautiful pregnant glow
  • ‘I think i want a little girl. A little daddy’s girl’
  • ‘But if it was a boy we could have matching rockstar outfits’
  • i don’t know what i want! suck it up babe, we’re pregnant with twins now so we can have one of each’
  • your husband being used to dodging stuffed animals you’d throw at him if he even came near you during a pissed off mood swing
  • him neatly putting the toys back in the half-built crib making you cry at his thoughtfulness and the fact that he deals with your stupid hormones better than you do
  • seeing you wearing his flannels with just your bra and yoga pants, admiring the fact that you look just as hot as you did pre-baby, and even more so now that the proof of your love, round and smooth is poking out of the checked material
  • finding him cooing at the little baby with shiny green eyes sitting across from your table when you go out for dinner one night and being so excited to see if baby Clifford will have his green eyes
  • choosing names while michael compares the size the baby would be in comparison to different food 
  • ‘how do you like the name ‘Cauliflower Clifford’? just putting that out there with Mike Junior…and Daniel…’
  • you finding it really difficult to think of names because mike is goofing around and not really taking it seriously, clearly
  • Michael’s eyes lighting up because he remembered how the doctor said how healthy and round their baby was on the sonogram, and that means he’s gonna be a daddy to a gorgeous chubby baby and get to pinch their fat lil cheeks as much as he wants 
  • ‘you’re gonna have to go into the nursery at some point michael’
  • ‘maybe if i don’t then really there’s nothing that needs to be done?’
  • writing ‘shitbag clifford’ with a matching shit-eating grin on his face, on the wall of the nursery in paint before covering it up fully in the warm caramel colour you’d both chosen at the home decor store
  • him being e x t r e m e l y protective of you in public, especially after the media had rumoured the baby wasn’t even his
  • however he messes about with your pregnant belly at home because he knows he’s gonna be careful and putting a bowl on top of your stomach while watching a movie is too damn funny
  • ‘wouldn’t it be weird if they came out with blue hair?’
  • ‘I’ve got a good name!! Smurf Clifford.’
  • using his big pouty lips to pepper kisses all over your stomach each night you lay in bed making a little wet and lightly kissed trail on your skin as the baby would try to kick where they felt the movements in a wild game of chase, michael letting his baby win every time even if it literally meant getting kicked in the face

expectant dad series: Calum/Luke

Vibrator (Michael smut)

Warnings: smutty smutty dom!Michael smut! there’s a bit of possessive talk here and there but it’s not daddy kink! 

Requested? Oui oui, by the birthday girl herself! 

Word Count: 2.6k 


“What do you think you’re doing?” 

The first words to slip from Michael’s lips seem to slice through the air, a chill settling in your bones as you look up to see your boyfriend standing in the doorway. 

“Relaxing,” You respond, smiling coyly. You’ve had this planned for a few days, wanting to unleash the more dominant side of Michael’s personality and knowing exactly what you have to do to wake it from hibernation.

“Without any clothes?”

It’s now he steps further into your bedroom, tossing his jacket to the side. His emerald eyes seem to cloud, a deep lust filling his features as he carefully approaches. 

“Who needs clothes?” You shrug, risking a glance at the large purple vibrator laid out beside you. 

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Showers With Michael Would Include...
  • strip teases before 
  • him chanting “take it off!” 
  • “Michael, shut the fuck up.”  
  • admiring each other’s body in the bathroom, Michael especially emphasising how lucky he is to have you. 
  • him holding your hand as you enter the shower
  • “careful babe, don’t slip.” 
  • “Michael, that was one time.”
  • arguing for 5 minutes about the temperature of the water because you want is as warm as possible, but he wants it a little cold. 
  • him giving in to you because you’re giving him head later   
  • “Michael, why are you bringing a box of condoms with you?”; Michael desperately trying to hide the package behind his back. 
  • Him telling you about this new position he saw in a movie that he really wanted to try with you. 
  • you giving in because he  gives you his pleading eyes 
  • shampooing the other’s hair 
  • “Michael, would you stop moving?” 
  • “hehehehe… it tickles.” 
  • tickle fights in the shower that end up being too intense 
  • “Ow Michael, that was my breast.” 
  • Michael laughing his ass off because you said breast. 
  • His warm hands rubbing up and down your body as he lathers you in some sweet-smelling soap. 
  • “Mmmm baby, you smell so good.” 
  • his eyes travelling your body like you’re the best piece of fucking art there is. 
  • Michael exploring each inch of your skin because he can’t get enough of you. 
  • His hands kneading your breasts before they travel a bit further south, his fingers rubbing tight circles on your clit 
  • you realising its quite too late to pull away because you’re so lost in pleasure 
  • “now let me make you feel good.”  
  • your nails digging into the tiles as he fucks you against the shower wall, slow and teasing; just the way you like it 
  • “now, who wants the condoms?” 
  • leaving the shower even dirtier than when you began; only to have Michael want a round two in the bedroom.