Being best friends with the boys. You moved to Australia sophomore year and was placed next to Mikey in math class. He glances at your black nails, beat up converse, t shirt that says “I’m here for the guitarist,” and ripped jeans. But what really caught his eye was the teal head oh hair you had. He glances down at your shirt and says “um excuse me smurf, but I play guitar.” You glance up at him and smirk a little bit. “I prefer my guitarist without pink hair.” You eye his pink hair then turn around. Thus the friendship began.
Four years later and you guys are way beyond best friends. You’ve all grown up a little, you sporting your natural colored hair and every once in a while a dress (if the boys are lucky). All the boys seemed to grow facial hair and muscles over night, turning into attractive young men. Being on tour with them isn’t easy. Especially when Michael loves to tease you by biting and whispering in your ear and smacking your ass. There’s always been some tension between you two ever since you sat next to him back in sophomore year. Despite the tension between you two it hasn’t stopped either of you from hooking up with other people. Your best friend daisy had a wild night with him while you had a crazy one with Luke a while back. Girls practical threw themselves at Michael and instead of sitting back and watching you always found an eager guy, almost as attractive as Michael, to take back to your hotel room (which was coincidentally next to Michael’s). One night after a show while the boys go out you can’t find it in you to follow. During that concert Michael was wearing a SnapBack the whole time and biting his lip every opportunity he had. His muscle tee didn’t help, exposing his biceps that you guys wanted to dig your nails into. Every once in a while he would glance at you and watch you dance in the crowd and shake your ass in your tiny shorts and crop top tank that said “Ashton Irwin please” (which Ashton made for you). Instead of following Michael around and being jealous that he’s touching another girl that isn’t you, you stay back in the confides of your room to have a little “alone time.” As your imagining Michael’s hands all over your body your door opens with Michael’s voice accompanying it. “Y/n!!! Why the fuck aren’t you out partying with us??” He shouts walking in. Before you can do anything he sees your sprawled out on your bed, naked. His eyes widen and his mouth hangs open mid speech. His eyes rake down your body and take your nakedness in. His eyes start at your face then moves down to your lip which is caught in between your teeth. It slowly travels down to your chest and lingers there for an extra second. His eyes make their way down to your wet cunt and stop there. He sucks in a sharp breath and bites down on his lip hard. “Um hey Michael,” you say slowly closing your legs. Acting as if you snapped him back to reality his eyes snap back up to your face. “Can I help you with something or..” You trail off leaving room for any of his suggestions. His tongue glides over his lips as he studies your face. “Um I was um looking for you because I uh wanted to see what you were up too?” He says almost as a question. His eyes slide down to your boobs and stay there. “Are you just going to stare at them Mikey or actually do something?” You ask in an annoyed tone. He interrupted your you time and if he wasn’t going to join in and make your fantasies into a reality then he had to leave. His eyes snap to your face again and they seem to darken dramatically. A slow smirk creeps onto his face as he saunters towards the bed. “Do what y/n?” He asks cockily back to his normal self. You don’t say anything, only raising an eye brow. Getting the idea that you aren’t kidding around he pulls his shirt off and climbs onto your bed and makes his way to what he’s been eying the whole night.

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Yesterday, we lost a member of the 5sos fam - May 27th, 2014. She was practically my little sister, I can’t believe we never got to say goodbye.

R.I.P to one of my beautiful bestfriends, Heather Still. honestly cannot believe you disappeared so quickly, I’m going to miss you so much! Heaven gained another angel, sleep tight babe… You’ll never be forgotten! I love you so much💕

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santa: what do you want for christmas?

me: luke hemmings

santa: *takes glasses off*

santa: *wipes away a tear*

santa: *whispers* me too