5sos text post

You know when you’re at a concert and you’re screaming so loud your lungs are about to go up your esophagus ?? And then the artist says “I can’t hear you” or “louder !” Like ???? Bitch this is all I got ????? How much more do you think I have to offer ??? Probably a lot

I just realized that

  • Badlands // Halsey
  • She’s Kinda Hot EP // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Jet Black Heart // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Dark Times // The Weeknd feat. Ed Sheeran

all come out this Friday. I’m not ready.

just stop for a second and think about the way luke would sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist while youre trying to make food making enormous butterfly’s explode in your stomach. youd be cutting vegetables or something and he’d whisper low into your ear ’ what are you cooking, baby? ’ and as you opened your mouth to reply he’d start planting kisses down your neck and nipping at the skin making you gasp and oH MY GOD WHERE CAN I BUY A LUKE HEMMINGS

It really bugs me when say, Calum is halfway through answering a question and Luke interrupts him and we don’t hear the full answer like pls don’t leave me hanging

Fratboy!Luke who acts all big and tough around his boys but in all honesty could care less about the fraternity. It just got him scholarships. He would rather spend his Friday night on the roof, strumming his guitar and drawing his lyrics from the stars. Still he has to admit, if it weren’t for the annual welcome back party they hosted, he wouldn’t have run into you. 

He was slightly intimidating with his striking blue eyes staring down at you, hooded and cloudy from the small amount of alcohol in his system. The smirk on his lips refused to leave even as he pulled his piercing between his teeth. The mix of confidence and nervousness he displayed melted the heart.

 Though you’d be cautious at first, you realized he had the softest heart as well as an attitude. He was quick to ignite but you were his serenity. He was never good at emotions other than annoyance and aggression until he met you and although he was scared to death, he loved it.

I wrote this because I just returned to college, opened up tumblr and saw that tokyoluke and defcliff0rd were having a Fratboy!5sos night. So that’s a thing that happened.