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My fav. 5sos tumblr posts part 1


at my concert today luke was all “ew I’m so sweaty and gross” and michael screams “WHO THINKS LUKE LOOKS LIKE AN ANGEL” and the crowd went wild and luke smiled like a huge dork my heart

5sos performing if you don’t know

luke: hoe don’t do it

michael: hoe don’t do it

ashton: hoe don’t do it

5sosfam: how don’t do it

calum: youwouldscreamwewouldfighyouwouldcallmecrazyiwouldlaughyouwe’remadbutyou‘dalwayskissmeandtheshirtthatihadthatyoualwaysborrowwheniwokeitwasgonetherewasnotomorrow



My fav. 5sos tumblr posts Part 2

Let me know if you want part 3 (x)


5sos in preschool
  • michael:talks really loudly, uses the watering can to water Luke, tries to colour his hair with the chalk
  • luke:just stands there and lets Michael water him, owns a 64 pack of crayons, which he uses everyday
  • calum:always has to sit out at playtime for his sass, makes fun of Ashton's giggle
  • ashton:eats glue, never gets in trouble and has stolen 3 of Luke's crayons
  • 5SOS's management:ok your target audience is obviously 9-13 year old girls so we're going to try to help you appeal to younger kids and families
  • 5SOS:*write an entire album about hooking up with girls*
  • 5SOS:*breakthrough hit is literally about underwear*
  • 5SOS:*make sex jokes all the time*
  • 5SOS:*curse on stage 263343 times per concert*
  • 5SOS:*get a ton of tattoos and piercings*
  • 5SOS:*hanging out and writing songs with pop-punk legends*
  • 5SOS:*seriously the most irreverent and inappropriate pack of boys i've ever seen and they know it*
  • 5SOS:*start putting out songs that are more pop-punk and have nothing to do with girls and everything to do with calling out society*
  • 5SOS management:wow shit nevermind then

when you get a good grade

When you get free pizza

when your crush likes you back 

when 5sos post a keek

when you see shirtless pics of 5sos


ok so to all those people that believe everything they read about 5sos on the internet I would like to present to u a thing

also, I’d like to advise u not to fuck with Ashton he’ll expose tf out of you

but that moment when you have a fave, but then you start to feel like you like another member more, but you feel like your cheating on the first member so you continue to say that the first member is your fave, but you always have this underlying feeling that your heart truly belongs to the other member and you live the rest of your life in a hurricane of lies and confusion.