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friendly reminder: 5sos may not know who every single one of you are, but one does not need to know every star to appreciate the sky

you know that whole “what would you do if a band member sat down next to you on a plane” I think I would blare his band’s music in my headphones to see if he noticed

Fanfic vs. Reality


*bumps into calum* I looked up at calum and he looked down at me. I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful brown eyes, right then and there we both knew we loved eachother


*to busy sending memes to my best friend and doesnt even notice calum walked by*

  • "Justin is gay"
  • beliebers: WHAT DID YOU SAY BITCH?!
  • "One Direction is gay"
  • "5SOS is gay"
  • 5SOSFam: oh who do you ship?
Vacation With Calum Would Include...
  • probably something spontaneous that you wouldn’t tell anyone about and they wouldn’t know until they saw pictures posted on social medias
  • somewhere beautiful and nice like the Bahamas or Maui
  • “if this plane goes down, you know we go own together”
    • “thanks Cal, that makes me feel so much better”
  • getting to sit next to him on the plane and wathng him slightly doze off
  • lots of candids on him on the plane
  • dropping off your luggage and hitting up the closest beach after a long plane ride
  • sitting on the soft sand together and resting on his shoulder while watching the waves crash and seeing his huge smile
  • “i’m so glad you’re mine”
  • blessing the bed the first night because what’s a better aphrodisiac than a cool, starlit night and the smell of the beach
  • lots of sex whenever you guys got home despite how tired you were 
    • slow and romantic sex to match the mood of the destination and vacation feel
  • “Calum get up and look at this sunrise!”
    • “why are you up so early this is a vaCATION”
  • getting to sit on the little deck with coffee and just your underwear and one of his shirts while he’s just wearing some basketball shots
  • LOTS of candids of each other
  • nice and unique drinks every night at dinner and getting dressed up for the meal
  • lots of cute sun dresses and shirtless calum (taTTOOS)
  • so much hand holding it’s as if you’re glued to each other
  • spending lots of time at the beach and tanning and sometimes he would throw you over his shoulder and bring you into the water
  • kissing in the water bc what’s more romantic (and cliche)
  • sometimes building sand castes and having “contests”
  • “damn baby, look at you in that bathing suit… I could look at you all day”
    • “i guess you got lucky because you get to look at me all day”
  • going out to dinner and breakfast and taking pictures of your meals
  • shopping!!!!
  • “Cal, I’m just looking. I’m not buying, everything is too expensive”
    • “but let me buy it for you, you deserve it princess”
  • walks along the water on the beach late at night when neither of you can sleep
  • deep talks at night while sitting on the sand and skipping rocks
  • typical sunset pictures
    • “she thought the sunset was pretty but i thought she was prettier”
  • him not listening to you and getting a little sun burnt
  • him getting all excited when you ask for him to rub sun tan lotion on you
  • going on tours of different places and him watching as you get all excited
  • getting constant calls from the boys so you both turn off your phones to get away
  • “im so glad we came here, it was so nice to let my head get a break”
  • never seeing calum smile that big and feeling your heart fill up
  • getting all sad when you have to come home
    • this time, you fell asleep on the plane and him taking lots of pictures of you and posting them to snapchat and twitter
  • “I wish this vacation would never end”
  • coming home to your house full of the boys and a mess they made waiting for you to come home
  • Luke with a mouth full of food, “welcome home!”

this wasn’t proof read so i apologize for any mistakes, but enjoy! (this prolly sucks but i tried)

if any of you have any ideas on what i could do for another one of these, that’d be cool!

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