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Imagine: You and Luke Like Each Other But He Dates Someone Else (Part 2) [Request]





You sigh and lean your head back. You had your chance and you blew it. You knew in the bottom of your heart that you loved Luke. It wasn’t that far fetched of an idea either. You had been single the entire time you were working with the boys and so was he. Until now. You had these feelings for so long and you were used to keeping all of them inside, but when you saw Luke with that girl, the pit in your stomach when you saw him got too hard to handle. You needed to tell him. But how? He was with someone now. It’s not proper to tell someone you love them when they’re with someone else… right? You run your hands through your hair and look down at the paper. 

won’t give up even though it hurts so much

every night i’m losing you

“Hey y/n.” you hear Ashton coming in from the other side of the bus.

“Hey.” you smile, putting the paper underneath the rest of the papers spread out on your bunk.

“What was that?” he asks.

“Nothing, just looking for another song to work on right now.” you shrug.

“Wanna go out to lunch before the show?”

“It’s like 2:30 I don’t know if that constitutes as lunch, but sure, can we get tacos?”

-[at the show that night]-

“Wow they’re actually pretty good live.” she says to you as you watch on from the side of the stage.

You nod subconsciously and try to forget her ignorance and focus on Luke. You love watching him live, but it’s hard to focus on him when his new girlfriend is standing right next to you. 

When they finish the set, you meet them in their dressing room, which you tried to walk fast enough to so she would get lost, but to no avail. You go to give each of them a huge hug like you do after each show, but she steals Luke and kisses him and stays right next to him. You take a breath and look over at him. To you he looks miserable, but you figure you’re biased in the situation. You excuse yourself to the bathroom and walk out, tears slowly coming out of your eyes. You start trying to find an empty room to hide in, but you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around and see Ashton standing there.

“Are you okay?”

“Apparently not.” you sigh.

“Was I right?”

You roll your eyes then nod your head once slowly.

He walks over and hugs you tightly and you rest your head on his chest.

“I hate everything.” you sigh.

“But not me right?” he laughs.

“Only if you stop making that joke.” you lightly smile.

“You need to go tell him.” he says, making the mood serious again.

“I can’t, she’s in there, how am I supposed to go in there and tell him I love him if his girlfriend is standing there?”

“You love him?”

5sos Zodiac Compatibility (Luke pt.1)

Luke - Cancer

Aries - When you first meet an Aries partner you’ll have an immediate connection at a heart level with them. You’ll also be very attracted to their fiery and confident manner — anything seems to be possible with them. Conversely, Luke feels at peace when they are with you. This a positive combination. Mind, body, soul, connection. Luke will always want to be with you, holding your hand and showing you off to the world.

Taurus -. But you both have a strong desire to show your affection to each other, and when you are in a good mood, you’ll have a wonderful connection. They have lots in common, you’re drawn to one another because you instinctively understand each other’s feelings. There’s a strong mutual independence that’s likely to develop very quickly in this relationship. You two will more than likely start off as friends and then both of your feelings will slowly unravel until you are in a relationship.

Gemini - You will appeal to Cancers’ who want to communicate their deepest feelings. If you can, stay away from the bedroom until you have a good social and cultural connection with them. If you use this connection as a foundation, rather than sex, you have a better chance of surviving deeper romantic involvement. You are very flexible and adaptable and can learn a lot of things from a Cancer. Your relationship is extremely energising and stimulating.

Cancer - This can be a really good combination, because you will pick up each other’s moods and states of mind easily. Try not to fall too far into this though: you don’t want to become mirrors of each other’s weaknesses. You two can communicate by just looking at each other. Both of you will enjoy spending time together at home — cooking, gardening, pottering around the house. Your sexual relationship is founded on being caring, sensitive and demonstrative.

Leo - The enthusiastic and confident Cancer could be the perfect solution for you. If you lack self-confidence, Luke will lift your spirits and make you feel better than you’ve felt in a long time. Conversely, your sensitive and loving ways will make Luke feel appreciated.It’s vital for each of you to let the other be who they are: no judging, no controlling.  This pair is almost promised a life full of happiness and liveliness. Not only is their good fortune in their future but also a long lasting, solid relationship.

Virgo - Expect great friendship and understanding from this recipe, but remember, you will sometimes have trouble understanding Luke’s mood swings. You innately understand each other. You blend your energies, financial matters, investments and plans for your future security nicely, and you strive to succeed in your goals. You both have the habit of worrying and becoming anxious and over your concern for loved ones and life in general. Expect a long lasting relationship with Luke filled with love.

And there you have it! Let me know what you think Pretties.

Ashton - PART 1   PART 2 

Calum - PART 1    PART 2

Michael - PART 1    PART 2 

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In celebration of me being in a pretty fantastic mood, I decided to do ships.  However, I figured that if I was going to do ships, I was going to do them RIGHT.

Thus, creating, THE ULTIMATE SHIP.

What you must do to receive an ULTIMATE 5SOS SHIP:

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Now, (the most important part), WHAT YOU SHALL RECEIVE:

*drum roll pls*

ship; ashton ; mikey ; calum ; luke
cute gif;
best friend; ashton ; mikey; calum ; luke
secret admirer; ashton ; mikey; calum ; luke
brother figure; ashton ; mikey; calum ; luke
couple picture;
little blurb one what kind of couple you would be;
ship name;
blog rate;
song on shuffle;
outfit for some date you two would have;

I think that’s enough considering these are gonna take so long and a lot of work on my part, but I’m super willing to do it.

I won’t probably be doing them ‘til a little later in the day, so keep checking back and I’ll get to yours! I’ll probably send you a little inbox when its ready. :) 

ships ♡

what u gotta do is :

you will get:

  • ship; 
  • best friend; 
  • who cuddles the most; him // you
  • complains the most; him // you
  • who sleeps more; him // you
  • tiny blurb on what couple u would be;
  • compliment;
  • song on shuffle;

so yeaaaa

big ships for little shits

i thought the title was cute

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song on shuffle:

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Ships and Dip

I’m 100% sure that someone has made this pun before.

If you:

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  • Send me a prompt/idea if u want a blurb (without it my writing is shit and neither of us want my writing to be shit)

And I’ll give you:

  • A ship: Mikey | Cal | Ash | Lukey
  • A best friend: Mikey | Cal | Ash | Lukey
  • Has a secret crush on u: Mikey | Cal | Ash | Lukey
  • Movie marathon buddy: Mikey | Cal | Ash | Lukey
  • A song i think is cool and hope you do too:
  • Outfit:
  • Room in your house/apartment together:
  • A wedding dress:
  • A quote (not necessarily a love quote):
  • A blub (If you give me a prompt/idea):
  • A picture or gif of your ship:
  • A cute couple-y photo or gif:
5sos Zodiac Compatibility (Ashton pt.2)

Ashton - Cancer

Libra - Both of you desire peace and harmony, but significant issues will arise over time. Cancer’s need for a quite private life will start to squash your social, playful and variety-seeking style. However, because both of you are easy to talk to compromise is simple. This is a romantic match providing love-lessons. Frequently your feelings just don’t synchronise – one wants it, one doesn’t. The romantic and sexual attraction between you is almost irresistible.

Scorpio - You are both sensitive, emotional and caring, and have the same romantic desires. Ashton will enjoy showering you with kisses and love and vice verse. Intense chemistry lock these two together. For most part you’re very compatible, but your differences can cause problems at times. Both of you have very strong deep feelings and you bond very intensely, clinging tightly to each other.

Sagittarius - You might look like a knight in shining armour to the quiet and unassuming Cancer: they could be infatuated by your larger-than-life approach. In fact, you could sweep them off their feet. As Ashton is very romantic, they will love the chase. Opposites can attract and compliment. The romantic attraction between you is very strong but your feelings are often not in tune with one another. Your differences can be complimentary, a life long relationship is bound to occur.

Capricorn - Appreciate each other’s inner and outer worlds. Thereis a lot of good fortune and blessings to be had on many levels. Your tastes and preferences are often completely opposite although you love and admire each other deeply. You two will click from the start and quickly be inseparable. You two are more about a loving and nurturing sex life and will make life long partners. 

Aquarius - You need to explore the highways and byways of life before you make any firm commitment, meaning that you and Ashton will be good friends before any relationship will start. You have a healthy respect for each other. The romantic and sexual attraction is very strong. Ashton will always have romantic feelings for you but will be patient and wait for you to come around, and when you do your relationship is everlasting.

Pisces - With a Pisces and Cancer combination it could be quite easy for both of you to slip into a state of ease and frienship. You offer each other so much in the way of emotional compatibility. You’ll instinctively understand each other. You are both caring and supportive, and usually you’ll just know what the other’s needs are. You are both also very intuitive, and you’ll be very much in tune. Sexual sparks will fly when you two connect. You are hugely attracted to each other and your physical relationship will be wonderful and extraordinary.

Yaaaaay Ashton part 2 is complete! Let me know what yall are thinking!

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What you’ll get:
• Analysis of your blog or something I noticed about you:
•How your relationship will be:
• Best Friend:
• How you’ll be as best friends:
• Blurb about your ship or your fav: (it’s your choice and I’ll take requests.(-: )
What you have to do:
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• Send me an ask about something random a question or whatever, and if you don’t have an about me describe yourself! Also include blurb request if you have any preferences.
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* Oh and just a disclaimer: obviously these ships are based off of my opinion. Do not take them literally it’s just for fun! (-: *

post holiday ships + blog rate

since christmas and new year are getting closer i decided to do something special  christmas is over but i still want to finish these ships so ..

ll rules ll

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ll what u get ll

blog rate:

URL: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | perfection 
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Ship:  C | A | L | M

Best Friend:  C | A | L | M

Builds A Snowman With You:  C | A | L | M

New Year’s Kiss: C | A | L | M

Protective Mikey Imagine

Requested - Yes

Y/n Pov

Today I was with my boyfriend Michael at the airport, they was just getting ready to go on tour and Mikey asked if I wanted to go with him, of course I jumped at the opportunity of going with him. When we was at the airport we got out of the car, it was surrounded by fans, loads of fans, great! The fans don’t exactly like me, they’re always giving me hate and grief over Twitter that Michael doesn’t know about, I didn’t want to tell him because he loves his fans. Once I’d got out of the car I tripped on the seat belt and fell to the floor. “Ouch” I screamed. Michael came rushing round “shit babe can you walk” he asked. I tried to walk but I couldn’t. “No” I laughed. “It’s just twisted” I said. “ Michael bent down for me get on his back which I did with great pleasure. "Babe your the best” i said. “I know” he replied. When we got round to the fans they saw me on Mikey’s back and they didn’t like it. One of them shouted “yo slut, don’t think you need your boyfriend to carry you everywhere you have legs” another one screamed “look how tired Mikey is, think fatty needs to walk herself” that hurt, tears started to form in my eyes and the other boys looked shocked. Michael didn’t like that, he stormed right over to the fans who said that, who were actually standing together. “LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW, MY GIRLFRIEND HAS HURT HER ANKLE SO IM GIVING HER A PIGGY BACK SHE IS NOT FAT AT ALL AND IF YOU SAY THAT YOUR NO FAN OF MY EITHER OF YOU NOW GOODBYE” he shouted his veins popping out of his head, when we walked by some nice fans they shouted “love you y/n” to which I smiled at them and replied “love you too guys” which made their day. “Thank-you baby, you didn’t have to do that” I said. “It’s okay babe anything for you” he said kissing my arm which was wrapped around his neck as he trudged through the airport.

A/n - This was requested, hope this is what you wanted, sorry it’s abit long. I’ve lost a few imagines so if you want to request for some new ones then please do, hope you enjoyed this!



hey y’all, so i am getting a bit stumped in updating my fanfic Frat Wars, and i need to get my creative juices flowing, so its SHIPPING TIME!!

What you have to do:

What you will get:

  • A ship with a 5sos member
  • A cute gif
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  • Complement
  • And short story about you with them!!

I haven’t done this in a while so let’s have some fun yeah? :3

- Follow me if you want (i’m cool 😎)

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- Send me a question/requests/mlt/blurb/joke/ship me whatever you guys want

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You’ll get:

Ship: C | A | L | M


Who loves cuddles more: you | him
Who cooks: you | him
Who loves travelling: you | him
Who dances better: you | him
Who randomly buys the other presents: you | him
Who loves practical jokes: you | him

Where you go on your first getaway:


A text: (of course not as lame as this one)


no notes i’ll cry

I dedicate these ships to you

 I know I did these a few days ago but its half term and im bored okay? (no i will not revise)


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You’ll get:

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(cridit to the gif owner)

♫ I will go down with this ship ♫

Yes, ships are leaving the whoopwhoop-port again (okay, it really pains me to be so lame but you might know me by now so deal with it)

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Whatchuuu gonna get:

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  • Brother: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Drunk Hookup: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Bestie: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Cuddle Buddy: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Godfather of your child: Baby Blue Eyes / Highlights-Brighter-Than-My-Future / Mr. Muscle-Mass / Boy-On-Fire
  • Frist Date: (example = in hell)
  • Who cuddles more: you/him
  • Who gets to pick the movie: you/him
  • Who makes the first move: you/him
  • Your go-to-couple-thing: (example = collecting toenails)
  • Random song off my song: (example = Spongebob Theme Song)
  • Lame joke:  (example = What do policeWOmen eat for dessert? Copcakes.)
  • Compliment because I love flirting with you guys: (example = nice shoes, let’s f**k)

(no notes and you’ll find me crying in the corner)