Forgiven (Calum Smut)

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Summary: Basically, Cal makes you feel insecure so then he makes it up to you. With his tongue.



“Fuck. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me going more than my girl saying she just got a bikini wax.” The room erupted in roars at the statement, made by one of Calum’s good friends. You and Calum were hosting a small get-together, and both of you had a few drinks in you. It had been a fun night, but you were getting tired. Since it was at Cal and Ash’s apartment, though, you couldn’t very well kick everyone out. So, you settled for listening to the silly drunken stories getting told by your friends.

“Listen, the bikini wax is a godsend,” Ashton slurred drunkenly, for some reason shirtless and with his pants unbuttoned. “It’s literally like… like…"

Ash never finished his sentence, instead plopping down onto the couch beside you.

“Nah man,” Michael laughs, shaking his head. He was actually still pretty sober. 

“I don’t give a flying fuck what’s down there. There could be a fucking jungle,” he pauses to take a chug from his beer as everyone doubles over laughing. “I’ll play Tarzan. I don’t give a fuck.“

“Bro, if you’re into that, then you and Y/N should fuck.” Everyone exploded into laughter at Calum’s blunt remark. Your cheeks heated as you turned to look at him, just now noticing how very drunk he was as his dimples popped cheekily at you.

“Got a nice carpet, Y/N?” One of his friends joked. You grinned, rolling your eyes. You wanted to cry, but you had to brush it off. Everyone was laughing. What could you do?

You were so mad at Calum. He knew you were insecure of your body hair. Waxing hurt a fuck lot and caused infections and breakouts sometimes, and you had been trying to give yourself a break from shaving every day, since your skin was getting dry and flakey. Calum had never mentioned anything about it before. You wanted to cry.

You didn’t, though. At least, not right at first. Not in front of everyone. Instead, you sweetly turned to Calum.

“Well, one of us have to have some hair in this relationship,” you joked through unnoticeably clenched teeth. “This one is like a naked mole rat.” Everyone chuckled at your statement, agreeing. You knew Calum’s lack of hair was a sore spot, but you didn’t care. You saw hurt flash in Calum’s eyes, but it disappeared quick enough. Good. He deserved to feel the sting of embarrassment, too.

“I think I’m gonna head out,” Michael said next, yawning as he got up from the couch. Everyone else in the room murmured their agreements, muttering goodbyes and leaving so it eventually became just you, Calum and Ashton left. 

Calum was passed out, so you decided to leave him on the couch. You’d deal with his ass tomorrow.

“He’s in trouble, isn’t he?” Ashton giggled as he stumbled behind you into the kitchen. You poured him a glass of water, watching him chug it.

“He’s such a dick sometimes,” is all you mumbled, leaving Ashton and going into your room. You changed into your pajamas and spread out on the bed. You felt so humiliated. All the other girls got bikini waxes, but none of them had hair like yours. It used to be a very sensitive thing for you, but Calum had always assured you that you were beautiful. Guess the truth monster reared its ugly face when he was drunk, though. As usual.


You woke up to a stubbly, chubby cheek rubbing against yours roughly, it being far too early. Breathing in the scent of stale smoke and liquor, you pushed against your boyfriend’s chest. Calum pouted at you but you ignored him, turning on your side so you weren’t facing him. He let out a huff.

“Okay, what’d I do?” He asked, trying to turn you over.

“I know you were drunk, but not drunk enough to not remember last night,” you mumbled, resisting.

“Was it that I forgot the pizza in the oven? That I never dusted the book shelves?”

“No.” You rolled your eyes.

“Then what?”

Groaning, you rolled so you faced him once again. Frowning, your voice came out much less confident than you had hoped.

“If you wanted me to start waxing again, you should’ve just told me privately.“

He stayed quiet for a moment, apparently just realizing the depths of his words last night and the impact they had on your confidence. That was one thing you liked about Calum — he never tried to bullshit you. If you were upset, then he knew he shouldn’t have said something.

“I’m sorry,” he finally spoke, quietly. “I didn’t mean to make it sound like that. I’m sorry, baby.” He nuzzled your neck, kissing your collarbone.

“It’s just,” you felt dumb, but tears were coming to your eyes. “It’s not my fault I have more body hair than other girls. It just… grows back. I don’t know what to do about it.”

Your voice cracked at the end, and Calum pulled you in tighter.

“It’s not a bad thing,” he murmured into your hair. “I’m sorry. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. It’s just you. I wish I could grow hair like you. Then maybe I could finally have a beard. You’re my inspiration.“

You smiled at his comment, dropping it once you remembered the low blow you returned last night. “I’m sorry, too,” you admitted. “About the naked mole rat thing.”

He laughed. “It’s cool. I deserved that one.” He rolled you onto your back, laying on top of you, apparently tired of talking. His plump lips pressed into yours, immediately sucking on your bottom lip. You moaned, pressing your fingertips into his golden skin. Your right hand moved up to card through his thick hair as he let a groan out against your mouth.

“Fuck…” He whined, arching his back as your nails dragged against his scalp. “Gonna make it up to you,” he mumbled, pressing kisses and sucking dark marks into your neck and down your chest.

His lips didn’t pause at your breasts, like usual. Instead, he kept moving lower, pushing your t-shirt off your body as he kissed below your belly button, pausing just above your bottoms.

“Off.” He tugged on them, hooking his fingers into your underwear as well so he could pull both items off as you lifted your hips. He tossed them to the side, not bothering to pay attention to wear they landed.

Bare again, you felt your embarrassment rushing back. You tried to cover yourself, but Calum beat you to it, moving his hands to press your legs apart.

“It’s okay. Let me show you how sorry I am,” he grinned, dimples popping as he lowered his face to below your hips, giving your thighs a kiss each. He used his fingers to tease your folds lightly, running his tongue to lap at your clit. Your breathing was increasing dramatically as he sucked lightly, trying to arouse you so you would relax. It was working.

“Cal…” Your hands found purchase in his curly, thick, messy hair, gripping it tightly, causing him to groan. You moaned as he moved so his thumb circled your clit, his mouth moving down. He stuck his tongue into you, moving it in and out as he ate you out aggressively. Slurping sounds filled the morning air as you tried to muffle your moans, feeling embarrassed now for a different reason. Oh god, what if Ashton could hear you?

You stopped worrying pretty quickly when Calum gently bit your clit, fingers sliding into your pussy as he sucked harshly on it. He hummed, opening his tired eyes to lock with yours as you tugged his hair again.

His fingers spread out, then closed again. Finally, he crooked them up, finding the rough patch that never failed to make you feel good. His nose was pressed against your unshaved pubic bone, but he didn’t seem to mind. Of course he shouldn’t. He’s your boyfriend for fuck’s sake.

“Cal, ‘m feels s’ good,” you mumbled out, bucking your hips against his chin. He brought a strong hand up and pressed against your pelvis, forcing your hips to stay still. He sucked harder on your clit, using his other hand to rub his fingers inside your pussy roughly, but when his eyes opened it was all love. Maybe it was because he looked about as fucked out and sleepy as you felt, or maybe it was the way you could see his plump top lip which was swollen as he went back in to suck your clit again. Whatever it was, you suddenly came harshly with no warning, something you had never done before. As you shuddered and your hands dropped from Calum’s locks, you watched through half-lidded eyes as he retracted his fingers from you, sucking on his two digits to make sure he didn’t miss any of your trace. He left one last kiss to your clit as he crawled back up your exhausted body, pressing a kiss to your jaw as your eyes fluttered open, your hands hooking lazily around his neck.

“Forgiven?” He murmured, voice raspy and rough as he laid down on top of you. He had a hard-on, but you both opted to ignore it for the moment.

“Yeah,” you breathed out softly, pressing a warm kiss to his temple and shutting your eyes, letting his warmth lull you back to sleep. “Forgiven.“

Personal Assistant Y/N Part 2

If you have any requests send them in @findmikey :)   Part 1

“I do have something you can take care of” 


Michael’s tense before MSG and y/n does what she can to help

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Liar Liar - Luke Hemmings

Description: Y/N, being a long time fan of the band 5 Seconds Of Summer, decides to act dumb when her favorite band member, Luke, approaches her at a cafe.

Warning: None

Request: No

(Part 2 / ?)

Part 1 Here


~Y/N’s POV~

“Luke Hemmings?” Emily gasped once we climbed into the cab I had hailed moments before. “Like, the Luke Hemmings? Luke Hemmings. 5 Seconds Of Summer Luke Hemmings?” She varied her tones, seemingly confused overall though.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure I know what he looks like.” I scoffed at her disbelief, rolling my eyes as she still stared ahead of her, taking in my words as if it was the hardest thing to believe in the world. “I mean, both you and me have been major fans of him and his band for years now.” I continue with a roll of my eyes.

Not saying a word about my last sarcastic remark, Emily pulled out her phone and opened up her Twitter app. “I don’t think it was him, y/n, you’re tipsy, you probably didn’t get a good look of him correctly.” She refused my accusations. “But, since we did see paparazzi outside when we first arrived, I’ll check around social media and see if he was actually there tonight.”

"If he was, which I know he was, will you finally believe me?” I questioned out in frustration, annoyed by how my best friend didn’t think what I was saying was the the truth.

Choosing not to comment or answer me, Emily just scooted closer to me as she looked up different fan account on Twitter and Tumblr, mostly looking out for update accounts.

"There, look!” I shouted in her face, my outburst surprising her. “See, he was there with Calum! They even talked to a reporter on the way in!” I read off the article she had pulled up on her phone, a triumphant smile making its way onto my face.

Emily kept her eyes onto her phone screen, ignoring my actions and taking close looks at the pictures the fans and paparazzi had taken hours earlier, also double and triple checking to see if the dates attached to the pictures matched today’s date. “Are you completely positive that it was Luke you spend the evening talking to?”

He voice was wary, not understanding how this could’ve happened. I sort of felt bad for her, seeing that we are both huge Luke girls, and she didn’t get to meet him like I did. “Don’t get mad at me over this, okay, I don’t want you to be jealous over some stupid guy who’s in some stupid band.”

“I’m not jealous.” She snapped, here yes glossy and bright red, as if she had already been crying for a while now. “I just don’t understand why it was you and not me.” Her words didn’t hurt me, I knew she was just in denial about her anger and jealousy, and I couldn’t blame her for being that way. I mean, if it was the other way around, I’d be acting just how she is right now.

“I have his number, Em.” I whispered, not really sure why I told her this, seeing she probably won’t be very happy about that type of news, I just felt like I couldn’t keep it from her without feeling so guilty.

Her reaction wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Not lieing, it wasn’t the best reaction I could’ve gotten, but it wasn’t the worst by any means. “Text him.” She spoke up after her little childish moment, her tone making her sound calm and collected when she really wasn’t.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” I cringed, not liking the thought of Emily watching over me like a hawk as I texted our favorite band member. Our favorite band member that has no clue we are even fans, something else I don’t really thing I should tell her, but I have to ‘cause the guilt will kill me if I don’t. “Plus, you don’t really know the whole story.”

My last statement was barely even audible from how soft I was speaking, but Emily somehow heard what I had said, and was now staring at me in confusion and worry. “Do I need to be worried about you or Luke, y/n?” She asked right away, not waiting even a second after I finished talking.

“No.” My eyes widened, my answer coming out before I could eve. Starts to think about what to say in reply, the words coming out being half true but also half false. “Well, I don’t know for sure. Maybe?” I mumbled, tilting my head to the side as I made myself confused.

Furrowing her eyebrows at me, Emily squinted at me in annoyance, obviously wanting me to just say what was going on, what the full story was between Luke and I this evening.

“So, we started talking at the bar. I was shocked when I saw him approach me, but who wouldn’t be? And assuming I was a fan, he started questioning me, clearly not liking getting involved with a fan of his. When I said I did know who he was, he looked so disappointed and started to walk away from me, I didn’t want that to happen so I kind of told him a tiny little lie so he wouldn’t leave me.” I explained, talking extremely fast as I told her everything, it was a nervous habit of mine.

“And the lie was?” She held out her questioning words, hinting to me that she wanted me to continue on with my story.

“I just told him that, yeah, I knew who he was, but I had never listened to any of his music or anything. So, I pretty much told him that I wasn’t a fan.” I smiled widely, guiltily, as I finished up, not liking the judgmental glare Emily was giving me.

“You’re going to have to tell him eventually, you know that right?” She raised an eyebrow up in curiosity, taking my phone my my hands and unlocking it. “You need to do it now before it gets too late.” She informed me as she pulled up his contact name, starting to type out a message to him, most likely explaining the truth to him.

“Stop, I will, but I’d rather do that face to face so he knows how truly sorry I am for lieing to him like that.” I sighed, taking my phone back and deleting the words she had typed out. “I’m going to send him a text, but just something to get a conversation started, something to where I can ask him to meet up with me at some point.”

“Do it, but remember, don’t get to close 'cause it’ll only but you in the butt in the long run.” She pointed a stern finger towards me before walking off, leaving me alone to text Luke Hemmings all by myself…

Actual rare footage of the light shining when God said “let there be light“

I can’t be the only one who thought this was cute


Summary: You and Calum have been best friends for as long as you can remember and flashing the light of your rooms has become a signal that you need each other. ((this is a long one guys but I’ve been inactive for like a year so see it as a big comeback lol))

You’re 5 years old and the light flashes twice. You’re already in bed, but not yet asleep, and the flashing lights pull you out of bed and towards the window like an invisible cord. On the opposite side of your window is another window, one belonging to your neighbor. The houses are close together, in your street, and you see the familiar boy standing in front of his window.

“Did you flash the light?” you ask.

“Yes,” Calum answers. “I need to tell you a secret, but you have to promise you won’t laugh.”

You and Calum have been living next to each other your whole lives, and he’s always been your friend. You don’t even remember how you met; you assume you were just babies, because your mom is such good friends with his mom. You just know he’s always been there, and he’s always been nice to you, even though he teases his sister all the time, and surely that grants him the one wish of you not laughing.


“I think there’s a monster in my room.” You notice his voice is shaky.

You frown. “Well, I can’t help you with that. Go tell your mommy and daddy. They can beat it up.” Because at 5 years old, you didn’t think there was any problem out there that couldn’t be fixed by parents.

“I already told them,” Calum says, sounding a bit annoyed with you. As if it’s your fault there’s a monster in his room. “They don’t believe me. They say I just need to go to sleep. But if I go to sleep, the monster could eat me!”

“Leave the lights on,” you offer him. “Monsters don’t like light.” You don’t know if that’s an actual fact, but you’re sure you saw it in a cartoon once.

“Mom would be mad if I left the light on.” Sure enough, Calum’s room, behind him, is dark. After flashing the light, he turned it back off.

You yawn. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it, then.” It’s late, and you just wanna go to bed. Calum never wants to go to bed; you know that, because he always throws a tantrum when his mom tells him it’s bed time. But you like sleeping, because it lets the dreams into your head.

“Come sleep with me.” You look up in surprise, but Calum looks completely serious. “You can come over Mali’s way.”

There’s a plank of wood between your roof and Calum’s. Mali-Koa, his sister, always uses it to sneak over to your house and talk to your sister, Natalie. They’re best friends, just like you and Calum. But you’ve never used the plank, cause you’d have to climb out of your window first, and that seems scary.

You sigh. But he is your best friend. And Natalie once told you that best friends do everything for each other, so you can’t really say no. Very carefully, you swing your leg out of the window.

“Don’t be scared,” says Calum, and you shoot him an angry look.

“You’re the one that’s scared of monsters!”

He doesn’t say anything after that, and just watches you as you slowly but steadily make your way out of your house and onto the plank. As soon as you reach his window, his tiny hands wrap around your arms and help you into his room.

You’re not scared of monsters. You know that if the monster really was dangerous, one of your cartoon hero’s would come to save you. But you’re still a little nervous, so you quickly jump onto the bed.

Everyone knows monsters that live under beds can’t come out from under them.

Calum joins you, a content look on your face. “You know,” he says, “I won’t forget this. You’re gonna be my best friend forever and ever.”

“Yeah,” you smile, “forever and ever.” And you close your eyes.


You’re 7 years old and the light flashes twice. Normally it’s Calum using the emergency call, but this time you have no other option. All you can do is hope he’ll answer.

He does; within seconds he appears in front of his window and opens it. It’s raining, tonight, big droplets of water crashing down onto your roofs.

“What’s wrong?” he says with a worried tone in his voice, when he sees you. You’ve been crying, and your eyes are red and your face is blotched and you can barely get the words out of your mouth.

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The fact that Ashton tweeted about not liking a lyric that shames and degrades women and got called an asshole for it is why I’m pouring acid into my eyes.


When you and your squad coordinate outfits and one member forgets but you’re looking hella good so you take a squad pic without them anyway