The Angel and The Shepherd - Luke Hemmings [SMUT]


Summary~ Meeting at a Christmas Party is one thing but a Christmas Costume Party just complicates things, especially since it turns out that the nativity shepherd you bump into is someone you already know

Word Count - 1168

Your expectation for this Hollywood Christmas party was a couple horny Santas, some weirdo who dressed as Jesus and a bunch of slutty elves wandering around in the same online shopping costumes. That’s not what you got. There’s a huddle of North stars smoking pot in the corner, Mary and Joseph stopped by for a couple beers and the front end of the donkey is throwing up in the garden while the back end is making out with a candy cane in the cloak room. You’re bizarrely sober for 11pm and surprisingly arm for someone dressed in entirely white.

“Guys I’m gonna step outside,” you nod to your friends, “Well, actually I might just head home”

They show no interest to you so you sigh and begin moving towards the door, shuffling through the crowd. You reach for the doorhandle to the front door and stop when it opens without a touch, and there on the other side is a nativity shepherd equipt with a fake beard and linen robe.

“Woah there angel, slow your roll,” he stops you with an awkward chuckle looking you up and down.

“A-angel?” you question.

“As in.. Gabriel..? That is what you’ve come dressed as right?”

“Oh yeah! That’s right, sorry, I’ve just been getting a lot of cheesy pickup lines,” you scratch your head.

“That’s okay, I get why that’d be happening but I’m not great at picking up girls..” you smile not knowing what to say to him so he adds, “As you can see I’m one of the shepherds that. followed the.. star? I don’t really know I’m not fully run down on the story of the nativity”

You giggle. Just then his friends, or at least you assume as they’re dressed almost identically, push past him and you in the doorway chuckling to each other.

“Dude, that’s mistletoe,” the last one says nudging him a little.

Looking up both of you see that he, in fact, isn’t lying and above your head is a delicately hung sprig of mistletoe.

“We’ve got to abide by those rules right?” he questions.

You smile a little, his lips already inching towards you but you don’t seem to mind as, even behind the fake beard you can sort of tell he’s cute. It’s only a peck but after that, you don’t really want to leave.

He coughs, shuffling you out of the path of the mistletoe, “So where you headed?”

He sips a beer you didn’t know he had and you reply, “I was heading home”

“What?” he questions. “Come on, stick around, could be fun”

You try to look hesitant but smile, “Go on then, amuse me”

Soon you find yourself sat with him on the sofa chatting away, still wearing the beard, disguising his face. As the party continues more and more people show up only adding to the hype and  eventually, your only way of escaping either being crushed or having a drink spilled on you is disappearing into one of the bedrooms upstairs.

“Jesus it’s hot out there,” he says as you sit down on the bed.

He peels the beard off and throws it across the room, showing his face for the first time. He has a stubble beard, blue eyes, and a button nose, but his face in general rings all too many bells.

“I know you..” you suddenly say.

“Well we have been talking the whole night,” he furrows his brow.

“What did you say your name was again?” you ask.

“Luke.” he seems notably confused at this stage.

“Luke.. Luke..” you repeat only weirding him out more. “Luke!”

“Finally figured something out there have you?” he tries to laugh.

“You’re the asshole that tied my shoelaces together everyday in third grade!” you exclaim now somewhat beyond angry.

“Oh yeah, hey,” he laughs loudly.

“Don’t hey me, I hated you, you humiliated me daily, the day you moved schools I practically threw a party,” you smile somehow still angry.

“Come on that was over a decade ago, you can’t be that good at holding grudges,” he folds his arms.

“I can oh my god,” your smiles fades, “I don’t get how I can be so angry about that still, to think I nearly-” you stop yourself from continuing.

“You nearly what?”

“Nothing,” you forcefully respond.

“No, what would you nearly have done?” he seems persistent.

You shoot him a glance, “You don’t need me to finish that you ass”

He sniggers and starts moving a little closer, “I think you might”

You bite your tongue and watch him get closer and closer until his hands grip your hips nd he pulls you into him, pressing his lips to yours. You kiss back almost instantly, your hatred for him only adding passion. Your hands snake around his neck and pull him closer until there’s no space between the two of you. 

Slowly you both walk backward towards the bed until you’re straddling him, your bodies working against each other. A low groan escapes his lips when you turn your attention to his neck, finding a sweet spot below his ear to leave a dark mark. You can already feel yourself getting turned on and from the tension in his jeans, you can tell he is too.

“Fuck,” he breathes deeply, his hands now massaging and your thighs and to your waist, under your dress.

You pull away which confuses him at first but then you surprise him by pulling your dress over your head, leaving you only with a matching set of black lingerie.

“Shit,” he says in shock.

“Shh..” you smile at his response but shut him up by kissing him again.

You let your fingers work on untying the sheets of his costume until they pretty much all fall leaving him in just his pale wash jeans. You fiddle with his jeans which only gets him more worked up to the extent that once you finally undo the fly he flips you over onto the bed and shimmies out of his jeans.

The both of you become acutely aware of how hot and heavy the room has become, the new addition of skin against skin only adding to it.

“You don’t need to do this,” Luke’s eyes find yours.

“I want to”

With that confirmation, he slides your underwear off which gives you the chance to hook your legs around him and get him out of his boxers. He groans at the unclothed contact and soon he eases into you, your back arching into the bed and head falling back into the pillows as you stop yourself crying out.

An endless stream of curses passes his lips as he gets you to your climax, tensing as you fall over the edge with one loud moan of his name. He follows fast behind you and falls onto the stranger’s bed breathless.

After a short silence you turn to him and throw his shepherd sheets at him, “At least we can use your costume as covers”


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Masterlist // Request

  • 5SOS's management: ok your target audience is obviously 9-13 year old girls so we're going to try to help you appeal to younger kids and families
  • 5SOS: *write an entire album about hooking up with girls*
  • 5SOS: *breakthrough hit is literally about underwear*
  • 5SOS: *make sex jokes all the time*
  • 5SOS: *curse on stage 263343 times per concert*
  • 5SOS: *get a ton of tattoos and piercings*
  • 5SOS: *hanging out and writing songs with pop-punk legends*
  • 5SOS: *seriously the most irreverent and inappropriate pack of boys i've ever seen and they know it*
  • 5SOS: *start putting out songs that are more pop-punk and have nothing to do with girls and everything to do with calling out society*
  • 5SOS management: wow shit nevermind then