History Lessons Part 3

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It was now two weeks since the last time you’d been sexual with Luke. The promise you’d made him the last time was more and more intriguing to you the more time you spent thinking about it. Luke would be easy to teach; he was already great at everything else and you’d only taught him once. He knew where to place his hands and when to kiss you properly, and even when you were about to fall apart underneath him.

Every time your eyes met Luke’s you thought about the way he looked when he came for you. When he was in that state, the darkness outshone the light blue of most of his eyes, and it was a marvelous sight, one you wanted to see as often as you possibly could. Even sitting in class with Luke was hard, all you could think about was the way he kissed or the way he tasted when you had your lips wrapped around him.

Little did you know, though — Luke was having these exact same thoughts about you.

Once or twice in class he’d gotten completely dazed in class, thinking of your subtle scent and the way your hands always knew where to touch him to make him go crazy with desire. Once or twice he’d accidentally gotten hard in class thinking about you and your activities of late. It had been too long since they’d happened, and Luke was about to make a move. In class, it was approaching the mid-semester exam, and that meant you’d be willing to study with Luke, and he decided he’d make his move then.

Sure enough, a few days before the final, Luke received a text from you inviting him over to study for the final. You’d ended the text with a wink face, hoping Luke would pick up on your suggestion. He did; and the thought made him a little crazy. He took a collective sigh and redressed, in his usual attire for when he hing out with you — since you’d admitted to liking it a lot more than his school clothes. It wasn’t his fault though, his mom made him dress that way, and sometimes he resented her for it.

Luke finished up the rest of his homework and you did the same thing at your house. Luckily, it was a Friday, and you were home alone for the evening. Your parents were out at a concert and your siblings were at their friends’ houses. Luke didn’t know that fact yet, but you had a feeling he’d be excited about that fact. You were sitting on your bed, same as always, when you heard the doorbell ring. You rushed downstairs in your socks, sliding slightly on the hardwood. You caught yourself on the door and opened it to Luke, who was currently sopping wet because of the rain.

“Luke! I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realize it was raining!” you exclaimed, and Luke smiled his million-dollar smile that you secretly fell in love with more every time you saw it. You ushered him inside, watching as he removed his shoes and looked around your home.

“Where is everyone, Y/N?” Luke enquired, and it brought a slight smile to your lips.

“We’re alone, Luke…that means you can scream my name as loud as you want when I make you come later,” you said, and Luke’s eyes darkened under your constant gaze.

He opened and closed his mouth many times, almost like his brain was trying to process the words you’d just said. He took a step closer to you, and placed his hand on your hip. He pulled you closer to him, a whoosh of breath falling from your lips in his change in attitude and demeanor. You didn’t like where this was going so soon, so you placed your pointer finger on Luke’s lips and pantomimed “shhhh”.

“Please don’t say things like that, Y/N. It makes me h-hard,” Luke stuttered from around your finger. You merely smirked and pulled him by the hand up the stairs.

“Cmon, Lukey. Let’s go study. That’s what you’re here for, right?” you taunted Luke, and you heard him dramatically sigh behind you. You bent over to pick up your backpack when you were in your room, and Luke audibly groaned. Your shorts were a bit short and apparently you gave Luke a little show when you were retrieving your backpack. He bit the inside of his cheek to avoid saying anything that he might regret later.

You opened your book on your bed, and Luke went about reviewing with you. He did it the same way he always did, quickly but so that you understood it. He started at the beginning of the book and hit the important parts of every chapter; things that would likely be on the exam. He asked you questions that you answered, but after a while, neither of you could deny the building sexual tension in the room. You were wearing shorts and Luke’s skin-tight jeans were getting tighter with every glance he took in your direction. Currently, your lips were wrapped around the barrel of your pen, and with every glance you sent Luke, the gazes were turning longer until neither of you had any intent of studying about the House of Tudors.

“Y/N, a-are you thinking about what I’m thinking about?” Luke slowly blinked and took his eyes away from yours.

“Well, Luke…that depends. What’re you thinking about?” you drew his eyes back to yours and sucked on the end of your pen teasingly.

“I-I’m thinking about you, Y/N. What you told me last time I was here…” He drug out the end of the sentence and stared at your wall in front of him. There it was. Those were the words that you wanted to hear from Luke’s lips. With that, you leaned over and shut your book on your bed, and slid into the floor with Luke, straddling his hips and catching him by surprise.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about this moment since you left my room the last time, Luke. The way you looked when you came for me, and the way you said my name, like it was the last word you were ever going to speak. I want that again, but I want more. I want you to make love to me, Luke.” your lips were at his neck, tracing gentle patterns with your lips and tongue. He shifted to look into your eyes.

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"May I have this dance?" L.H

You sat in the lunch hall with a plate of food in front of you. You pushed a single pea around your plate with the fork, in no mood to eat. Today had been long, stressful and had drained the apatite out of you. Your friends converesed around you as usual but it was nothing that interested you. It was all talk of the upcoming annual dance in two days time albeit pink dresses and heavily applied makeup wasn’t quite your style. The conversation took a rather interesting turn however when a certain somebody was mentioned.
“You know,” your friend began, “ Sarah told me - that Ben told her - that Cal told him - that Luke is going to ask you to the dance this Friday.”
You stared up at her while the rest of your group was looking straight at you, waiting with amused faces for a reaction. You said nothing but looked over your shoulder at the blonde boy sitting a few tables behind. You kept your gaze on him as you mulled over the situation. Luke might be cute and indeering with his blue eyes and edgy style but that didn’t change the fact that you hated his guts. The reason for hating him was history but the blood that boiled in your veins at just the thought of him was most certainly current. You turned back to your friends and simply stated,
“What a shame for him when he’s turned down, then.”
Your friends gasped and nearly fainted in shock at your response.
“You’re not going to go with him?!” One of your friends exclaimed incredulously.
“I’m not going at all, let alone with him.” And you returned to pushing the now squished pea around your plate.
“Well you better tell him that because here he comes, y/n.”
Alarm bells suddenly went off in your head and the hairs stood up on the back of your neck. Confrontation was not your forté and you grabbed your things quickly.
“That’s my que, I’ll see you tomorrow girls.” And with that you headed swiftly to the main door. The last two classes would have to be sacrificed to save you the hassle of dealing with Luke.

You shoved your earphones into your ears and made your way to the other side of the street to catch the bus home. Maybe it was the threat of Luke’s proposal that clouded your judgment or maybe, thanks to the music blasting into your ears, you simply didn’t hear the truck speeding your way. As you stepped off the pavement, someone grabbed your arm and yanked you back. As you landed backwards in someone’s arms, the huge truck raced past inches away from your body. Stunned, you couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, you just stood there frozen as Luke came in front of you and began shouting something you couldn’t hear with his hands on your shoulders. You were too shaken to say anything and just stared at him, his crystal eyes, his blonde hair, his porcelain skin. After a moment he pulled the earphones out of your ears and it finally began to register what he was saying.
“Are you insane?! What the hell is wrong with you?! You almost died!” He yelled.
You couldn’t muster anything above a whisper. “I just… I didn’t see it coming and-”
“Did it hit you? Are you alright?” His voice was softer now and for a second you almost forgot how you felt about him.
“No, I’m fine. I just need to get home.” And you moved away from Luke. You figured it would be best to leave your earphones in your bag this time as you began to walk down the street.
“Wait! Can I walk you home?”
“No, thanks.” You bluntly replied.
“I save your ass from getting crushed by a truck and I can’t walk you home?” He asked.
That’s when you caved. Luke was right. He did just save your life and yes, he might have been an asshole in the past, but this more than made up for it. You had no choice.
“Fine. My house is this way.” You said pointing down the street.
You made small talk for most of the way home and apart from the obvious tension, the journey wasn’t too bad. That was until the pain started to shoot up your leg.
You whined in discomfort and looked down at your leg.
“What’s wrong?” Luke asked.
There was bruising beginning to appear around your knee and blood was soaking the top of your knee high sock.
“Y/n! I thought you said you weren’t hurt!”
“I don’t know- I just didn’t feel it before!”
“It must have been the shock. Is your house nearby?”
Thankfully you were only a block away from the small house your family lived in and it wouldn’t take long to hobble over.
“Yeah, that one, the red door.” You said pointing to your house and straightning up to start walking again.
“That’s not too far, I’ll carry you.” He said and he handed you his bag.
“You carry my stuff and I’ll carry you.”
You gave him a distrusting look to which he replied “you really want to walk all that way?”
You sighed with defeat and took his bag while he stood with his back facing you.
“Hop on.”
As helpless as you felt, you couldn’t deny that getting a piggy-back-ride from Luke the rest of the way home was a hell of a lot better than walking with a damaged knee.

“You’re making it very hard to keep hating you, Luke.”
“You hate me?!”
“Up until about 20 minutes ago I did.”
“Why? What did I do?”
Saying it out loud made it seem even more petty.
“When we were 6 I had a pretty big crush on you. But you broke my innocent little heart in two and gave Veronika Wilkinson a valentines card.”
You cringed at the memory. You expected Luke to laugh in your face and probably tell the entire school and by tomorrow you’d be the laughing stalk of the student body.
“Yeah, she was hot even back then-” You didn’t need to see his face to know Luke was smirking. “-but I had no idea you were into me, y/n.”
“Totally. And I’m an Olympic gold medalist at holding a grudge and viola my hatred for you was born.”
“So.. That crush you had on me-”
‘Oh no. Here it comes’ you thought. Soon he’ll think you’ve had some obsessive liking for him for all those years.
“Don’t still have one, do you?”
His voice was quiet this time and he tensed up a little.
“Nope, those blue eyes don’t me fool me. Not anymore, anyway.”
“Too bad, I guess.” And it was quiet again.

You reached your front door and Luke let you down, making your knee hurt terribly. You raked through your bag for a key and then shoved it into the lock frustratedly. You were growing more and more irritable with the pain. The door finally opened and you dumped your bag just inside. You didn’t bother saying goodbye to Luke or even closing the door, too intent on finding something, anything to kill the pain that was slowing creeping up your thigh. You scrambled into the kitchen and searched through the cupboards for a first aid kit until finally seeing it on the top shelf. You propped your good knee up on the counter and tried to reach for the small green box but to no avail.

“Here, let me get it.” And you jumped at sound of his voice.
“I thought you left!”
“Well, I just figured I was to come in; you didn’t say goodbye.”
“Oh… right.”
Luke reached up and retrieved the box with ease and placed it on the counter.
“I can help with this, my mum watches all those soaps on tv and those people are always dying and getting brought back to life.”
You sat down on the kitchen floor and Luke followed suit, crossing his legs in front of him and toying with bandages and creams.
“I’ve seen more resuscitations then I’ve had hot dinners, this’ll be a peice of cake.”
Luke didn’t seem so tough with a smile on his face, sitting on the floor like a 3 year old, he didn’t seem so tall and talking innocently about the soaps he watched with his mum, you found it hard to remember the things you used to hate about him.
Great. Luke Hemmings had won your heart once again.
“This might hurt a bit.” And Luke began to pull your sock down a little and wipe away the blood.
You winced in pain but Luke carried on and began to talk again.
“Looking forward to the dance on Friday?”
“I’m not going.”
“I thought girls loved that sort of thing. High heels and fancy hair.”
“Nope, I’d even wear jeans and my converse to school if they’d let me.” You replied.
“So I guess you don’t need a date for the night, then.”
“Nope.” You said without making eye contact with him.
After Luke had taken care of the gash on your knee he smiled reassuringly at you and held out a hand to help you up. You gladly accepted as you struggled to get to your feet.
“Do you mind if I stay for a while?”, Luke began, “my mum will kick my ass if she sees my walking through the door before school has even finished.”
You took two glasses from the cupboard, “Sure. After all the help I guess the least I can do is offer you some juice.”, and you poured orange juice into the glasses and handed one to Luke.
The two of you headed into the sitting room and sat down in front of the tv, with your leg propped up on the coffee table.

The rest of the day went in pretty quickly as you and Luke sifted through the channels on tv and chatted endlessly. The day seemed to slip away before you were ready however and daylight began to fade.

“I’m going to have to get going.” Luke said as he placed his empty glass on the table and stood up.
You tried to stand up and see Luke to the door but the pain in your knee prevented that and Luke took notice of you wriggling in pain.
“You don’t have to get up, it’s okay. I’ll see myself out. Thanks for the juice and letting me stay.” He said with an oh so beautiful smile.
“Thanks for saving me.” You said, averting your gaze to your nails. “And for helping with the cut.”
The next words that fell from your lips with such ignorance, as Luke made his way to the door, had you in quite a predicament. One that you were trying to avoid in the first place.
“I owe you one.” You said.
Luke stopped just before leaving and looked back at you with a devilish grin.
“How about you go to the dance with me and we’ll call it even? I’ll make it fun. I promise.”
You mentally face palmed for the opportunity you had just handed Luke on a silver platter. How could you say no this time?
“Okay. But I’m warning you, I’ll be turning up in my converse and if even one person tells me that I look weird wearing ‘girly clothes’ then I’m leaving.” You deadpanned. You looked back to see the goofiest grin on Luke’s face and his eyes sparkling.
“I’d expect nothing less. And you’ll look beautiful and if anyone disagrees they’ll have me to answer to.” And with that he closed the door behind him and you were left alone.

The next day you didn’t bother going to school. Your mother was horrified that you were hit by the truck and was fully prepared to call a lawyer and sue for medical and personal damages therefore bagging yourself a day off school was easy. You told your mother that going for a much needed walk would help the wound on your knee to heal and headed into town. The few shops that you bothered to take a look at only had long flowing dresses covered in glitter and pink sparkles. They were, so to say, not really your cup of tea. You finally saw something that was a comfortable compromise. It was a not-too-sparkly-but-just-enough-glam dress that was sure to be perfect. Ending at the bottom of your thigh when you tried it on and it fit perfectly. A quick glance in the mirror was all you needed. For once in your life you felt nothing short of a princess. You bought the dress and made your way home, quite satisfied.

Although you knew that anyone else’s opinion was completely irrelevant, you couldn’t help but anticipate Luke’s reaction.

The rest of the night was spent twirling around your bedroom barefoot in your new dress. Your mother had come in and asked “who are you and what have you done with my daughter?”.
“Don’t get used to it,” you began, “this is for one night only and I don’t even want to go to this stupid dance.” You blatantly lied.
“Sure, whatever you say, sweetie.”

At school the next day everyone wanted to know if the roumers were true. If you would indeed be attending the dance with the Luke Hemmings.
And of course Luke’s constant grinning at you from across the room did more than confirm it.
That night your friend invited you to prepare for the dance at her house. She did your make up and you did hers, helping each other with hair and dress zips. She slipped on her high heels and just as you had promised Luke, you pulled on your converse and tied the laces. You both stood in front of the mirror and you laughed at the bandage still wrapped around your knee.
“Perfect.” Y/f/n said.

You followed your friend down stairs and just before she opened the front door, she turned and put her hands on your shoulders.
“Now, y/n. With any luck, Luke is going to see past those hideous shoes and see what an amazing girl you are. But-” and you grimaced at what you knew was coming.
“If he tries to do anything you’re not up for-”
“Okay! Okay! I got it! Jeez!”
You said laughing and running down the path and away from her - which wasn’t hard given the heels she was wearing.
It took a little under 20 minutes to make a 5 minute journey thanks to your friend’s choice of footwear. Once at the school your stomach dropped. You could hear the music and the sounds of singing and laughing. You knew that somewhere in that crowded hall was Luke. Once inside you began to pick at your nails and chew the inside of your lip so harshly you began to taste blood. Your stomach was doing flips until finally your nerves got the better of you. You rushed outside into the cool, dark courtyard and sat down on a bench. Your breathing steadied and your hands stopped trembling.

“Too bad he didn’t see the dress.” You said softly.
The music was still audible from the vents leading into the hall from the outside but not as loud and booming; more bearable. You heard the door open and waited to be haulled back in by your friend.
“Don’t make me go back in there, y/f/n. I can’t do it.”

“Here’s me thinking we had a deal.” Luke said with a smile on his face as he sat down beside you.

“Luke, I’m sorry. The loud music and all the people, it’s just too overwhelming.”

“It’s alright. I’m just glad you came.”
Yet again Luke proved to be the sweet and understanding person you were sure he wasn’t for all that time.
“I told you, you’d you look beautiful.”
You didn’t dare look up. You couldn’t risk Luke seeing the rosey colour he turned your cheeks.

“How is your knee feeling?” He said guesturing to the bandage.
“It’s much better thanks.”
When you heard your favourite song start to play from inside you took the opportunity to ease the tension.
“I love this song.” You said sitting up a little straighter and smiling.
Luke stood up and held out his hand, the moonlight bouncing of his pale skin mesmerisingly, and he asked-

“May I have this dance?”


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Neighbour - Luke

This imagine is a little bit Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me.


I’m bored

The black scrawl on the white notepad is pressed against the window for you to read.

I don’t care

You scribble back on a matching notepad, holding it up to the window for Luke to read. His answering scowl makes you laugh

Call the girl from last night

You look unamused, as you hold up the notepad.

I always forget to shut the curtains, don’t I?

He laughs, holding it up and dropping you a wink. Rolling your eyes, you nod your head towards the swings at the bottom of your garden.

“S'up, loser?” He throws himself into the swing next to you.

“Did she have plans for tonight or something?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Shut up” he chuckles, softly, “I’ll close the curtains next time, if it’ll make you happy.”

“It’s all I ask”

“I was too distracted” he grins.

“Please, stop talking” you grimace.

“Hey, it can always be you if you wan…”

“Never gonna happen, Hemmings”

For all you and Luke spent time together at home, it was not the same story at school. You had different friends, so you barely saw each other and you didn’t speak when you did. He was popular, his group of friends wouldn’t associate with yours. With his incredible looks and badass attitude towards everything, almost every girl in school wanted to be with him. Every guy fell into one of three categories: they wanted to be his friend, they were scared of him, or they wanted to be him. Your friends thought he was an idiot. Therefore, you kept it quiet that you spent most of your evenings writing notes to him through a window. It’s a love/hate relationship with the two of you. He loves to annoy you. You hate how much he can annoy you. That’s it. That’s your entire relationship.


“Ugh, I hate the people in this school” Y/F/N throws herself down onto the empty chair next to you, slamming her lunch tray on the table to accentuate her anger.

“Go on, fill me in..” You place your sandwich back down in preparation.

“Lily and her gang of idiots were commenting on the rest of the schools dress sense…as each person was walking by” her gesticulating and wide eyes demonstrate her aghast.

“Of course they did, because your appearance is so important to yourself as a person” you roll your eyes, but you’re hardly surprised, “so? What did she say about you?”

“She asked if I bought my shoes online. When I said ‘no’, she said it was a pity, because I could have sent them back” she looks away from you, not wanting you to see that she was actually upset. People criticising you in any way, no matter who it is, will always affect you more than you let on.

“Nice” you nod, “you know she’s wrong, she’s a dick, Y/F/N.”

“I don’t care what she says to me, I can ignore her,” her hands are overly animated, “but she was talking about some of the younger kids to their faces! They don’t need that kind of crap!” As if on cue, Lily and her gaggle of followers walk into the cafeteria. Lily scans the room, before finding her target and marching straight over to Luke. She drapes herself round him, her fingers lacing through his hair as she attempts to kiss him. He turns his head to the side so her mouth barely grazes his cheek. You smirk as she quickly glances round to see if anybody noticed the awkward encounter. Luke looks up and his eyes meet the amused expression on your face. He mouths “don’t” to you, whilst trying to hide the smile on his face. Lily follows his gaze until her eyes meet yours. The phrase “if looks could kill” has never been more relevant. She wraps her hand around Luke’s neck and pulls his face to hers, making sure to give you a quick glare as she does so.

“Come on, I really don’t want to be in here to witness the live porn” Y/F/N frowns, already halfway to the door. You quickly follow after her, not wanting to see Luke’s lips attached to someone you couldn’t stand. If you would have turned back around to where he was stood, you would have seen him pull away from her and look towards your quickly departing figure, a look of sadness in his eyes.


“Hey” you hear someone come up behind you, and stumble as they bump their shoulder against yours. You know it’s Luke, but you can’t hide your surprise at him walking with you as you head home. Your class was let out a few minutes early, so there’s not many people around.

“Are you talking to me, Hemmings?” You quirk up an eyebrow.

“Yes, weirdo” his eyes are focused on the ground, “we’re both going the same way anyway.” He shrugs.

“Well, this is new”

“Do you want to carry my bag? It’s heavy” he holds out his bag to you.

“Fuck off” you push his arm away.

“Language” he shakes his head.

“Sorry, Captain America” you scoff, before glancing round and seeing a pair of eyes burning into your skin, “your girlfriend isn’t happy about my escort home.” Luke’s face turns into a frown and, without glancing to where Lily’s stood, drapes his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side. You glance at his hand on your shoulder, then to his face that’s staring straight ahead.

“Just go along with this” he shakes his head, gently, “I’m fed up of her thinking I belong to her. We’re not together, I don’t know why she tells people we are.”

“You’re the most popular boy, she’s the most popular girl, you’re both going to get married and have popular children with freakishly perfect hair” you grin up at him.

“Can’t wait” his voice is monotonous.

“So you figured you’d make me her new target?” He finally looks down at you.

“She already hates you, Y/N” he leans down to kiss your temple, when he knows she’s still looking your way, “she’d never say anything to you, trust me.”

“What? Why does she hate me?” Your brow furrows, “she barely knows me!”

“She’s probably the only person in school who has seen how close we are” he mutters, “she’s seen us together when she’s been round at my house.”

“We’re not close,” you mumble, looking at the ground, “You just like to irritate me.”

“You love me irritating you” he pulls you backwards into his chest.

“I don’t appreciate you using me to make your ex jealous, Luke”

“I don’t want to make her jealous, I want her to understand that I don’t belong to her” you can feel his heart beating through his shirt.

“And you can’t just tell her that?” You ask in a small voice.

“It’s not that…I have to go” he moves away from you, suddenly, turning to walk in the opposite direction. For a second, you’re confused, then you hear the familiar loud voices of Calum and Michael and everything is clear.

“Luke!” Calum shouts over to him. They cross over the road to meet with the blonde headed boy, who pretends he hadn’t already seen them. He glances in your direction, blank expression on his face. Of course he didn’t want to be seen with you. It was fine to spend time with you when no one else was around, or if he needed your help getting rid of a clingy ex, but he didn’t want his friends to think he enjoyed spending time with someone like you.


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